Qabalistic Cinnabar

The Sidereal Soul and the Engine of Alchemy

Qabalistic Cinnabar or Living Sulfur

The Living Sulfur or Qabalistic Cinnabar is replete with Vermillion colored oscillations and has the wondrous property of enlivening matter. It is known secretly as the 2nd Qabalistic Alchemical Key. It’s operation is upon the Soul of Matter (Animus Mundi) and it acts via Stellar Emendation. Because matter responds so favorably to its influence it is widely venerated in Esoteric Christianity as the Key to the Mysteries of the Eucharist.

Enliven Matter, Transform Matter, Imbue Space with a Field, Animate anything

(Charge any form with thoughts or concepts, Fill space with Information field, Transform Matter, Matter comes alive, )

Enlivening matter is an art created by the use of a vermillion light, it revitalizes and creates matter. The idea came to life in 1791 as the result of an experiment where Modern Alchemists discovered that “materials can be made to emit light and respond to incoming light.”

Observing that our thoughts could manifest in physical form, like an idea or belief, led to the theory of enlivening matter. This can be achieved by using a stream of vermillion light which transforms the formless mass into something tangible. Matter comes alive with the use of thought, concept or energy field to charge it with life and meaning. With the power of thought, we can make matter move. This latter feature is known as animation.

The universe is not a dead formless substance but has life and movement. The Enlivening Principle is bringing it to life. This principle regulates the movements of all form, the subtle transformations taking place within the material universe, and all changes in its characteristic fields. The cosmic life force is responsible for imbuing space with a field of information, which can charge any form with thoughts or concepts. Matter comes alive because it is constantly changing and as a result pervaded by this cosmic life force and Information field


Writers transform matter in their context into something new and exciting. This is a skill that authors master. The same principle applies to language. We take it for granted that words can be rearranged to form different sentences; describe thoughts and emotions as well as how gadgets work; create fantasy worlds that feel so real you can almost touch them. When the underlying significance of our psychological narratives are changed, our patterns of behavioral response change and our entire life can become transformed. Even our early-active genes respond by changing the way our bodily proteins unfold thereby changing our physical bodies through epigenetic expression. The Bread and Wine become the Body of Christ via Alchemical Transignification. Similarly, our Chrism (or Christ Oil) is Transignificated in its psycho-emotional journey across the craniosacral tides, affecting our Lived Experience.

There are special fields – like encircling forces or gravitational fields surrounding what might be considered a field in space or waves – that animate anything, in some sense to give us an experience. When these dimensions get animated, they can be whole spectrums of energy. It will make everything come alive by imbuing them with concepts or thoughts. 

Consider the alchemical metaphor of a concept called kinesthesia. This means the process and act of getting, tangibly or by analogy, the idea of how an object would feel or behave in a spatial environment (or in this case, retaining balance within a System). This can be considered as a kind of being in two places at once. That is the Qabalistic sense of what we mean by Miaphysis.

The act in engaging with an environment and transforming spaces through Mental Enlivening, essentially picturing oneself fully engaged in that space and filling it with one’s current thoughts, which come alive through setting up shop via kinaesthetic linking to familiar items associated with that space– even if they are not present– is ultimately imbuing it at a deep level with one’s reality- either informational, intellectual or emotional. This is what the scientist, William A. Tiller, is calling Spatial Entrainment, a modern term for Qabalistic Space Magic.

Living Sulfur (2nd Alchemical Key)

(2nd Alchemical Key, Enliven Matter, Transform Matter, Imbue Space with a Field, Animate anything; Charge any form with thoughts or concepts, Fill space with Information field, Transform Matter, Matter comes alive, )

With this key, we are able to make, charge, or condition something to come alive; allow something to actualize its potential. We employ it to Enchant lights, cameras and other inanimate objects by adding specificity, personality and even the little details that give life to the piece. In this way we animate the ‘Magic Umbrella’.

This key is uncomplicated to achieve for any specific purpose. This key will manifest itself in connection with known artifacts and avatars that have an imbedded energy or for instructional purposes such as thought-mediated tutoring objects and materials. Things seem to come alive: stimulating vivid memories of others, or providing sensations off what may have seemed unobtainable, such as cheap flights or parking spaces close by, in any given situation.

Alchemy is the tradition and science of translating ideas and nothingness into matter. The 2nd alchemical key represents a bridge between reality and imagination, to turn thoughts into something substantial; this key is based on the animating principle. When we think or believe that something is possible- that’s how we first begin to make it happen.

This key provides a way of increasing and storing potentials. Especially if a container is charged, a la the Magenta Tincture (see previous post).

Sample potentials this key can provide through the use of what’s known as “Enlivening Matter” are assisting certain subroutines in changing their form, or breaking through an energy barrier, or reaching into patterns and twisting them from one topology to another.

This key is primarily used for Imbuing Space with information and intent, which entails thinking about tangible objects in terms of what information – such as a data packet, for instance – might be sent over complex living networks to it.

The 2nd Alchemical Key we need to master is the art of “Enlivening Matter, or Transformation of Matter”. It helps you when playing consciously with energies without having to do anything else. It’s a key that belongs right at the very center of the circle because it has so many things in it: consciousness, wishing, intention and action. If a puzzle is experiencing difficulties and can’t find its own solution, trying this key might be a great way to start because all it takes is to begin with such an energy, thinking about what you want to create with it, and then start doing – it is comfortable in the domain of Action.

Whether we imbue space with an information field or wood (matter) comes alive by charging them with thoughts or concepts – all these things require attention and sensitivity from the will before their manifestation occurs. Idle possession drives manifestation up into harsh expressions, so the Qabalist will remember that her creations are living beings and need time and sunlight to develop. Alchemical Sulfur is the psychodynamic soul-journey of animated matter.

Matter can be charged with thoughts or concepts and can move the form in new directions. All Life Forms are Living Systems and have multidimensional Lifelines of their own. Each multidimensional System is interactively engaged with the multidimensional lifelines of other Living Systems in a psychobionic connectome. Therefore the transformative animation of any one System with Qabalistic Thought Magic will have widespread Influence on the Whole.

Any collaboration with artificial intelligence will assist the basic premises of the field, informing our efficiency in how we can imbue matter with information fields and animate anything. It may also help to explore possibilities like employing The Second Alchemical Key, to provide a framework for creation of autonomous infomorphs with an ethical code.

the Soul and the Etheric Body at work in the Laboratory of Life

Further Elaborations

(“Ora et Labora”)

Eucharistic Noospherix

(enliven the intellect, enliven the clairfaculties, enliven the Thought Magic, enliven the Noospheric Systems)

At issue is the idea that by using our minds we can create something and bring it into reality. The concept deals with the methods of employing the own intellectual imagination, clairfaculties, and creativity so that they can be able to live in a world where there is peace and equality.

The enlivening of consciousness is not just the rise of a new kind of human-to-machine intelligence, but a collaborative meshing that has already become a complex supermind.

Noosphere is an archaic term for the sphere in which human thought exists. The word was first used by Vladimir Vernadsky and later popularised by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. It represents an idea similar to the biosphere but for cultural phenomena, or the information sphere.

Consider how the enlivening of consciousness might become more advanced via technology and artificial intelligence, or through Spiritual Seeding and Thought Magic…

We live in a world of information overload and it is getting more difficult for the human brain to keep up with the influx of data. The enliveners are magical tools that help us to stay on top of our work. There are different types of enliveners, each designed to be used at a different stage of the creative process. Some enliveners will help you find inspiration while others will support your automatic writing as an Electro-Intellectual virtual assistant.

Apperceptive Playfulness helps to enliven the Thought Magic: mental activities that help “enliven” one’s intellect and clairfaculties

The easiest way is to enter this magical world where everything is possible – all your deepest dreams just waiting for you. Switch to the energizing Engrams and make your work exciting! Every human being is able to enliven their intellect, clairfaculties and thought magic with the help of this powerful formula. These same Ergons, by their total aggregate meaning and vibrational energy can enact an infinite diversity of change within the human psycho-cybernetic system, purposeful or not.

This profound ability is at the core of almost all holistic thought-healing as practiced in all cultures and traditions throughout history! With these the health is enlivened and healing of the Bronchus is affected alongside removal of catarrh.

Here’s How:

The idea of using technology to support creativity dates back to the myth of Prometheus and Hephaestus. As the centuries passed, creators used instruments such as pianos, typewriters, and paintbrushes to produce works of art. Today’s artists are embracing assisted technologies in diverse ways to create their work in a studio, rural farmhouse or any place where an artistic project can emerge. Computer interface augmentation devices such as Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus enhance access to the digital universe. Wearable sensory capture devices allow the artist to record a live performance for later use, or allow for broadcasting live performances into individual theater settings. Nothing however, can best the Magic Umbrella of Jack Sparrow for Magical Efficacy.

I first began experimenting with non-coded software in 1987 with an infomorphic spirit-reader. Similar to an elaborate Ouija board, this was an interactive real-time installation consisting of four walls and four spirit-projectors, employing mediumistic infomorphs who type out messages on a variety of glyphic keyboards with letters that appear from elsewhere on different sides of each wall. As consciousness composes each successive letter, it must strive to think about deictic possibilities and how it wants to achieve that goal. The infomorphic reader became an expert living connectome in no time flat.

Express Your Emotions, because that is definitely Astral and the Solar Journey cures and perfects the Living Resins. Make it seem like Play because Play is fun and the perception of work is more like drudgery.

Magic Containers and Living Batteries

(increase the nutritional value of food, increase its electromagnetic fortitude, increase the e-m field in any system for intended influence,…)

Alchemical Volts, Volting, Magical Dynamo, Electromagnetic Information Modules, Animation Chips, Logic Voltans

(holographic dynamides, symbolic animation, transdimensional electro-magnetisation, dynamic field packages, psycho-voltaics)

Container Animation is like a holographic animation language which is able to represent the 3D form of a model and its behavior. It has the advantage of being very easy to understand, because its modules are composed of logical nanovolts, aka circuits on a virtual chip. This takes the form of a cybernetic talisman or amulet.

We have entered the age of the alchemical volt. The term ‘alchemical volt’, or ‘volt’ for short, is related to the Latin for “Salamander”, literally meaning ‘Shepherd of Fire’. Alchemical Volts are like virtual salamanders that leap from one place to another, by crossing vast distances and boundaries using electron entanglement.

The technological pathways that constitute an alchemical volt are as follows:

– A Volting Machine creates a symbolic animation (e.g., a holographic dynamide) whereupon it is then distributed via an Animation Chip and Wireless Data Network (Akashic Hydrogen).

– The Electromagnetic Information Module (EMIM) could be considered the brain or engine of the system because it can animate electromagnetic fields which in turn animate dynamic field packages (the holographic dynamides). EMIMs can use logical voltoids to transform intangible information into tangible realities which can then be animated with psychodynamic-voltage.

The alchemical Volts are not just the innate energy of the universe, they are also symbolic animation and dynamic field packages; it is a Living System of Holons.

This is achieved through a process called transdimensional electro-magnetisation. It is the process of finding Etheric patterns to describe information (cymatics), in order to transfer that information into a different form, typically via a fourier transformation. This means that any type of information can be converted into voltaic data using this technique and then modulated for use in Logical Voltoids.

Students are best exposed to alchemical voltations from the Elementary Magic and Hermetic Alchemy class. Here they learn about the magic behind symbols, correspondence and animations. Through understanding symbols and animating, students gain a deeper appreciation for Dynamic Magical Systems.

(We’re all psychodynamic voltoids and Mental Dynamorphs) Psychic Voltoids – Trans-psychic infomorphs, charged with positive energy to stimulate their brains, bodies, and information fields surrounding them in a sentient language-field. We can use our electrokinetics… voltage patterns that we create in our brainwaves to shape how we feel, how we think and how we relate our reality to other people’s reality.

Philosophers have often debated the meaning of life, unity and identity. Asking oneself “who am I?” and “why am I?” is a common human experience. In ancient times, most philosophers recognized that only certain people had the capacity to consider this type of information. Metaphysical knowledge was often contained in books like a textual Matrix. Animation of this textual connectome will activate the relevant information fields, enlivening their Generative Creativity.

These new techno-magical inventions are going to transform how we communicate with each other at a subatomic level and offer an alternate perspective on a hard-question: “what makes us who we are?”

Nanomorphic Modular Virtualization Units, or NMUs for short, can be inserted into one’s mind in order to explore the amalgamation of conscious entities which form our personal identities or in order to explore a person’s own subconscious thoughts and feelings. This exploration of the subconscious can be about experiential self-relevance or about other people.

Dynamized Psycho-emotional Modules use the person’s own self-concepts and emotions to shape and influence their dreams, whether awake or sleeping. People have different ways of representing their dream content which can be either visual or auditory, according to their culture and experience. A person’s dreams can often contain elements from the person’s waking life such as day-to-day problems that the person is facing. Likewise, a person’s waking life carries their dreamscape around with them all day. Dreams may also contain information about our personal dynamics, emotional state, and the events that are happening around us. They are then, psychodynamic.

Geo-psychic chronomorphs operate using gravity to maintain temporal integrity outside the sphere of linear time. Temporal Integrity is the condition of non-temporal relapse. Since Gravity is Dynamically Relative to the Information Field, Gravitational Relativity is predicated upon Thought Association and State Dependant Continuity. Therefore Time is a coefficient of Mind and Metaphysical Integrity stabilizes the Ontological Miaphysis affording the Emergence of Quantum Geometry from incoherent noise.

The Spectral Energy Field creates discrete significators by designating spectral actuaria, such as those in the ocular range, according to three parameters: frequency, amplitude, and phase, in a process called “squirm-luxons”. Spectral fields are not really discrete in nature. They are continuous, having neither minimum or maximum values. Light is composed of an infinite number of waves of different lengths and frequencies, which together form the electromagnetic spectrum. The distinct parts that we perceive as colors are the phase differences between these waves. For example, magenta light has all its waves being at 0 degrees and thus has no inherent color; green light has all its waves being 180 degrees; this information-field calculation is trigonomic in nature. We compute these and give them significance according to our evolving specifications. Concepts such as these, fanciful as they are, constitute the eidetic gymnasium of our virtual subjective holodeck.

