The Full Truth About Azoth

Azoth is a term that appears in reference to Alchemy and Qabalah, but its meaning has been popularly misapplied. Often associated with the philosopher’s stone, and believed capable of transmuting metals into gold and silver, Azoth may also refer to the first principle of metals or the universal solvent. Still a mystery, some scholars believe that Azoth is a metaphor for the soul, while others believe that it is a chemical formula. Ultimately, Azoth is a symbol of the highest spiritual quest for perfection and pursuit of the most advanced knowledge.

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The Soul Alchemist in Nature's Laboratory, warmed by the Muladhara and Svadhisthana chakras: the Divine Spirit illumines his working texts from above.

The Alchemist

The old Alchemist lived in a cabin surrounded by heavy woods and mountains, miles away from the nearest village. It is said that he had lived there longer than most can remember.

Known only as Old Beard, he was a master wizard, trained in the ancient arts of Alchemy and Spagyrics, the hidden knowledge that few venture to explore, and he held mastery of the Secret Fire for many years. He was said to guard the secrets of the Azoth, hidden knowledge that had long been thought mythical at best. In spite of his age, Old Beard became highly respected by those who sought wealth and power. However, he remained somewhat ambiguous on what exactly it was he taught and only to those who came to him with open minds and hearts, and they did so at their own peril.


One day there was a young lad named David who approached Old Beard and asked him to teach him his secret craft. Intrigued by the lad’s persistence in coming so far out of his way just to inquire about such knowledge, Old Beard accepted the challenge and offered mentorship if the lad promised an unwavering commitment to learn all he could . “I promise,” said the lad, “you can teach me whatever you can.” Old Beard looked at the lad quizzically, and said, “We’ll see about that.” as he agreed to show the boy how the illusory power of knowledge can appear to turn base metal into gold. But there was a far deeper secret than that.

The old wizard provided him with a vast array of ingredients, tools, and an ancient book detailing his study. But with each step of instruction came a bevy of challenges that further tested his knowledge. Despite numerous attempts in working the various methods found in the book, he never successfully completed the prescribed tasks. He realized that if he wanted to learn how to make a potion or spell himself rather than having someone tell him what to do, then he needed more information on how magic works in general, and also the proper materials before even attempting anything serious. After all, he didn’t want to burn down his own living quarters.

One day the pair came walking into a nearby village for the first time. The villagers were awed by how wise and knowledgeable they seemed. David then told the villagers about his ability of turning lead into gold with his magical staff and lantern, claiming to have obtained this vital information from Old Beard, the master wizard. The villagers were desperate to get their hands on this invaluable knowledge but David had placed a hefty price on the information. Some of the bolder villagers tried to deceive David, or forcefully take the valuable secrets from him, but David was smarter than they anticipated. His training soon revealed that his secrets allowed him to catch any attempt at stealing or deception. The villagers were both impressed and in awe of his powers and so they tried to buy the powerful wisdom from him. Stating that his wisdom could not be bought or sold, David gave one last warning before handing over the information: “I’m only telling you this knowledge because I know it is the best way to protect it.” The villagers accepted a small magic book before he left, and he was never to be seen again…

The Laboratory

As science and technology continue to evolve, so does our understanding of the world around us. The exploration of atomic reconfiguration, nanotechnology and biotechnology has resulted in a number of strange new elements and top secret projects. One such recent project is Modern Alchemy. It is based on using modern laboratory apparatus to experiment with genetic engineering, cloning experiments, subspace physics and unusual combinations of materials. This makes it possible to produce completely new substances through manipulating the atoms and molecules that make up a material. (see more…)

Modern Alchemy could potentially open doors to ideas previously thought unimaginable—such as discovering ways to manipulate matter down at the molecular level or creating entirely new elements through merging existing ones together in unique arrangements—allowing us access to materials we’ve never seen before. There is a growing curiosity about atomic reconfiguration of conventional elements into strange new ones. Laboratory apparatus for these experiments have evolved making remarkable accomplishments achievable in a much shorter timeframe. Advanced nanotechnology is being used for cloning experiments and genetic engineering. Small-scale biotechnology tools are being employed to examine subspace pathways. We are on the edge of some major discoveries that will no doubt shape the way we experience life in the 21st century and beyond.

Azoth, Mysticism and Platonia are powerful concepts that have shaped our understanding of personal growth, character, excellence and ideals. Through self-reflection, these beliefs offer us insight into the Celestial Realms beyond what we can see with our physical eyes. By connecting to these ancient teachings, we can become more aware of the beauty and purity in life and gain access to a higher level of knowledge. They help us to understand the importance of our own thoughts and beliefs. They encourage us to explore the possibilities of what we can be or who we can become in life. Through their teachings, we can learn how to develop a strong sense of self-awareness that will guide us on our journey towards achieving greatness in life. More than just a set of esoteric beliefs, they represent the pursuit of excellence through an ongoing journey of personal truth and ideals, achieving both personal and professional success, we can find inner peace in discovering our true potential.

Qabalah, an ancient mystical system of understanding the universe, is more relevant than ever as humanity strives for a greater understanding of its purpose and role in the world. Through its Tree of Life, Qabalah provides a journey to enlightenment and Ascension – through personal growth and self-actualization. This journey involves the activation of our spiritual DNA, which holds the key to unlocking our ultimate potential. By exploring Qabalah’s principles, we can gain profound insight into our lives, uncovering a deeper meaning and profundity that was once hidden from us.

Qabalah and the Tree of Life

Azoth – the ancient symbol of mental alchemy, combines meditation, thought magic and visualization to help us unlock our inner potential and gain insight into the spiritual realm. Through mastery of Azoth, we become more spiritually aware and develop intuition, clarity and enlightenment. Through Azoth we can also engage in remote viewing by a heightened level of focus and concentration. Utilizing these tools we can tap into our creativity and higher powers to manifest our dreams and aspirations.

Biomorphic Interior

Biomorphic Interiors are designed to create a conscious anatomy of the interior space. By combining quantum fields with the physical architecture and interior connectomes, they provide an environment in which information pathways can be shared. Relying on color, light, textures and sounds, we can experience our innermost feelings and emotions in a profound and tangible way.

Subtle Energy Bodies

Subtle energy bodies are part of esoteric anatomy and are believed to be the interface between the physical body and the spiritual world and resonate with the cosmic instrument. Based on the belief that certain parts of our body have energetic counterparts, or chakras, connected to them, they can be activated through meditation and sacred rituals and form symbols that unlock hidden knowledge, allowing us to perceive higher dimensions of reality.

Pleomorphic Self

The concept of a Pleomorphic Self is an emerging concept that explores the idea of a conscious being that transcends time, space and physicality, existing as a single entity across multiple planes of existence. Through a holistic integration of quantum physics, bioenergetics and intentional design, this suggests that our ‘selves’ can be expressed through quantum infomorphs; collective multiplicities of parallel spacetime.