Akasha is Spirit: Universal Spirit. As such, it is complete in itself. This means two things; the first being that it is basic and homogenous, not needing components for its composure and simple (not compound), and the second that nothing from the outside may be added, as its completeness encompasses every other existence. As a feature of this Universal Compass, it is called All-present, meaning that it is everywhere and there is no place that it is not. As such its Omnipresence is Infinite and transcends Space.
This All-Encompassing feature extends across the vast expanse of Time, as well. As such, all events; past, present, and future exist simultaneously in the Akasha. This means that the Universal Spirit not only transcends Time but it is Eternal, also. So Spirit has neither beginning nor end and transcends the Space-Time continuum, being everywhere at once in the Absolute temporal singularity of the Eternal Now.
Being simultaneously everywhere at once and having been there for all eternity, the Spirit cannot help but know everything: everything that ever happened, everything that is happening now, and everything that ever will happen is constantly known to the Spirit, simultaneously at all times. This feature is called Omniscience (All-knowing).
As a matter of fact, everything that happens, happens because of the Akasha. Everything that was ever created came into being from the Akasha; also everything that ever will be created. The Akashic Plane is called the Causal Plane. Being the Causality of all existence gives the Universal Spirit Absolute Power over all Creation. This feature is known as Omnipotence.
There is One Key which opens the Door to All that Power and Omniscience and that Key is Love. Spirit is Life and the Reason for Living is ultimately found to be Love. Therefore, only by living in Harmony with the Spirit of Love can we open the Door of Life and dwell in the Light of the Living Spirit. To do otherwise is not to escape from the infinite expanse of the Spirit but to starve one’s Inner Light unto extinction.

In conclusion: Akasha is Omnipresent, Eternal and Timeless, Omniscient, Omnipotent and All-loving; it is what religions call ‘God’.