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Egregors What are Egregors? Egregor is an ancient word which was used to describe spirits that were thought to be angels of the collective orders which form group associations. The term “egregor” is derived from the Greek word for ‘watcher’, as they typically ‘watch over’ such groups. In this sense, an egregor can be seen […]

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Akasha Akasha is Spirit: Universal Spirit. As such, it is complete in itself. This means two things; the first being that it is basic and homogenous, not needing components for its composure and simple (not compound), and the second that nothing from the outside may be added, as its completeness encompasses every other existence. As

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Elemental Air (Vayu Tattva)

Elemental Air (Vayu Tattva) AIRThe Spirit of Waju is Wisdom. From Illumination comes Pure Ideas. The effect in the mental realm is enlightened intellect: Discernment, Understanding, Truth, Knowledge, perception, etc.In combination with the Spiritual Fire of Light, one gets the self-spiritualization; the transforming of Ideas into form, or transformation; and the influence of the mental

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Solar Night

Solar Night from: The Magic Mirror of Metaphysical Qabalah Solar Night  Legend has it that as the Old Sun condensed into a fiery Atmosphere, it produced two Complementary Things: Light and Smoke. The Light was Emitted without further hindrance but the Smoke was too heavy to support combustion, so it had to be ejected. As

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