Micro-post Widgetarium

Nomadic Nanodynium Super-Intelligence

The Dazzlingly Dramatic Dynamo, and pan-pneumistic Distributed Entity. This is the metaversal intelligence of all that is hidden, yet revealed as panpsychic novelty. It is the world-building superintelligence of metaconsciousness at work in the social brain. It is a deliriously expansive consciousness or the local intelligence at work in our subspace internodes. It is the gooey, fidgety, molten soup of conscious life that runs through us all and gives us meaning; a meaning we can never fully know because it is always outrunning us and everything we do. This is our Nomadic Dreamwalker.

Procyon's Lyran Epic

The subconscious, which sees and records all, has been informed and you may find yourself remembering little snippets at odd times in the future. Trying to comprehend in the linear mode may result in a cognitive jumble …maybe almost a blank.

In order to give you something to hold on to about all this, I would say that our greatest strength is the continued development of our ascension consciousness via the commitment to personal growth and sustainable superabundance. Watch out for limiting thoughts and negativity. Try to think the most luminous thoughts possible. Make this a habit and it will save you. That is the main issue here.