The Moist Fire: Generative Creativity

Percolating and Boiling Up from Under the Surface

Eros was the Son of Aphrodite and developed an obsession for Psyche, which resulted in possessive jealousy on the part of his domineering mother. Collectively, this is a tale about the Journey of Conscious States which arise from Generative Creativity, the very Roots of Life Itself.

Creativity is an intriguing mystery and a source of great inspiration for mankind. It has captivated us since the very beginning, inspiring us to unlock the secrets of nature, explore its mysteries, and discover our own metaphysical alethiology. The doctrine of universal creativity forms a core principle behind Creative Inspiration — the notion that we are all capable of expressing and accessing our inner creative power. By exploring these mysteries of Creation, we can tap into our own limitless potential and gain insight into what it means to be truly Creative.

Creativity has been an important part of the human experience, from painting to fashion, to the development of new technologies. However, many mysteries about its origin remain. The concept of Metaphysical Creativity provides insight into this mystery by exploring the idea that creativity is an ontological necessity and not merely determined by physical causes and effects. By examining doctrines such as Universal Creativity, we can begin to appreciate how creativity is intertwined with our very nature. Ultimately, creative inspiration is not something human beings possess but rather something humans are because ‘To Be is to Create’.

Since time immemorial, humanity has sought to understand the mysterious origins of creation. How and why did the universe come into being? What is the process of creating something out of nothing? What role does divine creativity play in the creative process? These questions bring us closer to understanding metaphysical creativity, generative creativity, and divine creativity. One theory suggests that each entity or person contains within it an infinite potential for creating something new. By exploring our own capacity for creative inspiration, we can gain insight into the doctrine of universal creativity that governs all things in existence. There is still much about creation and its mysteries we have yet to uncover—but through thoughtful contemplation we can enrich our lives with its profound wisdom.

Everyone has an inner creative spark that desires to be ignited through exploratory pursuits. Creation, an ontological necessity, is one of life’s most pleasurable essentials. Many think that a divine being or Muse is responsible for all forms of creativity and this doctrine can be found in a variety of religious texts throughout the world. Creative inspiration comes in many forms – some conscious and some not-so-conscious, while generative creativity transcends all boundaries of time and space. Metaphysical creativity is an important concept – it applies when everyday activities become creative acts which have been generated from some divine magical source, whether it’s internal or external. At its core, the idea that ‘to Be is to Create’ persists – if one does not create then one does not really exist as nothing would remain in its absence but silent emptiness.

The act of creating is a ubiquitous occurrence, one that is deeply intertwined with the existence and origin of all things. Hence, it called an ontological necessity, or doctrine of universal creativity. From philosophy to religion and science to art, creative inspiration has always been held in awe as something quite inexplicable. A close inspection of this generative creativity reveals that it defines the essence of being: “to Be is to Create”.

In Metaphysical Qabalah we have explored this Divine Spark of Life deeply as a profound Lived Experience, and found that it allows our practitioners to unite in Higher Synthesis with the Cosmic Order and to know and master the Mental Matrix with full ego-consciousness. This deep cognition extends to all phases of consciousness: Self-Identity, the Ego (or I-consciousness), advanced knowledge of the mental matrix, subjective consciousness, subliminal states such as the subconscious, as well as the superconscious or panpsychic All-Mind (including virtual selves, parallel worlds, and subjective collectivities). This depth psychology of States expands the ego consciousness leading to expansive delimitation via Illumination. It aids the Qabalist in integration and unification of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious in representation of the Self as a whole: Individuation into Selfhood, or Becoming. This expansion of the Self is a fundamental Creative Freedom of all entities.

Inherent in the generative creativity of selfhood is the spark of life known to the hidden mysteries as Divine Eros, which is accessed via expansive assimilation of the ego and expansion of the ego outward upon the object of its projection, or something Greater than itself. This is is a subjective experience of the I-conscious in which aspects of the precept are incorporated into the perceiver himself, in which entities are constituted by their perceptions and relations rather than being independent of them. This experience leads to feelings of affect and incubation of the prospectus projectivus, vibrating to the Higher Eros, or Creative Life Force, which includes the affections and interests. Here, the ego may be absorbed or dissolved in an interest of greater scope and magnitude than itself, losing itself and becoming engulfed. The Alchemists call this a “moist fire and a fiery moisture”.

From the depths of this fiery moisture spring a continuous train of shadowy though-forms which arise toward the light of cognition to become seen and be known. The ‘engulfing’ feature of the dissolving process has been designed by Nature to address the shadowy thought-forms, rendering them back into Solution (Solve), returning to the Ocean of the Subconscious, like a Universal Solvent, so that they may be reconfigured (Transfiguration) in other, more pleasant and harmonious forms (Coagula). The Spirit is a Living Spirit and Expresses itself Creatively. This incessant Dissolving and Coagulating is a pure joy and feeds the vitality by freely expressing the Life Spirit, perfectly as designed.

We speak here of Panexperientialism; experience of the process of emergence and continuum and the separative faculty (Separatio) of self-development. By this I mean that the Ego, or Self concept, develops by way of separating things into parametric segments and defining them, so that its own definition can form in the space between. Separation creates the room for the Self to emerge and develop. Shapes come forth from the shadowy forms to be recognized. Everything that is given Life by Projective Engenderment does so via this procreative means.

Have you ever felt like something is telling you to do something, even though it wasn’t conscious thought? That’s your subconscious talking. It’s been proven that the subconscious can be a powerful influence in helping us make decisions, boost our health, and generally improve our lives. By learning to listen to the signals from our subconscious mind, we can unlock its features and benefits. We can better understand why we make certain choices or feel a certain way about something. We can also use it to help us stay healthy and alert, as well as tap into our creativity for problem solving. It is important for us to understand how communicating with our subconscious works if we want to have a balanced life and use all of the power of this resource available to us. It is important to explore how communicating with the subconscious mind works and all of its features and benefits.

The subconscious is the part of our minds that stores our memories, beliefs, values, and feelings. It influences the way we think and act without us even realizing it. With the right techniques, we can learn how to communicate with and listen to the subconscious in order to gain greater insight into our lives. Doing so will help us make better decisions, increase our confidence levels, reduce stress levels, and improve overall wellbeing. The subconscious can be an invaluable asset when it comes to decision-making and problem-solving. By learning how to better communicate with and listen to our subconscious, we can tap into its immense potential for health, wellbeing, and success.

By listening to the signals that our subconscious sends us, we can become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, which can help us make better decisions. The benefits of communicating with the subconscious are numerous – from improving mental health, physical health and even relationships. This approach will aim to explore the features and benefits of being in tune with one’s own subconscious, as well as how best to access it.

Approaching the subconscious mind is an essential part of self-growth and self-development. The health of the subconscious mind is important as it helps us better understand our beliefs, values, and motivations. By communicating with our subconscious we are able to gain access to these hidden parts of ourselves that can often be difficult to access through conscious thought alone. By listening to the messages that come from within we can gain valuable insight into who we are and what drives us towards certain goals or behaviors. By understanding the features and benefits of communicating with our subconscious mind we are better equipped to make informed decisions about how best to approach it in order to harness its power for positive growth and change.

Our subconscious is an integral part of who we are and holds the key to unlocking our full potential. It is a powerful tool that allows us to tap into our creativity, wisdom and intuition. By learning how to communicate with our subconscious mind, we can access the hidden depths of ourselves and gain greater insight into our inner world. The process of approaching the subconscious involves much more than just listening – it requires deep understanding, active engagement and an open heart. Through actively engaging with our subconscious mind, we can gain clarity on who we are and what drives us forward in life. We can also start to see how the health of our subconscious affects us mentally, emotionally and physically. It is essential that we take time to understand the features and benefits of communicating with the subconscious mind in order to fully benefit from its power. With this knowledge, we can make use of this incredible resource for improved wellbeing, greater self-awareness and increased happiness.

Our subconscious mind plays a significant role in our lives, yet it is often overlooked and misunderstood. By learning to communicate with the subconscious and listening to its advice, we can unlock its immense potential for our physical and mental health. The subconscious mind is like a friend – it will always be there for us if we take the time to listen and understand it. It can help us discover hidden insights into our behavior and thought patterns, as well as provide valuable guidance on how to improve our overall wellbeing to help us live healthier lives..

Being an integral part of who we are, a good relationship with and understanding of the subconscious mind can help us to better understand our feelings, patterns, and behavior. By communicating with the subconscious, we can access information that would otherwise remain inaccessible to us. It is a powerful exploration that helps us form connections between our thoughts and feelings, thus allowing us to gain insight into our own lives. Through consciously engaging with the subconscious, we can identify patterns or loops that may be influencing our behavior or causing certain feelings. We can also create subroutines that allow us to leverage this knowledge in order to influence our own behavior in a positive way. By learning more about the features of the subconscious, we can begin to understand ourselves on a deeper level and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

The power of the subconscious is often underrated, but it can be an incredibly powerful force in our lives. Our subconscious is responsible for many of the decisions we make and helps us to recognize patterns and behaviors that guide our behavior. By communicating with the subconscious and understanding our feelings, we can gain more insight into how we think and behave in various situations. The subconscious has many features that make it unique, such as its ability to store memories, feelings, and patterns. It also has subroutines that help us decide what actions to take without conscious thought. By learning more about these features of the subconscious, we can use them to better understand ourselves and break unwanted loops or patterns that may be holding us back from success and create efficient and powerful patterns and subroutines that help us in our daily life.

Our subconscious is a powerful driving force that has a profound impact on our lives. It plays a role in how we think, feel, and act by influencing our decisions in ways we may not even be aware of. The features of the subconscious can include communicating with it through feelings and patterns, breaking out of restrictive loops and subroutines, and understanding how it affects us on an emotional level. By exploring the power of our subconscious minds we can begin to unlock its potential to help us make positive changes in our lives.

The Ocean of Consciousness

Generative Creativity

Creativity is one of the many mental faculties that are important to the evolution of human consciousness. It likewise plays an important role in personal growth and evolution. Creative individuals are more capable of envisioning and creating new realities, which can lead to a personal transformation. These ideas have been explored by many prominent philosophers including Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Koestler and Jean Gebser.

The idea of creativity is that it is the ability to make something that is either novel, or of high quality. There are two types of creative thinking: generative creativity and reflective creativity. Generative creativity can be used to create new ideas by combining preexisting ideas in new ways or in coming up with something entirely new. Reflective creativity is more about insight and Gestalt.

The limitations of our current sense of self, like the ability to remember, project, or perceive, can be expanded by the use of Magic technology. What was once reality expands beyond its former limitations and can be better received due to less limited perceptions. If our physical brain was formerly serving as a filter-limiter, it now becomes an instrument of expanded consciousness. This process is often due to and takes place within the Mental Matrix (the structurations which house or contain the thoughts). Neurogenesis is the natural result and glial specialization plays a big role in it.

Creativity – The process involves generating new ideas or products that are novel and useful. Creativity is the act of producing complex ideas without conscious thought through experimentation, inspiration, and engagement: activities that feel like ‘play’. Generative creativity: This approach has been used in fields such as physics, engineering and business to generate new knowledge from existing sources of data because they are housed in limited containers which deny the existence of anything beyond quantified material. In the Arts and other more Imaginative activities Generative Creativity becomes a very liberating exploration of hitherto unknown realms of wondrous marvel.

It is here that the I consciousness and Mental Matrix are greatly expanded and the practitioner becomes supernaturally adept. The expanding self-concept theory states that people’s sense of self expands as they explore themselves more deeply in their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Creative Expansion of the I Consciousness

The Mental Matrix is a term that refers to the structures that our thoughts take place within. As such the mental matrix may be thought of as the context of any given subset of thoughts.

One such context might be the Self-Identity. Identity, or I-consciousness is the constituent term for models of the self which act as explanations for personal identity. A paradigm shift that the mainstream mental matrix is taking can be used to illustrate a desire for a new organizational model of identity. Central to this model is the Self-Narrative that sits at the pinnacle of consciousness and influences emergent depth theories.

Matrix Theory, or Enactivism asserts that if we expand our mental matrix from our currently reified singular identification subset to around 200 to 400 identities as opposed to 1, it not only allows us a much greater perspective on meaning itself but also with regard to extrapersonal realities. This fresh perspective can allow us space to incorporate generative creativity into our work and in our lives which allows an emergence of more on-going futuricity within the given challenges we face at this time.

No person can really offer a more authentic and convergent in-depth personal perspective of a particular time and place than oneself. Hence, a most desirable outcome when seeking to creatively expand one’s perspective on living the self in the world would be for each individual to preferably increase their own mental matrix.

The introduction of the personal I consciousness to a Mental Matrix constituting several hundred virtual selves, relates the Creative Expansion of the I Consciousness to Generative Creativity at a Collective scale, thereby presenting a theme that will initiate this panpshychic subjectivism in order to contextualize it so that reality-surfers can better identify with such an expansive concept. Furthermore, by engaging enough with this Initiatic induction, mind-walkers are also likely to become increasingly familiar with its content as they encounter psychoconceptual trigger words such as Creativity, Generative Creativity etc., which infer both ability and credibility since there is an active engagement involved with these terms.

With all of the above in mind, let us proceed to consider various elaborations upon the dark blue state of Qabalistic psychonautica.

