Integrated Harmonics in Qabalistic Azoth


Now that we have stretched ourselves out in the magical development of our expanded consciousness, and loosened our matrixes for clair-faculties and mediumistic altered states, floating around the Akasha unbound by Time and Space, and multiplexed our virtual selves to explore the potentials of parallel timelines and past-life regressions, and astral projections of every kind, we need to pull ourselves back together again and the light green tincture of Harmonic Integration is just the medicine we need to become coherent once again.

We traditionally begin with the Holy tetragrammaton and assign each of the tattvas to a letter of the Holy Name: Yod corresponds to Akasha, He corresponds to Mental, Vau corresponds to Astral, and He (final) corresponds to Material. Another way we introduce this concept is with the Circle Squared, where each of the 4 sides of the square represent a tattva and the circle represents the Akashic Spirit. So everything about the light green tincture has analogous correspondences with these and they are seen to be an integrated system, harmonious with the Spirit.

Because this 4-square analogy is so integral in this Azah, we have introduced a system similar to Ken Wilbur’s AQAL, where the square is subdivided into 4 quadrants. AQAL stands for All Quadrants All Lines, in reference to this famous window-shaped diagram. It is noted that the Johari Window analogy preceded AQAL.

The analogy developed from Qabalistic principles is somewhat different in that the figure is taken from our Sacred Geometry logo and represents a metaphysical apalapas. The Qabalistic principles honor the Projective Geometry whereby the point is a complex-reciprocal plane and a line is the intermediary. A further development of Spherical Qabalah relates to the teaching that Planes of Existence have boundaries while Spheres of Influence are infinite. Therefore the metaphysical apalapas would be a metonym of: ‘all points, all lines, all planes (and) all spheres’

Qabalistic Integrity is the mastery of the Four-Square Complement of Will, Intellect, Feeling and Sentience as the Spiritual Expressions of the Akashic, Mental, Astral, and Material Worlds:

Integral Thought Magic

From the spiritual perspective, we are looking at Perfect Thetical Harmony with Nous, the Mind of God and Platonia of Pure Ideals, consistent with a coherent system of subjective truth that is resonant with the reflexivitous gestalt of the panpsychic connectome of all systemic realities and social influences brought forth in a harmonious integrated theology of Divine Arche and pneumapoiesis. This constitutes a very spiritually inspired thought magic that is harmonious, integrated, and regenerative.

Contemplation and constant reflection upon metaphor and the laws of analogy will insure the analogous legitimacy of any idea. This represents a psychological reflexivity that is harmonically integrated with the subjective interior. Thoughts, ideas, states of mind, memories, perceptions, etc., are all in harmony with the agential self as it pursues scientific inquiry into the economics of harmonious integrity, which is dignity-based, and seeks successful connectivity in the holistic world-building of existential phenomenology.

This quest is situational in character, stressing the harmonious integration of Characterological nobility via the Corresponding Elements of Harmonic Resonance: known as Soul Integrity. This involves engagement with cultural values, which are a shared experience, often lying just Beyond the Literal. Community engagement from this perspective occurs in stages: beginning with the village council, and proceeding with role-integration into the clans and their nobility and finally integration into the tribal chiefs. Tribes themselves aggregate into dynamic equilibrium within the feudal empires, from which emerge the early nations. In the modern sense, these entities become corporate states, value-based communities, shared Commons, and holistic meshworks. Membership in all of these is honor-based, measured against the shared values of culture and community. We have entered here into the realm of relationship, which restores life to the wholeness of the Soul, which is socially inclusive and seeks integration and harmony.

All of the foregoing must be integrated and exalted in the material world and instituted via practical application, if we are to achieve any success at fullness and harmony. From this perspective, meaning is derived from the pragmatic context of direct and superficial articulation of an often singular exteriorization: we are working with an ‘it’. We typically approach these articulations via individual action through behavioral influences toward anything the brain or body can see, feel, or touch. The modern perspective on this is one of knowledge and the reframing of knowledge, involving organic states which engage the brain stem and nervous system, the medulla, the prefrontal cortex and employ engineering and technology in the pursuit of achievement. Systemic considerations typically evolve through blind emergence or autopoiesis, from the constraints of initial conditions. The electromagnetic spectrum is the major information field under consideration here.

Dynamic Equilibrium and the Integrated Holarchy

It is our long-standing assertion that all the dynamic energy in liminal systems is concentrated at the margins: these are fluid zones of liminal complexity where systemic orbits achieve escape velocity from one stratum to the next and experience intermittent disequilibrium during the process of recovery. In biotic systems the greatest biodynamic concentrations are found here, at the margins. In a fourfold system of integrated quadrants, there is a central zone of intense fourfold dynamics that make up the core of the individuated Self of that system.

A mixture composed of the light green tincture with the magenta tincture is marvelously auspicious from the Akashic perspective as all the revelations of secret spiritual truth are influenced by Akashic Magenta: the cognition of Complementarity in all forms of existence and a revelation of the Oneness and Unity of all things, transcending their differences in a harmonious non-duality. Perception and cognition of this contributionary completeness is revealed and brought to the fore: the bringing to fullness via perfect supplemental enhancement.

Divine Compresence is bringing a functional wholeness to the panpsychic connectome in the experience of an Archetypal Cosmos, representing its system of government and order via a benevolent collective exterior. This experience is one of a mystical environmental gestalt where everything fulfills a purpose and nothing has been made in vain. This gives one a perception of wholeness in Universal Life, where spiritual beings come forth through pneumapoiesis and the universe is One in spiritual harmony. ‘They’ are our Benefactors and are on our side completely. This experience is profoundly regenerative. At the periphery, where the ‘cell wall’ of the Self interfaces with this benevolent mystical ecology is The Way, a mysterious Living Companion of the enlightened Qabalistic masters.

Become a Qabalistic master of all Laws of Analogy in the mental sphere, especially in any conception of Holonic Analogy. Intentionally psychodynamize any enlightened Holarchy, and have it be guided in the Way of lovingly enlightened Compresence. Any Idea with analogous legitimacy will result in magical response with simultaneous effect in the physical analog. The Qabalist will specialize in seeking, inquiry, and contemplation via metaphor, alongside dynamic action via correspondent analog.

Acquire an integrated facility in the I-consciousness, thoughts, ideas, states of mind, etc., in which the subjective interior of the organic participial complement will then demonstrate perfect regulation of the electromagnetic field; harmoniously, without causing any disturbance. This may transpire from the memories, perceptions, or projected intentions of psychological influences from the Qabalist. These psychological influences from the magical interior affect integrated Tensor Fields in all the Spheres and Planes of phenomenology, including science and economics.

Become a Master of Life and be given supra-ordination in the realm of agency, over components of the circuits of destiny (subordinate to Divine Providence, of course) in the integrated harmony of world-building throughout the entire continuum of mental stages: instinctual, impulsive, enemy consciousness; egocentric, achiever self, sensitive self; magical self, mystical self, and finally the integral self, via the holistic self of transpersonal individuation.

Qabalistic Harmonics grant the ability to dynamize fractal-holonic evolutionary systems in the Astral; integrating them into self-reliant forms of dynamic equilibrium arising spontaneously in all frames, in all phases, and at all magnifications of scale, which stabilize and manage any emerging contingencies both independently and subject to Higher Authority, simultaneously through harmonic resonance and tensor dynamics. The Qabalist can apply these to the astrality of small group dynamics or networked populations via their emerging stages: resolution through the village council, and then via organization into clans, tribes, feudal empires, early nations; corporate states, value communities, integral commons; and finally holistic meshworks. The harmonically integrated double-hermeneutics of culture and community engagement are taking place in the dynamic realm of relationship, of which all these emergent phases partake. The astrodynamic Qabalist will harmonically integrate the full spectrum of these and much, much more.

Working from the collective interior, the Qabalistic Harmonics will set about restoring life to community culture using Soul Integrity, which provides shared meaning just beyond the literal interpretation of norms and folkways. Evoking group harmonics, the cultural Qabalist will charge dynamic holarchies in Providential contextualization for functional complescence (togetherness) and integration via dynamic holons. This is situational in character and depends upon holonic integration of the shared values, meanings, language, relationships and cultural values of the collective interior. Qabalistic Harmonics can evoke dynamic equilibrium in simultaneous coordination with the local environment and Divine Pneuma, via the mastery of virtue and characterological quality, through the employ of corresponding elements from the Four Tattvas in the Astral Kingdom. The Dynamic Qabalist will exercise the faculty of evoking Volts and dynamizing Qabalistic Talismans by employing Qabalistic mastery of the Tetrapolar Magnet. This allows the Qabalistic scholar to attain a faculty of Higher Intuition in the profoundest Mysteries and become acquainted with everything connected to Complement in the Astral Kingdom.

In the realm of material knowledge, related to behavioral influences and individual actions, the Qabalist will acquire knowledge and skill in the resolution of Concurrent Presupposition and master all fields of tension within bundled substance via Togetherness Theory. With this the Qabalist is able to enhance the tensile strength of holonic Complementaries through the fields of teamwork and cooperation in the organic Whole.

Qabalistic Harmonics specialize in physical consecration: the spiritualization of Instrumental Matter, acquiring mastery in all laws of Complement on our earth and giving expression to them Instrumentally. Qabalistic Integration affords the Magus perfect mastery over the physical world of magical engineering and technology, in the reframing of knowledge applied to meanings derived from direct and superficial application to a pragmatic context. Here we are dealing with an ‘It’ in the singular exterior (through the inclusion of hylozoic entification).

We may apply these harmonics via integration throughout the evolving material stages in their emergence, or autopoiesis, as well as dynamically charging and harmonizing any physical substance. We acquire the faculty of wielding our Qabalistic power to remedy any disharmony; in the world at-large via dynamic systems or in the human body via integrated harmony; able to cure any disease of the body or brain, especially through the emergence of organic states: notochord, brainstem, bulb, medulla, limbic system, neocortex, etc. and anything that you can see, feel and touch, and to charge analogous remedies Qabalistically. Furthermore, we obtain the Power of Life and Regulation in the Three Kingdoms of the material world; micro, mezzo, and macro-prosopus, via the Circle Squared, Tetrapolar Magnet, and the Holy Tetragrammaton, along with their Practical Applications.

Integrated Harmonics of Qabalistic Alchemy

In the Akasha, this elaboration embodies all the mysteries of perfect thetical Harmony, with all its aspects. It symbolizes the mystery of self-spiritualization by the Truth, which is our subjective system of self-reflective percepts, gestalts and coherent belief structures. The result enlivens Platonic Life-forms, instantiating regeneration through the Law of Harmonic Integration, across systems of government; cosmic, natural, environmental, structural, or spiritual architecture: the spirituality of ecological inspiration. It bestows the ability for transformation or incorporation of all pure ideals into any form, harmoniously at our discretion. It results in the revelation of esoteric truths and secrets that transcend and surpass the powers of natural reason: the Hidden Way of Inner Comprehension, revealed and believed.

We can adapt (mc) and apply this to ‘Them’, integrating the collective exterior. This empowers instantiated universals in the domain of world-building, affording us a panpsychic connectome of Universal Metaphysics.

Integrated Harmonics in the Akasha provide us with non-locality of Quantum Wholeness; an instantaneous entanglement across Time and Space without intervening contact or medium, which means the lifting of the Individual out of spacetime into a new dimension of eternity (known as Mysterion: the mystery of the 8th Day), into the start of a new eon of human transcendence. These integrated non-local Systems are characterized by feed-forward loops from the retrocausal future (timeloops) which exert social influences via the Akashic Systems.

Integration into these Systems affords us Complex Harmonics through Divine Incarnation, Theosis, and adaptive Unity via Transcendental Living Systems. Harmonic animation of Living Systems leads to Transcendence via Strange Loops (parallel virtualities) and integrated wholeness. The Qabalist experiences Integrated Harmonic Emendation: integrity and rectification of the Soul with the Cosmos and its harmonic constellations, harmonious Eucharistic Koinonia (Eucharistic Epiclesis in harmonious integration of the spiritual attributes in bodily incorporation), environmentally networked Metarrhythmisis and Transubstantiation via harmonious spiritual unification and Henosiological Unity.

At the Mental level, this elaboration affords the Qabalist harmonic influence of the own mental body (or the spirit of somebody else), by resonant laws of analogy in harmony with the analogous legitimacy of any idea. These influences are integrated via Ideal Methexis: mental participation through the activities of seeking, inquiry, and contemplation of metaphor. The I-consciousness relates to the interior singular, which operates in the realm of subjective thoughts, ideas, states of mind, memories, perceptions, etc., and is responsible for the harmonious integration of Psychological (or Intentional) Influence, which brings about Transignification (a change in the underlying reality resulting in a new significance) and leads to Theoria: a Vision of the Uncreated Light. This generally takes place as a Revelation, the vision of God in harmony with subjective noetic ascertainments, from the Divine gnosiological perspective, and which results in integration of the Truth: receptive beholding, integration, and spiritualization of the Ego.