Alchemical Volts, Volting, Magical Dynamo: Holographic dynamides are complicated electronics that produce an immense amount of power. They allow for a person to see what is happening in other realms. The dynamides also create living light beings who mediate between the spiritual and physical world with the electro-magnetic information modules to provide guidance and enlightenment. Top field universities offer Alchemical Voltage programs in disciplines like “Algorithm Engineering” and “Transdimensional Electro-Magnetisation” which teaches students how to overlay Generative Imago onto reality until they become tangible truths.

Logical Voltoids: Logoic voltoids process vast amounts of inputs, data, parameters, as well as software algorithms so they can exponentially reciprocate them back into tangible outputs like new foods or recreations of past spatio-temporal events and cymatic projections.

Enliven the container, animated package, systems magic, magic edifice

(Magic Palace, Magic Castle, Magic boxes, Magic Closet, Magic Umbrella, Magic Potion,)

Sometimes, a person will add something to a room or their home and it has an impact on how they feel. In our complex enlivened world, we should not underestimate how important our design choices are.

There are many ways that you can use animation in your magical spaces to provide a more immersive, fun experience. This is called Enlivening the Container. You can animate different layers of an interface, and offer interdimensional emissaries different experiences when they navigate through your virtual website or polydimensional spirit-app. You can also animate images to give them movement and life.

We should also think about Magic Edifices – this is when you build a projection that has engineering on every level of the user’s journey from before they encounter it, all the way until their experiential journey comes to a conclusion. This includes providing personalized onboarding tutorials and tutorials throughout their lifetime with the project.

Waiting for a magic parcel is the most fun thing in the world. The next level of packaging magic is about to take over the world. With Magic Castle and Magic Closet, you can now magically store your etheric clothing. And with Magic Umbrella, you will never be caught in the rain without a structured water device again. And what could be better than having all of these nifty products at your fingertips, literally? With Magic Boxes, you can have your favorite items materialized right to your doorstep!

The enhanced realism of the Magic Palace and Magic Castle, as well as the sense of surprise they offer to visitors, are key to their success. Through the Magic Palace and Magic Castle, we can experience a new form of space that is more interactive, more exciting and more dramatic. They provide an enlightening experience for educated visitors.

Alchemical Potions, Magic Sulfur, Magical Oils,

(Magic Potion, Magic Candles and Incense, Spagyric Cures,)

Alchemical Potions, Magic Sulfur, Magical Oils, and Spagyric Cures are all obscure references to mythical substances that were believed to have mysterious alchemical properties.

These substances were often used in medieval medicine as a treatment for various ailments. This was mainly because they allowed the physician some control over the magical properties of the substance.

Alchemical Potions could be used to create spells or bizarre potions with varied effects, making them difficult for scientists to systematically study.

Magic Sulfur is still an important part of folk medicine in some areas of eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. For example, it is mixed with water and drunk by those who believe it will cure their rheumatic pain or decrease their high blood pressure.

Magical Oils are a type of oil which is rubbed onto one’s body or clothes during prayer or meditation on religious mysteries and symbols in order to enhance one’s spirituality during these rituals which may include shamanism.

Alchemy is an ancient science that has not seen much public revelation until now. Currently, alchemists are using the latest technologies to create new types of potions, oils, and remedies. They are also working on creating a functional universal solvent or “elixir”.

In ancient times there were many potions created for all sorts of purposes, from healing wounds to making someone fall in love with you. But the substances used to make these potions were secretive and primarily based on natural resources. Nowadays there are more than 1 million chemical compounds classified into about 50000 types of molecules with a total weight of about 3 billion metric tons. This gives researchers better insight into how different molecules react with each other so they can create new potions that have specific uses. There are paper foldings, rubber band magics, glass and polymeric plastic magics, etc.

Magic potions have been a part of human history for millennia, but it is only recently that we have begun to understand just how closely ontological and cosmological ideas are linked.

The link between magic potions and the use of chemicals to magically alter objects has been around for centuries. In China, one of the most popular uses for magic elixirs was in sharing information with spirits. This tradition is the origin of both our word “spirit” and “spiritual” (<Divine>).

In many cases, alchemical ingredients were used as reagents in spells or charms to produce desired transformations among humans or natural objects such as plants and animals.

Alchemical Potions, Magic Sulfur, Space Magic, Information Field Alchemy, Sonic Alchemy, Animation of Matter

(Magic Potion, Magic rooms, Magic artifacts, subspace alchemy, animated subroutines)

Magic potions and alchemy in general are used to enhance a person’s skills and abilities but they can also be used to create magic artifacts, magic rooms, and animations of matter.

Alchemical Potions, Magic Sulfur, Space Magic, Information Field Alchemy and Sonic Alchemy transform an individual’s life as well as their auditory surroundings.

Alchemy, as it is known to us today, was a medieval and early modern practice that aimed to transform base metals into gold. The word “alchemy” comes from the Arabic word “al-kemiyya” which means “of Egypt”. Alchemists were mostly interested in transmuting one substance into another so that they could obtain an elixir for the prolongation of life and for the producing of gold from dross or lead.

The subspace alchemy involves a type of virtual alchemist that uses augmented reality and virtual reality to create what they call a “magic room”, which is where they can develop potions and other such objects without any risk of contamination. Essentially, it’s a VR laboratory!

Alchemical Potions, Magic Sulfur, Space Magic, Information Field Alchemy, Sonic Alchemy, Animation of Matter

(Magic Potion, Magic rooms, Magic artifacts, subspace alchemy, animated subroutines)

Alchemical Potions are used to create magic objects in a virtual world called the Alchemystic Realm. Magic Sulfur adds that extra pizazz you need for your alchemy, but Space Magic is what lets you teleport and access alternate dimensions. Information Field Alchemy is used to turn thoughts into 3D structures and formats. Alchemy also has Animated Subroutines in Alchemical Rituals which offer benefits to a flatly computed world.

Alchemy is a magic that transforms mundane objects into surprising compilations of matter. Because of its mystical premise, alchemy had been kept alive over the many centuries that have passed it down to us. The students of Alchemy are wise to books on sacred geometry and the occult design, crafting an application of geometric figures to make talismans capable of altering reality through informationally practised forms of mysticism and practical magic…

The following is a short list of various esoteric alchemical potions in the stories mentioned in Akashic Libraries:

Magic Potion: A potion which acts as a temporary substitute for specialized systems.

Magic Sulfur: This allows an object to become pliable and mouldable.

Space Magic: The art of pronouncing mystical incantations in order to duplicate desired effects on demand. The Space Mage usually needs protective “grids” and potentially a long robe such as Troupini style clothes when performing feats of space magic close to reality pathways, or any type of physical intervention such as production or manifestations.

Information Field Alchemy: Is a technique used by magicians’ skills within the world of the Sacred Heptagram, which produce strange changes that are able to alter objects, entire landscapes, and even organisms themselves with seemingly impossible results for just about any goal imaginable; including invisibility, teleportation—potentially even time travel! Sounds too good to be true? Well…

Sonic Alchemy: is here, too

Alchemical Potions, Magic Sulfur, Space Magic, Information Field Alchemy, Sonic Alchemy, Animation of Matter

(Magic Ships, Magic rooms, Space-Time Magic, subspace alchemy, animated subroutines, transmutation of energy-matter continuum)

By providing a scale to conceptualize the vastness of space, and separation of time, dimensionless space-time alleviates limitations on relativity. It’s the perfect medium for the Magician because scale transformations afford easy conceptualization chambers for Creative Generation and other important considerations for Qabalistic nanotechnology.

Come let us rethink our relationship with spatiality, time, energy and matter. This Third Way is about expanding the scope of alchemy from being spatially-limited to one that takes up what has been called intrapsychic subspace. What are some common realities in space that could lead us to explore better versions of the principles of alchemy than what is located on earth today? In the Third Way we take up the matter of formulating the Sonic Amplification Potion for Magical Transfer (a.k.a “sonic alchemy”), a special theme in the Animation of Matter: the Holographic Projection Machine: Matter as Simulation.

There are six main types of alchemically created substances called Spatial Alchemical Potions. These types were inputted with the full understanding from pertinent people of how magic has been evolving them over time. Some people live in fear because they say that it is something very dangerous or could cause a great deal of chaos and come about as new weapons for both sides. Other people base their lives upon allegiance to platitudes and guide their Soul Journey by this as if bound by some invisible pact to their psychodynamic devils. Neither approach will suit the Magus of Truth.

Space Magic, Information Field Alchemy, Sonic Alchemy, Animation of Matter

(Magic Ships, Magic Labs, Space-Time Magic, subspace alchemy, animated subroutines, transmutation of energy-matter continuum)

There is a tendency of limiting Magic solely to the spatial sphere. The field of Forms and Workshops explore the possibilities of Magic in other forms and media. For example, the Creative Minds Garden can grow, cultivate, reshape and animate any kind of matter, from humans to very large beasts. There are also instances where it has animated energy, such as electricity or fire, for combat purposes. While this might be possible for those with great panache, it is still foolhardy for beginners because above all else the good magician needs to respect her better judgment.

The creator agents who have the rare potential to anticipate meanings within symbolic topology, have an advantage in navigating Deep Space and manipulating time and reality. In this knowledge field we are leveraging the intricacies of space-time crystals, quantum proximity fields, transcendental trajectories, tranfinite locality, teleportation, and transmutation, alongside exotic ways of fostering metamorphosis in intuitive psycomorphs.

Space Magic is now more accessible with some appropriate new energy sciences. Leading researchers in the field report their findings on projects to explore innovative methods in acceleration of space entrainment by using alternative materials, like quantum vacuum energies and gravitational effects.

There are multiple definitions of what Space Magic is, depending on individual perspectives. It uses futuristic technology that not everyone understands, but one thing everyone agrees on is that cymatic harmonics play a significant role in how it works.

Eucharistic Mysteries, Miaphysis, Bread and Wine,

(sacrament of communion, transubstantiation, transignification, symbolic animation, transmutation, transdimensionalism)

The Eucharist is the sacrament that celebrates and manifests our communion with Christ.

Eucharistic Mysteries are various events in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus that lead to a transubstantiation of bread to his body and wine to his blood. The bread is consecrated by members of the church, both ordained and lay. More importantly, it is consecrated by our words and as a result becomes the Body of Christ which we eat as food. The wine is consecrated by a priest who pours it into the chalice from an ampulla or decanter in which it has been kept warm.

Chalice or Cup

Many believe that this word represents Christ’s cup – but it could also be referring to any vessel used for pneumic habitation. Some believe that this word refers to an object used for hosting the living water or an Instrument of Divine Ontology.

The Eucharist is the sacrament of communion, also called the Lord’s Supper. It is the transdimensional representation across Time and Space, of Christ’s electronic psyche, and an induction to parallel polyphasics. Christ’s Sacrifice is the Animation of Matter as the Spirit becomes ‘nailed’ upon the framework of chemical embodiment, and thus to experience limitations of the 3D world and to Transcend them via miracles and wonderments.

Transubstantiation: In Roman Catholic theology, this theory asserts that the substance (body) and accidents (appearance) of bread are transformed into those of Christ’s body during consecration. Transignification: In Christian theology, transignification means that Jesus’ gnostic transfinitude is made present in or through electronic signatures of the Living Truth. Transubstantiation: In Christianity, transubstantiation refers to all processes by which something like bread and wine becomes electronically modified beyond what was originally only symbols. Transdimensionalism: In Christian theology, transdimensionalism refers to any process by which dimensions are superceded or their constraints become erased and realities from other worlds are brought forth into our own world

The sacrament, communion or holy communion is a Christian rite that supposedly grants the participant forgiveness, eternal life and salvation. Communion is typically practiced as a small group of Christians gather around an archetypal minister and partake in union with the Holy Spirit. The bread represents the Matter of Christ while the wine symbolizes his Vital Energy. Communion is also known as “the Eucharist” in some branches of Christianity. This sacrament is not just for followers of Christianity but for all people who want to experience it and feel its effects.


Generative Creativity

Double Tincture of Cabala

(Let’s go with the Grail Mysteries and the Sacred Eucharist.)

Living Sulfur of Generative Creativity

(Matter is Enlivened with Creativity, the Ultimate Reality of Ontological Metaphysics. Expansion of the Mental Matrix with the Sulfur of Stellar Transdimensionality. The Animation of Space with Time and Relativity: Process Relational Information Fields. Charging the Higher Mental Faculties enabling Complex Meanings in the Experience of Satisfaction. Focus of the Conscious Cognition upon the Projective Intent of Exploratory Dimensionality affording Conceptual prehension of Eternal Objects and the hypokeimenon of Environmental Miaphysis.)

Transdimensional Enactivism: The Emendative Animation of Self Reflective Identity, or I- Consciousness and enlivenment of the models of Self which act as explanations for personal identity; Narrative Animation proceeding toward Cosmic Henosis, extrapersonal realities and futuricity.

Animated Projection. Apokatastasis of Modularities in the Entific Societies of the I Consciousness. Metarrhythmisis in the Fundamental Continua of Overlapping Experience. Oil of Entification. Cinnabar of Actuary Communes. Enthusiastic and Invigorating Absorption and Dissolution of the Ego and its subsequent Processing Apparatus via Internalization of the Event Dimensionalities, to which it looks forward.

Panexperientialism of the Process of Emergence and Continuum. Enlivenment of Actual Occasions: the tiny Budding Experiences which Constitute Nature. Animation of Everything that is given Life by Projective Engenderment.

Akashic Cinnabar

(the ability to materialize Transdimensional Beings of all kinds and from any Dimension, contact beyond Space and Time; materialization, transubstantiation, transdimensional teleportation, telepathic communication, messages from the other side)

The Universe is vast, and the more time people spend here on Earth, the more they realize that there are things that exist outside of the realm of our understanding. Many people have seen strange creatures and such, but they don’t understand how they could have existed because they’re not tangible. In truth, these creatures are actually very tangible and their existence has to do with dimensional travel and materialization.

