Spherical Scorpio

We know that in September, the “Changer” is in full operation; Autumn arrives, the weather changes; in October the leaves change color -everything is in transition. When November comes we have a different type of change: the leaves turn brown, fall off and the cold winds begin to blow; the “Plowman” has arrived.

Scorpio is November

November is when the Dense Ether undergoes its transitions. So we are looking at [Ae] loam-brown. We are also looking at dry shells and damp, cold earth; though there are periods of warm dry days. The iconic misty, cold, drizzly Nor’easter comes to mind. Of course there are also crisp windy and clear days that freeze the ears. The transition begins towards the warm hearth and staying indoors.

Whereas September was Gold and October Orange,

November is Red, burnished and Brown.

December is Black; Black like damp Earth.

January is Dry and Cold; Frozen.

February is Purplish Red and Reddish Purple with a long warm spell.

But for now, the end of October and the bulk of November is Scorpio.

Because the ancient ancestors see in the Cycle of Seasons the Grand Metaphor of Creation and Pralaya: Birth and Death, Regeneration, and Rebirth; the Astro-Logical Wheel is endowed with attributes relating to this same Living Circle. The fresh Green sprigs of Springtime are represented in the Grazing animals while the crunchy brown blanket of dried foliage in late Autumn is represented by the ‘sting’ of death.


   Bio-dynamically, Steiner teaches that undesirables (weeds, snakes, etc.) are to be killed in the sign of Scorpio and incinerated; their ashes to be distributed and all future weeds will be pre-emergently killed off.

   The Sign comes at the end of October-early November, when the Killing Frosts arrive and kill off all the leafy green vegetation. It dies and falls to the ground, becoming compost. It blankets the Earth.

  The leafy green vegetation grew rank in the warm moisture of Spring (Taurus); some taking on the vices of Taurus. (Moon is also moist on the lower half, the upper half relating to Air).

   The ancient ancestors saw in this wild stampede of vegetation the Astro-Emotional equivalent of centaurs: human tops with animals underneath. However, that all this fullness could suddenly wither and die gave rise to one of the most poignant mythopoeic expressions of the sting of death in the case of Chiron, Pholus, and the Centauromachy.

The centaurs were prone to unruly behavior (rude=rudimentary); they would throw rocks on people, thrash people, stomp them to death; generally, act like a horses ass. They were killed in a desperate battle via flaming arrows through the heart.

   This relates to anger rays (zingers) and hateful radiations as a result of asinine behavior and brutish assaults and generally running amok. (Radiations are featured in the Jovian Sphere of Magic Beings) Quite frankly this is a type of ‘precipitating karma’.

   Chiron is obviously different. He is Wise and cultured and perhaps represents a Theseus Archetype (see Gemini Lesson). Fathered by Cronus an Arch-Divinity relating to Time and displaying the evolution from a horse to a human he apparently represents Evolution via Spiritual advancement from the animal to civilized mankind. He brings up boys: e.g. he changes them from ignorant little savages into well-educated gentlemen and productive citizen adults.. Chiron had human front feet and legs (best foot forward). The poison arrow hit him in the foot. The healing that could not be affected was to be reverted back (poisoned) into his animal nature (hoof) once he had evolved into a human.

   The poison arrow was dipped in the blood of Hydra. [“the subtle desires of the lower Astral Body” (Hydra’s Blood) ] This means the ‘Spirit’ of Hydra. Scorpio is a Water sign.  This poison of Hydra Spirit relates to the vices of Scorpion Water. Hydra’s blood (from Perseus; Aries Lesson) dropped upon the ground (Earth Tattva) and Horses sprang up (Pegasus). So apparently Hydra’s Blood on Chiron’s foot would have been changing his feet back into hooves. This he could not bear, so he gave his immortality to Prometheus and ‘died’. This means the Spirit would not abide regression and exited his body; leaving it for another who demonstrated noble intentions ( of helping struggling mankind with their ‘fire’).

   Now here’s the thing; the only two Noble Centaurs in the whole world were both killed on the same day. Chiron being accidentally grazed by the poison dart and Pholus by accidentally cutting himself with the sharp point as he marveled that something so small could be so deadly. The Lesson here is that Poison is not the way to go about eliminating things unless one has immunity. Beyond that, even; innocent and good persons are susceptible to inadvertent peril. Experience has shown that ‘firing upon the enemy’ causes great collateral fatality to the sheep and the Shepherds, not just the wolves. Spraying for bugs kills the lady-birds, too while it builds up in the food chain, eventually wreaking wide-spread havoc. This is the lesson of the ‘Wheat and the Tares’ as well.

   The poison of Hydra Blood is acting as a Universal Solvent to destroy the form, internally from its Roots. Desiccation in October-November is generally accomplished via Air and Orange (Sun Rays); via-a-vis ‘flaming arrows’ (see Champion Boxer Apollo; Gemini Lesson), prior to Frost. Frost on moist green leaves blackens them (Black Frost). The Moisture is drawn back towards the Ground (remember that in the Spring, it was drawn upwards [see Gnomes; Taurus Lesson]), where it will help to decompose the fallen leaves (cf. fallen angels), acting in concert with fungus (non-green vegetation), which blanket the earth. This is the Chemistry of Moisture at work in the ‘roots'[ibid] (in complementary mode to the Spring-time of the ‘shoots’). The ‘tares’ were up-rooted and bundled together and thrown into the Fiery Furnace and incinerated at the Harvest.

   Contemporary Modern Astrologers of the popular sort were not sufficiently interested in the Traditional attributes of Scorpio (Mars, Jupiter, and Moon), but found their imaginations ‘running wild’ with speculations regarding pluto and the asteroid ‘Chiron’.

