Archangel Metatron

Metatron is an Archangel of God, whose Divine Vibration corresponds to the Supernal Measure of All Things. Metatron is an extension of God, whose Name has been Revealed in the story of Moses and the Burning Bush as Eheieh (Eheieh Ascher Eheieh). It is synonymous with the Absolute One or ‘Existence’, as such: known to many as ‘I AM‘.

Metatron is said to possess a Book wherein he Records All Things. This is a metaphor for the Akasha (or Omniscience), often referred to as the Akashic Records. Science is discovering that the Universal Truth that drives the physical universe is Information (which cannot be destroyed, even in a Black Hole). All Truth, Meaning, Language, Formula, Communication, Semiotics, and Symbol fall under his jurisdiction.

Another of Metatron’s special features is Dimension (as in Trans-Dimensionality). ‘Meta’ means ‘over, or above’ and ‘Tron’ refers to ‘Measuring’, as does Dimension. So Metatron governs all the 10 Dimensions of String Theory (including our own).

This also includes the Harmonic Proportions relayed via Sacred Geometry, Kamea (Magic Squares) and thus Sigils, Gematrea and Notariqon, etc.