The Way Stands Open Before Us

Causality: people like to talk about Karma as cause and effect yet ignore the premise of Causality. To be Causal is to Operate with Intelligent Design: for a Purpose (Because). Intelligent Purpose is Orderly and Reasonable, Operating for some Instantial Good; therefore opposition (for the sake of supersymmetry) is not Causal but nullifying and nihilistic. Karma for the sake of Balance cannot be Causal and it was the Saturn Berries who were Causal (e.g. no Pralaya). Therefore Karma as Cause (and consequently Effect) has nothing to do with Accumulated Action, current Action, and Future Action; but only with Intelligent Design, or Order.

Balance is an adherence to status. If we are ever to move forward, we must let go of balance (for what is walking but a series of successive imbalances) and Embrace Perfection. Perfection is not concerned with balance: Perfect is concerned with the Good. In Perfection, everything can be Good. Divinity is Good, not Balanced.

Causality is far more Complex than A—>B, a linear motif. Complexity is Holistic (Spherical) and Ecological. This is an Ecological model and is already vastly different from oppositionality. Hermetics, in its oppositional presuppositions is wrong-headed and false and Hindus do not understand Karma.

Now, you might say that Health is Moderation and you would be admitting the necessity of some amount of disease, equal to your amount of Health. A healthy body moves to repress disease. You might point to the biological processes inside the body which produce a hormone and then produce an anti-hormone to turn it off (there are many examples of this). This only proves the deep indoctrination of presuppositional dualities in our current scientific worldview. First, this example only indicates proper house-cleaning and not opposition. Second, from a larger perspective, we would keep our eyes on the role of water within the respiration cycle, or the electron transport chain and recycling of protons, or the role of Hydrogen and the like to see there is nothing oppositional going on here but a journey of transformative evolution. This perspective also points to the role of Transmutation of the Elements in the Body, alongside Wheeler’s One Electron Theory, Quantum Tunneling, etc.

Saturn (hence, Karma) is featured in the third Decan of Sagittarius and the sign as a whole is ruled by Jupiter. Many astrologers will talk about Moderation with regards to Jupiter and the Tarot Arcana for Sagittarius is 14, ‘Temperance’. Jupiter is considered a Beneficent and Zeus (the Greek counterpart) is the Head God. There is nothing Temperate about Jovian ethics. Jupiter is not balanced but extreme. That is because Divine Virtues are not corrupted by degree (no vice in excess). The Tarot Angel is traditionally appointed as Temperance (everything in moderation), but should actually be ‘Excellence’. To be Jovian is to Express Aristos and Aristos is imbalanced, like prejudice. Everyone is prejudiced: so we strive to be prejudiced in the best way possible. With Jovian ethics we always strive for the Greater Good.

Saturn (Karma) and Jupiter (The Good) do not work in opposition to each other: they work together as a team. Astrologers often parrot the pseudo-knowledge that Saturn is malefic and a limiting force (constraining). Saturn (or Binah) is the station of the Thrones (Order of Aralim) and by this represents Divine Law. Here we remember the words of Judge Troward (paraphrased): the Law of the Law is Freedom …you will find that limitation was never in the Law. So Divine Law is not about constraint but about Freedom. When a person’s Free Will is constrained by adherence to oppositionality, that person is a self-inflicting maleficence.

Astrology based upon Planetary opposition (constrained by angles, times and orbits) is a shallow viewpoint. Orbits never remain round and regular and the Solar System perpetually veers into a constant and lopsided dynamic kilter, as each planet’s changing position affects the complex interdependence of every other member as well as the whole. To see the larger picture, we should recognize that this lopsidedness results in the ‘walking’ of our Solar System across Space and through Time on its Journey of Evolution, Change and Transmutation.

In Sagittarius we traverse the Centaur (head to tail region). From here we have the opportunity to go forward or to turn back. If we adhere to the false incarcerations of balance and status quo, we should turn and go back to ‘how it always was’. This is a desperate attempt to grasp at the straw of an objective state that never was. And in doing so, we lose the opportunity to progress. Only Progressives may move forward and achieve successful Ascension.

An orthodox platitude of Systems Theory is that Systems are constrained by their initial conditions. Systems are not constrained by initial conditions but are dynamically interactive with on-going conditions and are exquisitely attuned to constantly evolving, everyday environs, at every moment: joyously co-creating alongside one another. Systems do not fall chaotically into disarray and then become extinct but patiently evolve into the next new system. There is no Chaos, only Fluid Order.

Planets are Geological Time, congealed into rotating minerals. Planetary orbits are like vortices in a larger stream, a River of Life. In our shallow ideas, we see only rotating minerals (the Planet) and overlook the River of Time that flows into, around, and through them, carrying them forward to their Destiny.

This same River of Time is at work on the Planetary level, flowing through the vicissitudes of Life as the mineral-bodies Transmute. It is the Tao.

There is the old story of Kronos, sitting on a rock at the end of the Universe, waiting for everyone else to catch up with him. This means that Chronos (Time) is not a constraint but is unconstraining and omnipresent. It is also not constrained to a single ego, but Panpsychic and Multiplex (Multi-Dimensional and Complex). We have such a rudimentary concept of Time. Time is Collective Subjectivities in overarching Complexity. The Tao is One Thing (Spirit-Akasha) but it is All Things because it is the Change (Chronology, Time) in all living Subjectivities. We Dream this continuity as an aid to the imaginative coherence of our self-concept.

Dualistic presuppositions are Death and constrain the Metaphysical Mind-Space to ossified conceptualities, which must be broken open and allowed to decompose. Once Liberated from dualistic presuppositionals, we become the Immortal Tao. This is the Way of Philosophers and the Golden Elixir of Immortality.