The Sky Blue Tincture

Light and Sound


There is a creative force in the universe that transcends time and space. It is perceptible only by some of us, but it’s there. That creative force is the Shabda Brahma, which led to the creation of this universe. The concept of creation via light and sound is ancient. In the Hindu tradition, it is called “Shabd” which literally means “the Word”. Creation of anything was created by the Word of God, a manifestation of Divine Fiat, which marks the beginning of all things that exist. It is also called “Divine Fiat” in the Catholic Church and “Photismos” (Divine Light) in the Greek Orthodox tradition.

The Shabda Brahma has the power to create anything with sound and light. Shabda Brahma, literally meaning “divine sound,” is the nurturing expression through which all creation takes place. The Divine Sound creates with light and other forces in nature to bring forth new life forms or beings. The metaphysical system of photismos is a creation made using tones of light and sound. It is a form of art that influences aspects of the human mind and conscience.

In Genesis, we are told that we are made in the likeness of God, our Creator. This means that we are Creative as well. In the practice of Qabalistic Azoth, we are also employing the Light, in the form of colors, and Sound, in the form of phonemes, to bring forth our Qabalistic Creations. It should be noted that we are working from a partnership with the Divine and not seeking to cause manifested effects via our own power. As such we are considered to be Instruments of the Divine, not rogues. Metaphysical Qabalah is a Divine Theurgy.

Traditional Shabd begins with the Primal Sound (OM) and then proceeds toward Light. In Qabalistic Alchemy, which is a Western Science, we begin from the Spirit (Fire) and then proceed from Light (Air) toward Sound (Water) in a way that satisfies our psycho-emotional understanding of the Mind. We work from this accord with the Greater Mind, cognizant of our role within the Panpsychic Connectome of which everything is a part.

Mind, in the greater sense, is known as Nous and the smart student will recall that Athena sprang directly from the mind of her father, Zeus, thus acquiring the name ‘Etheonoia’, or ‘from the Mind of God’. Everything about the Sky Blue Azah relates to Athena in this respect, representing Athenian Dianoia, quite honorably.

In Quantum Science, we find non-local interactions, which are superluminal. Superluminal phenomena are not 3 dimensional because, being instantaneous without traversing intervening space, they transcend the laws of classical physics. They are a feature of the A-field (known to us as ‘Akasha’) and rely upon a field of shared information that is what we call Omniscient. The Great Mind, or Panpsychic Connectome is Omniscient and Omnipresent.

Tachyons are faster than light and are superluminal informorphs, or living psyches, instrumental participants of the panpsychic connectome. They operate retrocausally, from the Future, backwards in Time. Tardyons (Bradyons) are 3 dimensional and operate according to the laws of classical physics, which means they operate causally along the arrow of Time, from past towards the Future.

There is no Time or Space for the Photon, which operates in the forever moment of Now and has access to both causal and retrocausal worlds. This system is known as Supercausal and represents the Holy Trinity of Qabalistic Azoth.