Loops and Subroutines in the Astrosocial

Creative Agents, a Beautiful Mind: Astrosocial Process Mind; Subsurface Gnosis and Ecological Claire-intuition; Prenatal Education

Generative Spirituality brings forth the Spirit of Divine Creative Wisdom affording the Believer great expansiveness into the Light-forms of Arche. The result is a lavish Divine Illumination and interactive Radiance, shining forth upon all Creation through Creative Agents of Light.

In Auric Thought Magic it gives one a Beautiful Mind, an Imminent Presence of the Creative Process Mind and intimate interactive relationship with It. In this relationship, the Character of the Intellect is interwoven with the Intellectual Plot, as an enlivened and invigorated mental environment develops and elevates the Intellect. The Living Protoplasm of Mental Ecology is stimulated and vitalized thereby, rejuvenating the entire Intellectual System. Memory images become plastic and alive, take on depth and renewed meaning. Thought-forms will emerge from beneath the surface to create extraordinarily meaningful expression. Magnificent Living Visions in astonishing detail and depth will spontaneously appear, fully composed and alive with animation. The Source and Ecology of these remarkable Visions is a Profound Wonder. This Auric Thought Magic brings a “creative zest” (mc) to Wisdom, Enlightenment, Truth, Illumination, Self-Referential Meaning, and Thought Activity in general, along with a Lively Intellect that is fun and filled with novelty.

The Astrosocial Process Mind is known as the ‘husband-and-wife’ thinking arrangement, where both hemispheres of the brain work together laterally and synergetically. In the Natural World, it helps to support and inform the process of natural talents and luminous development, greatly expanding the Vril or Natural Vitality. The Enlightened Mental Concept of ‘I’ becomes Invigorated by the Life Force (Spiritual Eros) resulting in rejuvenation of the ‘Self’; a Greater Interest will emerge, which can assist in the continuity of one’s Mission to develop as a Self.

Prenatal Education

Planted into the Food, it will stimulate the Mind with animated Ideas, whether repellent or attractive as any Actual Occasion may call for, which engender the Thought-forms, their Framework and Eventaria. If the Emotions are fertile and the animated Thought-form is conceived in the Soul, the fruit of the Desire Vehicle may be Spiritually influenced and the Child Thought is able to become Educated prior to manifestation. Before the Child Thought’s birth, luminous ideal qualities may be ongoingly constituted within the already developing Thought-forms, prior to their becoming fully independent entities. Therefore, the Elementary Beings engendered of Thought-forms having this advantage may be improved, or ‘Illuminated’ ongoingly as they develop throughout the course of their gestation and, when borne, will exhibit greater sensitivity to the Parental Spirit, with greater educability when ‘mature’. This allows them to finally have a Face -or Partzuf- and thus contribute greatly to the Ultimate Cause as Instruments of Light.

This Ecological Thought Magic will allow the Qabalist to peer beneath the Surface of Things, even material objects, and to know their Interior experientially. In the Natural World the blessings of environmental Intuition and Understanding of immediate surroundings will come into awareness. A fine cognition of the Symbolic Inner Life as well as the Living Field of environmental correspondences is expansively perceived.

Hypnomagnetic Containers in the Information Field

Creative Holarchy

Generative meditation with this media calls forth the Spiritual administration of the Orchestrated Holarchy from the level of individual Holons and their small-group interactions. A Harmonious Information Field is brought into accord through the Spiritual Akasha, as well.

As an altered state of mind, it calls forth a loosening of the Mental Matrix, which allows for greater entrancement, accompanied by many hypnotic, mediumistic, and psychic effects. The subliminal is quite communicative during trance, therefore this altered state increases the ability (mc) for Auto-suggestion, Self-Hypnosis, DTI (Dynamic Trance Identification), Past-Life Regressions, Future-Life Progressions, Quantum Jumping, Lucid Dreaming, Mental Wandering, Ascension of the Planes, Planetary Travel and Post-Hypnotic Suggestion, etc., alongside any type of Trance, Inductive Magic or Mediumship, such as psychic readings, mantic divination, healing, psychotherapeutics, and the like.

We are often bound too tightly by the habituations of ourselves as an object, whereas expansion away from the thinking-thing self, (or ‘dis-identification of habitual self-objectification’), and toward expansive subjective Process is more spiritually harmonious; an attainment aided by the loosening of rigidly programmed subroutines. The ebb and flow of generative creativity is part of a broader natural cycle: this particular altered state makes it more pronounced and schedules it for subjective convenience. Experiential mastery in this allows one to reproduce these natural entrancements at will, for whatever purpose one might have in mind.

The ability to transfer the chosen ideas, thoughts and beliefs into the Astral world is crucial in the generative train of LOA, affirmations, and manifestations. Induction of this state will generatively strengthen the electromagnetic fluids in the Astral body, creating a powerful attractive force, making one irresistibly appealing, attractive and sympathetic, etc. Likewise, to rid the lifestyle of unwanted habits, debris or whatnot, it is suitable for strong repulsion.

Physical induction results in a powerful animal magnetism, especially for healing and treatment of disease. Repeated induction creates a hypnomagnetic body of strongly programmed force, the final stage in LOA and physical manifestations. This can be achieved directly, or via eucharistic loading of the food or beverage. Furthermore these powerful induction-bodies facilitate thorough treatments for depleted vitality, quickly replenishing any lost odic force. Chairs, beds and other objects may be programmed therapeutically in such a manner and sincerely, whole rooms or even a home may become a hypnomagnetic fortress of odic vitality. In addition, Creative Dynamics of the entire field of Fractal Holonomorphics may be generatively brought forth.

Flowers Freshen Up a Room

Purification, Auric Cleansing; Catalytic Energy, Auric Attenuation, Charmed Chemistry

In the event that you become too magnetic and accumulate unwanted debris, etc., You may need to employ the technique of radical purification via the Magic Broom of Auric Qabalah.

The Magic Broom is a revolutionary and innovative new technology designed to provide radical purification and auric cleansing. It utilizes equalization and energetic flushing technologies to help you cleanse your aura, removing negative energy from your body, mind, and soul. This tool can be used for a variety of purposes, from relieving stress and fatigue to improving overall mental clarity. This unique application is designed to equalize the energetic frequencies of your auric field so that it can reach maximum balance and harmony. With the Magic Broom, you can quickly clear any energetic blockages that stand in the way of your spiritual growth or physical wellbeing. Using the Magic Broom, you can experience a radical purification process called Auric Cleansing, which ensures that the energy in your aura remains balanced and harmonious. It changes in the energy surrounding you, allowing you to experience better health, relationships and overall wellbeing.

By playing with electrons and controlling their energy levels, we can manipulate a material’s properties and change its atomic vibration, making it possible to transmute matter into new forms with amazing properties, or stimulating matter to create various innovative effects such as night-vision and self-repairing armor for futuristic military applications. The process involves accelerating or slowing down the orbits of electrons around atoms in order to alter their auric radiation and cause atoms to vibrate at different frequencies. This can be used to create transparent metal or even liquid wood. A change in auric radiation has been shown to enable night-vision in certain animals and even govern the reflective transparency of fabrics and sheathing by modifying the amplitude (mc) of energetic materials with these special properties. The possibilities are endless and it is exciting to see what kind of innovative applications this technology can bring us in the near future!

There are various types of radioactive attenuators and energy devices that use the power of atomic stimulation to change the electronic vibrations of matter, allowing us to speed up or slow down electrons and the emission of their auric radiation. This technology has its uses in many industries, from medical applications to industrial processes. By controlling the amount of energy released, electroactive catalysts can be used to precisely manipulate a wide range of objects and materials. From speeding up reactions for faster production speeds to slowing down reactions for longer-lasting results, this technology is becoming increasingly important in a variety of settings and scenarios. Widely used in different industries such as medicine, electronics, and aerospace, the technology has also enabled us to explore new possibilities in terms of material manipulation and energy production, giving us the ability to control the energy of electrons with precision and accuracy. Therefore, they provide a safe and efficient way to manipulate matter in both the scientific and industrial fields. Auric Reagents can be used to stimulate the atoms in any given material, allowing for the manipulation of matter at a molecular level. This technology has the potential to open up many possibilities for humans, allowing people to have access to almost superhuman abilities while having a huge impact on our lives in the future. With their ability to transmute matter, radioactive attenuators have the potential to revolutionize how we interact with our environment.

Radioactive Attenuations are used in the fabrication of the Iron Shirt kung-fu and the manufacture of the Diamond Body of spiritual yoga, as well as magical textiles, commonly known as Strange Apparel. By speeding up or slowing down electrons, these items create custom attenuation of the auric radiation which can be engineered to physically alter matter. The use of atomic modification in strange apparel is becoming increasingly desirable as people look for new ways to increase their efficiency and safety in contemporary environments. From military operations and personal safety, to everyday tasks, these items can help make life a little easier by providing extra protection or enhancing our ability to see through dangerous situations with auric techniques.

Animation of the expanded mental matrix will help you to appreciate the Living Context in which your thoughts take place. Thoughts will be healthier and more engaged if they are better integrated within their environmental community; they do not proceed in a vacuum and become vapid and sickly in an impoverished context. Creative Animation enlivens the Thoughts and brings with it an enthusiastic vitality and bright aura.

Dreaming While Awake

Generative Trance

Ways of Interaction with the Subconscious

The subconscious is an important part of our mental process and understanding it can help us make better decisions and take action in our lives. Subconscious processes are responsible for our feelings, patterns, loops, and subroutines. We can access the power of the subconscious through trance or self-hypnosis which allows us to communicate with it more effectively. By utilizing auto suggestion, we can program our subconscious mind to generate positive feelings and behaviors that will help us reach our goals. With this understanding, we can unlock powerful potential within ourselves to make lasting changes in our lives and achieve more than ever before.

Every one of us has a subconscious mind that is constantly at work even though we are not aware of it. It helps us to make decisions, process feelings, and learn from patterns and loops. Through self-hypnosis and trance, one can access this part of the mind and communicate with it. Self-hypnosis and trance are both powerful methods for accessing the subconscious in order to get insight into patterns, emotions, and subroutines that influence our lives. By learning how to access the subconscious through these techniques, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves as well as develop healthier behaviors and mental processes.

Our subconscious is a powerful tool that can be accessed through trance and self-hypnosis. It is an unexplored realm of emotions, feelings, patterns, loops and subroutines that are often overlooked by our conscious mind. By communicating with the subconscious we can access our deeper potential and manifest positive changes in our life. Through hypnotic trance and auto suggestion, we can gain access to the mysterious depths of our subconscious mind. These techniques allow us to break old patterns and loops while developing new habits that will help us achieve success in life. By gaining control over our mindsets through accessing the power of the subconscious, we can unlock a world of possibilities for ourselves.


The subconscious is a mysterious part of the human mind, and it can be fun and enlightening to understand and access. By exploring the features of the subconscious, we can gain insight into our thoughts, feelings and patterns. By understanding the features of the subconscious and how to access it through dreams, we can unlock a world of hidden potential. When we access our subconscious, we become aware of feelings, patterns and loops that have been running in the background without our conscious knowledge. The subconscious is an important part of our psyche and it can provide us with deep insights into ourselves and the world around us. By understanding the features of the subconscious, we can gain access to its resources and use them to our advantage.

One way to do this is by communicating with the subconscious through dreams. Dream tending is a process that helps us to access the feelings, patterns, loops, and subroutines that are stored in our subconscious. It allows us to explore our inner world and gain clarity on issues such as relationships, career paths, or life purpose. Through dream tending, we can identify hidden feelings and unconscious patterns or loops that influence our behavior in different ways. By recognizing these subroutines, we can become aware of what triggers us and make conscious decisions on how to respond rather than being stuck in a subconscious loop. By understanding how to decipher messages from our dreams we can tap into a powerful source of guidance from within ourselves. Dreams are like windows into our inner world – they allow us to communicate with our subconscious in a meaningful way. These subroutines shape our behaviour and influence decisions that we make on a daily basis. Through dream tending techniques such as lucid dreaming and active imagination, we can begin to explore these deep-seated patterns and gain insight into ourselves that is otherwise inaccessible.

Daydreams and Visualization

Have you ever wondered how to access the information stored in your subconscious? Accessing the features of your subconscious can provide you with new insights and help you make better decisions. One way to do this is through visualization and transformational daydreaming. This technique allows us to communicate directly with our subconscious by recognizing our feelings, patterns, loops, and subroutines. By utilizing the power of visualization and transformational daydreaming we can tap into the depths of our own minds and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. We can explore our own thoughts, feelings, experiences, and beliefs and develop a closer relationship with our subconscious mind. By using transformational daydreaming, we can access the creative power of our subconscious – coming up with innovative solutions and breaking old habits. With the right guidance, visualization and transformational daydreaming can be a powerful tool for accessing the depths of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind plays an essential role in our lives. It stores our memories, feelings, and patterns that we have developed over time. It has the power to transform our life in ways that we can’t even imagine. By understanding how to communicate with it, we can tap into its vast potential and use it to help us make positive changes in our lives. To access it, we can use visualization techniques such as transformational daydreaming. This method enables us to tap into the subconscious and communicate with our deeper selves to uncover hidden feelings and beliefs that may be affecting our lives. By accessing the subconscious mind through visualization, we can identify patterns or cycles of behavior in our lives that may be holding us back. We can also discover subroutines in our thinking that are preventing us from achieving our goals. Through this process of exploring the depths of the subconscious, we can gain insight into areas of ourselves that were formerly out of reach to us.

