Elemental Air (Vayu Tattva)

The Spirit of Waju is Wisdom. From Illumination comes Pure Ideas. The effect in the mental realm is enlightened intellect: Discernment, Understanding, Truth, Knowledge, perception, etc.
In combination with the Spiritual Fire of Light, one gets the self-spiritualization; the transforming of Ideas into form, or transformation; and the influence of the mental body with Ideas or Divine Virtues.
Again with this Highest of Intellectual Cognition in the Spiritual Waju ~the combination of Air and Fire~ as it were, impregnates the Ideal (formatives) into the receiving medium~ which is the Creative Power (of Highest Purity and Divine Virtues).
In this one gets clear spiritual sight and receives symbolic visions. By the virtue of Waju in the mental faculty one is able to recollect all memories of previous incarnations, complete with one’s previous abilities, languages, etc. If this were experienced in a very short time span, the result would be profound remorse.
As an agent of moderation in the emotional body: one succeeds in Astral Equilibrium, or the blessing of untouchable character ennoblement: one achieves Astral Invisibility.
Astral Waju also results in the ability to relate ideas into words; all talents: eloquence, poetry, music: good cheer, proper atmosphere for entertainment; also the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, understanding symbolic language; as well as one method of levitation. Good rapport, of course with Air Beings. The unique method of ‘Air Medium Telegraphy’ is particular to Astral Waju (as Telepathy is to Mental).
The ability to work miracles/wonders in the material world relates here, as well; in the mastery of Kotodama, Tantric Mantra and Qaballah, or all systems of the spoken word, such as Qaballistic Alchemy; allowing one to stimulate and influence matter with virtues/powers and impregnate any form: changing matter via The Word.
Body-wise, it is specific to treatments of chest ailments, cures fatigue, makes body tenacious and strong, gives endurance; brings cheerfulness; and contributes to personal health, appeal, beauty, youth, vigor, vitality, and harmony.

Below is a precis of some of the characteristics of physical Air which are thought to be allegorical to Elemental Air, or Waju. The physical atmosphere is, of course, a rather different category.
I. Partly fluidic in nature
A. moves faster than water
1.aprox.14x in vortex formation
B. higher compressibility
1. Water compressible as steam
C. immense variations in volume, expansion and
Contraction/ alteration of density
1.accompanied by caloric change
D. Transfer of rhythm or sound impulse accompanied
By tiny delicate heat exchanges.
1. This gives atmosphere a 3D effect, as compared with
Surfactant planar 2D of water
2. Viz. lungs cf gills
E. elasticity
1. Birds in formation linked as one elastic body
2. Wave field created by wings spreads out at speed of sound
3. Acts like one collective muscle
4. An orchestra flying on sound
F. flight in nature predicated to revolution about a longitudinal axis
1.spiral or helical
2. Single phases of Helix ‘blueprinted’ in form of airborne seeds and insects.

II. What is visible in Water as form, is faster in Air, becoming audible
A. inner nature revealed by sounds/voices: the soul of the world
2.wind in the pines/wood leaf
3. Flying insects creating endless vortices
B. swarms of hovering insects affected by whistling or humming
C. P.E.Schiller, Tyndall; sensitive flames: audible sensitivity.
1. Air speed; rushing sound; heterodyne
D. speech creates actual forms in the Air
1. Similar to forms produced in the world of birds and flying insects
2. Human speech shows greatest range and variation

III. Comparative Natures
A. solids are the most stationary, gasses are the most mobile, liquids are in between
B. Water at excessive speeds vaporizes
1. Falling water in nature dissolves into drops and mist and slows by floating
C. Air able to change speed and directions quickly
1. The vehicle of weather
2. Spontaneous response
3. Sensitive to heat
4. Changes density: breathes
5. Thus is the body of soul forces
6. Bearer of sonics, light and color
D. the order of natural elements is the order of spiritual embodiment in creation.

1. from Sensitive Chaos by Theodore Schwenk