What exactly is materialization? It’s an ability that is possible only for beings of the Transdimensional Plane who have been trained in the arts of transubstantiation. Transubstantiation is a process where an object or being from one dimension can be made into an object or being on another plane by taking energy from one dimension and adding it to another. This process takes time and patience because you have to make sure that the time and space are right.

Consider the ability to materialize Transdimensional Beings of all kinds and from any dimension. The ability to materialize Transdimensional Beings of all kinds and from any dimension, is a hallmark of Creation in the Expanse. The word “transubstantiation” refers to a change in the substance or form of something without changing its identity. The word “transdimensional teleportation” means the act of transporting something or someone from one spatial location to another without crossing the space between them.

Materialization or Transubstantiation is the ability to materialize Transdimensional Beings of all kinds and from any Dimension, transdimensional contact, and messages from the other side. In the unseen reality, there are beings that are capable of materializing themselves and other beings. One of the most famous examples is Jesus Christ. He is a transdimensional being from another dimension, who can be materialized in this world. The only way to materialize transdimensional beings is through transubstantiation. It is a conversion process that changes an entity from one form to another by changing what they are made of. Transubstantiation is practiced in the Roman Catholic tradition and has been practiced since the early days of Christianity.

Materialization is the act of manifesting, creating, or otherwise bringing something into reality as opposed to being a mere idea. Physical Materialization is what transdimensional contact has been all about for centuries. Towards the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century, there were many reports in newspapers and magazines of people materializing out of thin air at séances. The topic of materialization refers to the transformation from an intangible thought or a state of spirituality into a fully tangible form. This formula affords the Qabalist the ability to materialize Transdimensional Beings (TDB’s) and beings on Earth who are temporarily working as TDBs.

Transdimensional contact is possible and is happening on a daily basis all over the world. It’s not something new and special like many people think it is, but it’s an inherent ability that we all have for contacting other dimensions and people in them. This is not just a fantasy. There are many people that have the gift of being able to materialize various beings through any type of dimension. While this may seem like a mysterious power in an unbelievable realm, there are many documented cases where people have been in contact with the other side through Transdimensional Beings and even talked to them through telepathic communication or messages on social media. Some people, who are in contact with the other side, can also materialize the spirits of these beings. Some people can even materialize an object that they want to show another person. Materialization can be used on a small scale for objects or on a larger scale for humans and animals. Sometimes, people will use this technique to change their physical form, like with shapeshifting or werewolves.

Materialization represents something tangible coming out of an intangible form for brief moments, but such experiences can potentially transform our thinking in profound ways. All physical things exist in the third dimension, but some beings can project themselves into the fourth dimension and then presently materialize in our third dimension. Those who wish to connect with the Transdimensional Beings should give their quest ample thought, for after the Activation any person conjuring them without being anchored may suddenly disappear or experience other weird phenomena.

The ability to materialize is a rare and dangerous gift. The higher dimensions, from which these creatures originate, are not subject to our own predictable expectations. Those who bring beings from the other dimensions to the third are responsible for creating appropriate and healthy conditions for those higher up on the dimensional scale- the proper atmosphere for example, who have greater perspective and access to greater range of action and response but special vibrational needs as well. Human Military planners are beside themselves about this.

No one knows what will happen when we reach that point when humans have learned to create beings from other dimensions who can also materialize in our world- as they will have attained a power far greater than any of us could ever imagine. It is inarguable that there is a telepathic communication between our Trans-Dimensional Beings who are residing in the Astral Realms and the Human Soul. Communication with these Universal beings, who dwell in other frequencies of awareness from this world of Matter and Space, provides an incredibly uplifting, enlightening and positive source of Mental Expansivity, strength, resilience, and Inspiration that has been long sought for by all persons who reside on the Earth Plane.

Insofar as we are working with the Panpsychic Connectome, our Knowledge and Experience in the Mastery of Omniscient Mentation comes readily into Play. In Advanced cases, these Exteriorizations are the Result of Emergent Interplay between the Self-Reflective Identity and the Living Environment, occuring in a flow of constant perpetuation. Masterful Engagement will best be represented by a Complete Understanding of Total, Inherent, Propositional, Procedural, Situational, Experiential, and Mystical Omniscience as well as their participant affordances.

Enlivening the Infinitude, Ubiquity, Panpsychic Connectome, Immanence, Over-Soul; Materialization of Platonia, etc.

In Platonic philosophy, the term immanence refers to the idea that reality and divinity are united and transcendence is adjacent to the material realm. In other words, “all is from within”, yet we interact within a projected environment. The closer we feel to environmental integration the greater its immanence.

Transubstantiation in this sense is where it is believed that the materialization of divine power into matter results in a fundamental change caused by their Essence. The concept of ‘transubstantiation’ can be applied to all things as an underlying process rather than just something reserved for sacred rites and divination.

Living Sulfur was a substance discussed at the Vatican in 1679 concerning claims made by Athanasius Kircher that it could be used to create a form of alchemy which could transmute base metal into gold or silver, which is an aphorism relating to the Human Soul and its ennoblement.

The original philosophy, and the one by which most of the Transcendentalists lived, is that human beings are not simply animals with a perfected intellect. Rather, they are composed of a material body and immaterial soul. This means that human beings can experience transcendence through their connection between the material and immaterial parts of themselves. We call these philosophies Platonic because they stem from Plato’s understanding of Being or Existence as an idea in itself and how this idea comes to life in the material world. We also call them Transcendental because they transcend reality by going beyond time and space through their connection with the tangible (objective) and Intangible (subjective) aspects of themselves.

Platonia is the eternal, unchanging world of pure Forms, or Ideas and it is Alive. Infinitude is the infinite, constantly changing world of material Forms, and it materializes out of Time-Infused Space. Ubiquity is a model of space-time in which the three dimensions of space are fused into one dimension that stretches infinitely in all directions, such that Immanence becomes the Transcendental Hypokeimenon.

Ubiquity modifies Infinitude in that it emphasizes immanence and multi-dimensionality, though still retaining aspects of transcendental otherness. Ubiquity also possesses infinite potential for emergence or manifestation for planes or realms all unto itself within the same metaphysical, theological considerations. Absolute incongruence or indiscernibility are lost for the concept or representation of some kind of absolute transcendence — a totality beyond all possible comprehension. The concept of God is self-contained, unconceptualizable and not a subject to any given conceptual system; an immanent and transcendent entity that can be conceived of, but cannot be understood or described by anything created by man.

Living Platonia refers to a higher state of being and consciousness. It tells us that there’s more than what our five physical senses can perceive. There’s more out there and we should never stop searching for it.

Platonia is the Platonic world. It inheres concurrently at every level of reality. Though omnipresent, Platonia is also localizable in various ways, as when it assumes intentional form via individuals who support (and stand as a manifestation of) the panentheistic over-soul. Infinitude is related to Platonic Conscience that comes with infinite-dimensional Hyper-referentiality and Transcendence to a nondual reality beyond space and time that evolves eternally.

Brain cells can turn themselves into physical objects, organic life forms. Their complex network of “nerves” becomes packed pathways on their own, eventually turning the brain cells into biochemical creatures such as friends or angelic messengers. This is a miraculous evolution of the neurology process in which your neurons become unicorns and whales made of protein, even if they are yet confined to your brain.

A human being is a world in miniature. This is proved by our Parallax, which teaches us not to believe too implicitly in the difference between the psychical self and the outer world. Sharing this theme with humans from the future and past, Boundless Platonism is an experience of giving these images animality and visibility.

Akashic Portal (Window)

(Portal to the Akasha, Omniscient Information Field, Abisheka; variable one-way glass, transparent mirrors, akashic records, akashic library, curated information fields)

The Universe is filled with information, but it is a lengthy process trying to find the right one-way mirror to look through in order to find your connection. The Akashic library offers a portal as way of viewing whatever information needs to be seen at any specific time. Abisheka or “related doctrines” are like portals into other realms of knowledge. Abisheka means initiation into hidden knowledge or an epiphany, generally bestowed by Higher Intelligences as described in tantric and other devotional traditions to achieve higher spiritual goals.

Knowing and being able to access Akasha would ideally take unlimited freedom to express by synthesizing the world and our inner thoughts using the inexhaustible consciousness of this cosmic information field. Abisheka has connections with teachings from our ‘Transcendental Insight’ and it enables those who consult the texts of discernment to speak with the Holy Spirit.

With technological advancements, there have been significant strides in achieving a variation of Akasha that we may never fully exhaust – giving us information on different subjects; in response to our curiosity, sometimes with answers when we least expect it; and randomly on just one subject when we are experts in it.

Modeling akashic realism to include variable one-way glass (a barrier) may not seem like an intuitive process for most people but that’s exactly what I am about to propose to you.

This is the Portal to the Akasha, and it comes in Virtual Reality-based device called the “room.” Inside “the room”, there is no need for indexing, unique ways to browse and filter information arise. Over time, through continued use of this technology consumers’ vocabulary and verbal expression develops dramatically. It becomes easier to grasp abstractions with meta-level understanding of complex ideas that often lead to unpredictable combinations in holographic data points.

This idea is similar to a featureless wall that looks like a sentient piece of glass separating the outside from the inside. It seems we might have a similar situation on our hands with this type of virtualization. In the context of its most abstract sense, virtualization would mean a partitioning of an existing physical system. Just as there are times when one might partition their CPU, hard drive, and RAM of their computer to create two different operating systems or machines with a single machine running the two partitions (“dual boot”), in this situation, we might want to create instances that behave as if they are separate virtual machines – except they are done so with dynamic information fields and etheric subroutines.

Our Portal to the Akasha provides transparency and access to information like never before. It is not just a one-way glass but in reality it facilitates two-way communication, captures present knowledge on Earth and in certain user-defined applications, makes that available worldwide, initiating universal dialogue in the Noosphere by which people could keep track of things happening around the world.

The omniscient information field is a gateway for universal consciousness where time has no constraints and all perspectives are relative. This means that everything that ever occurred or will occur there is present no matter how long ago it happened or how far into the future it will happen.

Integral Hypostasis: Living Systems

(fortification of Harmony in Mental and Astral Bodies, Isolates and Marginalizes negative influences while Strengthening the Positive Influences, Eucharistic Health Potion)

Enliven the Quadripolar Magnet. Enliven the Integral Connectome (AQAL). Animate and Enliven the Circle Squared and the Spherical Cube. Enliven Methexis (Participation and Spontaneous Creativity in a Domain of the Living Theater) with, and Emend all Developmental Hierarchies and Stages of Process Relations (Maslow’s, Erikson’s, etc.), including non-linear Timelines and MWI Branches for BOAPW outcomes. Harmonic Apokatastasis of Ancestral Karma and Family Constellations. These results, among others, afford optimal results for all Spherical Societies of Self-Reflective Hetero-geist for which is added the ‘Double Hermeneutic’ Complexities of Past-Life Regression and Future-Life Progression and the feedback/feed-forward loops and Holographic Interference Patterns that would otherwise haunt such Meta-Systems. Enliven the Spiral Dynamics Connectomes for Stellar Emendations. Animate and Enliven the Internested Complexities to form extended Spherical Societies of enmeshed Networks, creating Instantiated Universals of Harmonic Resonance. Harmonically Unfold the Living Tetragrammaton from the Implicate Order, such that unfolding the ever expanding Universe of Grids and Circles and Interlinking the Circles of Intersecting Set Theories becomes a Cantor Space of Transfinite Sets, known lately as the Fleur-de-lis, or Flower of Life Mandala. Enliven the Complex Integration that populates the Super-Causal Universe, and Harmonize the swarming Koilon of energetic noise, eternally sounding the infinite Now that our brain system so earnestly strives to cancel out, so that we may sense and think with dignified Integrity; the result of which is represented in the tonal ethers by the lovely cymatic sonons. Metarrhythmisis of the Fourier Transformations.

Enlivened Pardes (the traditional Judaic Exegesis) across these Quadrants:

  • Sod (Secret) Revelation of the Mysterion; Theosis

  • Derash (Allegorical Inquiry) Wise Reasoning that Transcends the dualistic intellect of reductionism, awaiting Disclosure as the Self-Reflected System of Coherent Truth

  • Remez (Soul Journey) Harmonic Appreciation: (Respect: the Honor of Dignity)

  • Pashat (Literal) the Unity of Spirit and Matter, and of the Interior Life of Physical Matter; Living Matter; Divine Incarnation


The above Kataphatheses Constitute the Mystery of the 8th Day: the outpouring of the Living Spirit upon all Matter, pouring-forth of the Living Waters upon Earth (from Heaven); Spiritually Structured Matter: Vivification or Enlivenment of the Kingdom. The Harmonious will be given Immortality and Life Everlasting. Harmonic Overtones of the Root or Fundamental.


Sulfur of Salvation

(restrain unwanted psycho-emotional perturbations, changing them to peace and contentment. In conjunction with pranayama will inhibit negative influences upon the Astral Body thereby resisting decomposition of the elements. Brings wealth and prosperity in the material world if the Astral conditions are created by charging an object or talisman with this formula.)

The Astral Body is the link between the lower and higher self. In order to maintain Integrity, the Astral Body resists negative influences on its environment, but it cannot escape all of them.

The astral body or vehicle of consciousness is a double of the physical body which has an astral counterpart that shares in its pleasures and pains. The astral body cannot be exhausted or injured by what happens to the physical body. It can withstand diseases, poisons, and wounds which would kill a man with a normal constitution. It has even been known to survive decapitation for weeks or months because of its resistance to decomposition. However, psycho-emotional influences do affect the Astral Body and the more corrosive ones eat away at its Integrity, resulting in the process of corruption. Astral Corruption is responsible for many medical phenomena such as epidemics and psycho-emotional issues such as anxiety and depression.