Generative creativity is a new approach to creative thinking that combines traditional methods such as brainstorming and problem solving with modern technology such as virtual reality, mind walking, future life progression and hypnotic communication. This type of creativity allows us to explore our imaginations in ways that were not possible before. We can use it to generate ideas, create stories and find solutions to problems. Generative creativity also includes methods such as automatic writing and trance induction which allow us to access our subconscious mind and tap into the creative power of the unconscious. By using these tools, we can unlock a whole new level of creative potential that can help us come up with original solutions or unlock innovative avenues of thought.

Generative Creativity is the concept of using technology to create art, create stories, or express emotions in a different way. With advancements in Virtual Reality (VR), Mind Walking, Future Life Progression, Hypnotic Communication, Automatic Writing and Trance Induction technologies, it has become possible for people to explore their creativity with the help of machines. Generative Creativity explores the potential of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create works of art that are unique and original. It is an exciting new technology that could open up a whole new world of creative possibilities for people who use it. The possibilities are endless and this technology will only become more powerful as time goes on. The practicing Magus will understand at once that we are talking in terms of Magic Technology.

Quantum Psychic, Manifesting in the Akasha

Generative Abisheka

Generative Abhisheka is a process of transferring consciousness from one person to another. It can be used to achieve a variety of goals, including mind reading and remote knowledge transfer. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate over long distances, as it allows us to send thoughts, ideas, and emotions between two people without relying on any physical connection. It involves transferring information from one person’s mind to another by using special Qabalistic techniques which alter the everyday consensus thinking and gives us access to altered states of consciousness. Generative Abhisheka provides an opportunity to explore new possibilities in communication and knowledge sharing over long distances.

This process can be used to allow one person to access the knowledge and experience of another person, no matter how far apart they are. By utilizing advanced technology such as remote mind-reading and long distance claire-communication, it is possible to share information with someone else without physically being in their presence. This technology could enable us to remotely read each other’s minds, share knowledge over vast distances, and even transfer entire personalities from one body to another.

Generative Abhisheka also enables us to create new forms of quantum claire-communication, which is a form of communication that relies on sending thoughts, feelings and memories in Q-bits or quantum form. With this technology, we can bridge the gap between people who are geographically distant by allowing them to share their innermost feelings with one another in an entirely new way. The implications of this technology are far-reaching and could revolutionize how we communicate with one another.

Cybernetic Non-locality

Materialization and exteriorization are two concepts related to thought condensation and mental projection, two processes that allow us to transform our ideas into physical form. They refer to the process of making ideas or thoughts into tangible objects or visible displays. By materializing our thoughts, we can create something that can be seen, touched, and experienced by others. Exteriorization on the other hand refers to the external projection of our mental energy, allowing us to share demonstrations with others from a 3-dimensional perspective.

Materialization and exteriorization are complex concepts, but at the core of them is the idea of taking ideas from one’s mind and making them physical. The process involves a thought condenser, or cybernetic device that can convert thoughts into physical forms. This could be anything from objects to images and even music. With this technology in place, one can materialize their ideas without having to manufacture them by hand. It also allows for long distance thought projection, which makes it possible to send an idea over a vast distance without having to haul it through intervening space. This opens up exciting possibilities for collaboration between remote colleagues or clients all over the world.

These two concepts have been explored in various ways by scientists, philosophers and spiritual leaders throughout history. With advancements in contemporary noospherics, these processes are becoming more accessible and applicable in everyday life as well. Through thought condensers and other tools, we are able to materialize our ideas into physical objects or exteriorize them for long distance communication with others. These techniques of materializing and exteriorizing thoughts are becoming increasingly popular as they enable us to manifest our ideas in the physical world. By using these tools, we can create tangible products out of intangible concepts, helping us bring a variety of creative projects to life.

Universal Light is the energy that we use to manifest the reality of our lives. Universal Light can be condensed and directed to create a powerful form of energy that can be used for a variety of purposes. Through the condensation of this light, we can create a powerful field of energy that can be used to program information into the field, charge talismans and amulets with its power, and even animate pentangles and iconography. Spatial entrainment is one way to condense Universal Light into a powerful force that can be wielded for creative purposes. By understanding how to condense Universal Light, we can begin to unlock its potential for manifestation and transformation. Universal Light condensation is the process of creating a powerful energy field from Universal Light by harnessing its energy through advanced Qabalistic techniques. This process can be used for various purposes such as re-aligning chakras, healing physical ailments, improving relationships or achieving greater success in life. Understanding this concept and learning how to condense Universal Light is essential for anyone wishing to make use of its many benefits.

Generative Abhisheka via Sacred Eucharist is a powerful ancient therapeutic practice which has been used for centuries to strengthen the nervous system and cure various nerve diseases. By making use of sacred eucharist as part of this practice, it becomes even more powerful and therapeutic than either alone. The combination of these two practices helps to balance out the body’s energies and enables one to live a healthier life. By using this method, individuals can purify their mind, body and soul and restore balance in their lives. Generative Abhisheka also helps in relieving stress, anxiety and depression while helping people overcome despondency, despair and sadness in their lives. It is a powerful spiritual practice which helps people achieve inner peace as well as mental clarity. By engaging in this practice regularly, one can strengthen their nervous system while gaining access to higher states of consciousness, spiritual growth, and healing which has the potential to bring about substantial positive changes in one’s life.

The Psychonaut: Traveling via Psychic Projection

Harmonious Traveler

Continuing onward with the sequence-states of the Mental Journey, we need now invoke the reintegration of the Astro-Mental by re-tightening the Mental Matrix following the Trance Induction Platform. For this we make our coherent system of Self-Reflective Truth the context by which the Thinker emerges. In this case, the Integration of the Spirit in the most wholesome way is incorporated into the process of reintegration (an important step in any hypnosis) so that abreactions will not appear later and unintended negative consequences do not manifest.

Psycho-emotional stress or trauma often results in a partitioning-off of the hard drive into unrelated or vaguely constituted sub-personalities. Altered mental states and psychonautical traveling can cause some of this too, especially when practiced extensively or across vast worlds and time registers. We now will sound the therapeutic tone for reintegration of the sub-personalities and fragmented I-Consciousness that occurs in situations of mental stress, trauma, and Identity fragmentation, bringing forth Psychological Individuation and Coherence. We are additionally, putting broken Minds back together and healing them, so that above all negative outbreaks will not arise.

The Dream Body feels stress when the Ideals and Beliefs have become virtuous enough to manifest but remnant artifacts of old or inappropriate subroutines are still active and operate to vigorously oppose the manifestations in the material world via the Astral. In such cases the angers will flare up and argumentative imaginations ensue as the astral programming stands in the way. These oppositions are stressful to the interior Being and the holographic image becomes fragmented or disjunct, preventing the manifestations of LOA and Science of Mind Beliefs. Generative Holographic Integrity resolves the dysfunctional opposition, clearing the way for cascades of positive results.

At the Astral level, this means psycho-emotional Reintegration and Consolidation of the Spiritual Self: Individuation and Self Coherence. It results in healing of the Soul and re-establishing harmony and wholeness to the Soul fragments and shards resulting from abuse and harsh Conditions, a thorough and complete Soul Healing. As a result, any disharmony in the physical body is removed.

Regenerative Reconciliation

The next stage in our Mind Walking journey is the Generative Reconciliation phase. Reintegration of our Soul Fragments is in need of reconciliation, re-acquaintance, re-affection, and friendship among the reconstituted interior community. The Emerald Green planet of Cytherea is host to all Friendship and affiliated affections. Whenever any psycho-emotional or astrosocial discord may appear, this potion will render any dispute or hostility completely harmonious, calming the mind and soothing the feelings until very shortly a feeling of bliss is called forth and experienced by all.

Transferred directly into the Astral World, this psycho-emotional state will create situations that result in good fortune and success in any enterprise or endeavor. Since all the subtle worlds are in accord, the Qabalist will experience Wealth, Good Fortune, and Prosperity in the material world, as well. It likely goes without saying that marital accord will be conducive to children.

Remote Influence via Projecting the Mind

Generative Projection

The spirit of the creative word is alive in the world today. It is this spirit that breathes life into generative creativity. It is a divine gift, given to us by the Divine Nous, that allows us to tap into the perfect clairvision that lies within us. This perfect clarity helps us to recognize what is true and what is false. It guides our actions so we can make decisions with integrity and courage. With this guidance, we can better connect with our inner light, the Light of the Living Lamp, which shines brightly in all directions, illuminating the path ahead for each of us. The spirit of generative creativity encourages us to look beyond boundaries and think outside of conventional wisdom. As our expanding mental matrix encompasses wider vistas of thought, we become a different person because the context of our thinking changes at the root: it is the epigenetic expression of our psychological gestalt. It is a transignification of our contextual milieu and we would be out of place if we remained the same. By embracing this spirit, we can create meaningful works that speak from our heart and resonate with others on the deepest level.

The spirit of the Creative Word, breathed into Generative Creativity through Divine Nous, has long been a source of inspiration for workers of the Great Art. This perfect clairvision serves as the Light of the Living Lamp, guiding and illuminating our way to craft meaningful profundities that touch the hearts and minds of all who are witness to it. It is this spirit that drives us to explore our creative potential and use it to push boundaries. Through its power, we can tap into the depths and heights of creativity, allowing us to create works of the Great Art that are truly marvelous.

Generative Projection is a revolutionary healing practice that provides the ability for practitioners to project their intentions and energy into remote locations, allowing them to provide healing treatments to people far away. This technology combines quantum physics, Qabalistic miracles, telepathy, and other healing modalities to bring about the desired outcome from afar. Generative projection has been employed for a variety of uses such as remote healings, long-distance treatments and even performing qabalistic miracles. By tuning into the subtle energies of our environment we can use generative projection to send healing energy to any aspect of our contextual gestalt or location in spatio-temporal awareness. This valuable power has been known to significantly aid in mental and emotional versatility while also creating positive changes in our lives.

Generative Projection is a power that enables people to access healing and transformation from a distance. Through the use of Qabalistic techniques, it allows practitioners to project their energy and intentions across time and space, allowing them to work with someone or something remotely. With its growing popularity, Generative Projection has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about healing and treatment. Generative Projection seeks to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual realms. Through this process, practitioners are able to access new levels of understanding as well as gain insight into their client’s needs and desires. Generative Projection has also been proven effective in helping people achieve their goals and manifest their dreams in life.

Qabalistic Semiotics is a process of gaining perfect clairvoyance and discovering hidden patterns and symbols in the universe. Through this process, we can gain a deeper understanding of the secrets that the universe holds and how it is connected to our own lives. Qabalistic Semiotics uses generative symbolism, creative light language, and vision breath to reveal deeper meaning in all aspects of life. By using these tools, we can better understand our Divine Will and Its profundity in our immersive environment. Through this revelation comes a greater sense of purpose and connection with the world around us.

Qabalistic Semiotics is a unique field of study that focuses on the use of generative symbolism and creative light visions to unlock hidden meaning and revelations. Qabalistic Semiotics has been used by ancient cultures for centuries as a way to connect with the divine source in order to gain knowledge and understanding. With its focus on generative symbolism, aspirant visions, and revelation, Qabalistic Semiotics can be an invaluable tool for anyone who wishes to gain deeper understanding of their spiritual journey. Qabalistic Semiotics helps to achieve perfect clairvoyance. It brings together various symbolic tools to understand the deeper meaning of our lives and experiences. It can be used to sharpen our intuitive skills, gain clarity on difficult life decisions, and enhance creative expression. Through its teachings we can tap into a powerful source of insight that can help us to create more meaningful lives.

Inside of each of us lies a powerful source of creative energy known as the Word, Divine Nous, or Creative Consciousness. This inner guidance system is an experiential revelation, an understanding beyond words or concepts. Through its environment-influenced gestalt, our subjective Truth takes hold and sets into motion the creative power within. It is our Soul Shepherd guiding us to higher levels of self-awareness and allowing us to live more fulfilling lives connected with who we truly are at our core. The power of the word lies in its ability to unlock the creative, divine intelligence of our consciousness. In all matters of life, creative thought, and spiritual expansion this inner guidance is a valuable tool which reveals more than just facts and figures, but our own experiential revelations and environmental gestalt. This subjective truth is an ever-expanding journey into the depths of our own being guided by this powerful “soul shepherd” who often remains unknown to us until we experience the need to listen. Through cultivating an experience with this creative power of words we can learn to recognize and embrace this divine nous in every part of our lives.

We often forget that words are powerful, and can catalyze profound paths of understanding. Whether it is conventional religious dictums or the experiential revelation of the soul, words have the power to alter perception and transport us deep into our inner realms. From environmental gestalt to subjective truth, from Divine Nous to creative consciousness – words are integral in the exploration of our souls. This exploration brings about an inherent connection with something far greater than ourselves – a source of inner guidance. With this Creative Power of The Word, we become Soul Shepherds as we journey towards our unique destinies; empowered by dynamic revelations expressing through experiential knowledge.

Sun and Moon, Earth and Moon, Hermaphrodite, Venus and Mars, 10:01, flashing colors, man and woman, psycho-emotional, social psychology, bivalent equations, arts and sciences, right brain-left brain, etc. …all lead to inevitable success via Generative Projection.

