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Metaphysical Qabalah is a Hermetic Qabalah that incorporaties the most contemporary findings of integral eclecticism into a spiritual philosophy of self-reflective truth. Join us as we explore the new horizons of the emerging fifth kingdom.

Metaphysical Qabalah is a practical thought technology which enables you to target any type of objective with the confidence of exact and precise results. It works no matter if your goal comes through the conscious or sub-conscious state. The practice appeals to folks who are looking for results in all areas, including personal work with their memories, imagination, or thought patterns to self-expansion and broader conceptual horizons; expanded functioning and intelligence, to Spiritual Attainment and gifted abilities. It also appeals to folks interested in practical utilitarian concerns such as enhanced business opportunities, finance and career; physical performance and health; also happiness and success in romance, relationship and social activities.

Introduction to Metaphysical Qabalah: Anthology


When we began this class, we started with a summary overview, including a historical summary and a general synopsis of the overall idea of Metaphysics and Qabalism.  Then we began actual class.

     Similarly, many of us, wishing to initiate change in our lives, begin by putting forth a summary intention for better conditions; whether by prayer, or by ritual, or some other formality: yet, in essence, a formalization of general intentions.  These methods are beneficial and successful to their exact degree of general correspondence.  These types of initial generalities are useful in that they set the stage for further work and may be helpful, later, as overall guidelines for the development of our goals.

     The stage of actual change results from specificity in address of each particular definition of an actual idea as the result of such a general change.  The more specifically defined ideas of actual results the more real change.

     Therefore it is necessary to develop specific goals, each with clearly defined results as their ideal reference.  This is the metaphysical technique of Ideal Realization.

[I want to add the idea that prayer can work according to our concept of God and God’s involvement in our Life.  Which accounts for the outstanding success of prayer based upon a lifetime of Divine involvement.]



Analog Practice

The practical application of all this is that Consciousness, in forming an analog self which operates in an analog space, gives us an excellent opportunity to practice our Analog Metaphysics.  We do this by imagining our analog self permeated with our analog Azoth; imagining our analog Subtle Bodies bathed in analog colored light vibrations; and modified or operating in the appropriate manner according to the particular feature called upon.  In this way we consciously communicate the proper Structions of our conscious will to our aptic structures, letting the results develop subsequently from there.

Another practical application is to be found in the narratizing feature of Consciousness.  To employ this, we deliberately compose running narratives, of the formal variety which are called ‘affirmations’, and see our analog selves narratizing and completing the actions in our analog time-space.  It is probably quite helpful to memorize the majority of these formal narratives, so that one might apply them frequently during the day as one finds idle time.

Animus Mundi (the Soul of the World)

Soul of the World (Animus Mundi)

We must now approach the subject which is called Animus.  Animus means the motivating Principle: that which makes movement. It is related to Power (as in locomotive power). It is also related to assessment and relationship, somewhat especially to distance. This feeling of distance might not always be physical. The sensation of assessment in many regards is via feeling, etc. Thought is involved; recognition, processing. Proximity is processed with regard to the selected thing named. The thing named then becomes near. If the thing named is frightening, then we become frightened.

    In light of this we must mention the subject of demons.  The Animus is a form of World Soul.  World Soul has Substance and is Movement.  Substance is opaque and blocks the light, casting a shadow.  Moving shadows can be frightening.  The motive force; the living engines of Life have been classically ascribed, from the Ancient Greek, as daemons.  Moving shadows have been frightening people and this conditions them to fear the engines of nature.   While in the classical sense, the Messengers of God are the Voice of the Word and known as Angels, the Power of that word (its Expression) is in the daemon.  However because if the thing named (moving shadows) is frightening, then people become frightened. Over time the thing named became demons and this terrifies people. The World Soul in this way became feared and with it the things of this world. Now worldly things are distrusted along with damned souls and power. Because the life which enters this world is repressed from any expression, there is nothing more to do but exit to the ‘greater reward beyond this dreaded haunt’. When this horror becomes the word of truth, the engines of nature have no recourse but to assume the destruction of the incarnate and release the mind so tortured by its own distrust and fear so that it can flee to the light and be safe in what it can see: it was scared of the dark.

     The substantiated Soul does not transmit light*, but it generates heat. That is the source of its movement as with all movement. Heat is but a various light which acts upon proximity according to kind. It is spontaneous inner light of substance. This is the radix of Specie and all evolution. Heat is generation. Heat is measured experience. Science Understands Heat. Light reveals, heat is known.

     Black is the color of Substance, the interior of which is Heat.  The heat itself is dark Brown.  Maroon is its Power.  Red is the color of Light when viewed through turbulent atmosphere. Turbulence is Activity; Movement. Orange is a compound color; an Almalga-mating. It is the Red with the Yellow. The Olive is the Green with some Orange.

     These are the Mechanics of Nature’s Engines.

  • Workers rights
  • Democracy and Universal citizenry/ the non- issue of fascism vs. democracy
  • The issue of ‘commanding’
  • Commanding in the name of deities
  • ‘Their’ deities: deities being what we ‘worship’; what we respect, hold dear
  • Atmospheric sympathy and ideals/ principles
  • The issues of ‘black’ magic and ‘demons’: sympathetic motivations
  • The metaphysical ideals: of getting the God part right first; a matter of attenuation; harmonic overtone series
  • Recognition of the metaphysical psyche and the complementarities involved in religion/ magic; Theurgy/ goetia; ‘mind/matter’;
  • Al Khemi and the full work; returning the essence to the salt; Integration; the chemical wedding
  • Light and shadow (substance) and colors
  • Turbulence/ serenity
  • Light/ matter: fusion; fission; the sun.