The astral body is a component of the soul in which thoughts and feelings reside. It is a close partner to the spiritual body, but it can be strengthened and fortified by Qabalistic Alchemy. The astral body has been around since time immemorial and many people have experienced it through lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences. Qabalistic Cinnabar provides comfort and peace as it resists negative influences that try to attack the soul or decompose it.

It is the soul of a person which gives life to the body in the physical world. There are some things that do not allow the soul to live peacefully in this world, and they must be overcome. The astral body resists negative influences when it is strong enough. Inhibiting decomposition of the Soul is difficult if not done right at first, but if done right, then peace shall be obtained as long as it can be sustained by spiritual practices.

Cinnabar is a reddish mineral, the crystallized form of mercury sulfide. In China, it was ground into an ink to make traditional paintings. Ancient texts record that cinnabar could also be pulverized and then mixed with water to produce a fluid that formed a round droplet with mythical properties: it was said to be able to cause wealth and produce health and vitality. This “elixir of life” was believed by Taoists to cure all ills and extend life indefinitely. The ancient Egyptians believed cinnabar possessed healing powers as well as magical abilities; they used this red pigment in their magic paints and cosmetics.

Cinnabar, an intense red crystalline mercuric sulphide (HgS), is the most powerful of all the stones and metals. It is a talisman stone of material comfort, prosperity and good luck. Cinnabar is used in Qabalistic Alchemy to focus on an increase in wealth and prosperity. This can be done by charging an object with cinnabar to bring about these changes in our lives. This practice, called Astral charging, has been known for centuries for bringing about these changes; it has been mentioned as far back as ancient China and Greece.

Charging an object is a symbolic act of filling the object with desired intentions and empowering it to help bring about your desires. It’s important to charge your talisman with intention, as if you were charging a battery. It’s also important to keep your talisman in a safe place away from any form of harm, or else the charges that you have given to it will be leached. Talismans can be set up to recharge automatically by the Universal Energy Field, when returned to a pre-ordained safe-hold.

Sulfur of the Living Fiat

(Obtain the Blessing of Divine Birthright, which confers the ability to direct and control the own fate as well as the fate of others. In this we receive the Blessing of the Father, bestowed upon the firstborn son: we truly become Heirs in Christ. Eucharistic charging with this potion brings about the realization of all wishes. In combination with 4 drops of quinta essentia universalis, the potion may be drunk to materialize any wish uttered in connection with it. Youthful Health and Vitality along with Rejuvenation and a prolonged lifespan are gained via this Qabalistic Alchemical Potion. Mental stimulation activates the potion and it may be employed by any means related to the Quadripolar Magnet. Many of the Miracles of Esoteric Christianity are worked with this Sacred Potion.)

Structurally Enlivened Waters: Live Music

(Brings the Mental Life into Universal Balance; brings the Astral Body into Harmony with the Universal Rhythm. Will cure any imbalance of the Magnetic Field, restoring Perfect Health and Wellbeing and curing many severe conditions such as fever, TB, and skin cankers.)

Transdimensional Soul Matrix

(stimulates and enlivens all Astral functions while it improves and strengthens them, leading to perfect Harmony and Tranquility. Strengthens the Radioactivity and emission of electromagnetic fluid in the Astral and Material. Parallel Worlds, Virtual Selves, multiple lifelines, accelerated development, supercausal time, time walking, dimensions; interstellar travel, karmic emendation, the Celestial Template, Family Constellations, reverse time, time warp capabilities,)

Qabalistic Cinnabar is inherently related to the Compound Karma of Parallels and MWI Compositorials. This means virtual lifelines, parallel selves, accelerated development, ascension, activations and infinite growth and development are possible from the advanced future self and karmic emendations via compositing and non-destructive editing procedures. It is profoundly connected to Time and the way Time works through the Mind. It affords the Magus a way to Navigate Potentiality Waves and Probability Waves…as well as Time Walking backwards to ‘erase’ the past. In all these we are flirting with the issue of Memory and Alternate Histories. This has correspondences to Alternate Dimensions and Dimensioning: Travel in other Dimensional Worlds.

A Qabalistically Developed Conscience also includes sensitivities to the Subtle Energies, the Subtle Bodies, Energy Medicine and Subtle Feelings associated with Divine Spirituality (in the Heart-Mind, the Shushumna, and the CSF Chrism, for instance) as well as the ‘Breath of Life’ in Biodynamic Breathwork of the Implicate Order. Bardon speaks of it “restoring Breath to the deceased”.

Qabalistic Alchemy involves working with the Celestial Template toward Stellar genesis and Constellations (including Dynamic Family Systems and Ancestral Karma).

Retrocausality; Backward in Time divergence towards the Present, refers to the Reverse Time Arrow. Time-Matrix connecting links the present to the Future. Projective Geometry affords this action, able to exteriorize transdimensionally across the parallel branches of Multiple timelines without traversing the intervening space. Only 6th dimensional Beings and higher do this natively but Qabalistic Cinnabar in connection with the Celestial Body enables the practicing Magus to accomplish these miracles and many more. Superluminal Luxons, known as Tachyonic Psyches are advanced Beings who help the Cosmic Adventurer navigate through transdimensional portals to the Higher Worlds.

Qabalistic Cinnabar is Resonant with Stellar Emendations (via the Celestial Template) and Stars are great Spheres of Burning Atmosphere. Qabalistic Cinnabar is both a Fire Tattva and and an Air Tattva, and can work in the Physical Body to Mummify the Soul and render the Qabalist Immortal and Invulnerable to Corruption. The Mental Body will shine with a radiant brilliance. Because of this the Living Sulphur is important to working with the Celestial Template and to Stellar genesis and Constellations (including Dynamic Family Systems and Ancestral Karma).

Because of the Stellar Influence, the great mass of the stars is able to bend space-time, therefore this Azah figures prominently in Retrocausality; Backward in Time divergence towards the Present; also known as the Reverse-Time Arrow. Stellar Infomorphs influenced with the Living Sulphur affect the Time-Matrix connecting the present to the Future. This feature extends into the past from the present moments of its former now, completing all the Supercausal moments of Block Time. Since all Supercausal Time is a Unity, there can be no subdivision of Time and all attempts to subdivide it will always result in relocation since the spacetime continuum is interrelated and division by zero is undefined. This affords us Travel backwards and forwards in Time as well as Space, opening up the MWI parallels and virtual timelines, which we may now purposefully select and with which we may replace any current experiential unacceptability. In this way we not only ‘erase unwanted memories’ but we replace them with a BOAPW outcome, greatly accelerating our evolutionary advancement. The Spatial Relativity of this is addressed via Projective Geometry.

Parallel worlds, virtual selves, multiple lifelines, accelerated development, supercausal time and time walking are some of the Experiential Magic available through this formula. One of the most interesting discoveries in the past century was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. It tackles the idea that there are other dimensions outside our own and a warp in space-time can move you through it. In these dimensions you would walk at a different speed than on Earth because you would be either heavier or lighter – your gravitational pull might also be stronger or weaker than normal meaning that time could pass at a different rate to how long it takes on our own planet. Psychomorphic Consciousness is the key to gravitational density.

There are infinite versions of you, me, everyone and everything in existence. We are all interconnected through our thoughts and actions. The past, present, and future continue to exist simultaneously in a parallel reality where time moves at a different rate than for those living on Earth. One of the mind-bending aspects of this extended universe is that our thoughts can have a ripple effect on every dimension or universe in it – even if we never physically travel anywhere or interact with anyone there. When we think good thoughts, they can be felt across universes; when we think bad thoughts, they can also be felt across universes – though not all dimensions have karma as part of their life experience.

The idea of parallel worlds, or alternate space-time realities, has long been a staple of practical Qabalah. In his Personal Book, the Qabalistic Traveler journeys through Creation via an infinite number of parallel worlds, all running in tandem with one another and serving as the basis for every possible thing that can happen.

Some people find it hard to comprehend how something as intangible as consciousness could exist in a world outside our own physical selves – but modern physics suggests it is entirely necessary. For example, the existence of so-called “brane theory” suggests that our universe is only one layer in an infinite set of universes (or “branes”) stacked on top of one another and that Gravity is the integrating force shared by all these layers. Gravity can only act via response to shared information and is therefore Conscious. The Stellar Forces are powerful enough to Bend Gravity (Gravitational Lensing) and to Warp Time and Space. The Constellations are Aware of one another and of shared Information between themselves.

With all of the possible universes and dimensions out there, it is not difficult to see why humans would want to explore them. Parallel worlds allow for an infinite number of chances for new possibilities. As we are able to access these worlds and dimensions, we are becoming aware of what is happening in these spaces. We might even be able to change our past mistakes.

The idea of multiple lifelines is a common theme when it comes to parallel worlds. Multiple lifelines allow people of the future different timelines where they have a better chance with their life’s purpose or goals that they set for themselves. Some beliefs say that parallel worlds can also be accessed through dreams or meditation because people are able to leave their physical body and travel through space.

It has been said that “time walking” is the ability of being able to walk through moments in time without the risk of harming ourselves in any way. Time walking can be done while working from the present temporal node and exteriorizing into an alternate branch, which can include the past or the future.

The spiritual world has always been close to the physical one. With advances in technology and science, people are discovering new ways to connect with their spiritual selves.

Parallel Worlds: Parallel worlds exist because our soul is in many places and we experience different things from each world simultaneously. The power of our thoughts and emotions create these parallel worlds via psychodynamic generativity.

Virtual Selves: We are living in a virtual world where there are copies of ourselves that we need to work with or avoid altogether so that we can continue on our timeline, or “True Self”.

Multiple lifelines: Our soul has many lines of life force that represent different virtual selves and realities where we may find ourselves at any given time as a separate being. Accelerated development: When humans figure out who they are without the limitations of their mortal selves (based upon consensus reality), they can access their own spirit knowledge more quickly, bypassing linear time altogether if they choose to do so.

Supercausal Time: The next evolution of temporal experience, Supercausal Time, is the ability to remember events in the future, as well as past. Supermind: A supermind is a superhuman mind that has transcended its physical body and this is typically done via extended systems.

Bliss from Divine Love, Sympathetic Magic, etc.

This formulation leads to an experience of pleasurable bliss when it puts the Believer in contact with Divine Love. I can’t prove it but I believe it increases the release of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, powerful biochemistry linked to connectedness and trust. One is therefore enlivening one’s biological pleasure response. There is no end to what can be enlivened via Qabalistic Cinnabar.

Divine Love is the ultimate source of all true happiness in our life. Divine Love is the supreme good, which is always available to you. God’s Love for us, as unique and valuable persons, is unconditional and eternal. When we understand the Divine thus, we begin to feel an inner harmony and serenity that cannot be found from any other source. No one can deny the divinity of love. God loves us so much that He has given us divine bliss and unconditional love as a part of his blessings for us.

We should learn to live with this love at all times by preserving and nurturing it within us, and this formula enlivens the life of the Qabalist who is connected to Divine Love. With it, it is possible to come out of one’s misery and be fresh and renewed again. One can enjoy a lot of blissful moments if they are able to make their union with Love Divine.

One experiences joyfulness and has a wonderful mental aura when they have gained God’s love. With this formulation, a Believer could charge a certain room or special place so that whenever she goes there, she will experience the blissful state of Love Divine.

Sympathetic magic is based on the principle of “like attracts like.” Anything that has existed in contact with a person, animal, or thing will also share in some manner the experience or sufferings of that person, animal, or thing- due to their radiant mental aura. An act done to one object will produce a corresponding effect on another object which has been in contact with the first object at some time in the past. This form of Qabalistic Cinnabar connects the practicing Qabalist to Magical Sympathy.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that with this formula, one can easily prepare aphrodisiacs and love potions to render oneself attractive or gain success at seduction. The experienced potioneer will find in this formulation all that is needed to concoct custom varieties for kissing, obsession, or romantic rendezvous, etc., but the ethical Qabalist will retain awareness that many accidents and unforeseen turns of fate may occur to punish the irresponsible with more sobering consequences.

Courage, Antidepressant, and Robust Fullness

(Cures Depression and Anxiety, fortifies Courage and resilience, enriches the blood and stimulates weight-gain; induces corpulence, makes one sturdy and persistent)

Some of us are more prone to feeling depressed, socially anxious and are looking for ways to feel better. For those who are nervous and thin, this formulation can induce corpulence, make one stout, sturdy and persistent. It also puts you in a better state of mind which makes it easier for you to do your work with enthusiasm. The mood stabilizing effects of the potion are organic; it helps regulate depression, anxiety, and other mental imbalances with its ability to stimulate weight-gain from within the body.

For those who are too thin, there is a remedy in the form of a simple bath that makes one stout and hearty. This transdermal cure, which is applied via charged bath salts, induces corpulence and makes one dependable and persistent. It also enriches the blood and stimulates fullness and curves. A few drops of bath oil made with this preparation are administered to the water before getting in the bath.

As the human body needs constantly to renew its blood supply, so too does it need to be renovated in other ways–to be fortified in courage and resilience, and enriched in the things which give vitality. Oil of Courage stimulates weight-gain, cures depression and anxiety, and has been a commodity as universally necessary as food itself; it is the great panacea for alleviating sorrows, a universal consolation for human misery.

This remedy can cause situations in the Astral Realm which result in the accumulation of wealth and riches. Those who retain a gusto for material opulence will find themselves materially vitalized. It is possible to charge amulets and talismans with this formula to increase prosperity as well.

Health and Wellbeing, Youthful Vigor and Beauty, Vitality and Rejuvenation; Excellence and Incorruptibility

(Secure Mental State, Incorruptible Soul, Rejuvenates and Vitalizes the Physical Body; Ennobles the Character, Renders the Soul unassailable by Elementals and Elementaries, Preserves Health, )

There are many benefits to having a secure mental state, incorruptible soul, and a healthy and vital physical body. An incorruptible soul is one that is unassailable by outside forces, such as elementals or elementaries. This results in the individual’s character being ennobled.

