The Metallics

The metal molecule is a radiant essence of the spirit world. These spirits correspond to minerals, amino acids, and plant life, influencing the plant kingdom via the magnesium in chlorophyll rejuvenating human mitochondria.

The Metallics are embodied in the physical world with matter and energy that is a reflection of their place in the celestial realm.

The Metallics are disembodied, Planetary Spirit Beings who have a corresponding element to their spiritual reality. They are able to manifest themselves on Earth by influence upon an organism that they mirror and can also communicate telepathically with humans. The Germans call them “Planetary Genii”. They were first encountered during the alchemical period when mystics were in communication with “sylphs” and “nature spirits”.

Often thought of as molecular components, these spirits beings, emanating from the sub-planckian quantum fields are “essential substances” and have long been a heavily contextual and metaphysical topic.

Alchemical photosynthesis can be used to generate energy which can influence galactic information downloading. This would affect places like Earth which is still going through major changes at this time such as climate change or discovery of new species.

This enables the generation of stellar and planetary energies which influences galactic information downloading from the constellations and titanic archetypal neighbors in the universe. The main objective is the uploading of human consciousnesses into the larger-than-life virtual reality world of Cosmic Information Matrix, home to the newest crop of gods and goddesses who rule over their own galaxies by virtue of Creative Innovation.