The Arcturians

Arcturus is over 7 billion years old and one of the most advanced civilizations in the Galaxy. The name can sometimes refer to a congregation, meaning that the Arcturian Ecclesia is a Multidimensional Collective of Advanced Light Beings. The Arcturian Ecclesia exists in the 5th Dimension, a Spiritual Unity of Oneness, Love and Togetherness. The Arcturian Collective is a Spiritual Role Model for Human Advancement as we continue our Soul Journey into the Shamballa of Agarthaic Integration. Arcturians project an optimism and joy regarding Ascension and connecting to them affords us access to the Higher Spheres of vibration that are available today on Earth.

Intuitive Inner Guidance is the basis of Arcturian Telepathic Wisdom. It is a Portal of Higher Consciousness for Earthlings on our way to Evolutionary Advancement. The Arcturian Collective speaks with a Unified Voice as Advanced Beings of Multidimensional Light.

Arcturus moves at a high rate of speed and is able to cut through impediments on the way to rapid spiritual progress for Pioneers of The Future with unique destinies who seek more profound activation of their own Soul Journey. Arcturus is the Patron Saint of Stellar Activation portals, affording genuine progress to those who are not holding back and wish to proceed in the Now, with unrestricted Success. Radically Accelerated Freedom of Will, Thought, and Action (easily and without complication) are hallmarks of Stellar Emendation and Arcturus is one of about 50 Stellar Grand Elders.

In this respect, the Triumphal Chariot of Antimony bears some consideration: if we concentrate the poisons, our Alchemical work with Stibnite will become quite toxic. This has profound bearing on the mythopoeic lesson found in the Icarian narrative concerning intoxication from the high-potency wine which Dionysus gave to Erigone’s father. Believing they were poisoned, the shepherds killed Icarius and Erigone hung herself in grief.

The Antimony sulfate will adjust to the finer wavelengths and activate our neurogenesis until we have established the epigenetic response-patterns in our body-mind, generating the necessary neurotransmitters for successful Ascension. Our Etheric Tone will then emit the higher sonorities.