   The message of ‘Chiron’ (the asteroid) is not so much the ‘wounded healer’ as it is to say that Spirit will not abide in a body that is regressive (poison) for long but will quit that embodiment for another life that is Spiritually Progressive (the Scriptural metaphor of ‘vipers’ comes to mind). This is the Key (Key of Chiron) 0-K. The symbol for Earth as Kingdom is +0.  The mythopoeic Chiron (asteroid) is a modern projection.

   The Plutonic Scorpio Archetype is a contemporary fantasy projection, too. It is basically a video-game avatar, though this has immense didactic possibilities in the elaboration of the modern consciousness. Plutonic Horses adequately describes the barbaric type of centaur.

   In AAB, Vulcan occludes the Sun (etc.). Vulcan of the Forges is represented well by a Fiery Pluteus. Plutonic in Geology is Fiery Lava. Therefore there is some metaphorical connection to Vulcan.

If you’d like to see the projected form of these concepts: (click here)

   As interesting as this may be in its own right (as a window of perception into the emerging modernist psyche), in itself it is not reason to abandon the Harmonic Triplicities (Jyotishi), for they offer a very satisfying lesson in Spiritual Manifestation (as the Spirit Triangle of the Hexagram, or Mogen David).


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[Pro + Metheo (‘thought’)]

Fire in a Stump

We know that Prometheus stole Fire from Heaven in a Fennel stump. At its simplest, this refers to a Gift from Zeus (God of the Sky, who wields lightning) to warm the cold and shivering humanity; that is, that lightning struck a tree somewhere and humans were able to make use of the embers.

This in itself has long been symbolic of the care with which humans have warmly nurtured the spark of Divinity, cherishing and protecting it and passing it from family to family, tribe to tribe, and from generation to generation; huddling together in its warmth when times were harsh and keeping it in the Central Hearth of their domestic life.

   When the warm-blooded animals seek shelter from the cold of winter they retreat into the hollow space of a log where they are insulated from the weather (by material means) but are reliant upon their inner fire (animus) to provide heat. To conserve energy they will slip into a state of ‘suspended animation’ where they will sleep away the months barely more than a ball of fur. For the cold-blooded, shelter will be found in a rotting log which produces heat internally through spontaneous decomposition. In this way the heat is carried in the ‘central hearth’ of matter in transition. We recognize by this that while Matter ( Greek: ‘wood’ ) may be dark (impervious to Light), it carries its Light internally (in the form of Heat). The Great Mother (Mater) holds the Warmth of Divine Love in Her Heart, nurturing it in her Central Hearth for the Comfort of her entire Family.

   That Matter decomposes spontaneously from its interior is very important to the study of Scorpio (and may come as a shock to some). One generally assumes that decomposition arrives in the form of external erosions but we are learning in this that corruptions are, by nature, internal. If the 2nd law of thermodynamics is correct and ‘the universe tends toward entropy’ then it is by Design.


Forethought enables humans to survive and create culture (techne) as contrasted with animal impulsivity.

   Forethought also enables humans to worry which causes nerve toxins (enervation). Because it is the Liver which processes the toxins, enervation eats the Liver away, day by day. Worry is the enemy of Zeus who represents the Word, and all blessings of Benevolence.

   The Eagle is symbolic of Zeus (cf. also Alchemical Eagle, a volatile Spirit which flies up or ascends)and so while Prometheus is chained to the rock (Alchemical fixation) of worry, it destroys his liver (which regenerates every night: how many lifetimes are regenerated before we are unbound from our fear and worry). At night our dreams allow our regeneration due to the fluidity of thoughts in solution, rather than in fixation.

Tricking Zeus

The stories of Prometheus trying to trick Zeus and keep the good stuff for himself is symbolic of man’s selfishness and his secret urge to try and lie to God and Cheat God ( it is also present in metaphysical ‘denial’) and to some degree superstitions (deisidaimonia), keeping stuff for his own selfish uses.

In this vein, we have the stories of Onan (the Levirate Union; Gen 38: 9-10) and of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 4:32-35,5:1-11) as examples.

Metaphysically, Life

Metaphysically, the Way to Life is not in being dishonest with our subconscious and refusing to admit anything ‘bad’ but in being honest and accepting what is scary or dangerous as it is. The more we deny things, the more constricted our perspective becomes. The ‘solution’ to this is the relaxation of our mental matrix and the expansion of our Spiritual Antahkarana. (The Elementorus Qabilisticus of the Mental Matrix is Water.)


The Liver processes toxins and Chiron (who had been wounded in the foot by the arrow dipped in Hydra’s Blood poison) gave Prometheus his immortality (so that his Liver could heal ([N] liver, red; mental matrix; Antahkarana). Chiron also taught the great Healer, Asclepius the Art of Healing when he was a boy.

   If Chiron is the Theseus of 3rd to 4th Kingdom, the continued development of the human Antahkarana was an important consideration, esp. the development of its higher mental faculties over its lower emotional faculties (which see. Azoth [N])

[also cf. serpent (water snake), fish, Negustan; [N] dark red; [S] samech; purple-red]

3 Circles of Heaven

The Pythagoreans were mystics, noted for their development of Sacred Geometry and Number. One of them, Okellos wrote about the diakosmesis, the Eternal Order of the Cosmos; construed into 3 Realms: the Heavenly Gods at one extreme and Earthly Man at the other. Between the two were the Daemones, an Aerial intermediary.

   We have spoken of this olden word and its meaning as in-betweeners; sometimes elucidated as diamones. In our explorations of the origins of consciousness we noted that when the telepathic Ka-voices ceased to emit from the ziggurats, the obedient populace began to experience intermediaries and that in Mesopotamian times these intermediaries became imagined as menacing demons, along with the accompanying corruption of character and civilization, eventually resulting in the downfall of Early Civilization. This belief in evil intermediaries continued even down into the Manichean times and was reflected in certain writings of the Gnostic Corpus. The Greeks inherited these middle-eastern ideas but without the stigma of evil and incorporated them into their folklore and pantheon.

