The Copper-Iron Relationship

Blood and Water

As alluded to earlier, the subject of blood and bodily fluids plays an important role in esoteric anatomy. The Akasha, while present everywhere, is particularly strong in the blood and generative fluids. When you hear about ‘blood brothers’, or signing a pact with blood, etc., you are witnessing the application of this principle. Though you are not explicitly told this in church, the blood of Christ sacrificed for humanity, refers to the Spirit taking on material embodiment on behalf of our evolving consciousness. Wine contains spirits and is employed in communion.

When we prepare the Spagyric Elixir, we are going to need a Cabalistic Sacrament; the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

In the Plant Kingdom the essential oils are the Sulfur (oil of Sulfur), extracted from the plants. We are taking the blood and bodily fluids of the plant, which contains the Akashic resin, extracted from the Life of the plant. They have sacrificed so that we might live and this is the Love that no man has greater, that he lay down his life for others. It is no different when we eat or drink, for these too are Eucharistic sacraments. Charis is Grace: the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Akasha is Spirit). The Lord represents this connection in our world and ‘the Life’ of Living Plants ‘has a History in the Lord’. (mc) In three days the living Spirit will be Resurrected. This means that the food you eat will be digested and assimilated into your embodied Life and your Spiritual Nature will arise, fueled by the staff of Life unto the Glory of God. The complete process takes about three days.

The red blood of humans has a core of Iron, which is the Oxygen carrying component; but it is not this way with all the animals. The blood of certain cold-blooded animals (the conch, the mollusk) has a Copper core and is blue. These animals are devoid of calcified skeletal structures internally, secreting them as a shell on their exterior. Inside they are plastic and fluid. Furthermore, the blood of plants has a core of magnesium (chlorophyll) which takes in photonic energy from the Environment, converting CO2 into Oxygen. The Copper in plants is external; it must be present in the Environment in order for the miracle of photosynthesis to occur. Copper in Humans is internal and is responsible for the development and expansion of the I consciousness and the acquisition of higher faculties. The plant kingdoms have the higher formative Etheric forces present to them but they are externalized (in the Devic Kingdoms and Stellar Influences). The Cold blooded mollusk has internalized the Copper but not the heat of the dynamic complement Iron, thereby functioning, but on a less structured level and without a voice. In the bird kingdom, the Copper has been externalized to its plumage; cooperating with oxygen in the air, the bird has taken flight and the vocalization has become activated. The Human has internalized the Calcerific skeleton and the Iron with the combustible heat of Oxygen, while the Copper has migrated to the surface, in the hair, skin, and nails (more especially in brunettes), as well as supporting the rich articulations of the Human voice.

The animal is self contained and mobile, able to carry his processes with him internally; the Soul, or Animus, animates him. This includes the digestive processes which, for the plant 

kingdom, take place externally, in contact with the soil. The mollusk too, disgorges its stomach and digests whatever it comes across, externally. This reflects the dynamic system of the chemical societies that we see networking in the interior of the Earth. Copper, for example is a metal of the plutonic regions, at home with the igneous. The dark inner fires which circulate the Copper are the inner Sulfurous regions. Copper in the inner planet of humanity helps the digestive forces and the appetites; guiding the Etheric forces away from Astralism and helps the Astral not to be too sensitive. In the deep somatic interior, the Copper unites with Sulfur and makes it easy to enjoin with proteinaceous activities. All this helps the body to generate the warmth it needs for animus.

In the circulatory system, Copper migrates from Sulfur to Oxygen in respiration, which yields to Iron in the Arterial (red corpuscles) blood. The Copper is still prevalent in the venous (blue) blood. So the Copper is separated from the Sulfur in the area of the Diaphragm, with those processes below the diaphragm being characterized by Sulfurous appetites and digestion and those above being characterized by Oxygenated activities such as reason and communication (and the clear-eyed assessments of Iron). Humans in contact with Copper-Iron, are harder and sharper in their interactions with the material world. They are able to, for instance, go into the Cytherean Library and locate the book they need without too much searching, and open it to the right page.

The metabolic processes of Earth drive Copper out of Sulfur and into O2/CO2. For example, Copper in the Sulfurous bowels of the Earth is driven upward towards the surface, where it comes into contact with the organic acids (tannic acid, from humus; nitric acid, from rain, etc.) and the Oxygen in the air. Copper prefers the deep, sulfurous, alkaline interiors of primeval Earth to the silica-rich sands of the modern acidic surface. The Quartz sands channel the Stellar formative forces and disperse them throughout the superficial soils, which has a disintegrative effect on Copper Sulfates, which tries to avoid them. When Sulfurous and dynamic Copper-Iron substances find their way to the Earth’s surface, the Oxygen burns them (the metals ‘rust’) and the Sulfurs turn into acid (H2So4). They become water soluble metal salts and begin to percolate downward, until the Oxygen exhausts itself in exertion and activity. This creates a zone of ores which makes an interfacing boundary or Earthen Diaphragm. The interface is composed of metallic ores and just above this will be the deposits of Iron-free Cupprites: malachite and azurite (Cu+H2o+Co2).

