Esoteric Philosophy

Weird Iconography

Let’s face it, the Iconography is somewhat peculiar. But when you understand the Esoteric Philosophy that undergirds the symbols, it begins to make sense. See our ‘Articles’ to learn more about this…

Complexity & Interconnectivity

Secrets Hidden in the Art

Although the documents have been sanitized and censored, much of the undercover teachings have been retained in the Art and Sculpture. Without the Keys to these Secrets, our current paradigms suffer from disjunct and overly literal interpretations.

A Process-Relational Journey of Consciousness Writing Its Own Autobiographical Narrative

Much of our current doxology has been standardized and reduced to a bland abridgement.

Notions of the Modern Christ

In the earliest New Testament communities, Christianity reflected advanced mystical concepts that, as their authentic texts indicate, differ radically from our current vanilla perspective and are quite difficult for the present day rank-and-file to come to terms with.

Philosophical Fugitives Fleeing From their Own Existential Extermination

These Archetypal Philosophies went underground to avoid the Persecutions of Monopolistic Franchise. Because they emerged from the Secret Societies of Civilization’s Sub-Conscious, they were feared by the common folk and hunted to extinction.

Essence & Exousia

Unity and Existence are One. To Honor the Light, Life, and Love in all Living Creation is to Honor the Divine within one’s’ Interior.

To Dread the Very Thoughts in the Own Mind is the Ultimate in Enemy Consciousness