   Though the stigma was not present towards the Daemones, it was placed upon mankind as the inferior polarity of a dualistic Order, often antithetically harsh.

   This tertiary schema was retained in many medieval writings, resulting in a classicalized cosmology of the branch of Christian Mysticism which includes Swedenborgian Angelology, et al. In Swedenborg’s Angelology, God is at the center in all His Glory, surrounded by the Purest Light. Nearest to Him are the Angels of the Light who minister to Divinity constantly. These Pure Beings think of nothing other than the Purest Divine thoughts and are attracted by the Holiest Purity of the Divine Light of God. Next to them are the Angels of the intermediate order, who minister to both the Inner Sanctum and the outer ring. Composing the outer ring are Beings who have achieved Spiritual attainment of some degree, but whose affections still linger upon those things of an Earthly, some-what selfish, and materialistic nature. They are still drawn towards the outside. Attentive students will recognize similarities to the 3 Gunas. Additionally, and true to form for most medieval dualism, there are symmetrical correspondences of a 3-tiered hell.

   What we are witnessing via a slow march through history is the development of consciousness that may reflect the relevant hemispheres of the developing human brain, protests to the contrary duly noted. One thing that is apparent in an Archetypal way is the descent from Purity into bondage and a resurrected salvation, or Redemption; hypothetically, at least. This Archetype will play an important role in the course of our study of Scorpio.


One of the Great Benevolences is Water. We can wash the dirt off of us. Now to do so involves a great Sacrifice. Water takes on the vibrations of whatever touches it. In Alchemy, this is known as ‘Determination’: the vibrations of the Water are Determined by the forces acting on it. (This relates, then, to the Emotions. In the Astral World it is called Conditioning: the Astral Fluids are Conditioned by the Forces Acting on them.) So the Great Sacrifice is that by cleansing us, the Water becomes dirty. Determination is to Water what Entanglement is to Solids.

  However, it is a well-known attribute that ‘Water seeks its own level’. Another way of looking at this is ‘water runs down-hill’. This results in dirty water draining off into the ground. When the dirty water contacts the soil, it moistens the soil and whatever vermin are living there immediately take up the task of working the dirt; breaking things down and scouring out the shells of their living nutrients. This is the price to be paid for being dirt: food for the Plowmen. In this way the soil is built up and becomes rich in nutrients for the Roots of the Vegetable Kingdom.

   As the dirty water begins to desiccate, it leaves behind it gums and tars. Really stubborn dirt that will not Repent is subject to the various torments: cracking open via Freezing; Piercing by the Sun-light and Cosmic Rays; and piling up and being compressed into Metamorphic Strata, torturously folded by Mafic Pressure and finally Cremated by Plutonic Intrusion. The Noble Qualities will with-stand such tests and Congregate in the wealthy deposits of Gold and Precious Metals, while the Translucent Characters will become Jewels. Gems and Precious minerals will be Recovered by the Miners and put back into Circulation. Those too filthy and stubborn to at long last Repent will become Petrified and either be Pulverized in the Crusher, or smelted in the Refractory.

   But we are talking about the Water, here; so some of the water filters downward and becomes purified through filtration (and temperature-gradient osmosis), joining the vast underground Oceans of Purified Water, which well-up as springs and we drink it. The water that we drink undergoes the same processes in our bodies. Other Water Evaporates off and becomes Purified through Distillation. As it Condenses and Precipitates, it will again become Determined and undergo the Sacrificial process once again.

   This has long been the Chief Metaphor for the Cosmic Christ and employed as an allegory about the Holy Spirit, often being known as the Waters of Life. The Fish’ then, is One Who Lives within the Holy Spirit of God.

Death and Redemption

While we’re on the subject of Death and Redemption, I would like to share something that may be a little shocking. Remember that in the Theosophical account of the Passage of the Ages, Creation began in the Age of Old Saturn when the warmth-berries projected their creations out of their interior and could not bear to dispose of what they had brought to Life; this portion of themselves. So that in this way Pralaya did not proceed and thus Karma was born. Karma which proceeds to this very day and, continuing on into the Age of the Old Sun, began producing separations upon separations (or divisions) until the world as we know it has resulted. Remember also that each thought that we think creates a thought-being, each emotion that we experience creates an emotional-being, and that various combinations of thoughts, emotions and actions create Concentrated Beings. This having been noted, I would like to proceed with a selection from Bardon’s Hermetic Magic:

“Exactly as the hours of birth and death of man are already predestined by fate, decide on the duration of life of your elementary in the same way at the very act of creation; fix the exact dying hour which you have to keep to the very minute, even if you have determined your elementary to live for years. If your elementaries have been condensed to such a degree as to be able to talk like human beings, they will try to beseech or even threaten you not to destroy them. On no account descend to promises of any kind, nor yield to bluffs or threats. Sooner or later you would lose the control of the elementaries and that would be disastrous for you, indeed. Even if the elementaries had served you faithfully and you had become quite fond of them, it must be all the same to you to destroy them, indifferently and in cold blood, as soon as their hour of death has struck. Start the act of decomposition without any pity just as if you were performing any kind of magic operation. … fix the exact hour of death of an elementary, … in case anything should happen to you and you die before the elementary’s time has come, this latter would dissolve itself at the moment fixed by you. Though departed, however, you might perform your destroying work in the Akasha sphere too, if you were yet interested in it. If in such a case the lifetime of an…elementary were not limited … the elementary would go on existing for hundreds of years after the producer’s death and constantly be viable. In the meantime it would probably grow into a spook, a hobgoblin or vampire, and in Akasha its creator the magician would be responsible for all the actions produced by the elementary.”

