Fellowship Hall is a place for metaphysical scholars, practitioners and curious people to come together. It is a space that encourages engagement and community building, as well as sharing ideas, supporting each other in their spiritual journeys and facilitating the practice of Qabalah. It provides both formal and informal spaces for discussion, sharing and support through monthly events such as study circles, workshops, lectures, classes and more.

Fellowship Hall is a place where people come to congregate and share their thoughts. They are given the opportunity to discuss and debate different points of view, and find out more about their own spirituality. The community has a strong sense of identity, but it’s also very open minded.

Fellowship Hall is a place for people to come and share their thoughts with others who are in the same boat as them. It creates a space for members to ask questions and explore different philosophies, or just see other people who have similar interests as themselves. The community has a sense of identity, but it’s also very open minded- which means there are no hard line rules that decide what is “allowed” or not allowed in discussion topics or beliefs. However, we do try to honor the dignity of every living being and respect one another’s ethics.

Fellowship Hall is the first of its kind, metaphysical community space, where people can find others to support them in their journey and share experiences. It was created with the goal of providing a community space for a very specific subset of people who identify with the metaphysical path. We hope that Fellowship Hall will be an encouragement for all those who are exploring and need a place to find like-minded people.