Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel (or Tzadkiel) is an Archangel of God, whose Divine Vibration has been rendered over the history of devout humanity as JOVE (or Yahweh in the Hebrew). It is synonymous with Jah-Hawah, or ‘God Is Love‘. Many occult texts will pass-on the intentional blind regarding this Divine Name as being El, but El is an entirely different Eminence and incorrectly assigned here.

Tzadkiel presides over the Sephirah Chesed, which features The Dominions who Govern Domains, Churches (Ecclesia), Assemblies, Networks, and Government itself. The Beings of the Jovian Sphere are known as Kyriotetes, or Lordships.

The Holy Beings are called Chasmalim (the Brilliant Ones whose Cosmic Orders constitute the Mystic Beings). Often erroneously described as ‘fiery’ because of this Brilliance, it is in fact Brilliant like a Sparkling River of Light, indeed it is Liquid Light but not fire or heat. They constitute the Sapphire Throne of God and the Dew from their Bodies result in Living Nectar (or Amrita vis-a-vis Vishnu, the Blue Aspect of Trimurti to whom His Divine Eminence corresponds). The Blue Light rules the Mental Sphere of Ideal Forms, relating to the Creative Right-Brain Genius of Jovian Archetypal Personalities.

Also called Tzedekim (Righteous Ones), who constitute a hidden Ecclesia of 36 secret Benefactors who greet the Shekinah in every generation. They are Nistar (Hidden) and are the mystical Secret Societies that are whispered of but never seen. These secret Illuminati sustain the world and operate behind the scenes that keep Society prosperous and placid.

The Tzedekim Nistarim have an Inner Correspondence to the Azothic Information processed via Lamed and Vav; The Vav corresponding to Collective Consciousness and the Lamed keeping Society pure via the Divine Virtues reflected in Subjective Morality. Each devotee partakes in this as a Lamedvavnik representative, under the protection of Tadkiel’s influence and boons.

Tzadquiel presides over the 12 Angels of the Jovian Sphere; each of whom Governs a Sign of the Zodiac.

Malchjdael  (Aries) Electric Fluid & Fire
Asmodel  (Taurus) Cosmic Love
Ambriel   (Gemini) Intellect
Murjel  (Cancer) Magnetic Fluid & Water
Verchiel  (Leo) Life Principle
Hamaliel  (Virgo) Chemicals
Zuriel  (Libra) Fertility
Carbiel  (Scorpio) Radiation
Aduachiel  (Sagittarius) Justice
Hanael  (Capricorn) Karma
Cambiel  (Aquarius) Alchemy
Johaniel  (Pisces) Evolution