The conscientious student will already recognize that we are all haunted by the spooks, hob-goblins and vampires of our own creating. Those in the Healing professions will also recognize that traumatized persons have vividly condensed inhabitants who often plead with the Healer to relieve them of the haunting memory. We fear that upon passage into death, such entangled trauma will surely lead us to the inner circles of a hellish afterlife. So we wish to rid ourselves of it NOW; then the question always becomes: but how? Bardon continues (with his Instructions on how to dispatch our Artificially Self-Created Golems):

“In the case of a Golem, the process of decomposition is exactly the same as in the passing away of Man”. Bardon Continues…[specifics on how to produce a ‘death-ray’]… [Next, Bardon continues with a description of the decay and decomposition of the Mental Body, the Astral Body, the Etheric Body holding the elements together in Organic Coherence]…. “This would be the normal way of decomposition.”  …[Bardon continues with a second method which reincorporates the Vital Force expended by the Creator Magician when first bringing the golem to Life] 

And now I will point out another instance of this prepared for you from Genesis 3:22, etc.

“Then [Elohim] said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”—therefore the Lord God drove him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.” Genesis 3:22-24

We have already remarked upon the curious phrase “guard the way to the Tree of Life” in previous lessons; and it has not escaped the notice of alert readers that Elohim sent the man out of the Garden “to till the ground from which he was taken”, for such is the method of the Plowman. Of chief interest here is that Elohim (pl.) is referenced as recognizing the agony of living forever in shame and suffering. Elohim is the Holy God Name of Binah, whose Planet is Saturn; Karma.

After reminding you that the Tarot card for Scorpio is Trump 13, Death; I will also mention that a well-known Astrological maxim is ‘Saturn destroys His own Children’. Taking the above paragraphs into consideration it will be obvious that we are responsible for all the Psychic Entities which we have created during the course of our Psycho-Emotional Experience in order to disentangle ourselves from Karma and achieve Moksha and Pralaya. Or else be held accountable to it forever. You will either have to create 100% perfect Children or chase them all down and Rectify your Karma. That is why we lay so much stress on wholesome living and right-thinking.

It has been noted by the Higher Council that contemporary citizens have a weak stomach for killing things, why heck- they can’t even seem to dispose of their over-cluttered possessions. Besides this, (and once they find out about it) there is the often-heard excuse ‘well, the Saturn-berries didn’t do it, so why should I have to?’

Taking note of modern whimpering, God in His Great Compassion and Ultimate Wisdom has seen to it that we are afforded amelioration from such grisly acts of violence via Redemption through Our Savior, by His Love and Grace. That is the True Message of Scorpio, here in the waning months of Autumn as the Sun sinks lower on the horizon and the days grow shorter; as the long shadows of Winter began to stretch-out before us. Reminding us of the Grand Cycle of Life and Death…and Redemption, through Love and Grace.

Oh, -what?  You thought I meant Redemption for you? Well that, too; I suppose. I meant Redemption for God’s loyal and goodly crew of Beings; the ones which we seem so powerless to redeem by ourselves!

“Because the creature also itself shall be delivered from the servitude of corruption, into the liberty of the glory of the children of God. For we know that every creature groaneth and travaileth in pain, even till now. And not only it, but ourselves also, who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption of the sons of God, the redemption of our body.” Romans 8:21-23

The Metaphysical Qabalist, having been classically schooled in the Magic Arts, is aware that Reciprocation is the Great Commandment and that the Prime Directive of Ontological Light is Creativity. In Light of these Principles, we prefer to Frame our Orientations in the direction of Redemption and Nuclear Emendation. Toward this end, we favor the Navigationary approach through Parallel Lifelines, the Modular Personality approach, the Soul Journey, Eucharistics and Stellar Emendations, Timeline Modulation, Ancestral Karma, the Calling-back of our Soul Fragments, and Full Employment in the Connectome of Complex Adaptive Cosmology; Alchemy, both Spagyric and Metallic, as well as Deeply Inclusive Collectives of Panpsychic Subjectivity and Beings of Multi-Dimensional Light. None of these approaches the grisly magnitude of Death Rays or ‘Spiritual Warfare’ (a common church term, however misaligned). Though harder to Master, more elegant and less rudimentary than murder and brutality, we find the results safer all-around and Spiritually more satisfying. That our Karmic Creativity should live on, perhaps superseding our brief mortality is something that we actively plan for and conduct our affairs accordingly.

We have come a long way from the old  ‘Command and Control’ superstructure and, seeing the grievous mistakes resulting from ‘Top Down’ mismanagement and Systemic Disruption, enacted new measures of Emergent Holarchy for Complex Adaptive Networks of Light. The Magus is, when all is said and done, a Master of Creation and World Building.

Beings Associated With Scorpio

Let us begin, as is our custom, with the Jovian Angel for the Sign:

Carbiel – Scorpio – The eighth genius controls and directs the original principle of radiation of the whole cosmic hierarchy, in mental, astral and physical respects. The magician who gets into contact with Carbiel can reveal, by magic and Qabalah, or by magical Qabalistic metaphysics, any secret of the whole cosmic hierarchy in this respect, and he realizes how the various laws of the original principle of radiation can be applied in practice. The magician who is able to control the original principle of radiation becomes the absolute ruler of the microcosmic and macrocosmic hierarchy and he is then free to make practical use of his power according to his own ideas.

And, from another source:

“It is said that Barbiel is with us whenever change enters our lives. He offers us the support we need to weather the transformation.” (The reader will be able to corroborate the many references to change and to weather associated with the Sign of Scorpio)

Barbiel (the difference in spelling accounts for slight differing perspectives due to different classification schemes that modern researchers have to draw from) stands among the Ninth Order of Angels (also differs from MQ). These are keepers and teachers of the laws and they are known as Powers, or Guardians of order. This realm of angels are like a celestial police force. They work through the human sixth sense and are the angels of warning.