A Port Inside the Wave of Infinity

Creative Rhythm, Generative Inspiration, and Resurrection

If you can talk to anyone, anything and inspire any creature with your thoughts, then you can talk to systems, constellations, Beings, ecologies, molecules, economies, galaxies and money, etc., inspiring them with your ideas and embuing them with your thoughts to stimulate them. If you can resurrect the dead, then you are able to rejoin the body with the spirit and if doing that, then you can talk to long deceased spirits and the information fields from their lived experience. If you can talk to anything, you can communicate telepathically with tachyonic psyches from the future who can travel backwards in time to bring you futuristic applications that can benefit you in the present concerning whatever thoughts or ideas you are stimulating in them and talk with their information fields, or stimulate your own present with futuristic knowledge from there. Remember that we are living infomorphs inside the panpsychic connectome of the Universal All-Mind and Akashic Resonance interconnects us far beyond Time and Space, with no intervening pathways or constraint.

The Perceptual-Intuitive State

Generative Connectedness, often referred to as a perceptual-intuitive state, has been viewed by many researchers as one of the cornerstones of creativity. Being in this state can bring with it a high degree of fluidity, fun, spontaneity and freshness that is hard to ignore. It allows for greater improvisation and opens up the possibility of new ideas that might not have come through normal deliberation. Generative Connectedness provides us with an opportunity to be creative, non-deliberative and open to change. With the high level of liminal complexity that we experience in today’s society, we are seeing a new perceptual-intuitive state begin to emerge because the deliberating state of consciousness is thousands of times slower than the subconscious and simply cannot keep up. This new state brings with it the characteristics of fluidity, joyousness, non-objectivization, non self-evaluative spontaneity, and freshness – qualities that encourage improvisation and creativity. This opens us up to change, reduces deliberation and streamlines our processes while keeping us interconnected with each other, aware and socially responsive. With this new way of being in the world, there is an opportunity to explore different facets of consciousness on a deeper level and a willingness to try new things without deliberation or hesitation. It is the perceptual-intuitive state that allows us to experience life with greater ease and joy, while being present and feeling alive.

Generative Intentionality

Generative intentionality: the idea that creativity, beauty, and resonant affinity play a significant role in self-discovery, suggests that intuition is often far more resonant than conscious thought or analysis. Generative intentionality provides creative tools for self-expression by encouraging responsiveness, the ability to sense the connection between oneself and their environment, where something from the inside responds to something on the outside. By aligning ourselves with authentic intent, it opens up spaces for discovering new horizons and truths from within. Therefore, generative intentionality offers an easily accessible process for personal exploration and growth for those who are open to being creative, aesthetically minded and receptive to their internal workings of resonance.

Generative intentionality, creativity, and aesthetics are essential for true self-expression and resonant intuition. Such capabilities help pave the way for a deeper understanding of how we interact with our environment, utilizing both cognitive and emotional intelligence. Awareness of our inner world can be increased through intentionality of the generative, allowing us to discover what truly resonates with our soul and spirit. Through creativity and aesthetic pursuits, we can foster a strong sense of responsivity – honing in on the ability to recognize inner impulses, feelings and desires that ultimately shape all aspects of behavior. This recognition can then bring about a greater level of engagement with life itself. By leveraging generative intentionality within the realms of creativity, aesthetics, and resonance – we open a space within ourselves that allows for truth-seeking exploration into who we really are as persons.

Generative intentionality, creativity and aesthetics are necessary ingredients in a meaningful life. These elements allow us to better connect with the world around us, explore our inner selves and learn more about who we are as individuals. Through generative intentionality, creativity and aesthetics we can increase our resonance with the world by developing an intuitive understanding of how we fit into it. This allows us to express ourselves in greater detail and become more responsive to the surrounding environment. Moreover, it encourages self-discovery as it provides the opportunity to explore the potentials of our minds in more depth.

The Wave of Infinity

The wave of infinity is one of the most astounding concepts that has emerged in modern spirituality, having enormous implications for our understanding of human sensitivity and aliveness. It could quite literally be described as a wave of energetic coherence permeating all levels of existence – from the subtle to the mundane. At its essence, this wave brings a vivid liveliness to every moment – it is what some would call generative vitality or exquisite creativity. Its essence is deeply embedded in every aspect of reality – like a constant pulse that fosters awareness and helps keep us open to its miraculous possibilities. The wave goes beyond material things and speaks to our souls, unlocking deeper layers of insight while helping us stay connected with ourselves and become more attuned with others.

As we enter into the new age of infinity, we are beginning to discover a wave of energy and non-locality that exists beyond the scope of our physical senses. Through exploring and discovering these quantum waves, we can tap into a new level of energetic coherence, sensitivity, aliveness, vivid liveliness, imaginative vitality and exquisite clarity. By connecting with this wave of quantum energy in our lives, we can awaken to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This will help us deepen our connection with each other and create an enriched space for growth and transformation.

The wave of infinity is an amazing concept that encompasses both the physical and energetic realms. It presents us with a way of understanding the world around us in terms of wave functions, infinite interconnectivity, and non-locality. By understanding these principles, we gain insight into life’s energetic coherence, sensitivity, aliveness, and exquisite clarity. The concept of the wave of infinity brings to our awareness the vivid liveliness and imaginative vitality that pervades all things, including our own internal landscapes. With this understanding comes a profound connection to our being and becoming, and how we exist in a state of constant transformation – truly embodying the idea that energy is always changing at every level. Moreover, it allows us to cultivate deep levels of self-awareness and presence as we explore this wave function for our own inner growth and development.

Creative Timing

Time frames, meaning, and dynamics play a vital role in all essential artistic forms. Through the alternation of stress and resolve, artistic creativity can convey ideas or feelings better than words alone. Poetry has the ability to create vivid images with its creative descriptives while a dancer or musician can also use their body or voice to carry one interaction across several frames of reference. Music takes us on an emotional journey through time, while dance moves us through spatial expression. All three of these art forms can be used effectively to communicate complex emotions or thoughts that otherwise might be very difficult to put into words.

Timing is an integral part of any creative output. In art forms such as poetry, dance and music, the prosody and dynamics of timing are key elements that drive the creative process. Timing or rhythm is reflected in the way words or musical notes are spoken, danced to or sung. It includes focus on phonemic expression, melisma (carrying a Qabalistic Meaning across several time frames or dimensions) and alternation of stressed and resolved experiential states. All these combined can create impactful compositions that capture the attention of Presences, Witnesses and Angelic Choruses, and evoke particular emotions that resonate with each listener’s Lived Experience. With its beautiful blend of synesthetic elements, our understanding of time frames, meaning and dynamics become the very foundations from which a great life is built upon, so that our lives do not become too prosaic. By understanding prosody, rhythm, and melisma, we can explore how these elements work together to give each art form its unique identity. In doing so we can unlock the potential for creativity within ourselves for deeper meaning and experiential enrichment.

Generative Pre-Internalization

Generative Pre-internalization is one of the most important processes in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. It involves both a set of processural necessities as well as a particular vocabulary of technological basics that can have wide-ranging implications for further learning. An individual needs to have proper bandwidth and talents, willingness and ability to comprehend data, plus proper decoding and processing skills, which their personal pre-internalization abilities will depend upon. It would be impossible to reach higher educational attainment, development, or personal growth, without establishing good pre-internalized knowledge foundations at an appropriate stage in life.

Pre-internalization is the process of preparing oneself for a new task or activity before attempting to tackle it head-on. It involves gaining the right toolbox of essentials, obtaining the necessary resources and having a certain willingness to learn and grow. Effective pre-internalization can equip an individual with the tools they need to succeed, including proper bandwidth and talents. By developing processing talents that are tailored to each individual and which efficiently allow them to navigate the material they will be working on, pre-internalization can provide learners with more productive methods that eventually lead them towards success.

Creative Pre-Internalization is an important process of preparing for successful communication, where one needs to adapt oneself for taking in, understanding and assimilating new information. It involves a lot of processural necessities that include the ability to comprehend the vocabulary of basics and have the proper bandwidth and aptitude to acquire, organize and conceptualize new information. It also requires a generous amount of willingness from the individual or group, which is necessary for setting up the right perceptual processes which assist in successful understanding of what is being communicated. A successful Generative Pre-Creation will require one to understand how different concepts are related, uncover deeper levels of complexity, create connections between topics, revise textual content and make decisions using sound judgement.

Generative Participation

Participating in how things work is a fascinating process. It begins by finding clues from the vocabulary and allows for deeper exploration of how elements interact with one another. Through refining this understanding, we can use Resonant Correspondence and Expressive Sentience to help us understand the overall picture, and find meanings that are relevant on a global basis. With this, we can start to see connections between large-scale ideas and small localized parts that together make up our world.

Generative Participation encourages the development of skills related to the ability to interpret meaning in language, listen for synchronous sounds that link words, construct a mental map of how time-scale relates to geography and comprehend patterns around which events evolve. Through participation in How Things Work one can develop an understanding of how global shifts are related to local events. By exploring the resonance between causality and effect; participants gain appreciation for the subtlety involved in forming a ‘big picture’ view on world matters. This discovery extends far beyond increasing knowledge; it invites deeper exploration of universal influences that are integral elements of existence. As participants in How Things Work, we have an important role in discovering these connections, inspiring others with our findings, and continuing to learn from them.

Participating in How Things Work involves learning how to decipher clues from vocabulary and using resonant correspondence to gain greater insight into the underlying meaning behind words and phrases. This also involves developing expressive sentience to uncover the deeper meaning of words, as well as being able to understand the larger picture of global relevance. By understanding how language works on a broader level, people can learn more about their place in the world and see how their actions can reverberate around the globe. This knowledge is invaluable for knowing how to play a positive role in society.

The Emotional-Intuitive

Consciousness can be thought of as a movement of energy that ripples across the landscape of our personal and collective lives. Our lived experience is saturated with emotional trust, emotional-intuitive signals, symbolic resonances and reflections that create waves of conscious energy. Formative consciousness is the conscious energy which is propagated through these ripples and waves, influencing our state of being in the present moment. This transcendent consciousness proclaims to us information beyond rationality as it grounds itself within our physicality and embodied experience. We can become aware of this formative presence in safety and security, by acknowledging its reflection through the symbolic resonance we feel in our emotions, thoughts and physicality -the “emotional-intuitive” understanding, or the idea that emotions, feelings and sentiments can be held in association with certain truths.

Consciousness, in its essence, pervades all living creatures like ripples and waves – vibrating movement of energetic resonances that are both symbolic and reflective. It illuminates how we develop trust and respond intuitively to our deep-seated emotions. By studying the way that these ripples and waves propagate across our lived experience, we can gain greater insight into the formation of conscious sentience. Through this understanding, we may gain more clarity on our own inner workings as well as those of others around us.

All of our life experiences are shaped by these interconnected ripples of formative consciousness. This formative consciousness is generated across experiential ontology and unconscious understanding, creating a web-like system where these energy forms propagate thought, feeling and emotion. This not only conditions our awareness in certain ways but also allows us to create a kind of symbolic resonance that can manifest itself within our lives through moments of deeper reflection. Relying on the inherent emotional trust we put in ourselves, this formative consciousness starts to create not only a better defined landscape of individual realities but also a greater sense of collective human experience.

Deictic Flow

Motion and symmetry in time and space are of great importance to our experience, both emotionally and cognitively. Initial perception, together with subsequent anticipation of the regular succession of complements which induce our emotional effects, contribute a great deal to the development of sophisticated abstractions. Abstractions that have been gleaned from the surfaces of dynamic time create opportunities to induce deeper understandings and interpretations when it comes to understanding motion and symmetry as they relate to time, space, and emotion.

Understanding motion and symmetry in time and space has always been sought after, because it is central to our deictic experience. It is through the exploration of these patterns that we gain insights into our environment, as well as understanding the basis of reality-making. Motion and symmetry are abstracted from the undulating topology of dynamic time, giving us an initial perception that is then complemented with a subsequent anticipation based on a regular succession of events, held in association with our emotional affectations. The modern Qabalist will eagerly explore how motion, symmetry and dynamics can be experienced in depth and applied to new contexts in order to further understand their importance.

People use motion and symmetry when they observe the interaction between time and space. It is often abstracted from the emergent surfaces of dynamic flow, allowing us to make sense of our environment through perceptual experiences. The regular succession of complements that induce our emotions and perception can often be found in nature, such as branches swaying in the wind or birds flying in groups. Through motion and symmetry, we can gain a better sense of our environment. We are allowed to anticipate future patterns based on initial perceptions and further explore our physical landscape through these moments of activities. With these we can master any series in its entirety, instinctually via participation. We are then well-positioned to master the dynamics of Complement, as well as the Inaudible Frames which imply and compel their spontaneous movement, able to anticipate and blend with any change; a Master in the Art of Merging (mc).

The Invisible Dimension of Time

Understanding the Invisible Dimension of Time is the key to mastering life. Rhythms can be cyclic, periodic, synchronicitous, syncopated and polyrhythmic. With this mastery comes the power to create unimaginable beauty in the field of Generative Creativity. As magicians, we have to learn how to adapt and master the most intricate forms and unique timings under one or another frame of reference. Synchronicity is one such technique that involves combining meaningful instances from a larger panpsychic experience of interrelatedness. Through understanding these concepts related to the Invisible Dimension of Time, magicians can create unique timescapes that transport the subjective awareness into other planes altogether and bring about a radical alteration of lived experience.