The Qabalist is afforded these benefits by Celestial Influence: emanations from the stars which influence processural rectification of the mental stages: from a baseline of instinctual, impulsive, enemy consciousness; to the egocentric achiever self; then toward the sensitive self, magic self, mystical self, integral self, and finally the holistic self of integrated consciousness. Contemplation of harmonic stellar integration makes one sympathetic with the Tzedekim (who roam the integrated systems performing good works and sponsoring benevolent harmonics in the manifest phenomenology of world-building).

This represents a further elaboration of the aforementioned feed-forward loops and an ongoing sensitivity to fluid conditions of integrated harmony. To accomplish this, the Qabalist will integrate with the mental systems of science and economics, in the great work of constructal emergence, from the realm of poly-agential systems. These are virtual agencies composed of transdimensional infomorphs animating parallel timelines, evoking harmonic non-locality and instantaneous transmission of Information and knowledge-states, across spacetime for benevolent integration within Complex Adaptive Networks.

In the astral body and the astral plane, the Qabalist learns the art of astral impregnation with one of the following virtues and qualities: spiritualized personality and feelings, or emotion; protection from danger, territoriality, modular selves or Multiplicity, and being mentored, especially in the field of magical technology, able to address patterns, subroutines, and liminal programs; through application of the four Tattvas in the astral kingdom. The Qabalist will then be able to achieve Magical Equilibrium, and master any virtue or Characterological modus via the corresponding Element.

By integrating the four aspects of Harmonic Resonance (will, intellect, feeling, and sentience), the harmonic Qabalist will achieve Soul Integrity: the Divine Light shining in the Soul of humankind. Astral integrity results in spiritualization and unification of the psyche, leading to a re-ordination and becoming renewed. This Soul experience is one of consubstantiation: entering into communion with the Word, or Theopoiesis.

The astral Qabalist is afforded a Harmonic Integration into the Eucharist, that is just beyond the boundaries of the literal interpretation, meaning communion with the spiritual-body resulting in astral incorruptibility, astral immortality, and mummification of the astral body alongside control of the astral aura. Untrained recipients may go through a Katharsis. Qabalists familiar with stellar emendation will recognize Apokatastasis (restoration of the Soul; rectification of stars, constellations, and planets), bringing a benevolent influx of planetary energies, affecting transformation and beneficial change in fluctuationaries, those things subject to flow or transition. Metarrhythmisis such as this is dependent upon harmonic induction within the Tonal Ether. Contemplation of the stars and planets results in ascending sanctification, leading to Celestial inhabitation.

We, of the collective interior, experience harmonic relationships and integrated cultural influences: shared values, meanings, communal language, and broad cultural honor. We commune through astral Methexis: synergistic cooperation and group participation in unity with our complementary natures. These experiences are contextual and involve astral systems. Soul integrity involves dynamic systems and brings about order from complexity. This gives new meaning to old expressions which in turn reflect upon new situations which then evolve into ever newer meanings, resulting in an emergent protopia of transignification. Thus our relationship to the whole is perpetually born anew.

In the Material world: the Circle Squared pertains to the analogous simulacrum of Harmonic Epiclesis (calling down of the Divine via the Word) into integrated transformation of mortal substance and the subsequent taking on of Divine nature, which swallows it up in immortality through transformation from one degree of glory to another. It represents partaking of Divine Hypostasis: Harmonic Union and the profundities of Divine Substance and Spirit, appearing under the impressions and percepts of enlivened matter. By these periaptic analogs, the Qabalist is able to enliven the whole of matter and to equip it with spiritual, mental, and astral virtues, powers, etc. Integrated Harmonics allow the Qabalist to reconfigure any material form at will. Integrated Harmonics afford true influence via Qabalistic Alchemy. By “Qabalistic Alchemy” the “Modification of Matter via Kataphathesis (words of Institution)” is understood; which is equivalent to transmuting it verbally.

Harmonic Kataphathesis results in Transubstantiation of material brain and body, as well as anything that you can see, feel, and touch. This means Qabalistic transfiguration of the real atoms vis-à-vis the chemical ether and subsequently, relevant aspects brought about by changing the electronic vibrations of the atoms. Qabalistic Alchemy is bringing about Integrated Metousiosis (transformation of the substance via change in the interior reality of the quarks and their leptonic relationships) and Boson Methexis (relationship of carrier charges to their contextual fields). Integrated Harmonics is affecting Alchemical Metastoicheiosis (trans-elementation) and this is accomplished with the Tetrapolar Magnet and practical applications of the Holy Tetragrammaton.

Material meaning derived from direct and superficial exegesis, or pragmatic context, will no longer apply as new ways of knowing are integrated into the information fields of the spacetime matrix. No longer will there be the formerly objectified ‘It’ of the singular exterior, as it is now replaced by a non-dualistic unity. All emergent phenomena or autopoiesis, is now guided by holistic intelligence, as will be engineering and technology through advanced reframing of knowledge within the realm of Integrated Harmonics. Individual actions are no longer subject to strictly Behavioral influences but are orchestrated as one harmonic system, to integrate with the advanced evolution of the chemical ether.

Material systems: Feedback loops will have become retrocausal and constraint via Systems parameters recognize their integral stability via supercausal strange-attractors of harmonic integrity. Material stages are widely skipped via developmental non-locality, which greatly dignifies the available biodiversity and may be demonstrated by extraordinary genetic divergence and specialization. This is a preliminary to the conquering of entropy. The medicine of immortality will be the Epiousios: the Living Light. Unity in Diversity via Harmonic Integration will become the nutrition of the future, the Superstantial Bread of Life. This is known as Qabalistic Miaphysis/Henophysis (Union without Confusion). Through these, the Harmonic Qabalist is conquering mortality, bringing-forth a new world of liberation from suffering and death.

The Integrated Harmonics of Generative Creativity

In the Akasha, the generative harmonics of integrated creativity represent perfect Thetical Harmony with the self-reflective Truth and its purest ideals. Harmonic integration is the key to the revelation of secret spiritual, mystical, metaphysical, and esoteric knowledge and all data processing involved with the process of creation, or Metaphysical Creativity. Creation via the panpsychic collectome of transcendental living systems involves the integrated harmonics of strange loops and intelligent causality through non-local quantum wholeness, and instantaneous creativity across Time and Space without intervening contact or medium, which influences cosmic systems, government, natural environment, dynamic structure, and collective arche. This influences distributed systems, and Social Creativity via aptly integrated wholeness.

Complex Adaptive Unity, through undetected feed-forward loops from the retrocausal future (timeloops) and other esoteric non-local systems, fuels the cosmic engine of Harmonic Creation, a generative integration with the Ultimate Reality, as a Metaphysical Agency and the chief Metaphysical Principle; the Necessary Truth of Existence. The creation of Time and relations to It, known as Process or Becoming, through the Akashic stages of pneumapoiesis in pluralistic-holonic spiritual regeneration, integrate the mind with the Akashic Principle in the form of a Supremely Eminent Creative Power, to unite in higher synthesis as an experience of the Numinous Presence.

In this, we experience Divine Immanence as integrated reality, existing in dynamic social interactivity with all created entities and the natural creative activity of Harmonic Being. Harmonic Integrity of the collective exterior, especially regarding the unitarian Archeus of Eternal Objects such as Divine or Angelic Society, engender a creative integration within Eternal Accord. The act of creating is a ubiquitous occurrence, one that is deeply intertwined with the existence and origin of all things. Hence, it called an ontological necessity, or doctrine of universal creativity. Generative creativity defines the essence of being: “to Be is to Create” and the Akashic Qabalist integrates her lived experience in harmony with this.

Mental: we do not have just one IQ, but multiple potential intelligences and each intelligence has its own IQ, concerned with seeking, inquiry, and creative contemplation of an integrated I-consciousness: an interior singular composed of subjective thoughts, ideas, states of mind, memories, perceptions, and lived experience, harmoniously united through creative metaphor. With an enhanced faculty of creative analogy, we can integrate the analogous legitimacy of any idea agreeably and with consonance. Integrated psychological or intentional influences are involved in generating Mental Harmonics and facilitating participative co-creation via generative harmonics in all phases. Integration of the higher mental faculties which enable the harmonization of complex meanings of iconic, symbolic, and linguistic forms in the experience of creative wholeness, bring harmonic perfection to the mental matrix with profound cognition of the integrated I-consciousness.

Everything analogous to phases of consciousness, Self Identity, I-consciousness, of Ego as such, and the mental matrix, contribute magically to their harmonious integration. Harmonic expansion of the creative I-consciousness brings an integrative focus of cognition upon projective creativity and Harmonic Dimensionality. The psychic Qabalist will apply Harmonic transdimensionality of the Self to integrate and unify the conscious, subconscious, and Superconscious, integrating the Self as a whole: Individuation into Selfhood, or Becoming, via expansive assimilation of harmonic integrity. We find the congruent mental systems integrated with feed-forward loops and their ongoing sensitivity to fluid conditions involved with Complex Adaptive Harmonics and Qabalistic Synergetics.

The Pantheistic Unity of All Experience, united in One Higher Consciousness, becomes integrated within organic communities of Social Harmonics via the fundamental creative freedom of all entities. Non-locality and instantaneous transmission of harmonic information fields across Integrated SpaceTime occurs in the generative magic and integral harmonics of holistic mystical individuation.

Qabalistically integrated harmonics from the astral perspective involve the harmonic expansion of the ego outward upon the cultural integration of complex interior projections or community beyond Itself. The magical result is a cultural expansion of the I-consciousness, as an infectious flow of mutual commons: feelings, values, empathy, shared experiences and lingo, in a harmonious continuum of exchange and integration. These represent the continua of overlapping events, occasions of communal experience which make up the Eventuary Societies, where relations take the primary role. It is here that the astrocultural Qabalist applies the 4 tattvas of characteriological mastery to integrate the corresponding elements for cultural harmony. Opportunities for cultural magic are situational in character and rely upon contextual flux and community roles as well as shared values, meanings, language, relationships, and cultural traditions to affect influence via harmonic resonance and magical equilibrium. In these operations the application of Connections is the primary reality and Things are relative.

Sensitivity to social intelligence, or sentient prehension, in which aspects of the Precept are integrated into the Perceiver herself helps to integrate a harmonious community in which social entities are constituted by their perceptions and relations rather than being independent of them. This will bring forth an integrated sense of causal relations between the membership, leading to feelings of influence and affect, resulting in the harmonious joy of social engagement.

These are the Actuary Communes, which emerge as harmonic communal integrity and undergo Process Occasions at the astral level, vibrating to the harmonic integrity of generative creativity, which integrates the collective affections and shared interests. These are important in the motivation and mastery of the Desire Egregor and the collective Process Mind as well as integration of the living harmonics of community enthusiasm.

At the astral level, which features reunification, the personal ego may become absorbed or dissolved in an Interest (or Personality) of greater scope and magnitude than itself, losing Itself, or becoming ‘engulfed’ in the group momentum. Later, as a collective force, the merging of numerous group identities (group egos) may result in further absorptive engulfing, leading to mass movements and trends. The culturally aware Qabalist may of course direct and govern such collective phenomena via wise application of the Holy Tetragrammaton, as well as harmonic integration of her interior ‘We’; the Soul Integrity of her own psychodynamic equilibrium and integration of the dimensionalities and eventuaries of harmonic incubation of the magical prospectus projectivus. Emergent Phenomena of magical astral systems brings forth order from complexity, resulting in Complex Harmonic Networks and euphonious integrity in dynamic systems, which is the sum and synthesis of reflexitive experiential becoming.

Recent attention to astral investigations into the process of creativity indicates strong engagement of the passions, in particular: curiosity, enthusiasm, and delight. Complexity, order, and becoming, arise from these, not only in generative creativity but also in harmonic integrity of the collective interior. The tensor fields of higher-amplitude energetics are more easily managed in the flow-state of coordinated harmony, including experiential integration toward congruous psychological relevance. A strong engagement of internal excitability is also indicated alongside superior responsiveness and sensitivity in astral creatives. Psychic creatives are extraordinarily gifted in the imaginational, emotional, and intellectual faculties.

