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Solar Night

Solar Night from: The Magic Mirror of Metaphysical Qabalah Solar Night  Legend has it that as the Old Sun condensed into a fiery Atmosphere, it produced two Complementary Things: Light and Smoke. The Light was Emitted without further hindrance but the Smoke was too heavy to support combustion, so it had to be ejected. As […]

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2021-10-18 MQ Classroom (Spherical Libra: 3rd Decan)

MQ Classroom Spherical Libra (3rd Decan) This week we are taking a closer look at The Etheric, especially with regards to Stellar Forces and the Soul Journey. As far as Constellations are concerned, we will be going deeper into the study of Libra and the major Stars residing there. Check out our MQ Classroom

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The Etheric

The Etheric The Etheric exists between the Physical and the Soul realms. Life is the province of the Etheric and the phenomenon of Life is the kingdoms of plant, (life), animal (soul), and man (spirit). (We are believing that mineral is alive also). Form, substance, and life constitute the Etheric in living organisms (everything). The sensory organs

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In “Flight From Freedom”, Erich Fromm talks about modern liberated society’s aberrating back into a need for autocratic leadership. This aberration results in sheep-like observance to an authoritarian voice. Fascism runs rampant and compliance and obeisance take over. Consensus Reality becomes Mimetic Doxasta. This is the story of a Living Collective Subconscious actively writing and

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2021-10-11 MQ Classroom (Libra: 2nd Decan)

MQ Classroom Spherical Libra The Hermetic Qabalah of the Western Tradition has always been an ample storehouse of all our preceding religious pan-expressions. Religion (as contrasted with Spirituality) is the Expression of Psycho-Spiritual Archetype vis-a-vis the verbal technology of its contextual civilization/culture at the peak of its own classical period. For example, many authors have

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