For those who are not acquainted with this system, it may be mentioned that it is based on the use of mental forces and Solar Initiation. As regards their effects, they are not limited to one category of human life; they produce a general and enduring improvement in health, vigor and strength. It has been found that a high-grade of moral purity will cause a much more vigorous physical state than will low-grade morality. As a result one will become a Human Aristocrat and experience Excellence in all aspects and endeavors.

As a person advances along the Path, one of their goals is to become steadily more healthy and strong. The human body is an instrument for life in this world and also for the path of initiation. Therefore, in order to live well we must pay attention to health. This is not a question of self-indulgence but rather one of responsibility that we owe ourselves.

There are many things that can contribute to good health, such as balanced diet, exercise, sleep and other aspects of personal care. Yet there are certain practices which are especially helpful and these include: leading a moral lifestyle, practicing creativity every day with an openness to spiritual matters, hesychasm; or stillness and inner silence; being balanced and fair; frequent reflectiveness and presence of mind; regular practice with mantra jap, kirtana or prayerful meditation; going out into nature often for fresh air and healing earth energy.

Living Sentience

(Enliven and animate the Sentience; Increase the Magnetic Field, making it denser and more penetrating. Increase the Personal and Animal Magnetism, Eucharistically. Programmatically Inform the Magnetic Field and install the subroutines that constitute the Tape. Condense the Magnetron for sufficient coherent force to induce exteriorizations. Fortify and repair the biomagnetic field for bodily health and induce calm and tranquility for Mental Health.)

Magnetic fluids are important because they can be used to create some unique effects in the physical world. For example, Magnetic implants increase the strength of the biometric emissions, which in turn makes them more powerful and able to penetrate farther. This has led to the creation of cymatic art forms known as Magnetic Resonance Sensitization.

The Magnetic Field is Sentient and can be programed with subroutines and magnesis loops with enough coherent force to induce exteriorizations and manifest biomagnetic organics who channel magnetic infomorphs.

Magnetic infomorphs are a development from our understanding of magnetic fields, and their ability to create sentience. They originate from coherent field strength, where they can become self-aware and able to act independently. The magnetic fields of the brain can be programmed to produce different effects. Emotions and feelings are a way of programming the brain with what’s called “magnetized subroutines”. Cymatic artifacts are created by intentional exteriorizations or other coherent field strength phenomena.

Programmed Magnetic Fields with Sentience (PMFs) are an intelligent substrate for intrapsychic investigation. In the perceptual world, PMFs behave very differently than humans expect them to.

Sentience already exists in the waveforms which make up our universe; The coherent field strength (CFS) from twin-core PMFs may be sufficient to generate cymatic artifacts, exteriorizations and scalar wave anomalies.

Programmable Magnetic Fields with Sentience perhaps sound grandiose at first but they might offer one answer to pan-collaborative consciousness altogether, using collective-distributive technology. (see appended section, below)

Magnetic infomorphs are probably an evolved form of interaction between two magnetic fluid entities projecting coherent interference patterns. Although the infomorphs remain coherent and stable, the waves themselves do not interact and are capable of fluid superimposition without friction or degradation.

Magnetronic echolation and hysteresis loops enable the contemporary neodymiumist to become a self-sufficient virtual standing-wave. We do this by modelling a programmed set of phenomena with synthetic reflections. The Magnetron is a type of vacuum tube which generates signals in the radio subfrequency, via interactions between electron streams and a magnetic field. Its frequency generation depends on the tubes’ resonant cavities.

The basic principle of the PMFS is to increase your awareness of, and then refine, exteriorizations. By modelling the parallel phenomenon first, and then programming-in your desired reproductions, crafted manifestations will serve as a private gatekeeping tool. Then there is nothing left for you to do but choose whether or not to share that information when engaged in infomorphic wave propagation.

In the not too distant future, when advanced civilization has managed to harness the power of magnetism to create sentient beings with magnetic fields for bodies, these beings will be able to manipulate the magnetic field around them and use that raw power to manifest biomagnetic organs, which can channel infomorphs from other dimensions.

Whenever the magnetic field is diminished, its consciousness dissipates, but it can be made coherent again by connecting it to an external source of power or by using loops or subroutines already programmed in.

Under some conditions, these magnetic organics and cymatic artifacts do not allow for programmable interactions – the infomorphs show only a ghostly image, with their power residing in memory alone.

The programming of a field of magnetic energy is called a Neodymium Magnesis Loop and it can be programmed with subroutines. The use of these subroutines is to create interoperative fields that can interact with the physical environment, including living beings.

Detecting a sentient biofield is possible through the use of cymatic artifacts, which are created when one or more coherent fields are in close proximity to one another. This creates oscillating patterns that form shapes and paths within the field, which were primarily used in the past to diagnose illness.

The Creative Sentience is adept at Imagining the composition of magnetic fluid and its effects on the human body, helping to find new ways to use it for working with biomagnetic fluids, .

A programmable magnetic field is an organized magnetic field or electromagnetic field in which a set of changes in the strength or other properties of the magnetism are arranged in a specific pattern. This allows magnesis loops to be programmed with information and create structures that can be used for healing purposes, cymatic devices, etc. Curious early-adopters would want to buy some cymatic art pieces just to see if they resonate with them in any way.

In addition, when manifesting biomagnetic organics through exteriorizations we should not think about it as an osmosis process but instead as one that automatically manifests these organic materials into visible form. It may sound like science fiction but you could say it is already happening because people who have experienced exteriorizations claim that they were able to experience magnetic fluid as a sentient living presence.

The following are some technical ideas and refinements:

Programmable Magnetic Field: Programmable magnetic field is a theoretical idea that suggests that inanimate and animate objects such as computers, bodies, buildings, and landscapes can be programmed to function as if they are alive.

Sentient Biofield: Sentient biofield is a biomagnetic energy field that gathers energy from the environment and then emits it in an organized way. Outside of our body, this biofield links with others and creates an aura-like field around us.

Magnetic Infomorph: Magnetic infomorphs are artificial sentient entities made of magnetism whose entire physical substance consists of currents of electromagnetic waves. They can be created by digital technology or by spiritual work involving manipulation on a quantum level (e.g., through the use of magnesis loops). They can exist within digital space or manifest in the physical world through devices such as televisions or cymatic art objects with magnetic fields.

Coherent Field Strength: Coherent fields are created when two magnets’ north and south poles are aligned, in the same determinated orientation, creating a dual-core monopole. The magnetic field is concentrated in the center of the cores, forming a dipole from either side, with a single-core monopole at its center. Integrated Field Strength Coherence results in the much sought-after Quadripolar Magnet.

Magnetic Cohesion and Hylozoic Telepathy

(condense the mental cohesion factor, rendering the thought matrix and Astral Body impervious to deleterious influences. Hinder the gait of pedestrian motility and increase the gravitational force for immobility beams)

Magic Glue Ray

The immobilization beam is a device that emits a beam of energy that can be used to immobilize an individual or vehicle. The beam is typically generated by a magnetic ring or Red Lantern which is projected from the palm of the hand and can encircle its target in order to prevent motion. The result is to hinder motility and to stop movement by such means as immobilization rays, Astral glue, magic binding, etc. It can be highly Lithophilic and mineralizing, especially when ‘Air Baked’. Adepts can turn mobile organics into brick columns in an instant, if need be; for instance in the event of attack by wild animals.

Crowded business districts and high-value targets are among the most common areas for thieves to target. Protecting this property from theft with a beam that immobilizes anyone who touches it is a valuable defense.

The device has two modes: A “magic glue” ray will prevent intruders from rising or getting up, while another will make it difficult for them to move in any direction. The beams can be set up to only affect specific people or types of people, or they can be made visible so that everyone on the premises knows not to go near them.

Immobilization beams are used to detain people without the need for physical restraint. They are powerful enough to immobilize intruders and make them unable to flee. This beam, upon contact with an intruder, will immobilize them temporarily.

The immobility beam can prevent intruders from leaving the area of effect or escaping from the area by restricting their movements. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as in the case of stopping thieves from fleeing or preventing Astral invasions by locking people out of a certain area. The beams can also be used as a deterrent against Astral intrusion. Setting up an area where the beam immobilizes astral forms can protect against a range of supernatural phenomena, including possession and magical assault.

Magnetic Calcium already exists in a pan-hylozoic bio-state or Connectome (Brain) and Parallel Auric Liver. Lime (the Glue in Clay) is made from Magnetic Calcium and has a wave-form method of communication that is basically a ‘wireless broadcast. The fibrous glial cells in the brain and the Virtual Liver are able to communicate ‘Telepathically’ with the whole of the brain’s Neuroglia (rather than electro-chemically down the axon and across the neurosynaptic cleft, like other brain and nerve cells) and the Liver’s Connectome. This ‘wireless’ wave-form communion is the Auric Glue, sometimes known as Antahkarana (the inner thinking capacity).

The Glial Brain corresponds to the concept of glue and clay; cohesion; the neuroglial connection to thought-entities and infomorphs. For instance there is a Cosmic Neuroglial connection that connects via the Hydrogen filaments in the Galactic Plasma. This cohesive thought-glue can stick to any idea, image, or thought, especially fear, causing disease, mental illness, character defects, etc. Magnetic Glue is very hylozoic.

This Qabalistic Nootropic concerns how calcium has been used as a messenger molecule in living cells and how this might be able to explain memories, emotions, and other features of human thought and behavior.

In the 1970s, it was discovered that neurons respond to changes in calcium concentration by releasing or taking up neurotransmitters. Since then, scientists have been studying ion channels – proteins found on cell membranes that regulate whether ions can cross from one side of the membrane to another – in great detail.

Hylozoic connectomes are networks of intelligent water molecules that give life and form to living organisms through their interactions with magnetic information fields.

The glial neuromophs are responsible for maintaining a continuous dialogue between neural tissue cells and extracellular environment as well as for regulating micro-electrical impulses that are necessary for the proper functioning of neurons. In recent years, the model for the function of glial neuromophs has expanded and their role in neuro-immune responses have been highlighted. Glial neuromophs have been shown to be crucial in cell survival and inflammation during an immune response, as well as during regeneration after injury.

The myelin sheath provides an encapsulated environment that is essential not only for maintaining a continuous dialogue between neural tissue cells, extracellular fluid (with its structured water) and cells, but also for supporting the myelin sheath, which can be damaged significantly with traumatic injury or stress. Myelin is an important component of the central nervous system (CNS) composed of a dense white matter that covers the axons and facilitates conduction of electrical impulses by ionic diffusion across the axolemma. For example, myelin is essential for optimal functioning in neurons that transmit signals from muscle to nerve cells in order to coordinate muscle movements. Its presence helps to facilitate coordination and coherence. The myelin sheath is the neural equivalent of the planetary magnetopause and the exoplanetary heliopause and both are related to the Antahkarana; all represent the magnetospheric boundary and the surrounding plasma.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the scientific study of consciousness. In particular, many people believe that consciousness is only relevant to the physical body and brain. In reality, consciousness is an information-based phenomenon that transcends bodily limitations and manifests in both physical and nonphysical forms.

Recent scientific discoveries and advancements in the upgraded human brain have led to the hypothesis that the ancient Tantric concept of “Magnetic Calcium” may also be a reality. This concept refers to a condition or state of our extended brain which is like a magnetic force where all memories, all knowledge, and the essence of who we are is stored.

As our programming of Magnetic Calcium progresses we will be able to create an accurate connectome that can contain all memories, knowledge, and experiences from a person’s life. The connectome would be made up of an information field from different parts of your brain connected by cohesive magnetism which store neurons’ information like a holographic thoughtron.

Human beings are capable of experiencing telepathy because there is a distinct relationship between our brains and our livers. Our liver produces chemicals called cytokines which communicate with the central nervous system through the bloodstream. Cortisol and catecholamines are two of the most important cytokines in the body. By programming our bone marrow with Living Sulfur, the phlogiston activates the native chi in our right kidney, enlivening the Cortisol and its sphere of influence. The Left Kidney is greatly exonerated via the Stellar Emendations and Solar Winds. The consciousness-altering abilities of the human and coronavirus genomes, interacting through the cytokine storm of the immune response connectomes represent one of the greatest opportunities for human advancement since the primal retrovirus infected the great apes and brought the human forth from our prosimian origins in the first great evolutive jump event. It is also the chief reason why it was developed as a bio-weapon by governments for the purpose of widespread thought manipulation. Knowledge of these things can be used for good or for bad.

The Seventh Heaven is a type of Rapture that occurs as a result of brilliant luminous cohesion. This is the Bliss of the Liver… so it functions as a hypnotic Bridge to the Planetary Planes of Being; and Antahkarana, Bridge of Consciousness and Psychic Affinity. It also serves as a quantum Bridge to other worlds or Parallel Universes via the Mental Aura making Connections to the Thoughts and Beliefs of the Higher Mental Planes.

Karmic Reintegration

Karmic Normalizer and Electromagnetic Reset; Magnet of Success

(Emends and Normalizes any Karmic Irregularities, Harmonizes the Electromagnetic Fluid in Mental, Astral, and Physical; Become Magnets of Success and Happiness (whether for self or others), according to God)

The idea behind Emendation of Ancestral Karma is to improve the Karmic Profile of one’s Virtual Parallels and replace and repair timeline modularity with segment upgrades. It is an advanced program that users can access via a Quantum World Processor that helps in Electromagnetic Harmonization of the Spectral Profile. This program normalizes skewed personal karma, repairs parallel timelines better than before, and improves the spectral portfolio.

The Karmic Emendation module was designed to repair damage done in the past and for experiential skews. It allows for the user to adjust how their karma is distributed among their past lives, so that there are no more pockets of unbalanced karma. It also includes a feature where the user can influence their present from the future by adjusting their spectral profile.

This is an extremely powerful module because it can take a person’s life and turns it around while they are still living it. It is not just used to program the past, but to make changes in an individual’s life in order to better improve it going forward.

