About The Azoth of Metaphysical Qabalah

The Azoth are Living Spiritual Agents and they take part Individually or together, as part of Complex Adaptive Networks and Organizations. As such, the Azoth are a Divinely Ordained Spiritual Order, which can act alone, together, or as constituatives within systems, energy fields, information and things. Spiritually Interpenetrating, these partnerships will take on the Tincture of their respective Azoth.

Complex Tree of Life

The Azoth are well-known in Alchemical circles, oft mentioned and rarely so well described, at least not publicly, as they appear herein. The origin and meaning of the term is little-known to others, but it appears that no two descriptions are the same, as if its meaning eludes outside understanding. The word occurs in the writings of many early alchemists, such as Zosimos, Mary the Jewess, Olympiodorus, and Jābir ibn Hayyān (Geber). It is also believed by some that the Azoth began to appear in European Alchemical texts around 1750. The Azoth was thought to be the key to transmuting metals into gold and silver. It was also believed to be the secret ingredient in the famed elixir of eternal life.

Azoth was also believed to be a metaphor for the soul. The alchemists believed that the immortal soul was a substance and could be purified through Qabalistic Alchemical processes. Azoth was also believed to be a metaphor for the Divine spark of Life. The alchemists believed that the divine spark was present in all matter and could be awakened perfected and exalted through Qabalistic development. Certainly, these are things of relevance for today’s world of complexity, and for this reason, the mysteries of Azoth continue to fascinate and intrigue people in our modern times.

In Metaphysical Qabalah, a Hermetic Science, a good general foundation in the Tree of Life is essential and a large portion of the Teachings are composed of two main staples: Spherical Qabalah and the Azoth.