Research into creative psychology indicates a state of ‘Positive Reintegration’ which is an inner discomfort which expresses dissatisfaction with cultural norms and the status quo, leading to deconstruction of previous mental constructs and the reintegration of complex mutabilities that afford a more satisfying adoption of generative creativity. Accompanying this in the group environment is a socio-cultural reformationism that is expressed via non-compliance and subjective rejection of superimposed expectations which are perceived as developmentally repressive. This typically expresses itself in a rejection of cultural norms and role orthodoxy, in favor of personal growth and expansive psychodynamic authority, alongside frustration in the encounter of prescribed banalities within the traditional social context.

The ‘engulfing’ feature of the dissolving Process has been designed by nature to address these shadowy acultural psychisms, rendering them into dissolution, back into the collective unconscious, becoming generatively transfigured into more pleasant and harmonious integrations. Generative integrity and creative harmonics are experienced as pure Joy and feed the psychodynamic health via mastery of the tetrapolar magnet in astrocultural Qabalah. Harmonic Panexperientialism suggests that the patterns, loops, and anchors of the astrocultural, reflect the emergence of our shared realities by continually evolving through self-engenderment and integration. The true joy of imagination is what creates expressive harmony. We feed our vitality and energy with the power of creativity and its beautiful effects on our minds, hearts, and souls. That is why the “pleasant and harmonious train of perpetual thoughtforms” is so important: it allows us to access this creative flow of harmonic generation.

The generative integration of healthy patterns, agreeable transformation, and consonance in dynamic systems of complex interactivity, emerge as harmonious self-congruence in a process of active spontaneity. The results are valuable character traits such as self-confidence, courage, independence, spontaneity, open mindedness, overall happiness and satisfaction.

In the material, the Qabalist will enjoy access to the hypnagogic through any tattva of the Holy Tetragrammaton and to any kingdom of the Elemental correspondences as well as all tattvas at once simultaneously or integrated through harmonic resonance. With practice, the Qabalist can access the Universal Collective Unconscious to read minds and tell fortunes past, present and future from the standpoint of harmonic individuation across all parallel fields of relevance. Harmonic integration in self hypnosis is effective from this standpoint as well as oneiro-journeys and all types of trance magic via altered states of conscious exploration.

Phenomenal emergence transpires in accordance with harmonic integrity for all organic states and stages of materialization: harmonic autopoiesis occurs in concert with spiritual synergy. Stability and Integrity result from feed-forward loops anchored in the retrocausal future and feedback loops in the resonant past lives, both contributing harmonic symmetry in the supercausal present. Creative exteriorizations come forth in consonant harmony to be integrated with the Now of projective engenderment.

Qabalistic projection affords us the opportunity to develop more balanced relationships with our environment, expressing our creative genius through complexities encountered in everyday life where thoughts, feelings, and experiences, become masterfully curated living experiences. Subsurface Harmonics and Ecological Clair-integration will become essential components of our expanded mental ecology, defining the psychic state of our organic matrix and its congruence with the environment, for access to mental expansivity compatible with the generation of uniquely nurturing gestalts in the panexperientialism of organic matter. The harmonic Qabalist will integrate generative creativity into his or her practical application of the tetrapolar magnet.

Integrated Harmonic Omniscience

From the Akashic perspective, the collective exterior or environment that we experience is the result of interplay between various systems and forces. We can witness the impacts of both social influences and innate systemic influences on our physical and mental functioning. The concept of akashic systems, with their transcendental living collectives and initial conditions give us a glimpse into how these influences create an external structure or arche. Akashic systems relate to energy, thought forms, and consciousness, while transcendental systems describe how collective process inform being in its entirety. By studying these two powerful influences, we can better assess the impact on ourselves, others, society at large, and the cosmic system as well.

The interconnected set of systems influences and social influences on the cosmic, natural environment, structure and archetypes of any given environment is known as its collective exterior. This external-looking collective exterior approach is rooted in an understanding of the panpsychic connectome of any organism or system.

Connectomes are comprehensive maps that encapsulate the neural functions, associations and structures at work in an organism or system. When combined with further intelligence, the Connectome can produce meaningful relation networks that contain fundamental knowledge about their interoperations. This process offers insight into a range of emergent phenomena within communities, from physical leadership to spiritual transmutation. It also provides a deeper exploration into akashic systems and transcendental living systems as they influence initial conditions and environmental change.

As we explore the various systems that influence our collective exterior from panpsychic connectomes to systems, government, cosmic and natural environment, structure (or arche) plays an important role. Connecting various components of these external influences are important for understanding the ways in which our lives and societies interact with the environment around us. Through this investigation of external influences, we can explore how social influences such as Akashic Systems and Transcendental Living Systems shape our initial conditions.

Achieved through a holistic understanding of the essential elements of the Holy Tetragrammaton we can be an integral part of our universe: a part unified by love, connected through energy, and existing in perfect harmony. A journey into Perfect Thetical Harmony encourages us all to gain control over our own destinies as revealed by Sodic exegesis: mystical, metaphysical, and esoteric revelation of spiritual secrets. These ideals encourage us to achieve the deepest understanding that there is no duality between ourselves and the divine or any other being or thing; we are all interconnected through one great truth. Through openness to all things, we can experience this harmony that connects us to our shared values and truth as a collective species, once we accept this guidance from the Living Information Field.

Metaphysical Actualities are the underlying fields of spiritual essence that form the basis of panentheism and divine ubiquity. They encompass all aspects and layers of reality, from spiritual to physical, from embodied to incorporeal. These metaphysical actualities exist as a state of interconnection between spirituality and consciousness, providing us with an integral holistic understanding. This understanding offers us insight into a realm in which conscious energy is capable of exercising its own pneumapoiesis (or soul-creation), resulting in the regeneration and co-creation of new realms within Akashic stages. The concept of interconnectedness on a universal level underlies this particular field of all knowledge, something that we can draw upon for our own inspiration and enlightenment. In this sense, it is believed that every person is capable of having access to this realm through their inner divinity as well as through embracing the Universal panpsychic relationship of non-duality.

The Akashic Qabalist will arrange her spiritual practices and philosophical constructs to understand her connection to a holographic universe, integrating her connection to consciousness on macro, mezzo, and micro levels. All existence is one consciousness, a nondual state in which all individual things in the universe share a unique connection and experience. Even on the deepest level of reality, matter and energy are bound together in an integral and inseparable whole. Pneumapoiesis is used to explain this concept by referring to it as the “breathing out” of Divine Source, from which people draw life experience and inspiration.

This understanding of a unified reality points to various aspects of spirituality and regenerative practices like meditation and exploration of the Akashic records, giving us the ability to maintain our own uniqueness while still connected to each other through oneness at every stage.

Transcendence involves going beyond the limits of normal human experience, understanding, and capabilities. It is an effort to break out of certain mental frameworks and explore deeper levels of consciousness and awareness. One way we can transcend our understanding of reality is through our sense of Strange Loops and Living Systems. These systems allow for non-locality of Quantum Wholeness thus enabling instantaneous entanglement across both time and space without any intervening contact or medium. Such systems have the potential to break through to new levels of consciousness and allow for transcendental experiences.

Omniscient Capacity is the potential of attaining Total Omniscience or God-like knowledge through harnessing the power of non-locality. Non-locality refers to a property whereby particles remain entangled with each other despite being spatially separated by vast distances and can interact instantly across time and space thereby experiencing total omniscience. As such, these tools offer new ways to transcend physical boundaries while exploring further realms hitherto unknown or inaccessible. This can be used to connect living systems across space and time, affording an instantaneous awareness of all information throughout the universe. Such technologies could enable access to unprecedented wisdom and knowledge that could revolutionize humanity’s understanding, allowing us to transcend ourselves through the mysterious transdimensionalities that exist beyond our current reach.

The term “strange loop” refers to any closed self-referential system in which the outcome of a process is affected by its own past, leading to a paradoxical feedback loop. This idea can be applied to many different systems where feed-forward from the causal past affects feedback from the retrocausal future. In particular, strange loops are often used to describe systems found at the biological and psychological level: Living Systems, Non-local Causality, and Integral Wholeness. In these systems elements such as genetics, evolution, adaptability and organismic memory interact with each other in order to generate emergent phenomena that are then interpreted and responded to according to each organism’s environment and context. This model implies a morphogenic field and Omniscient LaMarckianism.

These Strange loops, the non-linear, non-local systems that perpetually replicate their self-reflective realities, afford a chronomorphic symmetry which allows for constantly evolving information fields of noopoietic omniscience. These unusual systems are at the heart of many complex living systems, and can give us insight into things like tachyonic retrocausality and future-guided loop events. At its core, this concept allows us to explore how retrocausal forces might determine our present state while considering potential paths we could take in order steer our future journey.

Strange loops, non-local systems, and feed-forward loops are just some of the ways to describe certain phenomena related to time. The term “retrocausal future” suggests that elements from future parallel timelines might impact our present. Similarly, when we look towards the causal past and observe feed-forward mechanisms, it can lead us to form a connection between present events and ordered reality, which forms a loop that feeds back on itself over time. These time loops can range from simple phenomenon such as déjà vu and paradoxes, all the way up to advanced applications like predestination or quantum autobiography of our own self-reflective world-building via parallel timeline substitution and Akashic staging. Akashic staging involves animistic fertility gods, war gods, rational-philosophical and scientific gods, and pluralistic-integral holographic models etc., that advance as the concepts within their information fields evolve, and constitute a form of ethnocultural loop of nested arche in spiral dynamics.

From the mental perspective…we are looking into omniscience and the laws of analogy. Analogy is an important tool for deeper understanding, for expanding our worldview and developing a more holistic understanding of things. The use of analogy is used to provide insight into difficult topics, as a means of exploring complex ideas, and refining our own beliefs. Analogy uses systems of comparison, or anchored metaphors, to describe certain concepts, and is often used to refer to higher-level reasoning involved in comparisons between two or more abstractly related objects. Inherent omniscience entails that one can understand all possible knowledge about any given object or system all at once, like gaining deep insight into an overarching pattern hidden throughout a complex system. These two concepts both point toward the idea of making connections and intuitively understanding complexities too intricate for us to comprehend in a more conventional way.

For the Magus, every analogy will have an anchor in the physical to which it relates. Through the law of hermetic correspondence, or quantum entanglement, the mental construct will act through the physical anchor to affect non-local phenomena and produce the magical effects. In harmonic integration, the living systems of complex ideas are acting in sympathetic ways with the inherent omniscience of grouped sets to organize the information fields in concert with physical systems that govern the organization of material assets. Money, for example, may manifest via the institution of banking if you place your piggy-bank on top of your checkbook with harmonic intention.

Any coherent system of ideation related to the I-conscious of the singular interior, whether inquiry, seeking, contemplation, or metaphor, that can be psychologically influenced with intent will bring about congruence within the magical self-identity, resulting in emergence from the information fields of phenomenology. Here, the Qabalist enters the realm of world-building via harmonic agency.

In the case of Propositional Omniscience, the analogous harmonics integrate into transdimensional complexity with all possible outcomes in the many-worlds scenario along with Perfect Unfoldment of Divine Purpose in each and every branch of possibility. Quantum jumping becomes a paradise of best possible scenarios, no matter which temporal transplant is grafted into, or whichever virtual persona is traveling any given branch. The orchestration of complex harmonics extends non-locally across the entire system of inherent information, as integrated holographics.

Universal transfer of consciousness occurs instantaneously between the knower and the known, in the comprehension of true reality as the soul of eternal transfinitude, with exquisite sensitivity of supercausal loops in the harmonic integration of complex analogous systems. Integrated Harmonic Omniscience affords the transdimensional Qabalist a direct mental transfer of Divine Knowledge in the Process of the Present as a personal Union with Eternity: Timeless Spiritual Union in the Here and Now.

From the astral perspective of the interior collective, we live in an age where we are connected through the invisible yet omnipresent thread of the human soul. We are a congregational assembly that goes beyond simple relationships and values that can be measured with statistics. In our immortal soul lies an immense beauty, experienced through a vast information field of shared meanings, language, and cultural influences. The ubiquity of our interconnectedness embodies the potential for a non-dualistic, pan-relational omnipresence, driven by a common ontological unity of cultural harmony across the interdimensional systems to which we belong. These integrated values, meanings, lexical fields, and interrelationships form a complex network that defines what it means to be part of humanity. The immense beauty and vast expanse of the immortal human soul is a reflection of our collective spirit and its mission. Through this interior collective we can explore our integral meaning, shared values, and cultural influences, that form bonds of congruence and community membership.

