The Etheric

The Etheric exists between the Physical and the Soul realms. Life is the province of the Etheric and the phenomenon of Life is the kingdoms of plant, (life), animal (soul), and man (spirit). (We are believing that mineral is alive also). Form, substance, and life constitute the Etheric in living organisms (everything). The sensory organs of the soul can directly perceive the Etheric.

From the Akasha, comes the first Element: Fire (which appears at the beginning of Cosmic Evolution). The early world of Fire was an entire world consisting of various graduations of Warmth. The Electric Fire is an Entity already itself. Each of the Elements appears and is developed in the course of Cosmic  evolution:

  1. Fire (Old Saturn);
  2. Air (Old Sun);
  3. Water (Old Moon); and
  4. Earth (Earth).

These stages are progressively additive so that all four Elements occur on Earth. The Element occurs as a middle medium or Matrix in which the Ether is able to work.

There are subsequently 4 Ethers:

  1. Warmth Ether (Fire);
  2. Light Ether (Air);
  3. Tone or Chemical Ether (Water); and
  4. Life Ether (Earth).

The Element and it’s corresponding Ether are accompanied by a lower, physical force, creating a sort of sandwich effect with an

  1. Expansive Cosmic Force (the associated Ether),
  2. an Element (the medium or Matrix), and
  3. a contractive physical force.

We find this mirrored in the Chromatic Sphere model with the two Absolutes encompassing a middle ground of dynamic interplay of (Complemental) Colors. 

Space was not fully developed right from the start. Space came into being on the Old Sun and developed into two-dimensional space  during the old moon period. Space did not become 3 dimensionally developed until the earth period. Line-space and plane space came complementarily into existence in the old sun period. Light creates thee conditions for space to come into being. Relativistically, the speed of light is the medium which accompanies the physical substance (slower than light phenomena), the photonic media (light speed) and the Supercausal  (and antimatter particles: tachyon, graviton, etc.). On the one-dimensionally linear world, existence is one-dimensionally positive in the Air Element and one-dimensionally negative in the Light Ether. This means that anti-matter photons exists in the Light Ether. In the two-dimensionally planar world, water is two-dimensionally positive and the Tonal Ether is two Dimensionally negative (meaning the graviton and chemical antimatter) In the 3-dimensional Earth world matter is 3 dimensionally positive and 3rd– dimensionally negative in the Life Ether.

As a living organism, our entire body is permeated with the force of levity (the expansive force). We experience this in the freshness of the morning. When we are tired we experience the drag of heaviness. Our bodily fluids are pulled upwards by it unless we begin to lose our life force and gravity pulls the water down around our ankles. We can visualize these two complementary forces of contraction (the physical) and expansion (the Etheric) working together in all things. Contracting forces are connected to the center point (gravity) and known as centrific forces while the complement is known as the universal force, or etheric force. These forces manifest in space and are known as space and anti-space (geigenraum). Being invisible forces, they both need something to take hold of and that something is an intermediary, or matrix. The 4 elements serve as this medium for both forces.