Elemental Earth (Prithivi Tattva)

Let us begin by saying that earth is the vase or receptacle, “the Golden bowl”. What gives ‘shape, measure, number, weight’? That is it, then. The matrix is where the permutations are fixed.

For example: “one equals ten; the laws of analogy”. The Magus employs the Hermetic correspondences: cause and effect materialises. Therefore, too, Karma; Destiny. These are vessels of Akashic Prithivi. So, too, ‘the Conscience’ and one’s memories. These are Prithivi of Chitta. The Astral Matrix, which glues the Soul to the body: Astral Prithivi. (This Prithivi corresponds in the left kidney).
What measures? What weighs? The balance concerns value. The traditional scales used for judging the worth against the value of the known are contrived to weigh the two extremes of duality by the exercise of equilibrium at the fulcrum of balance. A process known as discretion.
At the Akashic level of Prithivi, this involves degrees of value within the Principle of Justice: a measure of Honor (of Divine Laws): Lawfulness, as such; Harmony as such. Within the Mental Prithivi it involves the Comprehension of Lawful Harmony. Memory, Conscience, remembering: to what degree are we within Integrity? The Unification of Spiritual Attributes as a healthy “I” consciousness involves Integrity. Or to what degree are we pushing our Conscience aside, putting it outside of our “I” consciousness? With what, then, do we fill that void? Drinking? Diversions? Self medication? Obsessions/ compulsions? The Security and Equilibrium of our emotional state leads us toward the yearning for character enoblement, virtue, and “decency”. This is Astral Prithivi, which leads toward Contentment; weighs our Souls against the Feather of Maat. Can restore Breath to the “living deceased”. The Throat and the Hand of Mercy are the seat of these Harmonious Enoblements. Along with these comes the perfect mastery of Metaphysics, the Embodied Quadrature of the Circle and Absolute Success. The Aspiration toward the Light (Spiritual Evolution) is in the right nostril and in the left nostril is Freedom and Independence. (This Narayan Ananda is the Living Example of the Truth in Advanced Mankind, and can help guide one to Moksha or Freedom; True Freedom: of Will, of Thought, of Action).
In the right eye of the Magus is the fulcrum of balance which integrates and unifies the Polarities of plus and minus and therefore the Principle of Universal Life, remedies any disharmony in Nature, and dynamizes any material object with a charge. This is the Voice of the bilabial plosives, the unvoiced being the maternal instincts.
The Akashic Prithivi will be discussed further in the site ‘Akashic Pillars’.Mercy