This includes emergent phenomena in astral systems, which provide us with a means to traverse the complexity of our world. By harnessing the power of harmonic resonance and soul integrity, we can begin to understand and arrange chaos into a coherent order. Emergent phenomena in astral systems offer the ability to transcend modern complexity to create agreement through harmonic integration and spontaneous order. This is made possible by networks of nonlinear agents who interact across temporal and spatial boundaries. Systems dynamics allow astral networks to manifest harmonic resonance, soul integrity, and situational emergence, in a value-based moral culture. Additionally, they provide grounds for integral commons, astral stages of development, and a holistic meshwork facilitating a global village that works together in harmony.

Astral systems follow a unique set of principles to bring order out of complexity. This includes complex adaptive networks, systems dynamics and holistic meshworks, capable of harmonic resonance with soul integrity to inform an ever-evolving situational inclusivity, among and for diverse transdimensional communities.

The astral stages that are emerging from these networks provide insights into global communities and an integral commons for all humanity to access and interact with on a unified level. We can use astral systems to identify and gain insight from understanding how new domains emerge in the interplay between different elements. By using these tools we can create powerful results that bring more meaning, connection and order to our contemporary age.

In the astral, the Qabalist will be able to comprehend all the universal laws and abstract ideas, harmoniously applied to the control of the astral consciousness of oneself and of other people. One experiences harmonization of the astral consciousness in accord with Spiritual Unity. This applies to all analogies relating to the quadripolar magnet in the astral world and the influence of the four elements in the astral kingdom. It also has reference to everything relating to clairaudience and inspirations, including inspiration by heard words or the inner voice. Therefore the Qabalist is able to receive the purest inspirations and intuitions of the living systems, via of the inner voice or the clair-hearing of actual words; not only this but the hearing of entificated psyches of all types, in a spatially significant way, complete with the significance of their character, analogous laws, and abstract ideas.

The condensation of astral tones allows the vertebrae of the spine to speak from their harmonic resonance and to communicate with the bodies, dense and subtle. The harmonic overtones and standing wave of the spine allow for harmonic resonance with the cymatic chakras (lotus chimes) of the etheric systems. In concert with the clair-voices of the vertebrae speaking, the nerves emerge singing, from each vertebrae in sets and connect with each organ, representing integrated systems of functional dynamics. The impulse harmonics must be congruent for optimal health and the practice of astral Qabalism helps to restore their harmonious integrity via the practical application of the four tattvas in the astral kingdom, mastery of the Tetrapolar Magnet, magical equilibrium, and entering into the Holy Tetragrammaton. Cymatic harmonics afford the tonal Qabalist sonic mastery of any virtue or characterological quality via the corresponding Element.

Because in the material world, spirit and matter are One, all physical expression is unfolding from the Ousia of the One Spiritual Source. The ubiquity of Divine Presence and Knowing guides and informs the processes and becomings of the explicate order. All information and relativity are in consonant unity with the omnipresent All-Knowing Unity.

Experiential omniscience, the constance and absolute awareness of Divine Presence is able to condense, concentrate, and materialize from the subtle regions, anything from the realm of knowledge, any meaning, thought, idea, concept, or pragmatic context; anything perceived as an It in the singular exterior, anything that you can see, feel, and touch; any individual actions, or Behavioral influences; any group activity or social influence; any organic states or chemical combinations; any material stages or processes having to do with emergence or autopoiesis; or material systems: feedback-loops and constraint via systems parameters, any integral stability or systems dynamics; any harmonic consonance, sonic tones or acoustics; or anything to do with the reframing of knowledge such as engineering and technology, etc.

The Harmonic Integrity of the Omniscient Information Field will condense these manifestations into the physical dimension where they will become visible, even tangible, by use of the the Circle Squared, Tetrapolar Magnet, and the Holy Tetragrammaton, along with practical applications for the harmonic integration of these Qabalistic magics, as well as the ability to also refine or render subtle any of this. And this is where all the fun really begins.

Harmonic Qabalism

The Harmonic Qabalist will find reinforcement in the Akasha of perfect Thetical Harmony, Truth, and All Pure Ideals, via esoteric revelation of secret spiritual integrations. The Harmonic integration of the collective exterior in the panpsychic connectome via complex systems, divine government, cosmic archetype, and harmonious natural environment, is also reinforced. Spiritual regeneration and pneumapoiesis is also further integrated through systems influences, and social harmonics.

In the mental, the Harmonic Qabalist will experience unification of the personal will with God’s Will, unification of the personal mind with God’s Omniscient Universal Mind, unification of the individual subjective conscious with the Universal Subjective Consciousness, awareness of the panentheistic totality of Godly Existence in all Living Creation, and everything that correlates with these.

Extended contemplation, inquiry, study, and synthesis will afford the thinking Qabalist with unshakable psychological coherence and Individuation, as he will comprehend the analogous lawfulness of foursquare complement transacted via integral simultaneity, concluding that all harmonics are consonantal qubits.

Qabalistically integrated astral integrity will afford the harmonious Spiritual Unity of the individual subjective consciousness with the All One; resulting in the mastering of any characterological quality, any virtue via the Quadrature of the Circle and the Tetrapolar Magnet, in magical equilibrium with the influence of the four elements in the astral kingdoms, with integrated harmonious unity. A refined and noble personality will be one result. The Qabalist will experience psychodynamic integration and profound wellbeing without any troubles. All the Qabalistic clair-faculties can be harmonically calibrated for integrative attenuation.

In the physical, the Qabalist will master the use of the left hand in magical employment of the tetrapolar magnet, the Holy Tetragrammaton, and gesticulation magic; analogous employ of the Mogen David, as sixes and as planetary hexagrams, and thence as stellations of all intersecting planes and the harmonic integration of all spheres in the magnum Glome; and wield the power of the crossroads and the esoteric central point of the iconographic cross as a magical artifact.

This will afford the balancing-out of electromagnetic spectra (via harmonic integration) as well as the filling-in of electromagnetic frequencies with full spectrum harmonics for greater efficiency and even perpetual generation via enhanced harmonics of source frequencies (especially alternating current electricity). Circuit-wrapped Fourier transform-coils may may be specially constructed for these advanced applications.

The Harmonic Qabalist is afforded many analogous Harmonic attenuations and octaves, and may proceed to design numerous magical gadgets to act as a variable filter for quantum portaling of whichever selected frequencies are agreeably harmonic to integrate, given the task at hand. Working with the Tree, he is able to integrate Harmonic Qubits, harmonically attenuated for all 10 Sephiroth, known as ‘Octens’ (mc).

For the above, we can often design circuitry that features cancellation effect transformers and oscillating filters. These circuits have on and off switches and a manual override, and are capable of nullifying any signal that travels through the system (whatever that system may be). Needless to say, the security of the override codes are of crucial concern to the systems manger and the on/off switch should be equipped with a lock-out. In the event that repairs are going on, we do not want the switch accidentally turned on and damage to occur in the circuit, or worse: electrocution down-line.

Integrated Grace

Experience, first-hand, from the Spiritual perspective, the Divine Grace and Mercy of Loving and Benevolent God, plus all that is associated with Divine Blessing and Favor: Mercy, Love, Kindness, Peace, Forgiveness, etc. through the collective exterior; the panpsychic connectome of cosmic forces and Divine systems of government, natural environmental structure, cosmic archetype, or any form of systemic influence, including social influences such as institutions and collective organizations. Know first-hand the lived experience of spiritual peace and love through any of the stages of pneumapoiesis and commune with All-Good, All-Loving God in the Spirit of Peace and Love in perfect Harmony through the mystical revelation of His secret spiritual Thesis, which will result in an inspired spiritual regeneration. Know real integration of the Spirit of Grace, the Favor of God, in Spiritual Embodiment and experience the Divine Favor of God as Father and Friend.

Share your existential journey with God and gain profound lived experience in His Grace expressed through the Living Collective of shared environmental gestalt via Akashic Systems: Transcendence via Strange Loops, and Transcendental Living Systems. These akashic systems of Divine Grace and Love are exquisitely sensitive to Inherent Conditions (Intelligent Causality), Non-locality of Quantum Wholeness, instantaneous entanglement across Time and Space without intervening contact or medium and are steeped in Holographic Harmonics, which evolve, respond and adapt through Complex Adaptive Unity, as Living Systems of supercausal syntropy.

In the mental realm the true Qabalist will experience a harmonic integration of Peacefulness, Gratitude, Bliss, Happiness, and Contentment, in the real experience of the Blessings of Divine Providence, as it influences everything that contributes to or has reference to happiness, wealth, success, prosperity, luck, good fortune, contentment, satisfaction, and bliss, plus the conditions for situations causing these, as they become integrated into the mental realm via analog ideation and begin to condense into situations. Conditions such as these set the stage for the personal expression of caring and nurture and are characterized by the will to forgive, and the will toward Peace. The experience of Peacefulness is a blessed state of mind, bringing forth a true understanding, satisfaction, and intense gratitude for God’s Blessings and the wonders of life based entirely upon them. Also, a profound feeling of fortuitousness and relief from worry and struggle accompany this harmonic integration.

Harmonic integration of these states will find their expression through contemplation upon these things in all your seeking, inquiry, and recognition of the analogous legitimacy of the ideational state of Grace, as it becomes manifest in the phenomenology of your world-building and the science and economics of your private personal agency. You can then work profound wonders in your interior singular I-consciousness through intentional psychological influences as your subjective thoughts, ideas, states of mind, memories, and perceptions, experience the radical profundity of Divine Grace and Love across the transformative Integral Harmonics of the entire spectrum of mental stages: instinctual, impulsive, enemy consciousness, egocentric, achiever self, sensitive self, magic self, mystical self, integral self, and finally holistic self; with the added bonus that the entire journey is both fun and fulfilling. The true Qabalist simply cannot allow herself to go on without acknowledging all of this, which is experienced with humble gratitude and heartfelt thanksgiving.

The mental systems of harmonic integration afford the instantaneous transmission of information and knowledge states across time and space with non-local efficiency so that every degree of nurture and supportive acknowledgement are available at every moment for any subjective variability. These affordances are nuanced and sensitive to fluid conditions, as they may arise for any need. God’s Grace is administered across any Complex System and adapts to any development in real time.

In the astral, the harmonious precipitation of blessed conditions that result in feelings of happiness, success, contentment and complete satisfaction, alongside situations and conditions producing wealth, prosperity, abundance, good luck and fortunate circumstances in the material world from the bliss of their Benevolent Cause, are realized by the Tetrapolar Magnet, the Squared Circle, and the Holy Tetragrammaton, especially by means of the Elements and the electromagnetic fluid; and none of God’s Blessings will ever deviate into misfortune or cause complications or any harm, as they are adaptive, nurturing and caring Benevolences.

This adaptive quality affords complete mastery of life and an excellent and pleasant character of good virtue, who exhibits great harmonic resonance and has a finely developed Soul Integrity. These characterological virtues are important to the integral harmony of the interior collective, the ‘We’ of our Soul Group, as we guide our psychodynamic relationships through the changing scenes of our astral stage-sets, completing the narrative arc of the hero’s journey. We engage this performance through the language, relationships, cultural influences, and shared meaning and values of our internalized doxata, which change and develop as they also change and develop us. In this way, the dynamic harmony of constant re-integration brings life to the perfect harmonic complement of culture through community engagement.

In the material, the Qabalist will experience the harmonic integration of success, prosperity, happiness, fortune, good luck, money, riches and wealth into the own life, becoming a magnet of profound success and happiness, love, joy, infinite personal growth and sustainable superabundance, in accordance with God’s Love and Blessings. This is accompanied by rapport, association, friendship, neighborliness, sympathy, favor, peace, amity, and magnetic attraction, especially in the field of emergent wealth and fortunate autopoiesis from the harmonics of the objective exterior via liberal hylozoic integration.

Right and Left Hands Working Together in Harmonic Integrity

When the Qabalist is in the Akasha, she will experience revelation of the hidden secrets of the Spirit via symbolic language and telesmatic imagery, especially via Perfect Thetical Harmony and the Truth of all Pure Ideals. Here the Qabalist becomes one with the integrity of the panpsychic connectome as a collective exterior of telesmatic systems, archetypal governmental, cosmic power, and environmental paradise of nature images. The harmonic Qabalist will acquire telesmatic influence of the social structure and non-local influence of dynamic systems via Qabalistic application of Akashic pneumapoiesis. Here, we exercise application of QBL to express any harmonic integrity through the stages of development: rational, philosophical, scientific, pluralistic, integral, or holonic, affecting a spiritually integrated Lexical Field where any Letter or Word are given creative dynamics for regeneration in the realm of cosmic inspiration. The Universe then becomes a Cosmic Mirror, which reflects harmonious aspects of the Self-Referential Truth, and is dynamized via meaningfully contextual Phanes, semiotically expressed through Harmonic Integrity.