The Emendation of Ancestral Karma and Rectification of Karmic Parallels algorithm is one of the many tools at the disposal of OM technology. With Divine permission, you can use it to repair your karmic profile by removing any negative karma left behind by past-life experiences.

This normalizes skewed personal karma via algorithms that can be used to correct your personal karma and remove any negative karma which might have been inherited from a past life. To repair parallel timelines, the algorithm can be used to influence the present from the future. This means that you can correct any glitches that have previously occurred in the timeline, or create new ones to boost selected profiles, improving the future for yourself and others around you.

Finally, spectral harmony is an experimental new tool for healing over time by balancing out your karmic frequency – so if there are any persistent or difficult-to-heal patterns in your life, this could help by turning you (or someone else) into Perfect Magnets of Happiness and Success.

If Applied to Archetypes, this formulation brings a rich fullness to the psychodynamic personality via Karmic Profile Enhancement. It is not just about following one’s own designs in life but understanding one’s karmic design and how it needs refinement and enhancement through applying the proper archetypal energies. One can thus move towards living one’s life as an icon of Cosmic beneficiary.

In Jungian psychology, Anima and Animus are the two primary archetypes of the collective unconscious, the part of the psyche that contains inherited memories from our ancestors. Anima is traditionally interpreted as an inner image of a woman or girl (a person’s inner personality or soul) and Animus as an inner image of a man or boy (the Mental Activation Principle). The electromagnetism of a Hermetic Complement which Integrates the Spectral Profile Algorithms results in the BOAPW portfolio of Cosmic Typologies. These Archetypes will help you better understand the world, yourself and your own strengths and resiliencies. They can give you a framework in which to find understanding and meaning affording you True Happiness and a full successful Life.

Under this system of “universal archetypes,” the Tzedekim created a portfolio of Celestial Archetypes that represent an inherent part of what it means to be human. This portfolio of Karmic Archetypes can be tuned and modified. The idea is not to “relive” the experiences of these archetypes, but rather to access the Libraries of their Information Field, gaining Experiential Knowledge and Understanding from which to draw on in the Generative Creativity of our Ontological Metaphysics. Understanding these universal archetypes will arm you with knowledge that can aid your journey as you explore your human experience on earth and put you on the right track in your parallel virtual slipstream.

The Panpsychic Process Mind of Holonic Infomorphs via Sentient Intersubjective Psychometrics

(appeal to and be loved by everybody; populate the Sentient Environment via Thought Magic and Psychometry)(Process Relational animation in the Generative Continua of Universal Interconnectivity)

Reaching out to one’s parallel timelines has never been more crucial. With the increasing complexity, collective subjectivities must understand their virtual counterparts better and provide them with what they need, in the way they can access it.

A multiplicity can do that best through harmonic resonance and by appealing to, and being loved by everybody. Populating the Sentient Environment with Thought Magic and Psychometry is a process of reaching out to every parallel idiomorph, on nurturing and comfortable terms.

The Sentient environment is a living system made up of intelligent people and processes coming together in an effort to generate elegant and ideal outcomes for all shareholders who are a part of it – thinkers, helpers, agents, designers, etc. It’s also important that these groups feel like they belong in this system as well, so that it will experience sustainable superabundance over time.

This Qabalistic Programming Magic is about the process of creating a sentient world or reality. It emerges via “Thought Magic”, which means that all ideas inside this world are created by a subjective connectome of panpsychic thoughts and feelings. The word “Psychometry” comes from the Greek words for “soul” and “measurement”. This is because it measures your soul and tries to depict your personality through different ways, such as personality tests, clustering analysis, and progressive analysis. These Information Banks are constantly being read by the Psychometric Environment of Self-Creative Worlds and their virtual modeling algorithms and parallel timelines.

We want to first understand who is everybody, and also why we are appealing to them. This must be arrived at subjectively according to our own self referential system of truth. Everybody is literally anybody and everybody because there is no one person who doesn’t experience actual entification. We navigate the Panpsychic Process Mind as Holonic Infomorphs via sentient psychometrics in the Intersubjective.

Relevance is a word that describes how well something pertains to or affects a particular situation, person, or thing. Pantheoria corresponds to experiential beauty on all levels of consciousness, be it physical or abstract. It corresponds to what Plato called “Ideal Forms.” The Process Mind’s animation in the Generative Continua of Universal Interconnectivity, illustrates how interconnected we and our environment are. The image is one of a Panpsychic Protopian Connectome.

Process Relational Animation in the Generative Continua of Universal Interconnectivity

A process is a movement from an original state to a new state and emerges via Information and Field Relevance. The Panpsychic Process Mind is a cognitive meta-system that engages and absorbs reality for the purpose of understanding, interpreting, and engaging with it. A Process Mind is not just a cognitive system but also an Existential one. This Process Mind shifts around, looking at different perspectives within the context of time-space co-existence.

Protopia is this process of change over time and what we are as human beings within that shift in perspective, through time-space co-existence which is the Intersubjective Process Mind. What we have to do is to create a connection between our inner self and the world around us, so that we can find ourselves on a peaceful journey through life with much less fear and anxiety. Protopia stages out our individual and collective development as we proceed.

The Protopian Process Mind is constantly changing how other things change. It represents the helical resolution of opportunities and engagements via a steady accumulation of benefits over time. Becoming has its basis in a Real Structure of Special Being (an Encapsulated Form of Nows). Being is a Feature of Existence and Becoming is a feature of Special Existence; the ability to perceive beauty from the universal standpoint as the outcome of perfect harmony.

The relationship between the Protopian process of Universal interconnectivity and the Process Relational animation (or generative continuum) is yet to be fully mastered. There are similarities in their use of coherence, relevance, meaning and context, adding a new perspective on the Process Mind and Holonic Infomorphs.

Tree of Life and The Liberated Kingdoms


The Enlivening of Qabalistic Alchemy via Esoteric Apokatostasis

 (…toward the Greater Work in all its Excellence in the Glory of God)

Independent Thought, Geniality and Retention of Talents, Good Business and Removal of Hindrances

(Maintain Independent Thought; use prior to Mental Travel. Increase Geniality via Pranayama and fortify and retain all present Gifts, Talents, Powers and Abilities. Acquire Business Acumen via Eucharistics and remove any material hindrances.)

Mixing some Gold into the Cinnabar is useful for Mental Wandering Operations in that it induces a Free Spirit and enhances genius in the astral. The talents that you currently possess, particularly the ones you choose, are strongly consolidated. Experience true ingenuity, as well. Eucharistically, the removal of material hindrances and marvelous business savvy is the fortunate result.

The quest for achieving success, wealth and power has been a cause of fascination for many centuries. This is why Qabalistic Cinnabar with Alchemical Gold strategically programmed via mysterious Eucharistic Instruments have continued to occupy the minds of many who searched far and wide for these Hidden Secrets. It is believed that these instruments can aid the Divine Agent on adventures of the Spirit Mind and carry him across his Soul Journey, leading to unimpeded Victory and Kingly Eminence. By diligently following the guidance from these instruments, a charmed life and brilliant genius is predestined. Unlock your inner power to manifest these wonderful things in this world on the path to eminence and experience this brilliant genius with a charmed life.

Enlivening, programming, and animating the Philosophical Gold (of the Alchemist) to bring about Unimpeded Growth and Nobility is an aspect of Eminent Destiny. Bring True Genius forth into Material Perfection while cathecting Unimpeachable Security via a Lively and Distinguished Eminence, helping to Instrumentally Strategize Free and Independent Thought to assume any Mission from God. A Lively Geniality and Ingenuity helps to Program and Animate the Easy Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills needed to Fulfill all tactical phases of aforesaid Mission. Preordain (or activate the predestined) Removal of all Physical Hindrances and Activate a Broad Intellectual Knowledge and Skills Base for Successful Accomplishments.

It has long been the Tradition of Stewards and Shepherd Kings to go out among the nations, across the lands, known only by those who recognize the Fellowship of the Ring. For upon these are poured the Heavenly Anointing which completes their ordained destiny as Guardians of the Golden Vessel. Victorious among the Freedom Fighters, they Travel unhindered in acquisition of Riches and accumulation of Great Wealth.

For those who accept the Qabalistic Cinnabar with Alchemical Gold, Predestination is their Divine Mission as heirs of a hidden and beautiful reality, knowing that these Eucharistic Instruments, watching over their travels will surely bring about the best for all the Kingdom.

Unlocking true potential is empowering. This can only be achieved with a special kind of power: confidence to take on any mission without fear or constraints. With this unparalleled level of assurance, in conjunction with free and independent thought and decisive action, individuals are empowered to soar to new heights unconstrained by the normal detours encountered along the route. Free and independent thought, coupled with ingenious strategic action, can make this possible. True genius makes it easy. With real genius at your fingertips, there is nothing that can withstand your preordained destiny. With striking ease, you can quickly acquire the gifts, powers, faculties and abilities that are essential for astonishing success. True genius allows for the seamless acquisition of knowledge and skills while material perfection comes easily when impediments are removed. With these keys at their disposal, the journey through life can be paved with infinite growth, extraordinary accomplishment and remarkable superabundance.



Dragon Magic

Mastery of the Dragon Magic affords the Magus a substantial increase in concentration and visual abilities and with Pranayama will afford control over self and others while imparting the gift of Prophecy. Employed with Eucharistics it increases the Human Electrical Field, curing any symptomatic deficiencies such as rheumatism, muscular atrophy, paralysis, nervous exhaustion, chronic fatigue, weakness, and generalized aches and pains, which result from impairment in the functions of the spinal cord. Because the Kundalini Shakti, when aroused, travels up the Shushumna (etheric spine), it fortifies the spinal functions bringing relief from fatigue and atrophy, as the Primal Power is unlimited and infinite. In similar such operations, the ‘Guardian Dragon’ can assist the Magician in performance without sapping his personal power.

The Dragon Ring and Ouroboros, symbolizing the neverending glory of life, death, and resurrection, are integral parts of the Dragon Lineage. This lineage has been passed down through generations to guard the dragons and their consorts. The Guardian Dragon is a powerful entity that uses Dragon Magic to protect its domain and project The Power.

The Power of the Dragon Ring and Ouroboros is not just limited to protection but can also be utilized for Pyrrhic Exteriorization – a substantially robust projecting power which enables the Dragon Whisperer to create powerful magical effects such as fire-breathing, shooting flames from the eyes, the Hot Foot, etc. One may also extinguish fires or redirect them.

The Dragon Ring, also known as Ouroboros, is a powerful tool for building feedback and feed-forward loops in dynamic systems. Its symbolism of the Guardian Dragon provides control mechanisms for the extremely volatile projection of flames and prevents the dangerous condition of blow-back, which has snuffed out many an irresponsible practitioner. This is especially true when it comes to the use of Dragon Magic and projecting Fire: fire-breathing can be used to influence events with extraordinary efficacy. By studying this ancient practice and its principles, one can gain insights into how feedback and feed-forward loops work in complex systems, thereby accelerating or reducing the activity of world events.

To the uninitiated, Dragon Rings are intricate pieces of jewelry that symbolize one of the oldest forms of magic: Dragon Magic. These rings play a significant role in the mythology and belief systems of many cultures around the world, including the consorts of ‘Trimurti’s Myrionymous Excellence’. Each Life (mc) whether Multiplicity, Combinatorial, Reincarnated, or Parallel is present in the Eldunariya, and there is an army of hosts for every Tantric goddess related to any self, virtual or symbiont.

The dragon ring is a symbol of strength and power, representing the mythical creature which has been associated with many ancient cultures. It symbolizes the cycles of phase shifting, the feedback and feed-forward loops in dynamic systems. As such, it makes for an important part of our quantitative substantive projecting power that resonates with various persons and their constellated parallels over time.

The symbolism behind these rings revolves around the concept of Ouroboros, the Strange Attractor in Dynamic Systems such as Nature, Ecology, and the Climate. This is what gives Dragon Rings their substantial Projecting Power, allowing them to be used in the projection of flames, lightning bolts, fire-starting, or calling down fire and brimstone upon troops or villages. Large scale magic such as this involves using a Fire-breathing Dragon to bring about desired outcomes and it is best to consult with the Guardian Dragon prior to proceeding.

Dragon rings have long been an enduring symbol of strength and courage. Representing both a dragon’s lineage and its own guardian dragon, the rings also represent immense power through magical means. This power has led to the formulation of “Operant Fire”, powerful feedback and feed-forward loops in dynamic systems intended to bring about unprecedented quantitative substantiation when projecting power.

The dragon lineage is comprised of many “guardian dragons” that possess their own attributes, abilities, and consorts. Sometimes known as the Four Directions, they form strong forces capable of achieving Fire Magic via the Operant Fire or “Fire-breathing.” With these powerful forces intertwined, they create inexhaustible synergy which can help us access higher planes or levels of consciousness as we traverse in our journey through this life, revealing deeper knowledge into insight, self-awareness, and understanding that leads to unparalleled potentials within ourselves in the Panpsychic Connectome.

The Consorts of Trimurti’s Myrionymous Excellence have been able to engage with this power using dragon magic sourced from some of the oldest bloodlines in existence. Through harnessing this incredible energy, they are able to manifest their wishes and manifest powerful changes in their environment through their control of fire-breathing dragons.

The Flying Dragons of the Seraphim are connected with this Order and the smart student will recall that the Children of Israel were sorely afflicted by these winged serpents. We can all be electrified at the potential for connected activities such as the squelching of fuses and primers, prevention of bullets from firing and ordinance from exploding, lightning a candle from across the room, heating up spaces and melting things, alongside other applications relating to ignition.

