Harmonic Integration

Integrated Harmonics in Qabalistic Azoth intro: Now that we have stretched ourselves out in the magical development of our expanded consciousness, and loosened our matrixes for clair-faculties and mediumistic altered states, floating around the Akasha unbound by Time and Space, and multiplexed our virtual selves to explore the potentials of parallel timelines and past-life regressions, […]

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Omniscient Condensation

Omniscient Condensation intro: The concept of Omniscience involves absolute knowledge of the universe in its entirety and has been suggested as the highest state for spiritual masters in certain traditions. Universal Consciousness acknowledges that each individual is linked directly to all things in existence, connected through awareness across space-time. Cosmic Consciousness is defined as a

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Further Elaborations on Generative Creativity

Further Elaborations on Generative Creativity As we continue to explore the possibilities of generative creativity and how to expand our mental matrix, we are faced with the opportunity to operate technological advancements from far into the future. With empowered states of generative consciousness, increasing knowledge guided by the advantage of retrocausal influence brings us into

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Qabalistic Cinnabar

Qabalistic Cinnabar The Sidereal Soul and the Engine of Alchemy Qabalistic Cinnabar or Living Sulfur The Living Sulfur or Qabalistic Cinnabar is replete with Vermillion colored oscillations and has the wondrous property of enlivening matter. It is known secretly as the 2nd Qabalistic Alchemical Key. It’s operation is upon the Soul of Matter (Animus Mundi)

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Light Green

Light Green Spiritual Harmony & Integration Unpronounceable Tetragrammaton Harmony and Integration via the Tetragrammaton takes place in a variety of Ways, itself Being a Complex and Self Referential System. For our purposes, we may define 4 general systems: Horizontal, Vertical, Spiral, and Spherical. The Horizontal version is Circular, Overlapping, frequently Non-Linear, Parallel (as in the

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About The Azoth of Metaphysical Qabalah The Azoth are Living Spiritual Agents and they take part Individually or together, as part of Complex Adaptive Networks and Organizations. As such, the Azoth are a Divinely Ordained Spiritual Order, which can act alone, together, or as constituatives within systems, energy fields, information and things. Spiritually Interpenetrating, these

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The Full Truth About Azoth Azoth is a term that appears in reference to Alchemy and Qabalah, but its meaning has been popularly misapplied. Often associated with the philosopher’s stone, and believed capable of transmuting metals into gold and silver, Azoth may also refer to the first principle of metals or the universal solvent. Still

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