When right and left hands are working together we have transcendence in the akashic systems via wholeness and strange loops that replicate the spiritual benevolence within their transfinite parallels to generate complex multiples which all work synergetically to afford ever expansive harmonic integration of the telesmatic good. These are the Transcendental Living Systems, which blossom forth from initial conditions of intelligent causality with non-local Quantum wholeness in an instantaneous Entanglement across Time and Space without intervening contact or medium. This affords the Living Systems an integral wholeness of complex adaptive unity making them non-local networks of feedback loops from the retrocausal future and guiding us forward from the 3rd dimension via transcendental akasha.

Qabalistic operations from the mental affect unification of the spirit with everything that is meant by intuition regarding Divine Providence. The Qabalist realizes the ability to understand the work of Divine Providence, in all aspects of the Spirit lawful and analogous to will, intellect feeling, and sentience, comprehending it intellectually and also experiences pictorial visualizations of a symbolic nature, which are relevant to and communicate information about any pertinent subject. In this way the Qabalist achieves the purest sophic guidance and wisest council, purest visions of Godliness and the Celestial Heavens, and purest clairsentience and clair-knowledge.

Practical thought-magic proceeds by superimposing the images of spiritual symbolism onto physical media via telepathic integration with the divine panpsychic all-mind and harmonic etheonoia, especially via the laws of analogy or the analogous legitimacy of any idea during the natural or intentional course of seeking, inquiry, contemplation, and metaphor-making. This affects a telesmatic I-consciousness, where the interior singular of subjective thoughts, ideas, states of mind, memories, perceptions, and psychological or intentional influences become harmonically attenuated instruments of the Most High, throughout all the mental stages: instinctual, impulsive, enemy consciousness, egocentric, achiever self, sensitive self, magic self, mystical self, integral self, and holistic self. Transformational narratization thereby becomes a spiritual practice of great efficacy and usefulness to the Divine Pleroma in the phenomenology of science and economics for world-building in the realm of instrumental agency.

The Qabalist thus empowers the mental systems through the use of Systems Theory: feed-forward loops from the parallel history of complex causalities and ongoing sensitivity to fluid conditions in the supercausal now, related to virtual strange-attractors and their time-loops from the retrocausal feedback. Photo-electronic everywhereness afforded by non-locality and instantaneous transmission of information and knowledge states across SpaceTime, will confer Qabalistic Harmonics with exquisitely adaptive complex integrated networks.

Qabalistic Harmonics in the astral impart the faculty of influencing one’s fate or karma by spiritual union with God. Through the all-encompassing Oversoul, the Qabalist will attain the faculty of influencing each fate of her parallel multiworld at will, in complete harmony with the unified Will of God, and of knowing intellectually, the course of development toward her true Destination; of feeling secure in it; and of certain rectitude and redemption in God: time-walking in the Light of God. Certified attainment of the rectified Karma and Destiny includes harmonic mastery of the four tattvas in the astral kingdom, mastery of the Tetrapolar Magnet, alongside Magical Equilibrium, enabling the Qabalist to master any virtue or characterological quality via any corresponding element.

The aforementioned seeking and inquiry via the process of transformational narratization is an integrated psychodynamic process, situational in character, and will put before the Qabalist aesthetic experiences of greatly exalted beauty, imbued as they are with harmonic resonance, which is regenerative to the Soul Integrity.

Here, the astral systems flourish with vibrant emergent phenomena, bringing forth order from complexity. We, the collective interior, thrive when our karma is aesthetically psychodynamized through the harmonic semiotics of our integrated values, meanings, language, relationships, cultural values, and influences. This integrated aesthetic influences the collective karma of all our astral stages: keeping the peace in our global village, bringing shared meaning into the language of our various clans and tribal associations, instituting peace among our feudal empires, and sponsoring industrial integrity in our early nation-building. It guides and informs our corporate states, bringing them into alignment with our value-based communities, and establishing for all citizens an integral Commons, with active communities engaged in holistic meshworks of harmonious interaction. The result is a revival and revitalization of culture and community: restoring life to the realm of civil relationship. This integrated aesthetic of harmonic double-hermeneutics builds up as it informs, leading to a full and fair integration of the psychodynamic animus and anima of perfect harmonic complement.

In the physical world, the unification of the spiritual character resulting in the Quadrature of the Circle, expressed through the Quadripolar Magnet, combined with the Divine Fiat (‘so mote it Be’) and its capacity to realize any material desire on the physical plane, makes this formula very powerful, efficient, and beneficial in bringing about the manifestation of any objective reality, especially via the Circle Squared, Tetrapolar Magnet, and the Holy Tetragrammaton, along with practical applications.

This harmonic influence is integrated into any aspect of the singular exterior: brain and body, anything that you can see, feel, and touch, all behaviorisms and individual actions, and all that that we might address as ‘it’. The empowered results are transacted across all material stages and organic states, through harmonic emergence, or integrated autopoiesis. Great Qabalistic influence is thereby brought to bear upon all our modern science, engineering, and technology, where society goes about the reframing of knowledge in the realm of semiotic praxis; which in the long run provides integral stability throughout all our material systems, directing the fate, karma, and destiny, of human evolution and advancement through 4-brain integration in harmony with the Oversoul, or Heart Sphere.

Harmonic Wave Dynamics in Rhythm and Timing

In the Akasha, perfect harmony, truth and pure ideals represent the epitome of a panpsychic connectome. This is a systems dynamic that goes beyond physicality and into the realm of cosmic connectedness. It connects us at both individual and collective levels, with each individual being its own element of the social holarchy as an integral part of its grandeur.

An integrative way to express this connective state is through perceptual-intuitive subjectivity with our collective exterior environment. We can discover more about ourselves—our shared nature—through its spontaneity, freshness, fun, fluidity and improvisational resonance. Exploring these aspects brings harmony to the external collective of conscious experiences, revealed in our environmental gestalt, beyond mere observation, into mystical revelation of the truth about the truth. We are afforded a system of systems that enables us to experience harmony through connectedness, allowing us to create a social holarchy, or panpsychic connectome, integrated with the collective exterior. It is with great renewal that we explore this concept as it offers us the possibility to merge our own perceptual-intuitive subjectivity with the spontaneity, freshness, fun, fluidity and improvisation that already exists in the universal superconscious. There is something truly magical about blossoming into graceful resonance, integrated with the perfect harmony of life.

From this perspective, all akashic stages become integrated via Becoming: riding the wave, constantly changing fun and freshness, going with the flow, fluidity, drifting with the currents, openness to change; joyously creative and un-afraid. Guided this way, in the spirit of intuitive improvisation, puts us in contact with the realm of inspiration, which is regenerating to the spirit and restores our wholeness.

Akasic systems provide us with a platform to explore intelligent causality and gain insight into strange loops, transcendental living systems, and complex adaptive unity. They allow us to develop an understanding of the harmonious influences that resonate within our lives and how this connectivity can be used to promote emotional responsivity, attractive intuition, and harmonious Becoming. By examining the numerous components of an akasic system – from energy to information – we are able to recognize their potential for facilitating conscious transformation by connecting us with the various spheres of influence around us.

Akasic systems, intelligent causality, and strange loops form the foundation of our emotional responsivity, attractive intuition, and aesthetics. Transcendental living systems and complex adaptive unity represent the harmonic influence that adds richness to life – allowing us to experience imaginative aliveness and perceptual clarity. These concepts give us further insight into harmonic influence and how it affects our existence via resonant sensitivities.

Akashic systems represent a complex interplay between intelligent causality, strange loops, and transcendental living systems. By understanding this interconnectedness of life, we can identify resonant sensitivities via emotional responsivity, attractive intuition and aesthetics, imaginative aliveness, and perceptual clarity. Such harmonic influence between these intangible qualities has enabled modern-day thinkers to gain insight into the harmonic integrity of life and how their various components intertwine to create complex adaptive unity. In doing so, this helps us interact with our environmental systems in profound harmony with the wave of infinity.

At the core of the wave of infinity is a remarkable phenomenon called Communion of the Hearts, described as a Quantum non-locality: the energetic interconnectivity between all points in time and space, regardless of distance or dimensionality. This phenomenon of magnetic coherence can be experienced as the very life of water, that imparts wholeness to anything it touches. This powerful force is capable of generating profound internal responses that are often much more vivid than what we would normally expect from our everyday experience. In its purest form, this immediacy can take on an expressionistic non-duality, enabling us to access higher levels of consciousness with greater clarity than ever before.

Coherence is essential for the wave of infinity, which helps us connect with others despite the separation between us. This immediate expression of vivid aliveness integrates us with the harmonics of the living cosmos. The wave of infinity promotes an understanding which allows our internal intuitive nature to respond and blossom in ways that make sense with our environment, which lovingly nurtures us and which we eventually become, as it becomes us.

In recent years, there has been an emergence of various factors contributing to a new wave of energetically imparted wholeness. Observation and experience with this phenomenon have promoted a heightened creative process providing vivid internal responses and connection through the communion of hearts. It is through this expression that we come to understand the process of self discovery with its creative intentionality and responsive poiesis, and what it means to explore a reality beyond material conditioning and go beyond our own self-imposed limitations.

In the mental realm, this combination represents the harmonic integrity of the cymatic waveform via the alternation of strong and weak, in the rhythm of all mental stages: poetry, dance and music, prosody, rhythmic stress and pitch variance, melisma: carrying a phoneme (which represents: ‘Qabalistic Meaning’) across several beats (frames of reference, or Time Frames), and syllables (Entificated Actualities): sound and silence flowing together in symphonic harmony.

Here too, we are awash in the laws of Analogy, the analogous legitimacy of any resonance, and everything having analogous connection to linguistic talent, anywhere in the Universe: the languages of Spiritual Beings, Spheres and Planes, human beings or animals; or the knowledge of symbols. By Language is meant all that can be learned and applied to Metaphysical Language: that Language which is a coherent expression of its self-reflective Truth; which is at its foundation, a Relationship, and corresponds both to its Symbols and its Meaning (Semantics). It is a Dialogue of God and Creation, Truth and Its Meaning, of Life and the expression thereof: the understanding of very life itself, and the Living Relationship that God has with It.

The Living Semantics channel those vocabularies pre-needed to do the Process: Process teaches Process, because processing needs something to use. The mythologically fluent Qabalist will recall that Echo thought herself too good to have any suitors and when she disparaged Pan (whose name means ‘All’), she turned down everything, thus fading away to nothing but an ‘echo’. In this way she ‘evaporated’ from the scene because she would not enjoin the Process and integrate harmoniously with the Universal All-Mind. If we seek abundance, then we will channel the Harmonic Waveform, which affords us better vocabulary for better processing. This is known as objective pre-internalization, which is a pre-abundant technology, awaiting us already in the retrocausal future.

Integrated cymatic harmonics afford us the necessary architectural science for rebuilding in the realm of creative agency: rebuilding with affinity for all 12 Harmonic Registers and the phenomenology of Acoustical Engineering.

This acoustic engineering involves the harmonic overtones of all our seeking, inquiry, and resonant contemplations, through the integrative process of metaphor. Cymatic overtones resonate throughout all the subjective thoughts, ideas, states of mind, memories, perceptions, and psychological or intentional Influences, taking place in the interior singular of I-consciousness, through psycho-acoustics. For the integrated emotional-intuitive, the harmonic sympathy of the greater mirror magic becomes reflected through symbolic resonance and perceptive synchronicity.

When the I-consciousness perceives its reflection in the magical gestalt of psychospiritual ecology, it experiences a thrilling sensitivity to all fluid systems; giving rise to the ripples and waves of formative consciousness, which are propagated as movement of Conscious Energy across the psychic surfaces of resonant feeling, and which afford the fluid non-locality and instantaneous transmission of Information and Knowledge States across spacetime and essence, giving rise to feedback and vortex: sensing the stream and its currents, whether expanding to accommodate swells or slowing to a lazy drift, in their perpetual symphony of complex adaptive partnership.

From the mental perspective, the Qabalist will experience God speaking through every living thing; through every thought and symbol. He will hear and experience the Holiness of nada Brahma, and understand the Holy Spirit of God, speaking through the Universe: through the Angels of the Spheres, the Angelic Choirs; hear the message of God proclaimed through the Wise and Holy Beings of the Planes, and be also understood by them all, in all that is whole and good via Harmonic Integration. The Living Symbols of the Heavenly Universe shall come alive with expressive demonstrations of the Living Spirit residing within the individual psyche.