(The ‘Powers’, as expressed above, relate to Gevurah, the Sephirah associated with Mars and are known by their Greek name; Dynamis. This Choir of Angels is in a Sphere connected with the Law side of the Tree and are thus often associated with Enforcement, though much Science is involved in this because of the need for a ‘clear-eyed assessment’. The Order of Dynamis is closely associated with the Azoth [S] (Omni-Power) and you may recall that the ‘Samechs’ are related Biblically to the Fiery Serpents who stung the Israelites in the desert under Moses; you may recall the raising of Negustan a brass Ouroboros, which is said to symbolically prefigure the Crucified Jesus. Sharp students may also recall that the Samechs were given the power to read the mind of any one who possesses a physical brain and in fact employed such brains as instruments of their own evolution. There is more to this than just that, however; because God has given them the Authority to search throughout the Universe and read the Consciousness of all Beings and to bring back news of what they have discovered so that appropriate assessments and Judgment might be Justly Pronounced (this would be a Research arm of the Department of Divine Science). All this having been noted, it is easy to see why they are said to work through the human sixth sense and relate to warning and celestial police. The Graviton Minkowski Space is related to the Subconscious Fluid Body (Antahkarana) and easily indicates guilt or other nervous dispositions. Obviously in this capacity there is great correlation to the Graviton Ontology Field [N] Liver.)

“This angel is a warrior and its symbol is a flaming sword.” (So referenced due to popular Mars associations) “He will defend your home, property and children.” As will Loyal Scorpio.

Angels of the Mercury Sphere (Angels of the Decans)

In light of the ‘research’ abilities of the Cosmic Security Administration, as noted above. It will be easy to understand the scope and capacity of the following Angels of the Decans of Scorpio which are Genii from the Mercurian Sphere:

Veubiah – This genius teaches the magician to discover the plans of his enemies and to defeat any purposes directed against him. Due to the special methods that this genius is able to reveal to the magician, the latter will become absolute master over his adversaries. Furthermore, he will learn the art of producing talismans that offer special protection for the soldier on the battlefield and save him from death, and the art of healing wounds by magic and Qabalah within a few seconds, and many more things of that sort.

Lelahiah – The forty-fourth genius of the Mercury sphere entrusts the magician who has got into touch with him with special Qabalistic methods by which he can make the blind see, the deaf hear and cure the insane. Moreover, the magician is instructed by Lelahiah in the transmission of things over the greatest distances and in their withdrawal by means of beings or dematerialization and rematerialization. He is taught how to read correct in the Akasha-principle and how to be successful in any affair and have all his own wishes or the wishes of other people fulfilled.

Sealiah – enables the magician to recognize all those people who practice black magic, sorcery and witchcraft. He makes him acquainted with methods which will enable him to make any aggressor ineffectual, and cover his adversaries with the so-called magic hood which makes any kind of magical experiment impossible. The magic manufacture of such a hood which no black magician is ever able to penetrate is revealed to the magician by this forty-fifth genius of the Mercury sphere. Similar to the other genii of this sphere, also Sealiah can make the magician acquainted with magic words which at the moment of their articulation cause great earthquakes that can destroy completely whole cities. Such magic words will, however, never be revealed to any human being with low ethical standards, therefore no one need to be afraid of any misuse. That the magician thus also becomes the master of land and water need not be emphasized here. He is capable of forcing thieves to return the goods they have stolen, of humiliating the arrogant and haughty, of helping the wronged to his rights. Assisted by this genius, the magician will be able to carry out all the above mentioned things, for he will be made master over our earth.

Ariel– This genius can provide the magician with the faculty of prophecy, can teach him to control completely the Akasha-principle in respect of looking into the past, present and future, instruct him to charge volts, and so on. If the magician wishes to become a rich man, providing he has good reasons for doing so, this genius will help him discover any of the treasures of the earth. But this is not all: he will also make the magician acquainted with the greatest secrets of nature and life. For instance, he will teach him how to bring about involuntary dreams over the greatest possible distances, how to charge precious stones with certain powers, how to propagate all kinds of elementaries in a magic-Qabalistic manner. Ariel may also make it possible for the magician to have intercourse with the positive beings of other spheres and may instruct him about talismans and other magical arts.

Asaliah – To learn to recognize and understand the laws of justice and legality, i. e. to maintain a permanent equilibrium in respect of the worldly as well as the spiritual laws, is an art in which the forty-seventh genius can instruct  the  magician.  He  can  also  make  the  magician comprehend  the deepest secrets, make him behold, in the Akasha, the whole life of any human being, by looking into his past, present and future. Asaliah will be pleased to acquaint the magician with the special methods by which these faculties can be awakened in man. There is also no doubt about this genius’s interest in procuring the magician’s rights in any matter. He is also able to awaken love in human beings, to increase the sympathy between friends, to change hostility into friendship, etc. Above that, he is able to stimulate the favor of important people.

Mihael – The forty-eighth genius of the Mercury sphere may be regarded as a teacher of alchemy. Especially regarding transmutation, i. e. the transmutation of metals, this genius is able to give the magician thorough information. The magician will be given methods by which he can, if he chooses, change the electronic oscillation of any metal, i. e. make gold out of the most inferior type of metal. The magician is also taught to go about vice versa, if, for instance, he wants to change the gold and silver of an avaricious person into lead and iron by force of magic and Qabalah. In the same way it is possible to make precious stones out of common stones. Furthermore, the magician learns from this genius: to increase or diminish love and passion in men,  to  create atmospheres  in  which  human  beings  must  do  what  the magician wants them to do; to cure women from infertility; to procure peace, concordance and loyalty between married couples, so that no force in the world, except death, will be able to separate them.

Cytherean Intelligences

The following Intelligences are from the Venusian Sphere, expressed through Scorpio, and have to do with Invention:

OgegoOkafOfmirOtuoOhoah, Ocher, OtlurOgileh.

– The above named eight intelligences inform the magician of the technical inventions of the human beings living on Venus and other planets.

Above that, the magician is given details about all laws that are in force on the planet Venus.