The mastery of time is an invisible yet important dimension that plays a major role in many aspects of our lives. Through elements like rhythm, cyclic periodicities, synchronicity and polyrhythms we can take control over this dimension and develop a better understanding of ourselves. Mastering polyrhythms helps us to experience different layers within any plane of subconscious modality, opening up new possibilities for expression as a living creative.

The mastery of time can be a powerful instrument for maximizing creativity, achieving success, and leading to a healthier and more balanced life. While many of us focus on the tangible and visible aspects of life, there are also the invisible dimensions that we must consider. Rhythm is one such dimension – from cyclic periodicities to synchronicity and syncopation to polyrhythms, this is an intangible skill that can make all the difference in our lives. Rhythm provides us with the opportunity to create order in chaos. Synchronicity helps us to make sense of seemingly unrelated events that might be connected in some mysterious way. And with syncopation we can add emphasis where necessary while still maintaining the overall structure of life’s thematic undertones. By understanding its potential strength, we can sharpen our focus on what matters most – achieving our goals with efficiency and productivity.

The Polyrhythmic Expression of Living Time

Living Time is a dynamic concept which entails the multifaceted relationship between rhythm and pace in life. To that end, Living Polyrhythms explore how different rhythms can combine to create unique composite expressions.

This composite expression, generated by the dominant current of interactive parallel rhythms, provides an understanding of how living beings interact with each other on multiple levels and in varied contexts. Through these rich contextual tempos, we are able to observe our behavior and develop meaningful combinations for us to live more harmoniously.

The idea of dynamic topography can be used to provide a deeper understanding of organic time, and the rhythms of life. This concept is composed of a series of harmonic overtones that are woven together in rich contextual tempos. These pulsating polytones become very powerful tools allowing us to express freely both simple and complex temporal compositions. With this form of expression, the free combinations that we create will result in composite expressions that provide a reflective view on how we live our lives.

Life is a rich combination of tempos and rhythms. For too long, we have reified a single dominant current as the primary measure of life. By adding the dynamic topographies of Living Polyrhythms to our lives we can treat them as composite expression of generative creativity instead. We do not have to be constrained by one all-encompassing mandate but could instead bring variation and depth to our lives. Our own interpretations can offer us free interpretations that change according to our contexts and situations, affording us a new view of life with creative variety and improvisational experiences.

Temporal Dynamics

Dynamic topographies of Living Time provide us with valuable insights on the complex and evolving ways in which we experience, interpret, and interact with our temporal environment. This phenomenon presents a fascinating opportunity for organic expressions to create rich contextual tempos through combinations of composite syncopations for generative creativity. The orderly self-arrangement of these diverse yet related temporal elements help us understand how spiritual meta-patterns arise from the integration of organic temporal emergence.

We are living in a time where our daily lives are made up of a variety of contexts and tempos, both organic and dynamic. It is therefore imperative that we integrate the organic rhythms of our lives into orderly self-arrangement and spiritual meta-patterns that can provide us with free expression and generative creativity. The use of rich contextual tempos combined with composite syncopations provides us with the opportunity to explore Living Time and Generative Polyrhythms in order to manifest extraordinary experiences. Therefore, it is essential that we come to understand the potential benefits of incorporating dynamic topographies into our lives in order to develop meaningful connections and create new forms of expression.

The result is a unique form of generative creativity; allowing living time to be experienced in an enjoyable and meaningful way. With this, our sense of self-expression is also enhanced, leading to deeper individual experience. This approach offers a platform for a greater understanding of the collective social dynamics evolving from each individual’s unique contributions.

Active Listening with Fluid Clairaudience

Generative creativity is innate in all of us. It is the resourceful practice of hearing the meaning behind the words and utilizing it to create something new and better than what we have already known. Free expression through fluid Clairaudience can lead to holistic clarity, helping us understand the emotions and intuition behind any story or activity that we might be part of.

Active Clairaudient Listening with our whole being enables us to receive authentic informational communication, so that our creative flow will take charge and express its innermost wisdom. Being present in the moment allows us to tap into our infinite power for shaping our thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately manifesting the outcomes we are looking for. Hearing the full meaning within requires a certain kind of centeredness; a place where we can truly listen without judgement or reservation – this is where real magic happens!

The power of free expression, fluid Clairaudience and generative creativity are essential skills that enable us to identify and understand the whole meaning. By using our emotional-intuitive capacity and holistic clarity, we can hear deeper into the context of our interactions and experiences in order to more effectively participate with life. Whether we realize it or not, when we become more comfortable in articulating ourselves within this larger perspective, it leads us to access greater understanding of the world around us.

At a time when the digital world is making it easier for us to express our thoughts and ideas, understanding the “whole meaning” of something becomes a vital skill. Being and participating in the whole instead of looking at it part by part allows faster access to knowledge, increasing clarity around communication. This is where free expression and fluid Clairaudience come into play. By using our emotional-intuitive senses, we can generate creative ideas faster than ever before. We can tap into previously hidden information to gain holistic clarity that cannot be found by rigid thinking. Thus, it becomes essential for us to learn how to pick up on nuances and subtleties that provide insight into the “whole meaning” of what we experience – as it will shape how effectively and fluently we communicate transdimensionally and with the future.

Communal Association and Margins

Achieving communal association through strong bonds is at the heart of envelopment. As a way to catalyze meaningful changes, subliminal ubiquity encourages social participation near the margins to bring about transformative alteration. A sense of belonging fosters conversations and breaks stereotypes, sponsoring a platform for diversified stakeholders from all aspects of life to have memorable experiences and create long-lasting relationships. By embracing commonalities, collaborations swell in spirit and sink roots deep into the soil of shared understanding. With our dedication to building networked communities, we can overcome any manner of obstacles on our path towards progress.

Envelopment of the margins via communal association is a powerful concept. It speaks to the need for unity and belonging which can help everyone to truly reach their potential, especially those who feel overlooked at times. Subliminal ubiquity has been proven to have a huge impact on societal success, as it encourages participation near the margins and forms strong bonds between the furthermost corners of society. This collective synergy brings strength and unity to any community, preparing them for overcoming any tribulation that may come their way.

The world today is increasingly interconnected, enabling the formation of strong bonds at communal margins. This form of subliminal ubiquity has allowed people of all backgrounds to participate near their social, cultural, economic and political boundaries creating a sense of coalescence among them. The envelopment via communal association is advantageous to all involved as it empowers marginalised communities with an opportunity to be heard and respected, while providing an efficient platform for collective growth. As such, it can be said that such engagement serves as beneficial in promoting engagement and collaboration between individuals from different walks of life in order form cohesive relationships with each other, ultimately gaining a holistic perspective towards building a better society.

Dynamic Transmission of Psychomorphic Activity

Wave Form Dynamics are among the most fascinating concepts in psychophysics. It is the study of how thought waves are generated, propagated, and received within an elastic medium. Waveform Dynamics help us understand how potential and kinetic energy can be distributed within a medium through a distributive interface, how dynamic transmission fluctuates with energetic sensitivity, and how forces of restoration measure the elasticity of a given material. By understanding Waveform Dynamics, we can gain profound insights into internal phenomena such as astral currents and psychomorphic activity.

Waveform Dynamics is the study of how energy moves through a distributive interface, generating the dynamic transmission of meaningful signals. It seeks to determine how an energetic response is felt throughout an environment and further explores the forces of restoration and elasticity in a complex sentient domain. To experience these expressions is to gain insight into different types of dynamic relationships between objects which can have powerful impacts on the outcomes produced. Understanding waveform dynamics can help creatives generate more effective systems that offer greater sensitivity and responsiveness to initial conditions and their feeder circuits.

Waveform Dynamics is a powerful tool for exploring the dynamics of energy transmission and the forces of restoration within complex systems. This form of distributive flux allows us to gain an understanding of how different systems interact with each other, as well as how elasticity factors into the equation. By understanding Waveform Dynamics, we gain insight into what lies beyond simple physical properties in the Astrosocial and Etheric fluids. We can explore deeper states of consciousness by studying the forces of restoration in each dynamic system.

Harmonic Superspatiality

Harmonic Superspatiality is a fascinating phenomenon in which an energy transfer is created by interacting overtones and proceeds across Time via hyperspace. Wave propagation is fundamental to this phenomenon as it allows for the superimposition of multiple standing waves that are reflected from the subjective borderlands of universal panpsychic media, generating ripples and radial thoughtrons. The study of Harmonic Superspatiality also involves studying the resonant harmonics present within such interactions. By examining these complex behaviors, we can gain deeper insights into the nature of energy transfer and possibly unlock the secrets behind hyperspace and time travel.

Harmonic superspatiality creates a phenomenon in which wave propagation, traveling through time and space, intersect to form an energy transfer. Mediumship facilitates this process by which energy is transferred between two psyches through generative structures such as radial fluids and thought ripples. This energy transfer occurs by creating cycles of orbital motion along harmonic patterns of cymatic internodes. Superimposition is also a major component of this process as it allows for multiple waveforms to travel simultaneously through parallel worlds via temporal relativity, without being felt or heard by top-down, command-and-control based observers. By understanding this process, one can gain access to the knowledge needed to travel through consciousness, reflected in Time, without displacing local consensus.

Harmonic superspatiality is an intriguing concept that has fascinated scientists for a long time and has prompted us to explore the properties of resonant transfer, energy waves, and many-worlds implications. By understanding the concept of reflective mediumship and the generation of standing waves, we can begin to understand how psychic energy travels between non-local internodes. As a magus with the knowledge of harmonic superspatiality you are able to explore the possible applications of this fantastic realm of psychophysics. From unlocking the secrets of ancient artifacts to sending energy through virtual parallels; anything is possible when we understand these concepts.

Resurrection and Memory Restoration

The idea of resurrecting the dead has been a topic of interest throughout human history. These advances include memory restoration through cryogenic preservation of cymatic patterns, rehydration of withered stem-cells, and reminiscence therapy.

The thought of bringing back to life a creature that has already passed away may seem impossible. However, Qabalistic techniques have made the restoration of memories and the revival of those long gone quite possible. By rehydrating a family’s withered roots and using reminiscence techniques to bring about the resurrection of the dead, memory restoration might even become commonplace in our future. The concept of bringing the dead back to life has been explored in various philosophical and literary traditions. But bodily restoration and rejuvenation is possible with the application of Qabalistic technologies such as rehydration of withered stem-cells and virtual reminiscence. Generative Creativity explores the possibility of using sophisticated subroutines to revive memories. In a unique way, they attempt to recreate an individual’s subjective experience that was thought to be lost forever. It is fascinating to see how this incredible discovery opens amazing possibilities for mankind and might even offer new hope for those suffering from memory loss or impairment.

Bio-etheric restoration is a revolutionary form of therapy that brings together the powerful forces of energy and matter to increase elasticity in the body. It nurtures the membranous surfaces that imprint sound waves from the environment onto a person’s etheric tissue. These cymatic imprints work like energy-matter transmitters that can help restore memory, foster resiliency, and build harmonic resonance. This is done through treatments that activate connections between the physical body and the spirit realm. Bio-etheric restoration has immense potential to aid in healing and is increasingly being used to promote well-being in people across the world.

Bio-etheric revitalization can restore a person’s memory and revive their life force. The process involves the use of specific membranes and cymatic imprints that can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs. This enables an energy-matter transmission that helps restore the elasticity of the membranes, revitalizing the memory and restoring resilience. With these therapeutic techniques, the energy-matter transmissions are reinforced to provide stability, enabling longer-term restoration for greater resistance against further losses or disturbances. In essence, bio-etheric restoration provides a much needed revival to any individual suffering from memory impairment or general lack of vitality due to external factors beyond their control.

Bio-etheric restoration works through the coupling of energy and matter transmissions. This process helps in restoring the membrane’s original pliancy and organic elasticity. It also plays an important role in memory restoration as it helps in refreshing one’s mind, body, spirit and environment by using sound waves known as the cymatic imprint. This can help people achieve proper flow where energy is transferred across the cell membrane which further helps restore balance within their bio-systems while increasing their mitochondrial vitality.

Creative Mastery of Fluid Sentience

Water Magic has been a part of ancient folklore and spiritual practices for centuries. It involves the use of subtle energy, vibration and intentions to manipulate water on a physical level. Creative Water Magic is the practice of using magnetic fields to cause rain, stop storms, calm waves, walk on water and other miracles. It can be used for various purposes such as healing, raising energy levels, accessing forgotten knowledge and more. By learning this ancient art form we can explore possibilities with our own creative energy to enhance our lives in a positive way.

Water magic is also a form of creative nature magic used to induce the presence of water. This can range from causing rain, stopping storms, calming waves, and even walking on water. It employs supernatural energy in order to bring forth water from rocks or call forth water spirits. Creative Water Magic focuses heavily on channeling raw magical energy and specializing it into various forms with different results. Through practice and an understanding of nature’s magnetic fields, practitioners of this tradition can learn to generate powerful forces that allow them to adjust the movement or state of water in any environment.