The Four Tattvas in the Astral Kingdom work in harmony with the Apas and Prithivi tattvas to integrate the electromagnetic spectrum for harmonic resonance within the whole systems approach to spiral dynamics. This allows us to master and comprehend the perception of motion and symmetry in Time and Space as we advance through the protopian helix of progress, and to recognize the regular succession of complements that induce our emotional affects, in the course of psychodynamic balance and stability. These matters often involve initial perception and subsequent anticipation, a faculty which affords us understanding and mastery of any entire Series, abstracted from the surfaces of dynamic Time, instinctually via participation.

Harmonic wave dynamics afford the understanding and mastery of integrated rhythm: the innate apprehension, perception and mastery of the otherwise invisible dimension of Time, in all phases and quadrants of Qabalistic magic, as well as the mastery of rhythm and timing in every respect, including its understanding and application, including all rhythmic analogies, cyclic periodicities, and synchronicities of psychodynamism. Rhythm and timing are crucial to prehension of opportunity, which is of situational context.

Integral Qabalistics are holarchic in all facets of their recapitulation and proceed via harmonious transition through their liminal phases. Harmonic wave dynamics allow the practicing Qabalist to know, understand, and master the living polyrhythms; recognizing the dominant current and rhythm of Life and the interplay of independent rhythmic tensions, which make for agreeable Complements, and free combinations of rich contextual tempos. The Qabalistic master learns to listen for and catch the distant cross-rhythmic call and response within the dynamic topography of Living Time and its composite expression.

The interior collective of our psychodynamic community benefits greatly from this syncopated integration of organic Time, with its orderly self-arrangement into spiritual meta-patterns and emergent synchronicity, because it dignifies community engagement with participant-individuality. This syncopated holonic relevance is essential to group cohesiveness, facilitating group meanings and shared values, made personal through internal synchronization: the very definition of harmonious internalization. Thus are the virtues and characterological qualities of the corresponding elements sympathetically integrated.

Harmonic wave dynamics also afford the psychodynamic Qabalist integration of the animus and anima in perfect harmonic complement, through the mastery of alternation and repetition in artful pragmatic integrity such as creative expression, which is often situational and rather spontaneous in character. These contextuals represent the spiral dynamics of astral stages, characterized by regulated successions of complementary events, and the elements which make these up. In this, the Qabalist will easily master the dynamics of relevant Complement as well as the inaudible frames which imply and compel their spontaneous movement, and be able to anticipate and blend with any change, thereby mastering the Art of Merging (mc).

We, of the collective interior are in Association via the propagation of wave-transfer harmonics, without physical displacement, as it relates to the medium of Life which translates the wave-train of individual incarnations, beyond the disturbance of molecular ‘substance’. These are implicitly inter-referential and process-oriented events, experiential and non information-oriented, propagational movements of emotional energy, where no mass is transferred, only the energy of forms and feelings, that bring about the manifestation of conditions, from which emerge the realization of their effects.

Here, we speak of Soul Integrity, where there is a strong integration of the collective interior through harmonic resonance resulting in a robust subliminal ubiquity of equilibrium: participants near the margins forming strong bonds together and resulting in the envelopment of all margins via communal association, shared values, meanings, language, relationships, cultural values, and influences within their holistic meshworks.

Qabalistic mastery of the tetrapolar magnet applied in the realm of relationship is life-affirming because of its inherent elasticity, exalting the forces of restoration. Systems dynamics based upon this are characterized by an energetic sensitivity that affords uniform proximity and equilibrated forces of attraction in the remezic substance and distributive interface of Wave-Form Dynamics, and the dynamic transmission of their harmonic integration. The Holy Tetragrammaton is at work in the emergent phenomena of astral systems, bringing forth Order from Complexity. Culture and community (whether social, corporate, or value-state) are in fact harmonic expressions of dynamic systems with their integrated strange attractors and Complex Adaptive Networks.

The upshot of all this is the Qabalistic integration of harmonic wave dynamics via the cultivation of a special fluid clairaudience: hearing the whole meaning by Being, and participating in the Whole. This is a resonant symphony of direct expression, involving emotional trust and clues from the panpsychic vocabulary, via consonance and clair-expressive sentience, which allows the Qabalist to master all cycles and seasons, living in harmony with the entire creative holarchy in all its phases of completion and reciprocal interconnectedness.

In the material realm, the ability to travel around through time and space, via the transfer of energy while transcending the displacement of mass, is granted by appropriate application of the Holy Tetragrammaton: the sword of energy calls forth magical mediumship through the propagation of the media itself. This propagation of media becomes quite important in the application of the voiced labiodental expression, of which the present Azah is the unvoiced Compliment. This affords the harmonic Qabalist the gift of Transmission. The propagation of standing waves within this media and its maintenance gives the Qabalist extraordinary harmonic opportunities in the integration of cycles, periodicity, orbital motion, and fluid superspatiality, alongside the mastery of superimposition and vortexes: the fluid cymatics of moving forms which remain stationary, expanding or contracting to accommodate flow, while streams of energy and information are continuously replenished, flowing into, out of, and alongside them. All magic analogy related to harmonic waveforms and fluid dynamics are afforded by the Circle Squared.

Power such as this is restorative and contributes greatly to the stability of whole systems. This restorative stability of material systems is fluid, derived from the singular exterior of feedback loops and reflections, which improvise a sensitive constraint via systems parameters; calling upon refraction and variance, diffraction, rectilinear propagation, ripples, radial waves, nodes, antinodes, and antiphasal interference. All of these reflective elements of Integral Stability interoperate through resonant sympathy within the Harmonic Overtone Series, giving rise to everything analogous to these and resulting from inherent holistic Integrity.

These influence the material stages, which result in specialized organic states that represent a realm of knowledge and technical engineering via formative flux, which arise through autopoiesis and emergent phenomena, in the continuous reframing of information streams and fluid patterns of response to a pragmatic context, affording exquisite flexibility in practical applications.

In Behavioral instances, these influences result in a reflexively sensitive mirrored response, below the surface, in adjustment to patterned imprints upon the membranous surface, in the transmission from the Etheric into physical manifestation. These reflections impart the ability to restore the memory of long forgotten reminiscences and the memory of one’s previous reincarnations, which also enable the re-inauguration of the objective consciousness in the matter of building the resurrection body, affording mnemosyne or personal recall, as well as contributing to the re-enlivening of a previously withered form-body, or resurrection of the dead. Anything regarded as an ‘it’ in the singular exterior, may be refreshed or dessicated at will, and all derive their living moisture from this sacred elixir, which is holistic and integrated in the One.

With the help of the tetrapolar magnet, the Qabalist may affect any type of water magic analogous to the Water Element, achieving absolute mastery over Water and the Magnetic Fluid in the material world. This integrates the siddhis of all water magic phenomena: cause rain, stop rain, calm waves, produce water, walk on water, structure water for Health and Ecology, become a master of the Water Spirits, induce magnetic healing or mediumship, etc. The harmonic integration of the transcendental mind into the four tiers of somatic neurogenesis (head, heart, gut, and kinesthetic integument) via a sympathetic whole is also hereby established in all quadrants and lines of transmission in this holographic stream of resonant communion.

Parallel Harmonics and the Resonant Connectome of Integrated Timelines

From the Akashic perspective, we now understand that the interconnectivity of phenomena from the ancient past to our present-day reality is more profound than we’ve ever imagined and this concept can be witnessed through a wide array of metaphysical events such as archetypal collectives, alternate timelines, implicate orders, and strange attractors. These are all connected via the panpsychic connectome – a type of quantum entanglement between our physical world and other realms that allows us to experience life in many different ways at any given point in time throughout parallel space.

The concept of ancestral karma is embedded in a larger dynamic system of family units and their connections through time, space, context, and energy. This interconnectivity of the past, present and future is often referred to as an implicate order, or what some refer to as a supercausal connectome. At the core of this dynamic system are archetypal beings and family constellations, who may manifest across different times and places through connections such as quantum entanglement or complex adaptive unity.

It is believed that through the panpsychic connectome –which links us all in an intricate web of archetypal virtualities- all quadrants and all branching lifelines and time loops give rise to alternate possibilities at every turn. These various frameworks help us to navigate and explore the phenomenon of resonant constellations and ancestral karma within a holographic context, where the secrets of underlying spiritual thesis connect with the perfect thetical harmony of all truth and pure ideas.

The nuclear-self experiences cohesion in space and continuity in time, as a unique entity with an unfolding destiny, and is regarded by the collective exterior with empathic attunement from the vicarious introspective of Others. Through this mirror of connected nurture, we receive awareness of ourselves as worthy, volitional, and whole, which results in the development of authenticity: the self as author of its own destiny.

The authentic self is the I who sees, and awareness of the empathic collective exterior affords rich expansiveness of spiritual purpose in a meaningful lived experience. This perspective of they/them is open and transparent affording benevolence and true privilege to flow in from the government, the system, the natural environment, the cosmos and the panpsychic connectome. This is not a passive process but an empathic relationship of mutual influence.

Openness to these external unifying centers expands our experiential growth and is witnessed by the authentic I, which is involved with but not composed of the collective exterior at each stage of integrative development during these series of relational systems. Interaction with the external collective conditions the formation of an internal model of coherent integration, capable of serving many of the functions of the archetypal exterior.

Internal harmonics constitute a matrix of cohesive reflexivity in which the self participates in analogous pneumapoiesis, giving the transpersonal Qabalist great powers of regenerative influence with respect to social systems and intelligent causality. Holographic transcendence by way of strange loops in the realm of harmonic inspiration afford akashic syntheses in the Living Systems where Time is a unity of panpsychic wholeness.

From the mental perspective, sometimes a recognized, acknowledged, and modified psychodynamic structure will turn out to have deep roots that don’t have their origins in the current incarnation. Often, prior to their admission to the cognitive awareness, these psychodynamic radicals arrive in dreams, where they are more easily recognized and accepted. Certainly the Qabalist who specializes in transdimensional states, mirror-magic, trance-work, or exteriorizations will run into something akin to this. The effects of these links on the human psyche are systemic, and frequently manifest as loops and subroutines in the body and physical health, or as psychosomatically felt connections that often reach into past lives and offer enormous opportunity for transdimensional growth and magical development, as well as benefit to the supporting environment, which allows the process to unfold. Pursuing this opportunity can result in a regenerative vitalization of the recovering self, which begins to show an extraordinary sense of rejuvenated beauty and peacefulness that shines forth for all to see.

Our individual patterns, subroutines, and attitudes are altered when our psychological journey and ancestors’ genetic make-up are affected, leading to increased knowledge and creativity. We are severing the line of inheritance for these outdated views, ensuring that they won’t be passed on to our offspring, or instituted into our generative creativity. By resolving our own particular pasts, we shift psychological patterns on a multitude of levels, transdimensionally in the healing of our own past. Undoubtedly, as a direct result of our interactions with the unconscious, new psychological patterns will manifest in the future. An individual can choose to actively participate in life once they are aware of their own psychodynamic structures, subroutines, subpersonalities, and the impact they have on society.

The Celestial Body illuminates the Higher Mind with Spiritual feeling, and is pneumadynamic, experienced as a state of Divine Love or Blissful Rapture. From this we derive the term Transcendental Psychology. Because the Celestial Being is Stellar (6th dimension and above), we are employing the analogous magic of the Mogen David, as an integral heptad (see image).

We employ this stellar analogy in all matters of our seeking, inquiry, contemplation, and metaphorical learning, in the integration of the transpersonal I: the singular interior, with its subjective thoughts, ideas, states of mind, memories, and perceptions, which is operating from transcendental and psychosynthetic influences, guided by harmonious intentionality.

The mental stages involve the parallel virtualities that are still evolving through their subpersonalities, and connected via entanglement, non-locally to coherent brane worlds, that are resonant and express those developmental needs: instinctual, impulsive, enemy consciousness, egocentric, achiever-self, sensitive self, magic self, mystical self, integral self, holistic self (lover, magician, hero, healer; the named personality types are innumerable these days). Psychosynthetic process recognizes these transpersonal modularities via recognition, acceptance, and inclusion, of the subpersonal multiplicity.

Harmonic integration is established through CIS-D: consolidation, integration, synthesis + development. As their stages mature and develop, they recede into the background and form a more supportive collective as the connectome becomes more synthetic and nurturing: a holarchy of harmonic integration. It is here that creativity really blossoms forth into new and transcendental outpourings of unique and ingenious profundity.

