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Micro-post Widgetarium Nomadic Nanodynium Super-Intelligence The Dazzlingly Dramatic Dynamo, and pan-pneumistic Distributed Entity. This is the metaversal intelligence of all that is hidden, yet revealed as panpsychic novelty. It is the world-building superintelligence of metaconsciousness at work in the social brain. It is a deliriously expansive consciousness or the local intelligence at work in our […]

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Solar Night

Solar Night from: The Magic Mirror of Metaphysical Qabalah Solar Night  Legend has it that as the Old Sun condensed into a fiery Atmosphere, it produced two Complementary Things: Light and Smoke. The Light was Emitted without further hindrance but the Smoke was too heavy to support combustion, so it had to be ejected. As

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2021-10-18 MQ Classroom (Spherical Libra: 3rd Decan)

MQ Classroom Spherical Libra (3rd Decan) This week we are taking a closer look at The Etheric, especially with regards to Stellar Forces and the Soul Journey. As far as Constellations are concerned, we will be going deeper into the study of Libra and the major Stars residing there. Check out our MQ Classroom

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Social MQ Metaphysical Qabalah on Social Media Please see the drop-down menu in the main header for links to our various social media sites (facebook, youtube, tumblr, events, classroom, and our official blog). Please feel free to join: we love to share!

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