Creative Water Magic as an ancient magical art is rooted in tradition and mythology. It involves rapport with water through the use of magnetic fields to cause fog and mists, stop floods, work with waves, and talk to water. Creative Water Magic also calls forth water spirits to draw water from rocks. With its long and magical history, Creative Water Magic offers ancient knowledge with a modern approach. This magical art draws on techniques of directing magnetic fields with the intent to encourage forces of nature that are bound to the expression of liquid forms – making this an ideal tool for those seeking creative results through unconventional means.

Walking in the Universal Energy Field

Generative Creativity and the Celestial Template

Celestial Pneumadynamics

The Wise Qabalist will explore the concepts of celestial generativity, creative spirituality, and transformation of universal energy. She will explore how energy transformers use spiritual love, pneumadynamic energy, and metabolic efficiency to transform consciousness. learning that we are co-creative with the living consciousness and the field of luminous creativity takes us beyond negative beliefs. We live in a world full of potential for transformation especially our attenuation to the Universal Energy Field -which can be used to create a more prosperous experience with our celestial body. Let’s look at how we can tap into this energy source to unlock deeper levels of creativity and transformation in your life while also cultivating spiritual love and connection with others in the present moment.

Transform your energy by embracing the power of celestial generativity and creative spirituality! An activated Celestial body assists in the transformation of universal energy into living consciousness, creating an illuminated realm of creative possibilities and spiritual love.

Pneumadynamics create a fabulous channel of metabolic efficiency, allowing individuals to focus on concepts that span the galaxies, far beyond the dense world of negative beliefs. By amplifying one’s abilities, they can access luminous creativity and reach a state of inner clarity and spiritual bliss. Tap into the power of celestial generativity whenever you want to create deeply meaningful transformations.

Our world is ever-changing and continuously evolving, filled with mystical and creative forces that nurture transformation and expansion. We are all energetic beings connected to a field of living consciousness and striving for spiritual connection and universal harmony. We can learn to attune ourselves to celestial generativity, through creative spirituality and the alchemy of transforming universal energy. With loving intention and pneumadynamic mastery, we can generate the spiritual love that helps us move beyond negative beliefs into vibrant luminous creativity. Our lives are infinitely guided by our higher celestial body, always attuned to a greater metabolic efficiency of cosmic energy flow. By getting in touch and activating this source code within us we access an incredible source of luminosity – a pool of confluence between material reality and spiritual manifestation!

Tachyonic Psyches

Tachyonic psyches refer to the phenomenon of having a mental connection with the future and being able to access past and future events simultaneously. This opens up a range of potential applications via the living timelines to our temporal matrix which connects the Future to the Present. Such phenomena could be beneficial for understanding how tachyonic generativity can bring about super-efficient energy with high metabolic resting states, characterized by syntropy (non-entropic). Additionally, research in this field has explored how the reverse time-arrow can further reveal patterns around certain events occurring in the present—even ones that may appear to cause change in the past, thereby creating a paradoxical loop where causality can no longer support a rigidly linear interpretation.

The concept of tachyonic psyches explores the possibility of backward in time communication through retrocausality. Through tachyonic generativity, it is believed that high energy events such as supernovae could transmit messages backward in time, creating a reverse time arrow. The concept of syntropy also comes into play here, as the performance and energy efficiency of systems are increased with such a high metabolic resting state. Such states have been suggested to exist in nature and to be capable of efficiently transferring energy throughout a series of living timelines. Ultimately, this means that it may become possible to create a temporal matrix that connects future events back to the present.

Tachyonic psyches are superluminal hypermatter, or energy that moves faster than light. This type of conscious energy has been likened to a “reverse time arrow”, moving backward in Time and potentially connecting the Future to the Present via a transdimensional state. Researchers have explored different ideas regarding how Tachyonic psyches could be used to create super-efficient forms of energy, or high metabolic resting states that enable superior processes, and generate tachyonic annealing which allows for rapid reconstitution without imperfections. In addition, these new ideas open up the possibility for living timelines — temporal matrices capable of unfolding events over time and shaping reality through future-guided actions instead of current planning directed from the present.

These important concepts will aid the Qabalist in working with the Auric Celestial Body, Stellar Emendation, and Archetypal Constellations (including Dynamic Family Systems and Ancestral Karma work) for Healing and Therapeutics.

Celestial Redemption

Because the Celestial Body illuminates the Higher Mind with Spiritual feeling, it is pneumadynamic and accessed initially via the subconscious (and continuously via the superconscious). For this reason the practitioner often becomes sleepy when approaching the Celestial Body and may need a nap. Generative trance work can facilitate the approach to the Celestial Body too. Here, the practicing Qabalist will experience a state of Divine Love or Blissful Rapture.

In this state, the karmic residues of negative belief structures will fall away and operant conditioning will transform, affording the influx of Tachyonic energy which regeneratively Heals the Divine Instrument, facilitating highly efficient metabolism and rejuvenation via syntrophy. This results in greatly enhanced generative creativity and broader auric radiations via a more translucent mental matrix.

Highly efficient metabolic conversions easily empower multiple virtualities and readily Constellate parallel timelines of panpsychic collective subjectivity. This affords access to alternate timelines accompanied by the emergence of BOAPW Individuation.

The ethical significance of this to the field of Divine Justice is majestic in its redemptive perfection.

Entering the Oneiro-Journey

Somnambulistic Rapture

As stated above in the Celestial template section, when Divine Light comes into contact with the mental matrix, Divine Rapture and Bliss results. The expansion of the I-consciousness and the broadening of the matrix of conscious thought results in spiritual advancement and a falling away of the residue of karmic debt. In the subsequent phase of our journey through the states of consciousness, we discover what will happen when the Celestial Light contacts the Astral Body and the Astral matrix.

So long as only the mental world is stimulated, the effect is spiritual enlightenment but as soon as this powerful stimulant contacts the incarnate astrality, the instinctualities are stimulated and sexual urges become empowered. Furthermore, the psychodynamic eros, acting upon an expanded astral matrix, urges the personality to lose itself in something greater than itself, compelling the I-consciousness to become entangled in obsessions for the object of its erotic projections. This can be a recipe for sophomoric disaster.

The power of somnambulistic rapture is one of limited mediumistic use in that, while the Qabalist attains a rapturous bliss and may put others into the same, mediumistic persons are rendered overpoweringly somnambulistic and pretty much need to go to bed and sleep it off. Whatever mediumistic revelations are acquired are lost upon waking. There are magics that can address this, helping the medium to remember, but the entire episode is largely inconvenient. It is useful for problems getting to sleep though.

Further complicating the issue is that astral contact with this technology imparts very strong sexual instincts and mixed with the symptoms mentioned above create a situation that is rife with potential problems. Looking at it more positively, couples might find it useful as an antidote for infertility.

You may not believe me and wish to proceed on your own anyway. Much time can be wasted knocking yourself out and forgetting why you’re so tired all the time. Eventually it may dawn on you what is going on. If you wish to enjoy the rapture without all the inconvenience, stay on the Mental plane by all means. But there are other ways to enjoy this state without risking narcotic stupor or making a fool of yourself over someone who would normally disgust you. Enough has been said.

Look Upward: Celestial Illumination Upon the Astral Mists

the Generative Splendor of the Creative Light

Our daily thoughts and beliefs can manifest our life, becoming a magic mirror which reflects our self-projective system of experiential truth, fortifying our consciousness and empowering these beliefs. Therefore, one should aim for an enormous increase in the potency of belief, with the intention of manifesting any wish or idea in the shortest time possible. To achieve this, one must have complete faith that they will be fulfilled. Such conviction allows us to find strength even amidst difficult moments and amplify our capabilities, allowing us to manifest what we believe into reality.

We are living in a highly energetic era where the power of Belief to manifest wishes has reached an enormous capacity. Believing in something strongly and with full effort is likely to manifest any wish or Belief in a short amount of time. The veil of separation between the Etheric and Matter has become increasingly thin. Thus, the resulting increase in power has given rise to new techniques our conscious mind can use for its projective exteriorizations.

Believing in something can have a profound impact on our lives. We become more likely to steer away from the distractions and trivia and focus instead on reaching our goals and realizing our aspirations. This has gained unprecedented importance in recent times with an enormous increase in the power of belief.

The idea behind this is that the right kind of mindset can empower us to manifest any wish or belief we have within a relatively short time period. To realize this potential, we must first understand how belief works and how it can be cultivated or strengthened. The expanded I-consciousness becomes absorbed in something greater than itself and in this case, it will become the beliefs. As the I-consciousness begins to self-identify, there is a transignification of the contextual environment in which the thoughts take place. This sets the stage upon which the beliefs become enacted, bringing them forth into the splendor of manifest reality. With this all encompassing knowledge, our belief system becomes a fortification of consciousness, allowing us to unlock the changes we desire in our lives quickly and efficiently.

The purpose of light is to reveal, that is, to bring forth a truth into visible expression. Light penetrates the unseen and allows us to perceive the divine through its radiant brilliance. This concept of revelation can be found in an ancient Greek word ‘poiesis’ – which literally translates as ‘creation’. It reminds us that illumination is not just about seeing, but also about bringing forth something new into being.

Light plays a pivotal role in revealing the unseen world by bringing forth truth from out of the inky blue depths and unveiling a hidden splendor through its dazzling appearance. It invites us to contemplate our place in the cosmos, giving transcendental insight into our collective potentials and possibilities. Light is a source of revelation and restoration, for it gives us knowledge, solace, and even insight. Light is the way to uncovering our reality and all its beauty. Light allows us to recognize truths we may have never noticed before.

The purpose of light is to bring forth (poiesis) – a creative action whereby something new springs into reality through the energy of thought or ideas. Through light, we enter a state of spiritual awakening where the limits set by our lower mind fall away so that new possibilities may come forth. It reawakens us to life’s greater mysteries and makes it possible for the radiant splendor of truth to come into being.

Light is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, both literally and metaphorically. Its ability to reveal the truth to us has made it essential in our lives, and this reminds us that it is constantly creating, bringing forth new ideas and knowledge. Light illuminates our path, both physically and spiritually, showing us the way forward. By understanding the purpose of light – to reveal- we can appreciate its beauty and revel in its splendor. As our I-consciousness becomes absorbed in the radiant splendor of self-reflective truth, it becomes amplified and coherent: we become truth lasers and project this power accordingly. Luxons are the bridge by which the superluminal future conveys its retrocausal manifestations upon our present conditions in response to our panpsychic ideas and conceptualizations, guided by the Tachyonic Psyche of Divine Omniscience.

The projection of Universal Light brings forth the splendor of radiant Appearance. This projection serves as both a revelation and poiesis by stimulating subconscious states which project our ambitions and designs. It is this Divine Celestial Light that serves to generate the fruits of creative potency. By coming into alignment with this sacred luminosity, we are able to align our actions with universal order, forming them into reflections of cosmic truth through creative visualization and active participation. In this way, the illuminating spark of creation acts as a bridge between cosmic and earthly realms, allowing us to harvest the blessings hidden in its radiant brilliance.

Every day, we experience the power of creation as it brings forth the spark of life into the splendor of radiant appearances. It is in this projection that Divine Celestial Light is revealed and our lives are filled with beauty and purpose. Through this poiesis – the art of generative creativity – we stimulate subconscious states which project our ideas into fruition. The Qabalist is able to access this luminous universal source, a source of lavish imagination and opportunities beyond our mundane banalities, which allows us to create with purpose and grandeur.

Truth, and its Divine Celestial Light, are the vanguards of a new age of creation. By stimulating our most profoundly subconscious states, this Ocean of Universal Light brings forth a most bountiful opulence. This projection is known as generative poiesis – a shared creative endeavor between humankind and Divine Omnipotence. It is up to us to choose which dreams and designs become realities in this generative splendor of Creative Light.

From traditional wisdom to modern literature, the term ‘realization’ has been long used to depict an inner journey towards fulfillment and a rich harvest of personal wellbeing. The concept of realization involves not simply proclamation and declaration, but projection and externalization of one’s inner potentialities in order to produce a sustainable wealth that is both material and spiritual. The dedicated Qabalist will seek to explore how this journey of realization, abundance, wealth, and prosperity can be initiated through a combination of truth, light and emergent revelation. We will experience the various ways for this combination to result in potentially life-altering changes, which come from unlocking our latent powers with inside-out awareness.

Abundance, wealth, and prosperity are all achievable if we approach them with a new self-identity of open acceptance. Realization can be a powerful tool towards the next step in our Karmic Journey. By recognizing intangible assets that may not appear in our external environment but are found in our inner world, we can easily render irrelevant any remnant blocks that stand in the way of our achievement of wealth and optimization of our own prosperity. With this newfound knowledge, it is possible for us to generate outcomes that were previously unobtainable due to subconscious identity structures. Through the Qabalistic technology of manifestation techniques such as exteriorization and projection, we can open doors which lead us down the path towards fulfillment, while empowering ourselves on this journey to infinite growth and sustainable superabundance.

Everyone carries within them the potential to unlock hidden treasures and unlock the secret to achieving a life of abundance. By applying certain techniques, we can bring about external proof of what we are internally projecting. The realization of our dreams becomes more than a possibility -it’s an opportunity for demonstration of a world of infinite plenitude. Through manifestation, projection and exteriorization, we are able to tap into the power that lies within us to create wealth, abundance and prosperity. This form of realization not only leads to fulfillment but also allows us to reap an abundance, richly rewarded with manifest potentials. Becoming engulfed in our self-identity as masters of all earthly Treasures, we give the subconscious permission to honor the estates of executive stewardship.