Additionally, this results in a vastly more efficient psychodynamic metabolism affording ever greater synergistics and harmonic syntropy. The image of the self-reflected I-consciousness may incur changes that reflect this inclusive expansiveness. This new image feels less threatened and more nurtured, affording even greater inclusion and transparency, allowing the aura to shine forth in a brilliance which illumines formerly dark patterns of negativity and defensiveness, causing them to melt and fall away. This is known as transpersonal ascension or transcendental authenticity.

The mental systems of Qabalistic psychosynthesis are establishing a transpersonal connectome which integrates the feed-forward loops from the subconscious collective with the feedback loops of the superconscious transcendence, in a harmonious and (ongoing) sensitivity to the fluid conditions of the self-reflective image of the present. These interchanges are spontaneous and instantaneous via Quantum non-locality, affording transmission of information and knowledge-states across SpaceTime as a Complex Adaptive Holograph. The highly efficient metabolic conversions, mentioned above, easily empower multiple virtualities and readily Constellate parallel timelines of panpsychic collective subjectivity via stellar genesis through the analog heptad. This affords access to alternate timelines accompanied by the emergence of BOAPW Individuation. In this way the Science and Economics of world-building proceed agentially as an integrated harmonic phenomenology.

From the astral perspective, psychodynamic structures are connected to one another by the intensity of emotional content they share and patterns of similarity. They are based on the experience of the feeling rather than on chronological order. The repetition of situations that trigger similar emotional reactions over time will establish the emotional content of a psychodynamic structure or subpersonality.

Every action and event has an impact on the holographic data file, which implies that every event by another actor also has an impact on me as well as the entire network. Events and actions that affect the larger whole also affect each person who is a part of it. This is the psychodynamic holarchy. Every person experiences their culture, religion, education, and lineage via their current way of thinking and feeling. The conscious acceptance of ancient patterns and the understanding that these patterns are in reality alive in us, and living through us, is the one approach that enables us to grow closer to a meaningful lived experience as we search for a deeper purpose of life, rather than a product of chaotic structures in our environment and heredity. We are empowered to acknowledge, accept, alter, and finally integrate them, as they do so with us. The Qabalist whose individual psyche is integrated in the collective, may participate in creating her own future and act as its co-architect. This becomes more wondrous as all of these numerous layers become holonic.

By investigating this linked heritage and utilizing subpersonality work, we will come to deeply comprehend that the interior collective contains the fulfillment of accumulated wisdom and creativity for generations of humans. Because the traumas of past-lives are passed down in-utero, they are matrilineal and with this awareness, we can heal our mothers’ and our ancestors’ fears as individuals, and in so doing have an impact on the collective unconscious. Awareness of these ancestor-level anxieties often modifies the general mistaken belief and when they are dealt with, this aids in clarification of the astral body to promote both individual and inner collective health and well-being. Understanding that adopting and modifying our beliefs gradually enables us to integrate new beliefs into our sense of self, opens up new opportunities for transformation; of ourselves, our society and the systems that we construct around us.

A collective is seen as a group, or a community. The community collective is regarded as the umbrella term for a group of people who have a common heritage as well as shared values, meanings, language, relationships, cultural values, and social influences. If a person’s psyche is embedded within a nation’s cultural heritage, they may be able to access repressed, unconscious national trauma. Such unconscious trauma will determine the attitude and direction of an entire nation. Future collective psychodynamic structures strive to manifest themselves in national attitudes, just as they do in the psyche of an individual. Aggressive, complicated organizations like the white nationalist militias, or partisan insurrectionists are mostly suppressed and glossed-over by the general population’s collective awareness. Just like psychodynamic subpersonalities, these systems will manifest themselves through various factions inside the country, operating like the Jungian Shadow of national psychopathy.

National psychodynamic structures can become conscious in a way that is comparable to the cognizance of structures within an individual psyche. Nevertheless, these structures have their own will, desires, and wants. Due to the interconnectedness of each person’s psyche with the collective psyche, awareness of such things may be accomplished by employing subpersonality work in focus groups, because the individual psyche is interwoven within the the collective system.

The first two steps of transformation via subpersonality work are easily applicable to dealing with collective trauma, in settings that involve large groups. The process of recognition is the first step. Each individual’s transformation influences this collective, and this collective is accessible both through the individual and the collective. The next stage is to identify our own psychic inheritance patterns from our family and ancestors. This enables us to recognize our own collective traumatization, as a country. Once this is acknowledged, we recognize our capacity to shape the collective psyche by our own personal health and development. This will imply, for example, that with each war or military action, individuals acting as soldiers in battle, are in active contribution to the creation of a national trauma. As we have seen with PTSD, it will be years after they return before they can begin examine it.

On the other side, it could take a society several generations before it is able to examine its trauma. Our nation continues to struggle with the violent institution of slavery. Victims, oppressors, and uninvolved bystanders are all still reeling, and regularly express great shock whenever approached about the matter. Those who are in shock require a secure setting first, followed by some time to detach themselves from the upsetting occurrences. Yet, national guilt as a collective psychodynamic structure paralyzes the person and the country and inhibits the acceptance of the trauma, weighing down on this process toward recovery.

Disidentification is a method for approaching guilt as a national inheritance. It is helpful to temporarily set such guilt aside in order to be able to embrace the national pain. This then creates new possibilities for working with the trauma. The trauma that occurs in our subroutines and subpersonalities through environment and heredity creates our inner dynamic structures, which are all contained in the psychodynamic structures of our psyche. These structures represent both the positive and negative qualities that represent our potential for growth.

We acknowledge the understanding that within our trauma lies the innate capacity for growth, and much modular entity-magic is derived from this deep psychosynthetic understanding. This necessitates a radical shift in viewpoint. Issues may either be resolved as trauma or they can be turned into gifts. These fragmented disidentifications who develop into psychodynamic subpersonalities become powerful and autonomous, and are synthesized within our interior collective to be invoked as magical entities or evoked via generative projection. Such acknowledgement, acceptance and nurture are only possible to the transpersonal Qabalist, who is an experienced psychonaut and has no interest in suppression of the psychic consciousness. This is what it means to resonate with harmonic integrity.

Growth is the process through which our inner and exterior selves are gradually improved. Growth is the steady improvement of our inner values as well as the quality of our lives. A psychodynamic structure, which may be both pliable and fluid as well as crystalline and hard, is an active, energetic component of our psyche, that responds naturally to perceived stimuli. Structures that form a constellation around the self are spiritual anchor points; they create the integrity and completeness of the personality, and we may either coexist peacefully or in conflict.

Psychodynamic structures may be ingrained tendencies that are already present in the astral matrix due to nutrition, emotions, and other factors. These structures are strengthened during growth. They become stable and establish a pattern via constant confirmation and repetition. A psychodynamic structure known as a subpersonality commands a complex and then seeks fulfillment of its own life. It has distinctive qualities and requires development, nurture and growth, via personality in order to survive. It is a personality zone that may function as an entity that is both part permanent and partly independent. We regard them as aspects of our own personality, that are interdependent with one another and cannot survive alone. It can be depicted as psychological satellites that concurrently exist as a myriad of distinct lives.

Each subpersonality has its own style and motive that varies from the others. Every subpersonality arranges itself to meet the requirements established by the overall personality, since every person is a complex mash-up of several very distinct personalities. Subpersonalities provide vehicles for a person’s expression in the world as well as filters through which the subjective reality may be seen, felt, and experienced. They look to the outside environment for their fulfillment or expression since they are energetic and psychodynamic structures. A sub personality’s mode of expression provides insight into the individual psyche and reveals the psychodynamic frameworks with which the person identifies.

Subpersonalities reflect our inner and exterior past roles via their manifestations and are thus causal and based upon the past. These roles interact with one another, and when a subpersonality changes or transforms, it has an impact on the entire system of the individual psyche as a holographic participant. Subpersonae frequently emerge as a result of our psychological inheritance, with origins dating back to our parents, grandparents, and others. Similar psychological patterns that appear to have existed in culture and religion for hundreds of years can be found in our constellated families’ cultural history and ancestral karma.

Irrational psychological substructures can be transmitted from the mother to the fetus. The conduct of a child’s primary caregivers and the environment’s response to those actions shape the child’s inner self. It appears as though individual characteristics are reinforced and drawn to one another, and now have their own life, their own will, and their own goal throughout our lives. These embryonic subpersonalities initially serve to protect the personality. They develop out of a need to adapt to the environment.

A subpersonality is born when independent substructures can be recognized as parts of the personality. Subpersonalities are produced by constant repetition; they require the instruments of body, emotions, patterns and subroutines, and neural networking; they employ the language of emotion and the attachment to objects in the robotic ego. These reactions happen at lightspeed and are frequently unconscious. Although some of our essential life force is restrained and stored in their psychodynamic structure, during the transformational process, this life force can be liberated and used to express our own creativity more fully and joyfully.

The ethical significance of the multidimensional applications of subpersonality work, to the field of Divine Justice, is majestic in its redemptive perfection. Harmonic integration of empathetically nurtured, authentic subpersonalities, affords broader auric radiations via a more translucent mental matrix, which results in progressively fewer adverse subroutines thereby proving therapeutic and rejuvenating to the vitality of the interior collective, and thence to the systemic holarchy. Magical authority of this type is gained via the use of the Holy Tetragrammaton and the tetrapolar magnet in the astral world and the psychosynthetic heptad in the mental. In this way the entire psycho-emotional holograph is integrated as one harmonic information field.

In the material world, when we are not dignified as alive, conscious, beings, but rather as objects or things, we project this indignity upon the mirror of our environmental gestalt. This projective reflection is what self-psychology refers to as empathetic failure or objectification. The sensation of personal coherence is disrupted in these circumstances, and our sense of being is injured. In terms of psychosynthetic theory, such I-it experiences point to a failure of centered integration to promote a healthy I-self connection. A broken central attractor will disrupt the flow of orbital systems and give the sense of disequilibrium, since personal existence, or I, flows from the self via harmonic integrity. Therefore, moments of empathetic failure have the potential to uproot us from self-hood and personal being, as we face the unimaginable prospect of personal non-existence.

This experience is one of not being recognized as we view our exterior, resulting in our existential invisibility; which is a self-referential infliction of the dead-eye. This can occur through unconscious wounding by caregivers, and the Other. Such wounds constitute blind spots in the mirroring function that create fragmented sectors of non-being on our personal hard drive, and can lead to widespread and distributed areas of disenfranchisement that populate the collective interior of the disrupted self-cohesion.

It is no secret that child rearing in the past was colder, more abusive, and lacking in empathy, prior to the pediatric revolution of Dr. Benjamin Spock. There is little doubt that the information field flowing through generations of our current society represents primal wounding of collective proportions. Here, the collective personality is seen as being riddled with wounded disruptions that were severed and compounded rather than nurturing humanity through a series of enlightened developmental stages, lifting our present state over time. These wounds may be imagined as a chronicle of emptiness in the developing collective personality that were inflicted at different ages within us all.

Instead of experiential integration of these instances of non-being, we cut off those parts of ourselves that were affected by them, developing a false self, which is mirrored in our projections as going unnoticed, or having been violated by the environment, instead of being who we are authentically. These wounds are symptoms of non-being, unbearable moments of isolation, fragmentation, and pain that are then self-repressed and forced out of our awareness. In order to sustain the new survival personality and prevent the threat of non-being, we compensate by changing the true personality into the survival personality, since it pains us less. In avoidance, we grow more compelled toward actions and attitudes that are harmful to both ourselves and others. We develop attachments, addictions, or compulsive behaviors that appear to have no end in their variety and ability to fascinate and distract. The enormous potency of these attachments comes in large part from the fact that they provide a means of escaping the covert danger of not existing, brought on by our perceptive projection as lack of empathy in the Other.

This functional re-framing acts as a protective mechanism to buffer against the unpleasant effects of object-oriented information fields, that define us as experiential non-existants. The goal of this is to separate us from our primary authentic personality in a process known as psychosynthetic disintegration. This separation of our main authentic identity into well-developed pieces, results in a compound disintegration of our psychosynthetic unity.

The psychosynthetic Qabalist will at once recognize the creative innovations afforded by this natural mechanism of disintegration. The shards and fragments will be nurtured empathically and magically developed as autonomously empowered allies of special ability and genius. Thus is the synthesis of holographic psyche satisfied through Integrated Harmonics.

With this comes the ability to disunify and destabilize complex systems and their strange attractors at will, inducing orbital drift and transformation of living systems as they evolve into further expressions of order from chaos. The synthetic Qabalist is able to guide and affect emergent phenomena and autopoiesis through his knowledge of systems theory and transpersonal psychology, helping large networks and material systems to learn and develop in the cause of order and stability among international communities. Distributed Assemblage of all types may be directed under magical authority in the interest of science, engineering, and technology alongside any field of contextual reframing.

