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Angel at the Gate

The Angel of MQ sits by the Tree of Life ready to guide you on a New Journey through the Gate, well within the Portal of Knowledge. Get an inside tour of the esoteric principles upon which all Western Spirituality rests its Foundation.

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Gate of Jewels

The Metaphysical Qabalah Jeweled Gate features the Ring of Sephiroth (proceeding counter-clockwise from the top), each Jewel representing one of ten Divine Emanations. The Supernal Triad (Trinity) is featured in the center.

Gate of the Elements

The Gate of the Elements features each of the Four Elements dynamically emergent from the Circle Squared which Harmonically Balances the Four-fold World with the Spirit. In the center, we see the Sephirothic Ring of Divine Emanations, representing the Quintessential Akasha (Spirit) which Balances and Harmonizes All.

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