*its form of ‘Transmission’ is in fact intuitive so that its ‘light’ is interior; it does transmit heat. Note this applies to the ‘Substantiated’ Soul.

Critical Reviews in Molecular & Cell Biology 53: 99-114.(2018)

Project 2: Nested Mogen Davids

I will Teach You

  As Hermes Trismajestus says: Keep me in Mind in all that you would learn and I will teach you, then we see that Mercury represents the faculty of Analogy and Metaphor, by which we illuminate the mind.  As such He is the father of techniques, writing, methods, language and learning, also.

     Since the Great Metaphysical Truth, an Aspect of God, operates in mutual participation-reflection of Divinely Perfected Expression in the particular of the believer; the particular expressions, enacted through the technical artifice of daily living become truly an language of the Messenger of the God’s.  And thus in its return journey, or response, become to the participle-believer a veritable Living Water, or Aqua Vive.

     Thus, the more technique and artifice we develop, the more opportunity the Divine Perfection has available for reflection; or should I say the better we perfect our artifice and technique through usage and the broader it is in scope, the more expansive and complete will be the Divine Reflection of Perfection.  Therefore the Lord God, Good and Gracious, has blessed me with the Qabalistic Azoth, by which an entire Metaphysical Thought Science is being conducted for the Blessings of God in my Life and the advancement of my Good and Consciousness.  The Qabalistic Azoth Techniques work perfectly as our communicative artifice through the Power and Authorized Approval of God Most High.  Their intuitive meanings are projected into the Mercurial Aqua Philosophorum automatically as a consequence of my beliefs and affections, and then rendered Harmonious with God’s Will, Attributes and Virtues.  By which projection, they are responsively Loved into Perfection by the Good and Loving God Who Is and Reflected unto me as Blessed Grace and Providence, Amplified by His Splendor and received with Gratitude in His Love for ever.  Together we are working True Miracles in my Life through Him.  May we all be blessed in God.


Ecclesia, 343(6171), 615-616. (2014).

Project 3: Jeweled Ring of the Sephiroth


Now we know that we have Qabalistic techniques that are able, or that do address the most varied and marvelous aspects of humanity; mankind and his Spiritual progress, attainment and, most importantly advance of abilities.  And we know, if we but actually practice them, that they do work, and very well indeed!

But why do they work? What makes them able to do these things?  We know, through our greatly expanded Metaphysical Paradigm, that everything in essence has either Qualia or Quantia or an admixture of Both.  And that it is through these essential Qualia and their itinerate Quantia by which they bring forth their manifest realizations through Metaphysical Concentration as precipitative condensates (to put it Alchemically).

However, there are those who have other paradigms, who look at things materialistically or consider themselves ‘commonsense realists’.  These adherents, being essentially skeptics, struggle to believe in anything, or find their loyalties tossed about from one neurological theory to another in the quest for satisfactory explanations, without ever finding a sense of gratitude.  From the rumbling, when the dust settles, clarity comes and the light prevails once more.  And the astonishing beauty of the Truth is that it shines forth from within these theories, too!

(A student once asked me, saying:  “I read all the time; I’ve searched books near and far; and the answer’s not there –at least not for me!  So how did you manage to do it?  How did  you learn all this?”  I intend to try to show you what it is and how it’s done: or at least, how I do it.

I next intend to conduct a series of presentations exploring the Esoterics of Psyche, in various stages for the upcoming period of time.

We have already opened the door through our study of the Azoth of Metaphysical Qabalah, and so we will be at a great advantage as our adventure continues through the vast expanse of the Mind and its modern study.

And then it was shown to me; what is the will of God Most High, what are the means of being a devotee of God,

what are the principles of life harmonious with God;

What does God like in a man who is His friend.

And it was taught to me how it is that I might grow stronger in the Holy Spirit and become a blessing unto God and to all God’s creation.

I pray that God might teach me how it is that He would have me conceptualize and to think of Him.

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     The foundation of existence is Essence Itself.  It IS the ALL.  To exist is to be: there is no other possibility.  Even those who would counter that we may conceive of a hypothetical non-existence must first admit the possible existence of a non-existent possibility in order to qualify the existence of such a thing.  And so it IS, with ALL.  We cannot conceive of that which does not exist anymore than we can think unthinkable thoughts.  What the ordinary thinker believes he is thinking when imagining non-existence is simply nothing and no more.  We can imagine nothing, but not non-existent nothing.  In the latter case, the best we can do is to revert to thinking of something.  Those who insist on leniency in the matter by decrying that ‘non-existent’ something may be imagined to exist, must then qualify their assertion by answering the question, “yes, but what is it?”  Every so often someone has a hard time accepting this relatively obvious fact, yet we need to move on.

     Qabalism, being a Universal Language relating to the Divine Word, places great emphasis upon cognitive linguistics.  If we examine the phenomenology of linguistics in this matter we find complete agreement with the metaphysical fundamentals.  The Latin root of ‘Essence’ is ‘esse’, meaning ‘to be’.

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