Cosmic Way of Natural Harmony

Geomancy is an ancient form of divination that uses the Earth’s natural features to make predictions about future events. Because the Cosmos is interconnected through the Sun to the Constellations, the Soul of the Earth is sensitive to this Archetypal Procession. For this reason Geomancy is also a form of astrology, which uses stars and planetary movements to divine Natural Harmony.

Gaia, Ley Lines, and Earth Rays are all terms that are used in geomantic divination. They are all terms for different concepts related to Earth’s Etheric Energies.

Gaia is a Greek word that means “Earth” or “the world”. It represents the totality of life on Earth and how it interacts with its environment as well as other planets in our solar system. Ley lines are ancient paths made by underground currents that run through earth’s crust and through which energy can be drawn from them to heal people or places on the surface.

Massive Prominence

Geomancy is a system of divination using certain features of the landscape. This provides energy to the practitioner to read what unknown knowledge is available to an individual. We can also use a lot of these symbols in different geometries to get answers. Geomancy utilizes etheric biogeometry, Earth Energy, and Ley lines for soothsaying purposes.

A geomantic reading is a divination procedure utilizing the Earth to acquire knowledge of the present and future. Though it may sound like a modern practice, geomancy as we know it today dates back to prehistoric times. What geomancy can do for you can be understood through a few short explanations of what happens when Ether (energy) moves through something.

Structural Geomantic Engineering

The way we structure our Information Architecture influences our Structural Engineering of Matter and should be consistent with Cosmic Harmony…

Geomantic Energy Sites

Geomancy is a practice of divination and interpretation of the Earth. It is the study of how natural features, such as mountains, rivers, plants, and animals are related to human life.

Geomancy is an ancient practice that dates back to ancient times. It was originally practiced by the Early Peoples (emerging at the North Pole from the interior of the Earth), who believed that there was a spirit in every part of nature. They believed that people could communicate with these spirits through Geomantic Divination. Geomancers would interpret what these procedures meant based on the shape and location of marks on the ground.

Geomancy has been used in many different cultures throughout history for various purposes including forecasting future events or providing advice on how to find answers to questions about personal or supernatural matters. Earth is the Foundation of all we build.

Marks on the Ground

One style of Geomancy uses two types of lines: one straight line that represents fate or destiny and one curved line that represents the power of change. When drawing these lines on the ground, they should not be drawn in a straight line but rather they should be drawn with curves as they are meant to represent the power of change.

Geomantic Figures

Geomancy is a divination technique based on the lines and dots drawn on the ground. It is mainly used to predict future events, answer questions, and reveal hidden truths. The practice of geomancy has been around for thousands of years and it’s popularity has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to the interest in Gaia and Ecological Spirituality.

Earth Rays and Ley Lines

Geomancy is a form of divination that uses the spiritual energies of the Earth, such as topography and rock outcroppings, to find answers about Life. Biogeometry is interested in the topological configurations expressed through living things in conformity to etheric patterns. Biogeometric patterns are greatly influenced by the Etheric functions of Earth’s energy patterns: Earth Rays, Ley lines, etc.

Stratified Earth Layers

Because of its proximity to the Peiron, subterranean Earth is the densest and most opaquely protonic plane. Though immersed in cosmic plasma, Earth retains its character and identity in all interactions. In luminous atmospheres, cosmic Earth becomes protonated. While protonated Earth, which is socially competent at any degree of density, preserves long-term stability and dependability, it is known to contain nucleons made up of introspection, insight, and intuition. A sympathetic system of complex inter-nucleation lies beneath the surface, dynamically mediated by luminous dynamics of interchange. (from the book “Magic Mirror” )

Interior of the Earth

Resonant with Galactic Archetype at the Core is a Crystalline Stellar Heart, called the Central Sun of Agartha, which contains the Eldunari of all Gaian Anamnesis.

Soils are Urban Layers of Symbiotic Complexity

Compaction (from the heavy machinery) causes the need for more/deeper cultivation but the ‘plow sole’ leads to layers of hard-pan below the soil surface. Roots develop better in environments rich in old roots that have loosened the sublayers and decayed, leaving channels. Mycorrhizal networks (hyphae) penetrate the soil micro-pores and even the fissures in the minerals. These underground cities are home to a diverse ecosystem capable of providing all that is needed without chemical fertilizers. The Life Blood of Plants is the Soil and Healthy Plants depend on a partnership (just like all life). Minerals Are Hard to Mine yet they are mined by Bacterial Specialists. (see Biodynamics)

Composting Soils Compacted Into Sedimentation

Ferns growing rampantly from a shallow basin, silt and organic matter washed into ponds and other signs of verdant celebration awash in mud become compacted in the subliminal pocosins until their internal heat transmutes their patterns and bonds, arranging them cymatically in tune with the scale-notes of their resonance.

Pockets of Life

Geological combustion of oxidizing vugs begin to collect detritus and become pocket enviromes for alpine vegetation

The Kouretes renowned as lords of the rugged mountainside, masters of metallurgy, herding, hunting, and beekeeping, along with many other skills. They were also the first armed combatants and the heroes of the Crete braves frenzied war dance.

The elementals who live in the hidden substructures of the earth known as the terreous ether are collectively referred to as Gnomes. Gnomes come in a variety of shapes and sizes as they emerge via Nature’s subjective ethereal constitution.


These earth spirits influence vibrational frequencies so resonant with physical matter that they wield great authority over its rocks and plants, as well as the mineral elements in the mammalian physique.