In “Flight From Freedom”, Erich Fromm talks about modern liberated society’s aberrating back into a need for autocratic leadership. This aberration results in sheep-like observance to an authoritarian voice. Fascism runs rampant and compliance and obeisance take over. Consensus Reality becomes Mimetic Doxasta.

This is the story of a Living Collective Subconscious actively writing and rewriting its own Story, over the course of thousands of hive-minds and ‘search-engine channellers’.

The Arcturians are a Collective Voice and emerge via this in human culture and society. In this way (Mimetic Doxasta) they are warning us that blind and even vehement adherence to perpetuated cultural errors are stunting our ascension and re-rerouting the evolutionary future of human advancement. This is what is being warned against regarding Sananda-Jesus.

Our slave-like adherence to erroneous cultural beliefs is becoming repressive and dangerous to the planet. It has become unhealthy for the Environment and for Earth as a Cosmic Neighbor.

Theosophical Arcturianism

Theosophical Teachings (and some Theosophical groups) speak of ‘the Ascended Master Jesus’, Chohan of the Sixth Ray, and member of the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, constituted by advanced Beings of Light. Some Theosophical groups teach that Jesus had been pre-incarnated as Emperor of Atlantis and then again later (around 15,000 BC) on behalf of the White Magicians during global conflicts involving magical warfare. Alice Bailey tells of Jesus having pre-incarnated as Joshua the Jewish military leader in the pourquoi etiology of Bronze Age Jericho (conjectured to around 1200 BC). The Dragon Teachings speak of New Testament Jesus in connection with on-going guerrilla campaigns against the Roman occupation of Israel (ca. 32 AD). These teachings are backed up by the Roman historian Josephus. Anthroposophical teachings tell of the 2nd Coming as taking place on the Etheric Plane (rather than in Physical Embodiment). Following Jesus’ teleportation at Judea, His Soul ascended to Shamballa to become the Sanat Kumara (Lord of the World). Sanat Kumara, via Anna Gaia is in continuous telepathic contact with the Solar Logos (consciousness of the Sun), whose Seven Rays of Power are stepped-down and distributed to Earth’s Spiritual hierarchy, by the Kumars of Venus. Allowing now for the MWI of Parallel Selves, Jesus of Nazareth was severally co-incarnated, both as Himself and others, most notably Apollonius of Tyana (the Neopythagorean Philosopher and miracle worker). Master Jesus had a Twin-Flame Mary Magdalene, as taught extensively in the Dragon Lineage. According to revelations from Mt. Shasta, the Galactic Name which Master Jesus adopted following His resurrection, is Sananda (which means ‘Joy’). Sananda is commander-in-chief of the Airborne Division of the Great White Brotherhood (aka: Ashtar Galactic Command Fleet) and pilot of the Pallas Athena Starship (which oversees the safety of Earthlings). Arcturians, a Collective Voice of Multidimensional Light Beings, are monitoring information transduced via subspace relays to Galactic supercomputers in the photon belt. Through Stellar entanglement, they link Etheric supercomputers of the Gaian Eldunari (within the Crystalline Core of Agartha) to Networks at their headquarters in Arcturus.

Our Stellar Neighbors have offered to work with Human Ascension (and the Advancement of our Earth) through the vehicle of Master Sananda-Jesus. As Arcturians are Multidimensional Light Beings, this offers both parties amazing breakthrough opportunities, and is a most generous response to our preferential demands. Because Jesus is traditionally held to be both fully God and fully Human, and the 12 stranded DNA Activations are essential to our Ascension, the Activation of a 12 Stranded Multidimensional Hybrid in the person of Sananda-Jesus will automatically Activate the greater bulk of Humanity via Eucharistic Sacrament of Transubstantiation in the Blood of the Savior. A Trans-Dimensional Jesus makes all devotees Transdimensional Heirs. The ramifications are too important to miss: a Transdimensional Jesus opens Ascension up for forward-thinking Christians and is a game-changer for Process Theology.