(Concerning the laws that are in force on Venus: When you think about it (and this group is a great example) the only actual connection with a Sephirah of the Law is with Mercury. In this respect, the technical inventions of the humans on Venus come from this angle (path). So there is a direct path to technique for everything and this is important because Venusians are very Creative. The other Laws come through another Sephirah, for example, the Sun (Tiphareth). The Sun is where the Creativity comes from (and also the ‘Fertility’; Eros). So Creativity on Venus takes form as so much as a Venusian Law: ‘we must be Creative’. Therefore the direct path to technique is put to excellent use in the form of Art and Sculpture, Inventions etc.; anything Creative that can be honed by technology.

   Now, as regards Friendship, Love, Associations, and Mercy (Forgiveness, Grace, etc.),  there is a direct path from Chesed. So the Spirit of the Law comes through to Venus in the Emanation of Chesed (Divine Love, Mercy; I’ma callit ‘Raja’). Love and Friendship on Venus are so much as a Venusian Law.

   There is another way as well. Divine Law can come to Venus via reflection from The Moon (Iesod). In this case, it would be the upper regions of the Moon which would be reflecting through to Venus. This would represent the Purer forms of Upper Manas, but Manas, never-the-less. That is why in a different sort of way, Venusians are quite in touch with the Subconscious albeit via of reflected Manas (and of a Purer type because it has already been Resolved by this stage)

   All this is very important and affords Venusians a notable advantage, which has resulted in Spiritual Advancement. You see the Word, Emanating through Chesed (from Chokmah) pours into Venus ‘irrigating’ the Fertile Grounds of Creativity with the Manifestation of Belief, which is readily Reflected back and reinforced along with the Pure Mind of Resolve. Add to this a direct line to technological innovation and it is easy to see why Venus is described so often as an very advanced Sphere.)

Solar Genii

The following Genii of the Sun Sphere are active in Scorpio:

Tzybayol– The twenty-eighth original genius of the Sun is the guardian of all laws of vibration and oscillation on all planets and in all spheres of our cosmic hierarchy.

Gena – All kinds of radiation on all the planets and in all the spheres are subject to the legality controlled by the twenty-ninth original genius of the Sun. (Radiation is featured in the Jovian Angel, see above.)

Kasreyobu – The quality of everything existing in the world of creation is controlled by the thirtieth original genius.

(The Key to understanding the entire spectrum of the Scorpio experience lies in the Centaur’s foot. The Wise and Noble Chiron was distinguished from the common rustic Centaur by virtue of his feet. His were Human and the unruly type had hooves. Thus was Chiron elevated by his Qualities. The arrow dipped in Blood of the Hydra (spite; bitterness, vexation, resentment) pierced Chiron’s foot (e.g. poisoned his Qualities) and his suffering was so unbearable that he surrendered his immortality.)


The following 3 Beings are from the Sphere of Mars:

Skorpia; Vilusia; Koroum 

Principal Intelligences (of the Earth Zone)

The Principals of the Sphere closest to our Earth herewith follow:

The next thirty heads of the zone girdling the earth are under the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and their seals have to be drawn in red colour. Also, remember to  permutate the 10 Sephiroth across the relevant Decans (5 of Cups, 6 of Cups 7 of Cups: 10 days each) to reveal the underlying principles from which the descriptions are derived. (Same goes for Decans)

 Aluph (1° Scorpio) – This head is a protector of fire on our earth. Everything connected with fire is completely revealed to the magician by this head: everything from the point of view of magic, electrical fluid, beings of the fire-element,  salamanders,  as  well  as  all  inventions  connected  with  the practical use of fire in the physical world.

 Schaluah (2° Scorpio) – is regarded as the original initiator into electricity. He has made man acquainted with electricity and has, during the course of time, caused certain individuals to make all kinds of inventions in this line. Since all the possibilities in electricity are still very far from having been exhausted, the future world will be delighted by many a new invention.

A magician who has got into contact with this head, can already obtain details of all this, especially in respect of the relevant facts of magical science. The electric fluid, for example, will play a great role in every plane in the future, for it will be applied in most diverse ways.

Hasperim (3° Scorpio) – This head has inspired man and animal with the drive for self-preservation. He has rendered the animals appropriate means for protection by nature to defend themselves against dangers. He is the inspirer of animal instincts. Man has been caused by him to make a living by hard work, endurance and diligence. Therefore everything that induces man to go ahead comes under this head’s competence. A magician allied with this head will be equipped with enormous powers, either by the head himself or by his subordinates, and he will even be able to transfer these powers on to other people which will help to reach any aim at any time. Hasperim knows about many secrets concerning human intellect and would be quite willing to reveal them to the magician, depending on his maturity and development.

(these are the popular attributes of the Mars influence)

Adae (4° Scorpio) – is the protector of child love, motherly love and parental love, and of everything that keeps a family together. Assisted by this head, the magician is able to deal with any quarrel or discord in the family. Adae is quite prepared to teach the magician how to eliminate any quarrel by acquiring diverse practices.

Helmis (5° Scorpio) – Everything connected with milk on this earth, in respect of man as well as animal, falls under the competence of this head.

He protects all nurses and all mothers who suckle their babies. All mammals on earth are protected by this head. The range of his competence is very wide. During the course of time he has taught man to use milk as nutrition.

Inspired by this head, man has learned to use the milk gained from animals, not only as a drink, but also for the manufacture of dairy products. Helmis has inspired man to introduce a milk diet for certain kinds of diseases and to produce from milk various types of medicine. Many things connected with the working up of milk, which will not become known to the public until the distant future may now be revealed to the magician by this head.

Sarasi (6° Scorpio) – is the original initiator of all human ideals, no matter whether ideals of the physical, astral or mental world are concerned.