The same goes for the Bread; the flesh of the Living Being, who has lain down his Life so that others may Live. Again, 

the Copper, in concert with Sulfur is able to enjoin the activities of protein in the flesh. In essence, the plant is transformed into the Magus and the Magus is transformed into the Tree. We call this fusion, ‘Miaphysis’, or ‘Henosis’: Union.

The most important horizontal tissue field is the respiratory diaphragm; the natural fulcrum of the body. The diaphragm is the seat of attraction and repulsion. The law of attraction is dependent upon an unrestricted diaphragm. Diaphragm restrictions translate into the myofascial network and vice versa. Therefore the network of connective tissues within the mirror and its extended meshwork should be free of restrictions. Restriction of the diaphragm (and consequently the myofascial network) impairs the oxygenation (and therefore the function of the Iron Electrum) but also movement of venous blood (the ocean of Life) and the Liver (restriction of which impedes the Society of Magic Networking Professionals and Planetary Experts); this restriction also impairs the digestive processes, which would inhibit the Cosmic Mystical hierarchy, and movement of the Spinal column (which affects the Akashic Omniscience and Spiritual Immanence as well as the Musical , Intervallic, Scalar and Harmonic overtone series of the music of the Spheres), in the operation of the Mirror Magic.

Hydrogen and Carbon have a long history of teamwork, forming long chains of hydrocarbons, rich in fuel. Water itself, rich in Hydrogen, is able to associate in fluid but orderly archestructures; sometimes loosely in fluid networks, other times in very specifically structured communities of a crystalline nature. Carbon of course, forms long polymer chains, folds and branches itself and is the foundation atom in the molecular bases of organic chemicals and thus ‘life’. Carbon polyform’s potential for plastic innovation is practically infinite.

The special feature of the Carbon based polyforms is the ability of replication. Carbon chains form living networks that construct the edifice of their own habitation while also defining both themselves and their surrounding inhabitation. Two aspects set them aside from others as ‘living’: replication of themselves, and this sense of self and other. We speak of these as Distinguishing characteristics.

The following is a little more in the way of esoteric anatomy (or metachemistry) with regard to blood.

Man eats the vegetable and the vegetables become the man. That they are eager to undergo this process will await and depend upon two conditions: the disposition of your gratitude in this sacred contribution; and the complete development of your clair-faculties. The end result is that Man is merely a transmutation of the Vegetable World. (here we insert the role of ceruloplasmin in transporting the 8 Cu molecules throughout the ETC. The Cu is external in the plant and internal in the animal. We also comment on Mg in the cellular process because Mg isn the Hemoglobin of the plant in Photosynthesis).The food is digested and plasma (yang) is produced in the 

intestines from vegetable matter (yin) and bile (yang). Bile adds hemoglobin to the plasma.

This last process is fascinatingly complex, so let us follow the steps, briefly. An important chemical called bilirubin is manufactured in the body from metallo-proteins of iron hemoglobin and porphyro rings. Bilirubin is closely related to the molecule in plants that senses light. Bilirubin, itself responds to light energy.

Bilirubin is conjugated in the Liver making it water soluble. Conjugated bilirubin goes into the intestine and gets tracked into one of two journeys: first, it can be recirculated into the body and made into red blood (enterohepatic circulation) or enteric bacteria transforms it into yellow waste (urine) or brown waste (feces).

So bile adds hemoglobin to the plasma. In the lungs, oxygen (yin) combines with plasma (yang) to make the blood red (yin because of the O2). As the oxygen metabolises it becomes increasingly more yang. The center gets strongly focused and forms a nuclear yang. This nucleated cell becomes a white cell (the nucleus allows it to move and change form). White cells are drawn to proteins (yin), which combine to form the body (somatic cells). That was so complicated, let me outline it:

  • Food (yin) + Bile (yang)—> Plasma (yang)
  • Plasma (yang) + Oxygen(yin) —> Red Cell(yin)
  • Red Cell (yin) – Oxygen (yin) —> White cell (yang)
  • White cell(yang) + Protein (yin) + O2 —> Body (yin)

This gives us a basis for how bio-transmutation works. Now let me reveal the Transmutations that are apropos to the Magic mirror:

Mg + (Na-O) —> P

2C12 + 2O16 —> 2 Si28 —> Ni 58 —> Fe 56

13Al + H —> 14Si

C + O —> N2 – Si (yin)