Welcome to the department of Esoteric Christianity. Qabalah has emerged in a triune fashion with the legacy discipline known as Kabbalah (this is the traditional Judaic form); the Hermetic Branch, being referred to as Qabalah; and the Secret Esoteric Christianity emerging as Cabala.

The Cabalistic secrets were developed from a confluence of Mystical Esoteric Christianity that was sequestered in the hidden message of Christian lineages (as they passed down through the years, many times fugitive or nomadic; and largely retained in the Eastern Orthodox mysteries and practices), a European Judaic tradition that was passed on to the sympathetic Reformationists who welcomed and protected the Ashkenazic diaspora as it fled into central and northern Europe; and the profoundly secretive and greatly occulted Alchemical teachings that found their way into the western philosophical traditions from the middle ages and beyond (themselves said to be rooted in the Hermetic foundations of Egypt and northern Africa).

This information is secretive, due to the harsh persecutions and legal or religious proscriptions which forced it underground and resulting in the major corpus having been all but lost. Even today, the more orthodox Christian practitioner is very likely to abreact and become vehemently opposed to the proliferation of these Sacred Mysteries and most Holy Wonders. You will therefore not find much about it anywhere and where you might find a smattering there are legitimate concerns with regards to shallow superficialities and authenticity.

We humbly present you with this heretofore unheard-of opportunity to decide for yourself in the Truth of the Matter.