Cosmic Conveyances


The Kylichors were hidden in the walls and ‘shuttled’ (mc) around via Conveyances to appear in whatever Rooms (or Dimensions) that the Appearance (or Phanes) resulted in.


The Magisters (mc) Operated in their nano-magic Registers to Appear upon Magnification like reality, manifesting from the sub-planck orders that Constitute the walls and floors of the interface with the Implicate Order (beyond our ken) and into our mezzo-world.


Into the Great Beyond of Cosmic Scale Inheritance the Stellar and Galactic Forces Emerged from the Cosmic Microwave Background; the Ubiquitous Gigantia that Constitutes the Walls and Floors of our Farthest Reaches.


And so, our Time itself is similarly structured, with our Present at the 3rd Dimension, Emerging linearly from the Causal and appended to the Retrocausality of Impending Future influences.


Just as the Implicate Order (Tachyonic) and the Explicate Order (Tardyon) converge upon our Mental Magic Enlightenment worlds of Luxonic Awareness, which makes up the Fourier Transformations that decohere the Quantum Wave Superpositions.