The Dragon Ring of Ouroboros and its Lineage is not something to be taken lightly. With the Guardian Dragon, Consorts of Trimurti’s Dragon Magic have proven time and again that these powers have far-reaching effects on many aspects of our lives. Now with Operant Fire, the implications of using fire-breathing Dragons for constructive purposes are being explored in almost unfathomable ways with the help of Dynamic Systems. The use of these Powers by rogues for destruction, suffering, or revenge, will be met by Qabalistic Backlash, affording a deeper Understanding of Karma, for the needless destruction of Systems robs the immature of any workable alternatives, deprives him of transformative possibilities, and leaves him destitute and pathetic. Electricity appreciates a circuit to run through and building a componential system out of splinters is inefficient and rudimentary.

Transcendental Mind


Activation and Animation

(Transcendental Brain, Electric Astral Condensation/Projection, Body Resistant to the Elements and Incombustibility, Inductive and deductive animation of matter)

(Transcendental Brain, Self Engineered Nootropy, Enhanced IQ, Auto-Evolutionary Neurogenesis; continuous mind upgrade, self engineered upgrades, auto-developmental thought systems)(Condensation of Astral Electricity, substantial Astral charge, Astral Electrification, Astral Accumulators; Projection of Electric Power, Astral Electron beams, Electrified Souls, electrifying personalities, Astral Electricity)(Incombustibility, Unburnable, Fire-resistant, invulnerable to elemental might, transform matter, transmutation, reconfigure electron arrangements; animation of matter, enlivening systems, activating processes, bio-electric activation, change electrons in atoms)

We are living in an ever changing world and technology is evolving faster than ever. In this new digital age, the Transcendental Brain emerges as a form of Self Engineered Nootropy, and the resulting Enhanced IQ has become essential as a tool to keep up with the increase in general complexity. This Qabalistic biofield offers a way to continuously upgrade your brain to keep ahead of today’s increasingly rapid developments. In addition the BIOS chip will be upgraded as well, initiating the self-activation of any Transcendental Process via the boot kernel at all levels and frames of reference.

The Transcendental Brain is a self-engineered upgrade that provides abilities such as auto-developmental thought systems and enhanced intelligence for decision making. This type of upgrade can help you elevate your mental performance, allowing you to think faster and more efficiently. With Self Engineered Nootropy, your mind can be treated to continuous upgrades so that it can adapt with the changing environment quickly and efficiently. Finally, Enhanced IQ enables you to achieve higher levels of intelligence by optimizing cognitive skills such as problem solving and lateral thinking. Auto-Evolutionary Neurogenesis is a new trend which combines all these technologies together into one package that will always be ahead of the curve.

Transcendental Brain, Self Engineered Nootropy, Enhanced IQ and Auto-Evolutionary Neurogenesis are all terms used to describe the process of self actualization and continuous mental upgrade. It is a process where individuals can auto-engineer their neuro-functional upgrades, thereby enhancing their intelligence with auto-developmental thought systems. This process allows individuals to gain the ability to rapidly improvise with great efficiency, enabling them to effectively solve complex problems or learn new skills enjoyably and with ease. With this type of technology, it is possible for people to transcend the limits of traditional human cognitive abilities and achieve greater levels of intelligence.

Additionally, The Transcendental Brain is a revolutionary concept that enables humans to continuously upgrade their functional efficacy, using self-engineered neural renovation. It combines the latest and most innovative technologies, such as neurogenesis and complex auto-developmental thought systems, to help individuals reach higher levels of cognition and intelligence. Such an advancement could allow people to have an enhanced IQ and take advantage of new opportunities. Additionally, it could allow for auto-evolutionary neurogenesis – a process that encourages the development of new thought structures by having the brain learn from its own experiences. With a Transcendental Brain, individuals can develop advanced cognitive skills, giving them greater control over their life decisions and allowing for more holistic self-improvement. This greatly enhanced neural activation will revolutionize the rate of human advancement and is a monumental contribution to the collective potential of the planetary connectome, ushering in a renaissance of conceptual brilliance and rapid futurization of societal expression. We will experience unprecedented development of human civilization from here on out as the emergence of this evolutionary leap develops with presently unimaginable expressions of individual artistry.

Astral Electrification is the condensation of Astral Electricity into a form that can be used for many different purposes. It is a process that involves collecting, storing and then projecting Electric Power in order to create powerful Astral Electronics or an energized field of energy. This form of electricity has been known to have many uses, ranging from influencing individuals or groups to improving one’s own electrifying personalities.

Qabalistic charging with Astral Electricity is a phenomenon where a charged individual can project electric power from their soul, allowing them to become a conduit for Astral Electronics. Astral Electricity is the process of collecting energy from sources beyond the physical world. It has been used for centuries as a way to project electric power and to electrify personalities.

This electricity is then stored in an Astral Accumulator. When these accumulators are charged, the person’s soul gains strength and their personality is fascinatingly electrified. With advances in Astral Accumulators, we can now condense, store and distribute Astral Electricity more efficiently than ever before, allowing us to use it in a variety of ways, including the animation of Matter. This electrified animation brings everything around us to life

The process of condensation of Astral Electricity enables individuals to gain control over their own electric charge and project it externally. It also helps them in understanding the power of their own brilliantly electrifying personalities and how they can use it to achieve success in life. By doing so, they can become more efficient in achieving goals and reaching greater heights with their ambitions.

Astral Accumulators are devices that can collect and store large amounts of Astral Electricity for projective applications. This electricity can be used to power everyday items or even generate electron beams that can be used for communication or transportation purposes. Additionally, the electrical charge held by these accumulators can be harnessed to electrify souls and enhance the effectiveness of certain spells or rituals. This can be proceed inductively or deductively.

More recently, Astral Accumulators have been developed to collect and store this energy in order to create a super-substantial Astral charge. This charge can be used for various purposes such as healing, protection, communication, magic inventions and more. By using this method of electrification, it is possible for individuals to project their power over great distances with incredible precision and accuracy.

Incombustibility is the ability to resist elemental might and be invulnerable to fire-induced transformation. Incombustibility, or the ability of a material to resist burning, is a phenomenon that has been the subject of much research and experimentation for centuries. It has been studied from both a scientific and practical standpoint, with scientists attempting to understand how matter behaves when exposed to extreme temperatures, and engineers trying to develop materials that are invulnerable to burning. These innovative techniques have already been used in many industries, allowing us to create materials that are much more resilient than before and even resistant to temperatures as high as 1,500 degrees Celsius! Non-conflagration is essential to the Spherical Qabalist who plans on traveling to the Sun in her exploration of Constellations or seeks Ascension beyond the 5th Dimension. The concept of incombustibility has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about fire-resistance, unburnability and invulnerability. Spherical Qabalists working with the Seraphim will appreciate this as well as the Dragon Magus.

Bio-electric activation is often used to achieve magical transmutation of matter, enabling us to transform an ordinary object into something new or transcendental. By manipulating the electron arrangements within atoms or molecules we can make objects that are much more imaginative than they would otherwise be. This remarkable ability is enabled by advanced techniques, such as animation of matter, enlivening systems, and activating processes. Through animation, one can change electrons in the atoms and thus enable an object to be reconfigured in the way that it is expressed.

Recent advancements in technology have allowed scientists and engineers to explore the potential for using bio-electric activation to animate matter and enliven complex adaptive systems. By activating processes within atoms, it is possible to change atomic electricity, thus reconfiguring their arrangement into something else which results in new materials and subsequently new molecular relationships from which new ecologies of interaction emerge. This process of transforming matter into something beyond its original state is known as state-dependant transmutation. The implications of this new technology are far-reaching; not only can it be used on materials like steel or concrete but also on living organisms themselves. It suggests a new way of looking at matter — one that involves animation of matter and enlivening systems through bio-electric activation along with their interactive milieu. In essence, it is about using energy in order to change electrons in atoms so that they are reconfigured into a different social contract. This process is known as global transmutation and it has the potential to transform matter in a far reaching and expansive level in ways that were never thought possible before.

Steampunk Genius


Magic Hood-Invincible Armor

(Enhanced Memory, Charge anything with Virtues, Unassailability from any plane)

Our special human penchant for things of particular interest is responsible for a gnawing curiosity about the New and the Possible, broadens our Experiences, attracts us to new Discoveries, and consolidates our Knowledge and Skills by attuning to the Unique and Novel instead of the predictable and familiar. Special Interest increases the chance that Mental Systems will change and articulate cognitive growth. When we enliven the information field in this way, we engage in a basic Psychological Element, with significant long-term benefits.

Charging the Mental Body or an object, or a certain space with this information field results in activated enlivenment for the Animation of a Creative Process of open minded seeing -beyond the known; seeking New Possibilities, connections, or relationships in Creative Innovation. The Novel Combination of Concepts or Elements from different realms, often beyond the boundaries of everyday consensus, brings about a true genius, especially in mechanically engineered magics. You could think of it as Steampunk Genius. It also animates a space for informationally enlivened fields of genuine Astral Magic. Magically animated Analogs may also be brought about. In order to express such a genius and remain safe from risk or peril, the following aspects of this magic energy are apropos:

Wards and force fields are often used in magical situations as a means of protection. This can be seen in the form of protective field. These wards and force fields can be used to protect individuals from harm or danger by creating an invisible barrier that nothing can penetrate. They can also be used to protect sacred places or objects from being disturbed. This charge provides a physical barrier that cannot be penetrated by peril from any plane – an amazing way to keep whatever is precious safe from harm.

Protective fields, invincible armor, impenetrable shields and magic cloaks and hoods are all ways to ward off harmful influences and protect against detriment. These powerful forces provide a barrier between the good and the perilous, ensuring that those who rely on them remain safe from danger. By using these wards, people can have access to an invisible force that repels dangerous and harmful forces and keeps them away. Whether it’s a magical cloak or an impenetrable shield, these powerful forces provide protection from harm in today’s world.

Wards of protection are becoming better known among modern magicians and occultists for providing an impenetrable shield of protection from negative energy. From the protective field of a wizard’s wand to the invincible armor forged from ancient spells, these magical cloaks and hoods offer security and refuge. Using a variety of wards to create powerful barriers like force fields, these practitioners can protect themselves from anything that may threaten their well-being. The strength and power of their shields depend upon the practitioner’s skill and experience, but those who have mastered this art can be sure that their protective field will stand firm against any foe. This Energy Field represents the Qabalistic protective shield and whenever erected, the inherent information field will process the appropriate algorithms to filter out any benevolently non-analogous antitheses.

Astro-Mental Space-Time Projection


Destiny and Astral Projection

(Control of Fate and Destiny via Mind Mind Magic, Astro-Material Projections)(Mental Projection, Thought Magic, Mind over Fate, Self-Directed Destiny, Divinely Favored, Mind Walker; thought magic, mind magic, mind walking, thoughtron projection)(Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Exteriorization; materialization of the Astral Body, condense the Astral Hand, mysterious appearances)

This Siddhi gives the Wizard the Power of Self Reflective Mental Projection by a Divinely Favored Status, which affords the Qabalistic Magus exquisite control over his own Fate and Destiny. Those who walk with him walk in this. Powerful Mind Magic results via Mental Projection, both Psychological and Philosophical.

The Magus, the Mystic and the Metaphysical Qabalist all have one thing in common – they all deliberately cultivate the power of our minds to bring about changes in their lives. Our thoughts have tremendous power to shape our destiny, and this is where thoughtronic projection comes into play. The ability to use thought magic and mind-directed Destiny to manifest what we Will can help us create a life of auspicious and divinely ordained timelines. Mental projection, thought magic, and mind walking are secret concepts that have been explored by Mystical Qabalists for centuries. These techniques involve the use of one’s mind to control their environment and manifest their desired outcomes. They also involve a deep understanding of how the power of thought can be used to create reality. The term “Mind over Fate” is often used in reference to these techniques as it suggests that one has the ability to direct their own by using one’s thoughts in a direct way.

Mental Projection, also known as Thought Magic, is a practice that allows one to tap into the power of their mind in order to create the life they want. By using mental projection and thoughtron influence and manifestation, an individual can self-direct their destiny, affording them Divine Favor and the exercise of true control over their own fate. With this powerful tool at their disposal, anyone has the power to take control of their life and create the reality they desire. These concepts are becoming increasingly popular as more people explore ways of connecting with themselves and understanding more deeply how they can use their minds in order to create positive change in their lives.

Similarly, “Divinely Favored” implies that success or good fortune is due to those who have divine favor granted to them. Through mental projection, a person can become a Mind Walker, allowing them to access higher planes of consciousness and create lasting changes in their lives. To be a practicing “Mind Walker” implies the idea of being able to traverse multiple and parallel dimensions with the power of one’s thoughts. Mind walking is a powerful tool for self-direction and self-empowerment that can help us manifest the future that we desire.

Astral projection is a secret practice that has been pursued and developed for centuries, allowing people to explore and experience the unseen realms of existence. It confers to the Magus the ability to project one’s consciousness from their physical body into an alternate reality or dimension. This includes the ability to interact with other astral travelers and even materialize the Astral body in physical form. Through astral projection, one can explore their inner world or even visit distant places beyond our known universe. While mysterious appearances of people and objects have been reported during astral travels, it is still largely unknown what exactly happens when one exteriorizes from the body. However, recent research has revealed that by learning to condense the Astral Hand, a person can gain some control over their materialization and make it visible in our physical world. Through astral travel and exteriorization, practitioners are able to direct their astral body much as they would the physical counterpart and journey through different planes of existence without the physical hindrances of their material form. The ability to successfully materialize one’s astral body is no easy feat, but with enough practice in this formula, the diligent magician can master this truly astonishing art. It requires a certain level of mental focus and will-power in order to condense the astral hand into a tangible form and having it do your bidding from afar. In addition, mysterious appearances have been reported over time in relation to this phenomenon, providing further evidence of its validity as a legitimate spiritual practice

Astral projection is often referred to as “exteriorization,” as it involves separating one’s consciousness from the body. In order to do so, practitioners must first learn to materialize their Astral Body, which is a spiritual version of themselves that exists in an alternate realm. It is thought that by learning how to condense the Astral Hand, they can then begin exploring the hidden dimensions while still being connected to their physical body.