Depending on the maturity and development of mankind, this head controls, by his subordinates, the most diverse ideals of each individual and causes situations and possibilities for the realization of an ideal in the mental, astral or physical world to a small or large extent. Sarasi supplies man with the appropriate enthusiasm and the endurance for the realization of the ideal in question in accordance with one’s maturity and fate. This head, too, may teach the magician a great deal: for instance, how various ideals are born in our world and how they decay again; furthermore, Sarasi will tell him about ideals which will not come up until the distant future.

Ugefor (7° Scorpio) – This head controls the intellect of man and directs  all  his  intellectual  faculties.  Depending  on  man’s  maturity  and development, he makes him acquainted with certain facts of knowledge. This also depends on the commission which man has been charged with to fulfill on this earth. Ugefor entrusts the magician with the manner by which human intellect  can  be  enlightened  and  how  he  can  acquire  an  extraordinary memory. All knowledge that can be grasped with the human intellect is made accessible to the magician by this intelligence.

(This relates directly to the Antahkarana and its development in humanity. The Intellect in Man is related to the Buddhic Body and controls his decision-making ability. The Manas is related to his Will and Resolution, thus his ‘commission’. Both of these are mid-level and relate to the Mental Matrix ([N] Liver). Of course the ‘extraordinary memory’ mentioned here refers to the Chitta, or mind-stuff ([T] Right Kidney). In these respects, this Principal is the Scorpian representative to expansion of consciousness similar to Notiser, 29 Virgo.)

Armillee (8° Scorpio) – protects man against all infectious diseases and causes him to look after himself, so that he is at any time able to resist infection. If karmic reasons make it necessary, or if it lies in one’s fate, this head will not prevent an infection. Armillee teaches the magician many means of protection against the most diverse types of infectious diseases from the magical point of view. Since there exists also the possibility of mental or astral influence, Armillee also instructs the magician in this respect: he teaches him how to protect himself, after having been made acquainted with special magical practices, against negative astral influences and against influences of negative beings.

Ranar (9° Scorpio) – All people dealing with spiritual knowledge are protected  by  this  head  against  obsession  or  any  other accompanying unfavorable psychic factors. This head has at his disposal the most diverse methods which make communication with the unseen of any sphere possible.

He acquaints the magician with the special practices of mental and astral travelling and teaches him special ways of elevating his astral and mental bodies into the various spheres. The magician can therefore regard this intelligence as inspirer of various magical practices on the path to perfection.

Caraschi (10° Scorpio) – protects and inspires all human beings occupied  with  medical  magnetism.  Caraschi  shows  the magician  many methods in magical medicine, whether odic transfer – vitalized life-magnetism – or Prana-treatment are concerned. He learns these things without taking any risks. Whole volumes could be written on the range of competence of this intelligence. It depends, however, on the magician’s will whether he wants to be inspired by this head and get first-hand information.

Eralier (11° Scorpio) – will convince the magician that the making of the philosopher’s stone is no allegory and no symbolic-esoteric speculation.

The magician learns from this head the preparation of the philosopher’s stone in its most diverse grades for the most various purposes. Furthermore, he will be told the methods of transmuting metals, especially by dry procedure. The person to some extent informed on alchemy will already perceive what is meant by this. The preparation and realization of the philosopher’s stone rests on many methods. Eralier can entrust the magician with these.

Sagara (12° Scorpio) – is the initiator of all magicians. The magician who has got into contact with Sagara gets valuable instruction on how to influence man and animal in the magical as well as the Qabalistic – Theurgic – manner.

Trasorim (13° Scorpio) – Sun is life. Man has been inspired with this idea by this head. He has allowed mankind to make inventions during the course of time which have brought the use of the power of the sun. The magician is taught by Trasorim to use the rays of the sun by application of colored filters for various medical methods. This intelligence may therefore be regarded the initiator into the colour-light treatment. Medicines which are influenced by the colored light of the sun, in analogy to the universal laws, show a better quality and capacity and have a better dynamic effect than medicines produced in the normal way. This head entrusts the magician with many magical methods by which the colored light of the sun cannot only be applied for medical purposes and for dynamizing medicines, but which can, on top of that, be used for the most diverse magical operations.

(Surya. Spectral Healing and Spectral Magic. See MQ Chromatic Sphere and the Azoth of MQ!)

Schulego (14° Scorpio) – is a master of imitation in this physical world. He has, for instance, taught man how to imitate gems. The invention of glass,  china,  artificial  leather,  rubber  and  many  other  synthetic artificial products is due to the inspiration of this head. Assisted by Schulego, the magician can foresee in the Akasha which human inventions are yet to come in respect of the art of imitation and will, no doubt, agree that the reservoir of inventions is limitless. Under the seal of secrecy, this intelligence will also entrust the magician with the methods of their production.

Hipolopos (15° Scorpio) – All games serving the entertainment of people of all races originate from the inspiration of this head, and Hipolopos will remain being the initiator of all games for young and old in the future for jokes, bets, sport events, etc. This head is also the initiator of all toys for children. Card games and other social games are, of course, also under his competence.

Natolisa (16° Scorpio) – is the protector of the bees. He has taught man the art of apiculture and how to use honey. In the oldest days people had no sugar. They therefore used honey instead. By Natolisa’s inspiration man learned to produce various kinds of sweets from honey. Later, when the raising of bees no longer sufficed to cover the need for sweetening material,

Natolisa again caused man to win sugar from other substances and made him find  sugar-cane  in  the  orient  and  sugar-beet  in  the  lands  with  a less favorable climate and these products have since served as the raw-material for the making of sugar. The magician may hear many interesting things about the production of sugar or other sugar-like substances, which so far have not been known to man. He may further be willingly told about the treatment of diseases which are caused by the lack or excess of sugar in the organism.

Butharusch (17° Scorpio) – It is the job of this head to cause man not only to eat fruits in their raw state, but also to process and tin them. He has taught man, during the course of time, to prepare dishes by the help of the fire element, i. e. by roasting, baking, stewing, etc.; furthermore, to bake bread, to make sweets, to find new meat dishes; and he has led man up to the present achievements of the art of cooking. Butharusch is therefore rightly called the initiator into the art of cooking and baking.

