Armed Botanicals: the Bramble

The Rose, because of its great beauty and due also to its being so fiercely armed, has been an obvious metaphor for womanhood since time immemorial. It is also an apt botanical representative for the Dragon; armed as she is with razor-sharp claws and crushing, piercing fangs; the sheath of scales rendering the flesh impenetrable, and did we mention the spikes along the tail and spine, like some monstrous thorns arranged along the stem of last years scruffy canes?

Of pertinent interest is the subject of the Dragon Mother in personality development and family or ancestral karma.

Alongside this would be placed quite a collection of thorny botanicals (the Quince, the Locust, etc.). Of present interest is the Bramble. 

Taking a selection from my book, The Magic Mirror, we examine the Ecological connections of the Bramble and thus by implication, the role of Dragons in protecting the Greater Ecology.

“One day the Trees set out to anoint a King to reign over them (Judges 9:8-15). They first nominated the Olive Tree, who refused, citing concerns over the olive industry. So the Trees nominated the Fig, who also declined due to food production concerns. Next the grapevine was nominated but of course the goodness of wine was cited for his declension. Finally, in unison, the Trees all came to the Bramble, who accepted the nomination to rule over all the Trees as their King.

The Bramble is indeed the best choice. As is so often the case with hand-cultivated systems (the Olive, the Fig, the Vineyard), the privileges afforded by artificial conditions do not result in environmentally sustainable ecosystems with respect to Emergence and Complex Systems.

Brambles provide cover for rabbits, mice birds and many other small things. The bird sits in the tangled mesh-work of the Bramble (or upon the fence-line) and protected from any danger, sings his heart out; and poops the seeds of every plant that he has eaten. Beneath the Bramble, the seeds take root and have a riot, growing up (also protected) into the impenetrable thicket, playing host to inestimable niches and ecosystems (each a further line of Generation) and their myriads of dependents.”

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