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About Us

Metaphysical Qabalah is a Hermetic Spirituality related to the Esoteric Mysteries. We gather for classroom explorations and social get-togethers to share in our Experience of the Divine Journey. We have have several informal centers in the Greensboro and Reidsville areas of North Carolina and in Danville Virginia, and most gatherings are open to public participation. Feel free to drop in or join us.

Online Courses

Online Courses are  a rather large project, still in the works (and it may take a while). You can help by joining our cause at our Go Fund Me campaign.

Spherical includes the Sephiroth, Dionysian Spheres, Spherical and Planetary Beings, as well as Angels and Archangels.

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Qabalistic Alchemy and Spagyrics pertains to Transformation via Qabalistic means, the Azoth, as well as Herbology and Healing.

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Noospherics involve the Sphere of Mind and so include Philosophy, Mythopoeia, Human Transcendentalism, Mirror Magic, Geomancy, and Sacred Geometry.

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Dimensions are a wide-ranging Qabalistic study because, like String Supersymmetry, we are living in 10 (or 11, accordingly). We are looking at Spatial Dimensions, Fractal Dimensions, Parallel Dimensions (MWI), Temporal Dimensions (and Super-Causality), Virtual Dimensions (including Information Space), Curled Dimensions (or Branes), Geigenraum (Counterspace), Akasha (Sub-Quantum Continuity), and Neutrality.

What's happening

Metaphysical Qabalah is one of the most happening things around. Something is always going on or being planned and in the works. Most times, it is hard to keep up with all the activities and events taking place within the small group dynamics that make up the larger MQ Network. It is helpful to share your contacts with others among us but you may find some of our main online resources infromative.

Community Outreach

Social Opportunities

Ecclesia is where we gather. It’s fun to get together and see everyone (and spend some time catching up on each other’s lives).

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Spagyric Science

Spagyric Science deals with Herbology and Alchemy, at least in the causal and curative sense. Sometimes you may be in need of Advice or Diagnosis and this can be had via Pendulum (alongside Pendulum Healing) and Tarot.

Explore with us

MQ Classroom is where we all meet and discuss issues pertaining to the contemporary practice of Metaphysical Qabalah. Generally we have a little teaching session followed by a whole lot of Q & A.

Subjects might cover Modern Qabalism, Esoteric PhilosophyPsycho-Spiritual Development, or any host of things, really.  We always go as long as we possibly can and we generally leave late (but folks know this and either plan accordingly or leave when it’s time).

Your Journey Starts Here.

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