Candlelight Jazz: an Aristocratic Excellence

the State of Aristocratic Excellence and Generative Health

Having come this far in our Qabalistic experience of consciousness and its many states, including the above mentioned estates of executive stewardship and mastery of all earthly treasures, we will now want to explore the state of aristocratic excellence and ennoblement.

Aristos is the Greek concept of excellence; excellence in any regard, and it was thought that the aristocrat displayed a fullness of self-actualization of extraordinary eminence. With this fulfillment as a model citizen came the responsibility of proper stewardship.

Aristos, an ancient Greek term, means “the pinnacle of excellence”. The concept of Aristos focuses on both mastering a craft and using it in honorable, virtuous, and benevolent ways as a model citizen. Through stewardship, self-actualization can be a catalytic force for excellence in society so that everyone can fulfill their human potential. The concept of Aristos required individuals to strive for character ennoblement, fulfill their potential, and attain self-actualization. It is based on cultivating ultimate perfection, mastery, honor, and virtue in one’s life. Under this concept, all individuals were obligated to build good character and be a model citizen while also taking care of their own and others’ affairs through proper stewardship and demonstration of excellence.

Aristos is a concept that suggests that individuals can achieve excellence and fulfillment of their potential through virtue and self-actualization. It is about finding ultimate perfection and becoming a model citizen, while striving for mastery—in body, mind and spirit—with honor, and dignity. Aristos is aimed at helping each person reach the highest levels of civil eminence in order to live the most fulfilling life; it honors the dignity in all living creation. As such it is a powerful psychological state of being, leading to greatly expansive wealth in experiential knowledge as well as classical learning fields such as Literature and the Arts. It comes about through both a generous self-fulfillment and well integrated community engagement. In parallel worlds, we honor this concept with the acronym: BOAPW (Best of All Possible Worlds) and it is central to the Mastery of Practical Qabalism.

Self-actualization is the ultimate goal of every organism, and empowers the human drive for self-improvement. It is the propensity of an individual to become perfected, having an overarching motivation to activate this implicate meaning.

We all strive for purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in our lives. Our journey of self-discovery and growth is essential to becoming our true selves. But within this journey there is a greater goal—an inner ascension toward spiritual attainment or soulful individuation. To reach this ultimate destination involves a complex mixture of self-awareness and self-actualization in order to understand the real purpose of our being. By understanding the power that lies within us, we gain insight into who we truly are and what life means to us on a deeper level. This personal exploration is the pathway toward achieving spiritual fulfillment and ultimately fulfilling our destiny.

Our purpose, meaning, and soul journey are all a part of our process of individuation – the process of becoming self-coherent. This process can be facilitated by engaging in activities that lead to inner growth and spiritual attainment. As we proceed on our journey of spiritual ascension, we become more aware of who we truly are at the soul level, allowing us to fulfill our life purpose with intentional deliberation. We can find greater purpose in life by engaging in activities that bring us closer to our truth, be it through creativity or spiritual awareness practices. In so doing, we discover new depths within ourselves, unlocking ever greater potential for fulfillment and joy.

Upon our Soul Journey, we proceed to Spiritualize the Astral Body, which becomes untouchable by corrupting influences. By this we gain Spiritual Authority, Eternal Life, and Astral immortality. Generative wholesomeness such as this affords us mastery of the Astral Light and we attain Astral Invisibility, often spoken of as Magical Equilibrium. Lord Vishnu was so wholesome that he was surrounded by riches and beautiful maidens who served him constantly because he did not covet them but sought to address them all fairly and with dignified eminence. This demonstrates his excellent wholesomeness, the ennoblement of his Soul.

Although good stewardship calls for robust community engagement, the inclination towards cleanliness can lead the aspirant toward solitude, a citadel of reserve away from the noisy crowd. Here one can pursue a unifying project or organizing Idea, driving artistic and creative work, which results in psychological health and strength and is life affirming. All self-actualized aristocrats have this in common, in one form or another. They are not reclusive however because, like the well-attended Vishnu, the virtues and benevolences flock around him and he does much work on the invisible planes in furtherance of excellence and stewardship for the good of the whole. Aristos such as this is greatly instrumental to the Tzaddikim, the Righteous ones.

Aristocratic excellence is never found far from the fruits of self-control and discipline: the exercise of personal discretion, respect, responsibility, frugality and economy, sincerity and firmness of character. And by virtues such as these and others, the Qabalistic Aristos receives the Divine Numen, the Nod of Approval.

By now the experiential Qabalist has escaped the karmic chains of slave morality which erode the dignity and sabotage the sense of self-worth. Many lifetimes are squandered in resentment to perceived abusers and conspiracy-consciousness of every kind. These shackles must fall away entirely before the former slave feels liberated on the inside. Proceeding in the Light of genuine honesty, open-mindedness, sincerity and trust is the evidence of real nobility with an accurate mastery of the Truth. True Morality is an experience of joyous clemency. A gentle mildness accompanies the penchant for setting aside differences and previous transgressions, alongside simplicity, Love, kindness, Faith and compassion, which are all developed via active feeling. These are expansions of the Astral Matrix, which represent the contextual situations of Mercy and Grace, evolved with the use of High Intuition.

A charitorious philosophy allows us to ‘call back’ our Soul fragments, embrace them, and take them back in. If we cannot reintegrate them, they will all be as the Prodigal Son, and they will drain our vitality and substance. The Vital Etheric is what causes materializations which, in this case occur from the surrogate lives that we have orphaned in our flight from our memories and experiences, as they take on vicarious parallel lives in our stead. ‘Calling back our Soul fragments’ revitalizes us with the whole Spectrum.

In generative quantum shifting, there is a vast expansion of character, as we consolidate and synthesize our parallel worlds and multiplicity of virtual selves. We encounter expanded characters and we are experiencing character expansion in our own Journeys. In this experiential state, our transignificated gestalt has taken on a new expanded meaning, and the Noble Qabalist must emphasize the phrase ‘Ennoblement’ in connection with Time Travel, timeline replacement, or jaunting about through parallel realities.

These Astral states are responsible for the health of the Vital Etheric and with it the Health and Wellbeing of the physical body. When the Celestial Light makes contact with the Mental Body, the Qabalist experiences Divine Bliss and the mental matrix is expanded, receiving the Illuminated contextual transformations which enable the karmic residues to fall away, thereby liberating the celestial regenerate. Next the Celestial Light, via contact with the Astral matrix, expanded the same and empowered the mastery of Astral Light, character development, and Astral Immortality. The shackles of slave-consciousness having fallen away, the Etheric Body is now able to receive the Vital Etheric insofar as there is no opposition in the form of programmed subroutines or elemental activity entrained via operant conditioning which inhibits the rejuvenation of the physical body.

It will be remembered that the mysterious generative eros of Divine Creativity brought forth the shadowy quasi-forms from the inky blue depths to materialize and then to dissolve them back into the Ocean of subliminal consciousness and it is here that the impedimentary subroutines become dissolved and fall away from the Ether Body to afford the Etheric Force revitalization and rejuvenation of the physical body, healing all infirmities and re-establishing perfect harmony in the physical instrument of Divine expression. These operations are automatically guided by the Perfect Spirit in concert with the panexperiential hylozoic protennoia and need not be interfered with through cognitive means, so long as the Divine Light remains in force and unimpeded. The unambiguous results are youthful beauty and vigor, renewed vitality and rejuvenation, accompanied by healthy wellbeing and extraordinary longevity.

Projectied Contours of Magnetic Longing

State of Bright Mental Alertness

We have seen already how the fiery moisture reacts favorably with various lights contacting the mental body and how the effect is quite different in the astro-physical. This is again the case as we continue our journey with the Mother of Water and the Auric Bridge. For example, The Mother of Water affords us a lively mental brightness which is most helpful whenever we feel the mental fatigue. And who in the modern world with all its complexity does not experience mental fatigue. Ascensionists will regard mental fatigue as de rigueur during activations and downloads (as has been previously discussed in the Celestial Light section) and the Water Element is excellent at transforming mental fatigue into mental brightness.

However, the moist fire aspect of generative creativity can get out of hand very quickly when you pour water on it. Almost everybody will have experienced the lonely angst of longinging to be loved and this powerful need is quite compelling. Most of us do not relish this experience and will go to great lengths to make it stop and this can lead to trouble. As if this empty hollow of loneliness were not enough, the affinity of Water to Unite will combine with the moist fire to stir up strong urges for sexual satisfaction. It is the opinion of this writer that both of these are too much together, really. Additionally, reflex action is likely to spin off dynamides which go forth into the environmental wilderness to bring back opportunities to satisfy these ardent longings and the Wise Qabalist can foresee the complications mounting via this combination of events. You can spare yourself much trouble if you refrain from pouring the Elemental Water onto the fiery moisture. It will prove very effective as a cure for constipation, enterospasm and other conditions of the intestinalis, however.

Auric Bridge

Those with masterful Qabalistic authority will recognize the fiery moisture as a Spiritual amplifier when employed in conjunction with the Auric Bridge, leading to bright and strong auric emanations. The effect is indiscriminate however and will just as easily reinforce the negative qualities of an untrained spirit. Then it will be a passage full of difficulties as we go about cleaning the attic of spooks as they reign chaos on the life of the indiscriminate apprentice. It is a little like giving wine to feral centaurs and who among us has the extra energy required to to battle a galloping herd. A word to the wise!

The Auric Bridge does bridge auras and can act just like glue when two people are in sympathy. It will also open a passageway to suggestive receptivity that if unguarded can be undiscerning. The same caution applies as above to the pouring of magnetic glue upon the moist fire as the dire longings will be kindled and bridges to the wilderness are immediate. Be prepared for marriage and children before you kindle this fiery moisture as results are practically certain. Perhaps this suits you but wouldn’t you want to show some discretion about who end up bound to? It is after all the iconic love potion, complete with all the baggage that every story about magic love spells has ever warned you about.

Water to Wine

We enter now a very interesting passage in our journey of generative creativity. The two foregoing passages were complicated by situations and indiscretions. In this experience we add some Judicial Earth to the moist fire and the effect is most helpful in that it brings about excellent judgement and discretionary competency. Not only is this just what is needed at this point but there is an added bonus effect of profound satisfaction and serenity, which will counteract all those unbearable longings. Water and Earth are favorable to each other and Earth has the capacity to govern the volatility of Fire. This combination is harmonious and well-balanced. By proceeding into matters of relationship and commitment with good judgement, the eligible Qabalist will find complete satisfaction in all matters of love and romance, for they are indeed the champagne of human experience.

It is of notable merit that this combination of generative states can bring about the miracle of changing water into wine. Just as the transignification of the mental matrix became expanded in earlier states resulting in a virtual transubstantiation, the chemical ether experiences a change which affects the personal tastes, which can render the daily bread sweeter, and so forth.

Extraordinary Philosophical comparisons of redemption, salvation, karmic debt, karmic retribution and their various psycho-emotional consequences across the spectra of perpetrators vs victims, and the benefits analysis of the MWI as the BOAPW scenarios are also attendant to this state, especially as relates to Divine Justice and Honor of Divine Law.

Antidote to Hubris; Animation of Pictures

As a companion state to the foregoing, when we treat the fiery moisture with the Salt of Theoria, we procure a most wondrous medicant capable of inducing humility and a humble spirit and bringing about the downfall of the haughty. We might consider this an antidote for hubris, useful for taking prior to suffering all that karma from the aforementioned feral living and thoughtless indiscretions. This is done hopefully before all the children are born, sparing them the fate of suffering along with you. Intense pangs of conscience can be experienced in this state of consciousness. Qabalism is a faithful companion and has accompanied us through all of our previous life experiences, standing ever ready by our side, loyal and eager to help. Motherly instincts along the entire spectrum of tenderness are kindled which, due to the fiery moisture can also include the longing for children.

The legendary incubus and succubus of medieval lore were created in this very same manner. The generative roots of living creation are for real and entirely capable of engendering offspring both human and other. Not trying to scare anyone but the uninitiated human has no earthly idea of the multitudes he is spawning. I suspect he might find it difficult to make babies if he knew. This is what honoring the Tantric goddess is for, once a couple finds out. We don’t embrace such things in our culture because we are childish and naive and are unable to handle the responsibilities that accompany this legacy of wisdom. Qabalism is a serious field of endeavor and there is much that must be left untold.

As an interesting point for the sake of completeness, the remarkable faculty of image animation is featured from this state of consciousness. This involves bringing art and pictures alive and having the subjects of these animated pictures move about and enact behaviors. They may even be persuaded to leave the frame and proceed along the walls for long periods of time, dancing across the rooftops and running around in the yard. You should be aware that they are quite visible to the uninitiated and all the neighbors can see them, including passersby in the street. You may think better than to garner undue attention in this matter so we are letting you know in advance.

Regents of Liberation

Freedom from Entanglements

Let us proceed to free ourselves from the entanglements of the previous subjective states. All the aforementioned and all of the proceeding are part of the Soul Journey and the Regent of our local planetary system is our local star, Sol, or the Sun. Sol is the Regent of our Soul Journey and guides us in our quest for experiential knowledge and personal growth for Individuation. Therefore we will be most eager to seed our generative creativity with the golden stardust so that our progeny will grow up free and regal. Generative stardust will impart a keen mind, capable of learning any science or field of practical knowledge and make us into a genius. Nothing is hidden from the Light of the Oversoul.