Tagora (18° Scorpio) – is a master of erotic love. He is responsible for  the  raising  of  sympathetic  feelings  between  man  and  woman  and maintaining them. This head gives the magician special instructions on how to make oneself loved by men and women, how to evoke a person’s sympathy, and if desired, how to achieve peace in the family, etc. Tagora also knows many magic means to evoke love and he can also inform the magician about these.

Panari     (19°  Scorpio)     –  Metallurgic  chemistry  falls  under  the competence of this head. He has taught man to gain various metals from ores, has helped him with the recognition of the various metallic elements, has taught him to produce metal amalgams, etc. Panari has at his disposal various recipes for the working up and amalgamating of metals, and also the decomposition of metals into various chemical products, synthetic substances and medicines. This intelligence will entrust the magician with an almost unlimited number of secrets in this connection.

Nagar (20° Scorpio) – Similar to Panari, this head, too, will teach the magician to make various medicines from the most diverse types of metals and their combinations. Nagar is a great inspirer of all medicines which can be produced by synthetic procedures. A magician can increase his knowledge, if he allows Nagar to teach him in which way certain metals can be used for medicinal purposes. (Caladryl, for example and Silverzine)

 Kofan (21° Scorpio) – He who open-heartedly refers to this head will have all wishes fulfilled as far as is possible to him. His speciality is to change bad living conditions into good ones and to procure man’s contentment. He informs the magician of ways and means by which he can better his own living standard and tells him to what extent his fate is karmically conditioned and to what extent Divine Providence allows any interference. Since the magician is, for the most part, master of his own fate, it will usually be the fates of other people which the magician will want to ameliorate with the help of this head.

Schaluach (22° Scorpio) – This head is equipped with almost the same faculties and powers as the before mentioned one; he renders man advice and assistance by intuition in even the most difficult situations of life where,  under  normal  conditions,  there  is  no  possibility  of  escape.  This intelligence finds the right remedy in every situation and lets the magician know about it by intuition.

Sipillipis (23° Scorpio) – is regarded as a special head of the zone girdling the earth, since he can teach the magician the power of faith and the power of conviction. Having acquired these two divine faculties, the magician is  capable of  producing the  greatest wonders  in the  mental,  astral  and physical world. Sipillipis advises the magician on how to reach quickly and safely the power of faith and the power of conviction.

Tedea (24° Scorpio) – is an excellent expert in diagnosis as well as in analysis and can teach the magician all causes of diseases in the mental, astral and physical body. At the same time he can make him acquainted with means which remove the causes of disease and disharmony. The magician interested in medicine can acquire such a great deal of knowledge from Tedea that he is able to become an expert in diagnosis and medical treatment.

Semechle (25° Scorpio) – This head, too, initiates the magician in all the methods of natural medicine, no matter whether herbs, water treatment, care of the body or other methods applied in natural medicine are concerned, or such items which up to the present have remained completely unrevealed.

Radina (26° Scorpio) – is a special expert in Theurgy, i. e. Qabalah, and  all Theurgic  methods  for  healing  on  this  planet  are  subject  of  his competence. He knows how the severest diseases can be cured by Qabalah. He entrusts the magician with many Qabalistic formulae for the curing of severe diseases, so that the magician may compile a whole book of formulae for his personal use. If the magician wants it, he will be trained by Radina in curing people by miracles, i. e. by the help of Qabalah.

Hachamel (27° Scorpio) – is an excellent astronomical expert and an expert in orientation. He has taught man to look up to the stars and to fix the cardinal directions by their constellations. This knowledge was formerly of especially great value in navigation. Hachamel is also the original initiator of the compass and the magnetic needle, without the knowledge of which navigation would be impossible. In the course of time this head will cause man  to  find  other  powers  and  inventions  which  will  help  him  with his orientation. All the measuring devices for measuring the depth of the sea and pressure of water fall under the competence of this head and will also be basically reformed in the future.

Anadi    (28° Scorpio)    – is a specialist in hydrotherapy. Like the thirtieth head of the zodiacal sign of the Libra called Megalogi, Anadi, too, is responsible for all methods of water treatment. He teaches the magician how to use the electromagnetic fluid in connection with water for treating the most various diseases. He also shows him how to remove the causes of diseases by thermic stimulants and to create the dispositions of harmony and health in the human  body.  This  head  informs  the  magician  about  many  methods  of hydrotherapy which so far have remained unrevealed, provided the magician is interested in this field.

Horasul (29° Scorpio) – controls all artificial water regulations on our earth. He inspires man how to make use of the powers of water, how, for instance, to install an artificial irrigation of the soil, or how to let water work artificially, according to his wish, in a river bed. Horasul is the inspirer of the most simple water mills as well as the most up to date hydroelectric power stations,  of  the  canals  built  for  shipping,  and  the  like.  He  entrusts  the magician with many novelties concerning water regulation and the use of waters in the distant future.

Irmano (30° Scorpio) – Every creature living in the water comes under the competence of this head. If, for instance, the magician is interested in fishing, he can be given appropriate methods by Irmano by the application of which he can cause fish to gather at a certain place in order to catch them without difficulties, or by which he is able to tame and control fish in such a manner that they will allow him to take them into his hands; in short, every animal living in the water, no matter whether sea-serpent, crocodile or shark is under his power.

(It should be noted, after recalling that the Hebrew Tarot Letter for Scorpio is Nun ‘fish’, that Jesus told Simon Peter to cast his net to a certain place in the water and  the fishermen hauled in so many fish that their boat began to sink. Of course, in a later incident, Jesus came walking across the  water and calmed the raging sea. Alert readers will immediately connect the sea-serpent mentioned here with the ‘Tanniyn’ mentioned in Exodus, Zohar and elsewhere.)