Introduction to the Etheric

Introduction to The Etheric

Where is the Etheric Body and What Does It Do?

Because it is the Living Organic Blueprint that keeps our flesh and bones alive, our Etheric Body penetrates our Physical Body, closely resembling our material structure. It sings our unique and magnificent Soul melodies into Being through Pranic Respiration and Stellar Resonance.

How the Etheric Works

The Etheric consists of four levels each based on the classical Tattvas: Warmth Ether (based on Fire), Light Ether (based on Air), Tone or Chemical Ether (Based on Water) and Life Ether (based on Earth).

The Tattva and its corresponding Ether are accompanied by a physical force, creating a sort of sandwich effect with an:

  1. Expansive Cosmic Force (the associated Ether),
  2. an Element (the medium or Matrix), and
  3. a contractive physical force.

We can visualize these two complementary forces of contraction (the physical) and expansion (the Etheric) working together in all things. Contracting forces are connected to the center point, (or gravity) and known as centrific forces, while the complement is known as the universal, or Etheric force. These forces manifest in space and are known as space and anti-space. Being invisible forces, they both need something to take hold of, and that something is an intermediary, or matrix. The 4 elements serve as this medium for both forces.

Why is the Etheric called the Foundation?

The Etheric Matrix, holds the framework in which the particles of dense matter are enmeshed. It is truly the Powerhouse and Machinery of the physical world. From this Foundation, it proves the soundness of the Emanations of all other Domains

Is the Ether Organic?

The Etheric has an Energy of Organic Integration, which co-ordinates the physical molecules, and so forth, into an organism. It has a Vitality of its own and living things, animals, plants, and minerals are its products. The Etheric has the power to feel; it is a Protoplasm, and responds to stimuli. The formation of a nervous system is caused by an admixture of Astral with Etheric force.

What is this about a Repository of Images?

The Etheric Web, or Network, holds the Image of everything that exists in the physical world. Therefore, the Etheric Foundation is called the ‘Treasure House of Images’, being a Vision of the Machinery of the Universe. Consequently it has the power to alter the Images or change the physical body. Understanding this important underlying physical component is central to understanding of the mechanisms which work the body, so that it may be cured in sickness, maintained in health, rejuvenated when old.

Etheric and the Moon

Knowledge of the Etheric encompasses all the vast body of teachings about the Moon and Moon Magic, which has a great influence on the growth of plants.

What is the Effect of 5G on The Etheric Plane?

Because of the increase in radio waves, radioactivity and radioactive fallout in the modern world, the result is having the effect of rendering the Etheric levels less dense. For this reason, it is becoming easier for Spirit to interpenetrate into the dense physical sheaths.