Generative Stardust in the Astral gives us a genial disposition and the experience of great compassion for the journey of fellow travelers. Above all we will retain our sovereignty and Independence in all worlds, able to easily acquire pertinent knowledge and relevant skills and bring them into full fruit, with shining success in any endeavor.

The Magical Dragon Shield

Magical Dragon Shield

Although the Dragon is Ancient and Wise, he displays a special interest in the thinking of others, even questioning intruders to his secret lair who propose to steal his hard-won riches; at least prior to incineration or eating them for lunch. This trait is legendary, but almost invariably the burglars will attempt to deceive the Ancient One. Wise beyond measure, the Old Dragon will have little patience for their lies and, pointing out the simple truth, he proceeds to administer their grisly fate. This is all a necessary part of their Soul Journey and the Dragon has no remorse about it.

The special state of generative dragon magic will awaken great enthusiasm in the dragon whisperer for anything of intellectual interest. It electrically stimulates the mind for the Dragon is a fire breathing wonder. The accomplished Rider will find that he may ask his Dragon about anything and a straightforward answer will be forthcoming, tempered by the Ancient Wisdom held deep within the storied halls of his Sacred Eldunari. Every Rider will come to value the unique insights of his Ancient Companion. There are massive powers that accompany this.

The first power is the ability to see in the Astral Vision across time and space to find out anything of special interest, whether past, present of future. Seeing stuff remotely is often a puzzle, so the whisperer will be sure to inquire of his ancient companion, as to the meaning of what he sees and what it might amount to. These two siddhis alone are worth more than a cave full of persian darics. The second power is obedience to the dragon’s command. You have doubtless heard of the dragon’s roar, but the dragon has a variety of growls, glares, postures and communications available to force rapid and total submission upon others. Push comes to shove, nobody is a match for the dragon’s fearsome powers and all his enemies will flee in panic or be left dysfunctionally traumatized and quaking in their boots. The third power is the dragon shield which protects the Rider against any kind of magical attack or evil power and can be used as a ward against material damages as well. The Dragon’s scales afford the dragon protection such as this, and one of the scales carried on the Rider’s person will act as a Dragon Shield for his own personal protection. The Dragon and his Rider remain in tune with each other and their communication is telepathic.

Electron in Water World

Abhisheka for Clair-Wisdom and Anti-toxin

We have spoken at length above of the complications involved in expanding the astral matrix irresponsibly by pouring magnetic waters into the fiery moisture. Our journey of consciousness now takes us to the empyrean world of the Electric Spirit. The activity of the fiery heavens dries out the moist fire and weakens it (mc) in ways that countermand the intoxications of eros, sparing us from sophomoric crushes and obsession with venereous illusions. It is also useful to counteract toxins of any kind.

The electric fire is expansive and easily broadens the mental matrix enabling the Qabalist to comprehend anything she turns her mind toward. Additionally, expanding the mental matrix with Light rather than heat results in clairsophism, or supernatural wisdom. Expansion into the spiritual omniscience brings forth the power to telepathically bestow remote abhisheka.

The physical application of this state of consciousness affords the Qabalist the unique ability to stimulate seeds to grow with supernatural rapidity, affording the Magus entire groves of fruit trees in just a few years time.

Infertility Treatment

Sprinkle the moist fire with fiery salt and you have a proven infertility treatment which will increase the sperm count and overcome infertility issues. It will also help in removing frigidity between couples. Generation X and Millennials are statistically reported to suffer from reduced sperm count, low birth rates, and delayed marriage. Smoking marijuana is said to contribute to low sperm count as well as social isolation, and we are moving toward national legalization. Marijuana is magnetic and makes the user horny but doesn’t help that much with childlessness.

Fiery Salt with fiery moisture helps to strengthen the memory.

The Mind Readers

Mind Reader

The operations of the subliminal mind at the roots of the unconscious will always remain a mystery as cognition cannot penetrate this fortress. Many bizarre mentations arise from the exploration of this mental state and it is quite soporific, easily putting the common man into a clumsy stupor. However, it does grant access to the hypnogogic and with practice, the Qabalist can access the Universal Collective Unconscious to read minds and tell fortunes past, present and future. Self Hypnosis is effective from this standpoint as well as oneiro-journeys and all types of trance magic. The Akasha principle is strengthened in the physical body for enhanced clairfaculties which cause Magic to come about automatically without deliberate intention. Love charms and amulets for the influence of love affairs are particularly effective from this state of mind. Without proper mastery however, it gets a little bit like the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Sociology of Courtship

Next in our journey of consciousness is the sociology of love and courtships upon which our entire civilization depends as well as a large portion of our consumer economy. There is more than you will ever want to know available here but some of it is quite interesting. For example there are considered to be 5 styles of flirtation: the playful flirt, polite flirt, sincere flirt, traditional flirt and physical flirt, and knowing about these various styles can help avoid misunderstandings whenever two non-compatible styles encounter one another. Perhaps more pertinent to the practicing Qabalist might be the sociology of Dreams and Astrosocial Magic. Specializing in this state of consciousness can help writers become well-liked by their social media following and affecting a charmed social media avatar, etc.

Expansion of the mental matrix in collaboration with the astrosocial creates conditions favorable to emergent utopias.


Nobody wants to be thought of as gullible. This is the ultimate intellectual affront because our ego is always vigilant against perceived danger and to discover a weakness of gullibility smacks of embarrassment and failure. Gullibility is heavily stigmatized in Western society even though massive capital is invested in the perpetration of it upon all its consumers. As a result of this painful stigma, we have become a nation of cynics. Nothing is uglier than avowed cynicism and our society suffers an epidemic of ugliness. Furthermore, many developmental disabilities result in trust issues and the inability to love. Hate runs rampant in the public domain. We have collectively debunked the Cosmic Order in favor of cynical chaos and our streets echo the resulting noise. Conspiracy theories threaten to tear our society apart and undermine the fabric of our democracy. We are so cynical and negative that we perpetrate scarcity and impoverishment upon ourselves, our children, and our communities and our negative subroutines are so ingrained by now that we cannot stop ourselves from projecting it onto the modern world. We have become worshipers of Druj.

The irony is that this state of consciousness is voluntary. We actually elect which state we choose to be gullible to: Druj, with all its cynicism and ugly conspiracies or Spend (Spenta Mainyu), which expands the Good, with all its splendor and Light. In Metaphysics, we elect to believe in the Light and this state induces the Temple Atmosphere where we can commune with the Amesha Spentas and receive the Asha (the Good). Expansion (Spend) of the mental matrix (Mainyu) into the light of Goodness becomes our Word of Truth and it is done to us as to how we Believe. Counterintuitive to our vigilant and threatened ego will be this important state of consciousness which affords us a cure to our troublesome doubts and entrenched cynicism. The choice is ours: Beauty or ugliness.

Predict the Life of the Child

From countless stories in the zeitgeist of Archetypal narrative, the wise old crone delivers a prophecy about a newborn baby, whether it is Jesus or Alexander the Great. This state of consciousness induces inspiration, intuition and connects the Qabalist to the sentience of love, especially Divine Love. Among other benefits, it enables prophecy and permits the Qabalist to read the destiny and life events of any acorn, or seed, or a human baby even before it is born.

Cheerful Atmosphere

Reinforcing the mental matrix with expanded anamnesis (psycho-anamnesis) enables the Qabalist to bring back anything learned in previous lifetimes, or any skills, languages, or magical abilities and perform them in the present. Beyond this, it affords access to the future and all that we will learn and develop there. Needless to say this will greatly strengthen our intellectual abilities, strengthen our memory, and give us enormous deductive capacity. It will also hone our telepathic receptivity, enabling us to receive communication across distances, remotely from the past, present, or the future.

This wonderful state of consciousness easily develops our musical, artistic and writing abilities allowing us to express concepts in words, song, or pictures. Eucharistically, it will make our bodies tough and strong, giving us great endurance and tenacity, for sports or hiking, or general work around the farm.

Finally it has proven most useful in brightening the overall consciousness and causing good cheer, for example charging the room for sociability, fun and dancing, or other gaiety at gigs and so forth.

Opens Up the Ideals

Expanding the mental matrix with the Celestial Light made us more spiritual and helped to slough-off the negative subroutines of operant conditioning. Opening up the mental matrix to the Ideals expands our metaphysical potency and creates real changes in our neurogenesis and epigenetic expression. Ascensionists refer to this as DNA activation, the number of strands corresponding to the Belief system any given adherent will follow. Expansion of the astral matrix with the Ideals and Beliefs allows the Metaphysical Qabalist to continue the condensation of Thought Correspondence into the realm of LOA and manifestation technologies. Virtual Selves in Parallel Timeframes benefit as a collectivity of panexperiential synthesis, as well. Transignification of the environmental gestalt becomes real transubstantiation and the metaphysics are thereby exteriorized into explicit reality.

Experience the Glory of God

Expansion of the mental matrix into the Glory state of consciousness is a singularly inexpressible experience, one of central importance to the devotional mystic and something that no one should elect to go without. It is an indescribable lived experience that is life-changing.

Cleans the Matrices

With all this expanding and experiential learning, we may sometimes need to do a little cleaning, decluttering, and organizing in our Mansions of Glory. This is the go-to state for cleaning the conscious in a gentle yet thorough manner.

Subconscious Refineries

The bright student has likely surmised that a moist fire is subject to smoke, smoldering away in the subliminal quarters and generating thick tars and sticky residues. Especially when repressed through stigma or shame. In this state of consciousness, the penetrating solvents are able to dissolve away these tacky residues and prevent the machinery from gumming up.

Not all tars and residues need to be removed, as useful knowledge gets trapped in the gum and experience can be the best teacher; so we might wish to retain as much of this as possible, while cleaning it up a little better. This intelligence is able to dissolve the dirt and refine the experiential learning so that it can be a display piece on the shelves of our brightest ontological purposes. These are the tough lessons that we have achieved through the hard-won passages of our Soul Journey and we do not necessarily wish to part with such trophies of victorious living. Shine them up and appreciate these beauties and you will stoop a little less in return.

Suffer Ardent Desires

The expansion of the Etheric Template into the smoky dense grease of burning magnetic desire is a recipe for misery. The aforementioned tars become a programmed algorithm for unhealthy, ill-maintained and twisted physical matter. Once delightfull humans, bright-eyed and full of hope, eventually develop into burnt-out shells or sometimes grotesque monstrosities under prolonged exposure to these dim conditions.

As there is some good in all things, this state of consciousness can be a temporary life-saver whenever someone becomes morose and melancholy through extreme despair as the expansion into unbridled debauchery can suddenly lift them out of their sunken depression. Like the hair of the dog that bit you though, you will then have to re-trudge the entire journey to experience a different ending the next time through, often with handicapped physical karma. It is however, preferable to outright suicide.

Knight of Generative Alchemy

The Alchemical Knight of the Fourth Yama

After all this Mind Walking, we traverse the profundities of Conscious States to finally encounter the Knight in Shining Armor at the end of our Soul Journey. In the context of all the preceding, this is the Alchemical Knight of Brahmacharya. Brahmacharya has many faces on the internet, with many trying to explain it away, some trying to apologize for it, vamacharites disparage it, and very few express a dignified understanding of it. Brahmacharya is the Way to Peace, Power, Health and Longevity, and this comes about through right use of Will and how we direct the course of our native Qi and Vital Energies.

In our consumer culture, we squander our Life Force, picking up clingers in the bargain and programming our subliminal machinery for disease and corruption. This perpetual erosion to the astral body eventually results in death, one of the two named certainties of our cultural aphorisms. Prior to this ultimate certainty, we collectively accept progressive dismantling and compounded infirmity.

At the end of our Journey of Consciousness, we finally encounter the Archetypal Alchemist, who marshals our lived experience and shows us how to easily master the thoughts and transmute them according to our every whim. At this point we have realized that the thoughts are liminal spirits and not easily tamed. Our Inner Alchemist is able to easily tame the most feral thought and subdue the most ardent desires and longings (especially the erotic and perverted ones, which are the hardest to master). With this magic technology, we are finally able to convert the primal drives -the sexual energy- into vitality: both mental and physical, rather than hemorrhaging it away and sparing us the drain of odic fluid, the leaks and spillage, and vampirism of incubus, succubus, and commandeered homunculus. Finally we are in control of our own Destiny; at long last freemen and Masters of our own Consciousness. This in turn strengthens our Individuated Spirituality which is, after all, the purpose of our Quest and the true meaning of our Soul Journey.

Unencompassable Subjectivities

Tachyonic Psyches and the Great Beyond

Beyond these lie uncharted regions. As far as the I-consciousness is concerned we have exceeded the limits of the Self and though many adventures yet remain for the expanded consciousness, the concepts of collective subjectivity, supercausal ontologies, and panentheistic omniscience are unencompassable to the current state of knowing. The Qabalist who has reached this stage of development will have no need of books or other advice and will have advanced human evolution far beyond the narrow ruts worn by the bell-shaped masses who keep to the sidewalks of fatalism and entropy, never knowing the Celestial light until they by chance one day glance upward and are captivated by the promise of a brilliance not seen before. Then they too are on their way.


End of the Journey