This same Qabalist has the power to affect Harmonic Integration through psychosynthesis of the Strange Attractor and its feedback loops and systems parameters. The human body is a prime example of systems complexity and its integrated health will benefit as the karmic residues of negative belief structures fall away and adverse programming and subroutines of prior operant conditioning learn, adapt, and transform, affording the influx of tachyonic energy which regeneratively heals the Divine Instrument, resulting in a highly efficient metabolism, conducive to rejuvenation and bio-syntrophy.

Because of the Stellar Influence, evoked via the Mogen David, the great mass of the stars is able to bend space-time, empowering this Azah to figure prominently in retrocausality: backward in time divergence towards the present, or the reverse-time arrow. Synthetic Harmonics afford Qabalistic integration of the temporal matrix in the transpersonal navigation of supercausal block-time, allowing orderly travel, backwards and forwards in Time as well as Space. This gives the time-walking Qabalist access to the MWI parallels and virtual timelines, enabling him to ‘erase unwanted memories’, and replace them with a BOAPW outcome, greatly accelerating our evolutionary advancement. The spatial relativity of this is addressed via projective geometry and the Mogen David, symbol of Harmonic Synthesis; the Circle Squared, the Tetrapolar Magnet, and the Holy Tetragrammaton, along with practical applications of any pragmatic context.

The Harmonic Attraction of Spiritual Love

From the Akashic perspective, spiritual union represents the experience of connecting with a higher power or consciousness beyond oneself. This connection is often experienced as a sense of oneness or unity with the universe or with a divine being. This type of connection can be facilitated through practices such as meditation, prayer, or other forms of spiritual practice.

From the mental perspective, when spiritual union is experienced through the mind, it can facilitate the process of harmonic integration by providing a sense of connection and unity that can help to transcend the limitations of the ego. This can lead to a greater sense of inner peace and a deeper understanding of one’s place in the world

In connection with the Spiritual Union will come the experience of the Rapture of Love and the Ecstasy of Union with God. This experience of rapture or ecstasy can have a profound effect on the psycho-emotional self. A profound sense of joy and ecstasy can help to integrate different aspects of the psyche, leading to a greater sense of wholeness and individuation.

In the astral, harmonic integration refers to the process of consolidating different aspects of the self in a balanced and harmonious way. This can include integrating different emotions, thoughts, and behaviors into a cohesive whole. Here, sympathy with the Divine, union with the Living Spirit of God, and rapport with Heavenly and Angelic Beings are being experienced via the mystery of attractive benevolence. This extends to include any goodly association.

Bringing Forth the Integrated Harmonic Paradise

From the mental perspective, the concept of harmonic integration of will, intellect, and I-consciousness refers to the process of aligning these three aspects of the self in a way that allows for the manifestation of belief or intention. This alignment creates a state of harmonious perfection, where the individual is fully aligned with their true self and the universe around them.

When this state of harmonic integration is achieved, the manifestation of belief occurs effortlessly and instantaneously through the word of truth. This means that the individual’s thoughts and beliefs are in complete harmony with their words and actions, creating a powerful force of creation and manifestation.

In this state of harmonic integration, there is no resistance or tension between the individual’s inner world and outer reality. Instead, there is a seamless flow of energy and expression that allows for the manifestation of the individual’s desires and intentions in a way that is beneficial for all.

Overall, the process of achieving harmonic integration requires a deep understanding of oneself and a commitment to aligning one’s will, intellect, and I-consciousness towards the manifestation of truth and belief. When this alignment is achieved, the individual can experience a state of harmonious perfection that allows for the effortless manifestation of their desires and intentions.

From the astral perspective, mastering the character traits of courage and patience requires a combination of self-awareness, intentional practice, and a willingness to persevere through challenges. Here are some ways to cultivate these traits and their implications for harmonic integration:

  1. Self-Awareness: Developing self-awareness is key to mastering courage and patience. This involves understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations. With self-awareness, you can identify situations that trigger fear or frustration and develop strategies to overcome them.

  2. Intentional Practice: Courage and patience can be developed through intentional practice. For example, you can practice self-advocacy (speaking up for yourself), taking risks, or tolerating discomfort. Similarly, you can practice patience by delaying gratification, staying calm in stressful situations, or being present in the moment.

  3. Perseverance: Mastering courage and patience requires perseverance. It is important to recognize that setbacks and failures are part of the process and to keep pushing forward. By persevering through challenges, you build resilience and develop a stronger sense of self-efficacy.

The implications of mastering courage and patience for harmonic integration are significant. These traits are essential

The material aspect of having the fullness and plenitude of self-reflected systems of truth spontaneously come forth into the splendor of manifest reality reflects to the idea that our beliefs and intentions create our reality. When we align our thoughts, feelings, and actions with our deepest truths and values, we can create a reality that reflects our desires and aspirations.

The concept of world-building via beliefs is constructed with the tetrapolar magnet of success and happiness, and refers to the idea that our beliefs and intentions have a magnetic quality that attracts experience and opportunities in alignment with them. When we focus our attention and energy on positive, empowering beliefs, we create a magnetic attraction that draws success, happiness, and abundance into our lives.

The implications of this material aspect of harmonic integration are significant. By aligning ourselves with our deepest truths and values, we can manifest a reality that reflects our highest potential. This means that we can create a life that is filled with joy, abundance, and fulfillment, harmonious with our subjective truth, that we can wholly integrate into, with profound satisfaction.

It is important to note that this process requires intention and practice. It requires us to cultivate self-awareness, master the character traits of courage and patience, and align our thoughts, feelings, and actions with our deepest truths and values. By doing so, we can access the fullness and plenitude of self-reflected systems of truth and bring them into the splendor of manifest reality as an integrated harmonic paradise.

Integrated Excellence

In the Akasha, we attribute all that is most excellent, to the Absolute Being; personified as our Ultimate Deity and defining the greatness of God or Divine Majesty. In this way, we base the whole of reality upon excellence, rather than on more pitiable accidents of mundane banality, because this will become the foundation of our Truth: what we proceed to build our world upon. Projections generated from this Akashic Truth proceed to manifest directly from the Akasha and are not resisted by the course of emergent causality. We do however, assume full responsibility for these manifestations and the karmic consequences fall directly upon us. This is our chief responsibility as Qabalists and as human beings, whether we shoulder it or run away from it makes no difference: we are assessed with it and our reality proceeds from it, regardless. This then, will be the most important aspect in determination of the course our lives will follow and everything we experience is related to our choice in the matter.

The integration of excellence in our existential reality is installed automatically at the outset and cannot be circumvented without annihilation of the personal existence. There is no escaping this, one way or the other, though we can avoid or run away from it and suffer the consequences. This last part has caused all manner of consternation and rebelliousness toward a perceived overseer or harsh and cruel master, while in reality it is only our own self-reflective Truth from which we have become fugitive. We cultivate a friend consciousness or an enemy consciousness and live by the rules of our own choosing: in war or peace, in dignity or disgrace, in poverty or in the perfect fulfillment of our purpose.

Love then, and Wisdom (or Divine Truth) are the necessary pillars of existence which make for any life worth living. And elenchos, evidence via the divine numen, bears witness to our demonstration of this aristocracy. This dialog, or call and response, issues perpetually from the collective exterior of our panpsychic connectome, via systems, government, cosmic archetype, natural environment, and all information, structure, or society; real and imagined, holographically through lived experience. These form the strong attractors of our strange loops and transcendental living systems, respecting our dignity through intelligent causality with instantaneous engagement across time and space, inseparable and immediate in wholeness, integrity and complex adaptive unity, and one with our very conscience, by which all excellence is harmoniously instituted.

From the mental perspective the virtuous Qabalist receives the ability to comprehend the foregoing via intellectual cognition. It is the nature of logical analysis to divide and take sides, and to integrate this nature into harmonious cognition means to lay out the virtues along a continuum with the parameters on either end, establishing opposites; known as virtues and vices.

Within the strong attractor of each continuum resides a central paradox which is presuppositionally reciprocating (a dynamic hero’s journey), and represents the spiral dynamics of excellence. This strong attractor is the nucleus of a dimensional system, around which orbit the capacities which support it. These capacities are harmonious and supportive and thus reside closer to the inner nucleus of integration.

Emerging from each capacity are the patterns, loops, and subroutines that orient themselves in proximity to the exterior of a system and are subject to disequilibrium because they are sometimes disharmonious and frequently quarrel with one another. Patterns from opposite ends of the paradoxical continuum always instigate friction. Being near the outside, they are wont to exit in search of another system. In this way, established systems shed their aggravating aspects and consolidate their harmonious integrity.

A Charitorious Philosophy allows us to integrate our psychodynamic continuua via psychosynthesis in the recognition, acceptance and inclusion of our subpersonalities, through consolidation, integration, synthesis and development as per the relevant discussion from the section on Parallel Harmonics and the Resonant Connectome of Integrated Timelines, and to ‘call back’ our soul fragments, so that we become vitalized and whole via harmonious integrated systems. More about this can be referenced in the article about the rich olive Azah.

In the astral, the development of character and its resonant harmonics really come to the fore. Calling upon the Four Tattvas of the astral kingdom and the Holy Tetragrammaton we can cultivate ennoblement of the collective soul and integrate true aristos in the interior community of our holistic meshwork.

A central paradox of Soul Harmonics emerges as Personability (courtesy, friendliness, ease of manner, humor, etc. in progressively inclusive social circles without sacrifice of the core Self) vs. Wholesomeness (the inclination towards cleanliness, often involving solitude: a citadel of reserve from the crowd); the resolution of which may be the cultivation of a unifying project or organizing idea driving artistic and creative work, which results in psychological health and inner strength, and is life affirming and community engaging. Such examples tend to be situational in character, and reinforce cultural influences such as the shared meanings values, language, relationships, and perceived cultural values, of our interior collective.

Solutions such as this benefit our character: a personal quality that reflects upon our Spiritual Authority, such as genuine honesty, sincerity, open mindedness, truthfulness, trust, accurate sense of self-worth, and dignity. These things accord nobility: an intuitive and spontaneous idea of the good, which is value-creating and accords honor, or differential respect.

The ennoblement of our character proceeds from lived experience and personal growth through the astral stages of harmonic integration, which restore life in the realm of relationship via resonant accord and influence of culture and community. The core dimensions of our strong attractors remain healthy and relevant via the kinetics of astral systems: characterized by emergent phenomena, order from complexity, complex adaptive networks, and systems dynamics.

Soul Integrity, developed via active feeling and the high use of Intuition, honors the full recognition of the Individuated Self as the measure of all things (aka our subjective truth). These concerns prepare us for the spiritualization of the astral body and astral immortality, where the astral body becomes untouchable by corrupting influences. Magical equilibrium, ennoblement of the Soul, and excellence of character, afford us mastery the Astral Light and Astral Invisibility, alongside any siddhis related to the development of things such as this.

Armed with this system of dynamic nuclear synthesis, fluid and responsive orbiting capacities, and complex emergent patterns, capable of synergistic transformation into pleomorphic subsystems, we are prepared for harmonic integration of resonant physics in the material world, especially as it relates to the constantly evolving biosystems that constitute the maintenance of Health and Vitality in all its liminal expressions.

While a full understanding of this elaboration is dependent upon comprehension of the rich Olive Azah and its lexical field, it is good to bear in mind the practical application of the Circle Squared, the Tetrapolar Magnet, and the Holy Tetragrammaton, in pragmatic contexts to all aspects of the singular exterior, material brain and body, anything that you can see feel and touch, individual actions, and behavioral Influences, and that, as always: thoughts are things. Things, as we have seen, are not objects but a continuum of process and events, which proceed through material stages: organic states, notochord, stem, bulb, medulla, limbic system, neocortex, etc. Their emergence, or autopoiesis, is telekinetic and their appearance may be directed via infomorphic engineering and technology: reframing knowledge within the realm of mind over matter.

In the dynamic nuclear synthesis of material systems, we will integrate the harmonic energies of integrated light and sound, of the Etheric, and its Elemental Kingdoms via feedback loops, distributed networks, and interactive ecologies, toward the sustained concert of Integral Stability, in order to change any disharmony into harmony, gain perfect health, beauty and youthfulness, absolute mastery of the own vitality, to endow the own body with permanent youth and appeal, for Rejuvenation, and (with permission from God) work miracles in the Art of Healing so that, played by the circulations of Life Force through the etheric centers of bio-organic excellence, we remain perpetually symphonious with cosmic harmony and the life everlasting.