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The Alchemist, by all outward appearances, young and ambitious with a dark, mysterious past (that turns out to be longer than anyone imagined), yet factually quite old and ancient.┬áThe Alchemist has created an Elixir which will grant eternal life. The elixir is made of luminaries (sun and moon and stars) which when drunk allows one to hear the celestial choirs and see elves and pixies. He puts out word that he is looking for someone to drink it. He chooses the professor because he thought it might be amusing to watch him go through all his life’s work before his eyes failed completely.

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Plants and Planetary Correspondences

There are many ways to identify plants and their correspondences with the zodiac. One way to do this is by looking at the Doctrine of signatures which identifies plants with the same shape as an element or sign in the zodiac. The Doctrine of Signatures is the idea that God’s signature or seal can be seen in things such as plant leaves and flowers. A common example is the use of the shape or color of a plant to identify its medicinal qualities. This theory states that in nature, plants reveal the signatures of their healing power.

Plants are the most magical beings on the Earth, they are representations of us in every way.

One pre-modern meta-theory of these entities, in hindsight, seems to be those growing out of an intellectual perspective going back to Ancient Greece. In the 1850’s in France and Italy, new theories of etiology narrowed the heaven bounded regions to transfinite set theory

The Doctrine of Signatures is an ancient belief that certain plants have specific healing properties because they resemble or represent the organ or body part they can heal. This can also be seen as a form of sympathetic magic, where people assume that two things are related because one appears like the other. The Doctrine of Signatures is practised in many cultures and societies throughout history and has been extended to plants and flowers by many practitioners within the New Age Movement.

Another way is to look at constellations which gives a plant its associations with astrology, astronomy, and divination. Stellar emendation associates plants based on laws of planetary placement such as when Mercury enters Leo, it may be associated with agrimony for example. The Cosmos principle states that each planet corresponds to a plant within our environment and to the minerals in which it thrives.

Elixir of Youth

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The mortal woman, Rose, is an alchemist and her daughter was given the elixir which is made with the luminaries for Stellar Emendation. The woman’s daughter (her psycho-emotional offspring) was stolen away because she had been afflicted by adverse patterns of thought distillation which would have been unwise to precipitate.

However, Rose’s case is different: she has been infused with a luminous essence containing metallic spirits that correspond to minerals and amino acids. Her essence has correspondence to the plant kingdom via chlorophyll that rejuvenates human mitochondria, while also increasing Rose’s capacity for light absorption.

The alchemical elixir is best known as the elixir of life, but it can also be a healing potion. This ambrosia transforms the drinker simply by virtue of being consumed. It is an inextricable part of mysticism, with many claims made about its ability to prolong life or grant immortality.

The ancient Chinese alchemists were the first to use elixirs as an element of healing. The elixir is a brew of herbs and other ingredients that can be prepared by the internal or external application to the body. Alchemical elixirs are usually made from a mixture of herbs, roots, flowers, essential oils and other natural ingredients in order to promote health and beauty. Rejuvenation through elixir consumption has been used for centuries in China as a means for longevity and also for balancing the inner forces such as yin-yang, hot-cold or wet-dry status within oneself.

As time went on people became increasingly aware of how their diet was connected not only with their health but also with their appearance. The idea that can be consolidated from this is that our food contributes to our health and may be considered as a medicine.

Following the Ancient Taoist example into Europe, the Alchemical Elixir is a formulation of French and German alchemy. It is considered a cure-all or universal medicine that can heal any physical or mental illness. This drink was made using a distillation process that included from 6 to 12 Spagyric plants . These plants were boiled down in water, which then created the elixir.

A Life of Service

To Alleviate the Sufferings of Humanity


Truly, a life of worry entrains a frenetic horde of buzzing mitochondria, wearing down the shoelaces of the telomere replication process


Sometimes charred patterns of adverse life experiences leap hissing and snarling out of the crucible and rainbow warriors can be of tremendous assistance in re-establishing proper equilibirum

Astrolabe Services

A Supercausal Avatar, in an infinite number of virtual realities, is attempting to rescue parallel citizenry before her country and universe are exceeded by the consensus mindset. In search of intelligence out of nowhere, Narique, at 4000 years old, is a very emergent energy-being, who is about to discover Earth the way humans never envisioned it.

Qabalistic Alchemy

Spirit of Transformation

The Alchemical Elixir that glowed in the dark, imbued with luminaries (the Sun and Moon and the Stars) which when drunk allowed one to hear the celestial choirs and to see elves and pixies flying around. A luminous essence containing the Metallic Spirits with correspondence to the minerals and amino acids, influences the plant kingdom via the magnesium in chlorophyll rejuvenating human mitochondria. Alchemical photosynthetic enhancement enables the generation of Stellar and Planetary energies which influence galactic information downloads from the Constellations and Titanic Archetypal Neighbors. Luminous Essence, Quintessence, Spirits, Spirit of the Metals, Spirit of Alchemy, Alchemy, Spagyrics, Minerals, Amino Acids, Correspondence, Azoth, and even the Elixir, emerge from the sub-planckian Quantum Fields.

Parallel Universes with Virtual Selves who merge and influence transdimensional outcomes of their Supercausal Avatars via superluminal tachyonic societies of transgalactic emissaries maintain continuous dialogue with the Etheric Double. Thus formed the Stargate of syntropic retrocausality, Time Portals through the fabric of evermore, replete with complex adaptive citizenry, emergent space-time, fractals of granulated energy crystals, and network subroutines of quantum consciousness.