Practicing Qabalah

Solar Night

Solar Night from: The Magic Mirror of Metaphysical Qabalah Solar Night  Legend has it that as the Old Sun condensed into a fiery Atmosphere, it produced two Complementary Things: Light and Smoke. The Light was Emitted without further hindrance but the Smoke was too heavy to support combustion, so it had to be ejected. As […]

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What is Qabalah?

What is Qabalah? Most people think of Esoteric Judaism when they define Kabbalah: that is Kabbalah with a ‘K’ (and two ‘B’s). Qabalah (with a ‘Q’) is not at all the same thing as Legacy Kabbalah, though somewhat more in agreement with Kabbalah than Kabbalah is with Qabalism. Qabalah with a ‘Q’ is also known

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Welcome Metaphysical Qabalah Official Site of MQ Angel at the Gate The Angel of MQ sits by the Tree of Life ready to guide you on a New Journey through the Gate, well within the Portal of Knowledge. Get an inside tour of the esoteric principles upon which all Western Spirituality rests its Foundation.

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