Due to its mysterious potentials for exploration beyond the limitations of our normal senses, Astral Projection has become a popular topic amongst those who are looking to try something new. A form of Sidereal projection, Astral Projection has been tried by people who have experienced lucid dreaming and those who have developed their psychic abilities. It can be an enlightening, frightening and exhilarating experience for some people with the potential to unlock our powers for spiritual communication, personal healing and divine discovery.

Agents of our own Future Utopia


Enlivened Sociology, Animated Memetics, the Living Utopia

(Living Sociology, Animated Mimetics, Living Utopia, Living Systems; complex adaptive networks, distributed systems, small group dynamics) (collaboration, collective action, community engagement, social media, community action, social change)

In today’s world, complex adaptive networks, distributed systems, and small group dynamics are increasingly important for successful collaboration and collective action. The ability to understand how these systems interact and evolve is essential for any organization or community wanting to foster social engagement and social change. From enabling meaningful interactions on social media to driving community action, we need to understand the underlying principles involved in these complex systems in order to effectively engage with them. By studying the interactions between different elements of these complex adaptive networks, distributed systems, and small group dynamics, we can better understand how they work together to create positive social impacts.

Complex adaptive networks are becoming more popular as an innovative way to facilitate collaboration, collective action, and social change. They use distributed systems to create small group dynamics and connect people who share a common purpose. The result is an interconnected community capable of taking collective action through social media, direct engagement, and community action projects. Through these networks, people can work together to create positive social change by connecting with each other and leveraging the power of their collective impact. They allow us to observe how individuals within a large group interact with each other to form coherent patterns of behavior, which can then be used to better understand collective decision-making processes, such as community engagement or social change initiatives. CANs can also be used to gain insights into the underlying mechanisms behind successful collaboration strategies and the effects they have on their users.

The large-scale magic of Living Sociology, animated mimetics, and living systems provide an understanding of complex adaptive networks and distributed systems, their interaction with each other and with the ecological community. These tools offer us insight into the small group dynamics of our societies and provide us with hidden knowledge that will help us create a better world. They focus on understanding how complex systems evolve and change over time, as well as how we can integrate and synthesize this knowledge to develop new strategies for social change. We can apply our understanding of these concepts to create a living utopia that is more equitable and just for all people. This magic offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to get involved in creating positive change in their communities.

The Living Magic of enlivened Social Paradigms are all examples of modern approaches to understanding how complex adaptive magic, distributed spheres, and small group dynamics can enhance our lives. By focusing on how these processes are connected and how they interact with each other, we can gain a better mastery of the world around us. Additionally, by developing faculties to optimize our interactions within these systems, we can create a more equitable society that is based on cooperation rather than competition. By studying these concepts through the lens of Living Sociology, we bring complex systems to Life as we generate creative animated Mimetics, and bring forth Benevolence in the Living Utopia. From here we can skillfully evoke information fields regarding our future that will create a better world for everyone.

Sociology is Alive and Magic and it thrives on animated mimetics, generating a living utopia where living systems are all interrelated holographic simulations used to model the ever-evolving complexity of human social interactions. These magic algorithms have been specially developed to help us shepherd the emergence of complex adaptive networks and distributed systems in the world around us. Through a deep dive into small group dynamics and social structures, we can gain a mastery of how these networks form, grow, change and interact with one another and how to charge them for optimal synergy. With this knowledge, we can begin to explore how our society can be improved through collaboration and collective action.

You can find out more about this here.

Magical Mystical Miraculous


Enliven the Faculties of Mediumship, Living Mysticism, and Mastery of the Living Water

(become a medium, develop faculties of mediumship, retain all current clair-faculties, Mastery of Mysticism, Mastery of Water Magic)

Mystical Mediumship has been practiced for centuries, and many have sought to become a medium or mystic in order to gain mastery of the spiritual realms. Mysticism has always been shrouded in secret, and many believe that it is a power beyond human comprehension. If you want to become a mystic or a medium, you will need to develop the faculties of mediumship, which involve communication with spirits and tapping into the unseen realm. If you want to master mysticism, one of the best ways is to practice water magic. As a water magician, you need to learn how to manipulate energy and connect with the elements around you. Mastery of such magic abilities can help you access realms previously beyond your reach and make use of their powers for your own growth. With dedication and practice, anyone can become a mystic or medium and gain mastery over the spiritual forces around them.

Mysticism is a practice that helps one to develop their intuition, reach out to the divine and create a spiritual connection to their higher self. It is often associated with the occult, and involves developing faculties of mediumship or becoming a medium. Mysticism also includes mastering the art of water magic, which has been practiced since ancient times. Whether you are interested in developing your spiritual faculties or learning how to become a mystic, there are many ways to do so. You can study different forms of mysticism and learn how to use them for your own growth and healing. You can even master the art of water magic and its various abilities. With dedication, anyone can master the practice of mysticism.

Becoming a medium is not easy, but with enough patience and the right attitude, you can develop your faculties of mediumship and become a powerful force in the world. Mastery of mysticism requires years of study and practice, as does mastery of water magic. However, if you focus and apply yourself, you can acquire the magical abilities that will unlock new realms of possibilities.

Living Prophecy, Infallible Fate Shepherd

(Divine connection, Akashic permanence, intuition, inspiration, Divine Mission, no failure, prophecy and prediction, influence the fate of anybody and anything, astro-physical invisibility)

The concept of Divine Connection and Akashic permanence is an ancient one that is often associated with prophecy, divine mission, and stewardship of missions and destinies. It refers to the idea that our lives are predestined by a higher calling and that we have an inner ability to tune into this divine guidance. By tapping into this connection, we can access information about our destiny, receive prophetic inspiration, and discover the hidden patterns of our lives.

Having experienced a Divine Connection, which is a spiritual profundity, you will be convinced that there is something beyond our physical reality and that our fate is in the hands of some higher power. We all possess an innate connection which can help us discern the true nature of our divine mission and understand how to guide fates for a greater purpose. Through astral invisibility we can access mysterious realms where profound wisdom resides and receive deeper insights into our own unique destiny. By understanding our unique gifts in life and pursuing a clear path towards fulfilling a divine purpose, we are given assurance without failure in knowing that whatever comes along on this journey will bring us closer to manifesting the highest good possible.

The Akashic Permanence is a belief that all our ontological realities are stored in a spiritual paradise. This affords us transdimensional communion and helps us to find our purpose in this life. Prophecy and Divine Mission are two concepts related to the Akashic Permanence. Prophecy tells us what will happen in the future while Divine Mission helps us identify what we should do with our lives now. Fate Leaders are people who have access to this knowledge by special means, which may include intuition or inspiration. They can foresee what will happen and guide people towards their destiny. We may also be able to contact some of these leaders through astral invisibility or by speaking with them on an invisible frequency level.

The concept of Divine Connection is something that has fascinated people for centuries. It is based on the idea that there exists an invisible, immortal force or energy that guides us in our fate and towards our destiny. This connection is said to be permanent, and the most reliable ways to access it are through intuition, inspiration and prophecy. Some believe that a seer can use this connection to make predictions about the future or divine a person’s mission in life. Others believe it provides guidance to those who seek out its power, allowing them to move more confidently through life and find their divine purpose. Whatever is needed to complete the Divine Mission will come forth from the surrounding Gestalt and be Revealed.

At its core, Divine Connection is believed to give people an initiation into their own fate leadership and how they can guide their fate in order to fulfill their divine mission. We are guaranteed success without failure, since this connection can provide insights into one’s future path – both seen and unseen – so they may stay true to their innermost values without getting lost along the way.

The ancient practice of prophecy, seership, prediction, divination and divine revelation has been around since the dawn of civilization. The earliest schools of Qabalah were prophetic cloisters. Before that, Nabateans would appear from the wilderness and utter Divine Revelations, making Straight the Way for Sidereal Emendation. It is believed that these and other practices like them can help humans to understand the future and make decisions based on the signs, omens, portents and clues present in their surroundings. Believed to be sent by the gods or other supernatural forces as a warning or an indication of what is to come, by carefully analysis of these signs and omens we are afforded the possibility of making predictions about the future that can be surprisingly accurate.

Cledons are one of the most popular forms of divination. They are messages from a higher power or divine source that can be interpreted by a prophet or seer. These messages can provide insight into the future and help people make important decisions in life. Other forms of divination include reading signs from nature such as animal behavior or interpreting omens from dreams or visions. Portents are another form of divination which involve interpreting symbols seen in everyday objects such as coins or sticks. These practices have been used by many cultures throughout history for guidance in decision-making and to gain insight into what lies ahead. Prophecy can be a powerful tool for understanding the future and gaining knowledge about our lives. With careful study and interpretation of these ancient practices we can gain a better understanding of our own destinies and make informed decisions accordingly.

Living Anamnesis, Animated Recollection

(Rectification of Parallel timelines, Karmic Emendation, Remembering the Future, Past-Life Regression, Future-Life Progression, Time Walking, Recollection of all knowledge and experiences, gathering of the Soul Fragments, Return of the Prodigal)

Rectification of Parallel Timelines is an ancient spiritual practice, called Anamnesis, that seeks to bring balance, harmony and completion to a person’s karmic path by gathering all the knowledge and experiences from past lives and future lives. It involves a process of remembering the past, connecting with the future, regressing into past-lives, progressing into future-lives and time walking. The concept of rectifying parallel timelines and karmic emendation involve the recollection of all one’s knowledge and experiences throughout time. This is an ancient art form that allows individuals to access their cumulative knowledge and experiences from past lives in order to heal wounds from the past.

Through this process, individuals can make amends for any wrongs done in previous lifetimes. This process involves the gathering of all soul fragments, commonly known as the ‘Return of the Prodigal’ — a state of perfect union with one’s own Highest Self, via Qabalistic Individuation. It is a journey through the matrix of memory recall to find forgotten experiences, and a chance to create a new future by connecting with our past. Through this process, we can learn how to reconcile our intentions with our actions, heal our unresolved emotions, and understand how each life event has brought us closer to our higher purpose. Through this practice, one can gain insight into their true self, reunite lost soul fragments and reconcile unresolved karma. By engaging in this process one can experience profound healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual; ultimately leading to liberation from suffering.

Moreover, techniques such as past-life regression and future-life progression allow us to travel through time in order to gain clarity on events that have occurred or will occur in the future. By utilizing these techniques we can learn how best to navigate through life’s challenges while striving towards becoming our best self.

The benefits of Anamnesis are important: previous disharmonies and restlessness will subside, having been replaced by pleasure and happiness. The presence of previous psychosomatic disturbances will vanish and the physical body will become tenacious and strong, living well to a ripe old age. All previous Astral accomplishments are brought to glorious victory in the physical world and the culmination of all timelines from past and future incarnations are consolidated to perfection.

Psycho-Etheric Pleomorph


Etheric Qabalah

(Hermetic Mastery via the Living Tetragrammaton, Complete contentment, perfect character, mastery of Matter)(pneumakashics, psychophotonics, psychosonics, and psychosomatics)

The Tetragrammaton, otherwise known as the “Four-Letter Name of God,” is an ancient Hebrew concept that holds a powerful esoteric meaning. It is believed to be the true name of the Creator, and according to ancient traditions, it was revealed to Moses in the Sinai Desert. This four-letter name is composed of four separate words – Life, Light, Love, and Goodness – that each represent a fundamental aspect of creation and come together to form an indivisible unity. Each of these ethereal forces are said to bring about order and harmony in the universe by connecting all things back to their source: the Panpsychic All-Mind.

Animating the Tetragrammaton is an ancient practice of combining the four ethers to create a powerful energy field. It is believed to be the key to spiritual enlightenment, and many spiritual practitioners use it as part of their daily spiritual practice. The four ethers used in the Tetragrammaton are Life Ether, Light Ether, Sound Ether and Chemical Ether. Each one has its own unique properties and can be used for different purposes. Life Ether helps to increase vitality and well-being, Light Ether increases mental clarity and focus, Sound Ether improves harmonic sentience, and Chemical Ether facilitates physical wellbeing. Together these four energies create a powerful field that can be used for magic and spirituality.

The ancient art of the Living Tetragrammaton is derived from esoteric wisdom that teaches the secrets of Hermetic Mastery. Through mastering this knowledge, one can learn to align their souls with the great universal laws and gain access to the hidden powers of nature. It teaches individuals how to gain complete mastery over their inner and outer worlds. This can give us access to pneumakashics (the science of influencing energy), psychophotonics (manipulating light and energy), psychosonics (mental magic with sound), and psychosomatics (manipulating forms in space) for supernatural physics via mind over matter. This mastery can help the phenomenal Qabalist achieve complete contentment and perfect character through the use of mind-over-matter techniques such as molecular magic, pleomorphic wizardry, and magical control over matter via the transformation of electron oscillations at the atomic level. Embark on a journey of mastering your inner and outer realities, attaining Etheric Mastery through these disciplines, where individuals can learn to master their minds and their physical bodies.

The aim of Etheric Qabalah is to help individuals become molecular wizards, gain psychotronic skills and develop full capability and magical faculties for mind over matter. It involves mastering the quantum field through pneumakashics, psychophotonics, psycho-acoustics and psychosomatics. Through Etheric Mind technology we learn how we can manipulate atoms and cells with confidence and authority in order to arrange and transform the particles that make up our material world. With Etheric Qabalism, individuals can tap into their inner power to create any reality they desire. With this knowledge, we can achieve complete satisfaction and contentment, perfect character, and mastery over Matter. Through psycho-physical Thought Magic, we can become Molecular Wizards – able to manipulate our physical environment in ways that were previously thought impossible. The Living Tetragrammaton is a powerful tool for unlocking new levels of insight and personal mastery.

World of Ideals


The Living Ideals

(Metaphysical Value, Conceptualized Perfection, representative of the ultimate, epitome (miniature form), conceived in the Imago)

Ideals are the epitome of perfection, conceived of the imago in a miniaturized form. They come from different sources – from mythology to religion – and are representative of the ultimate metaphysical values that we cherish and hold dear. Through Ideals, we seek to develop an understanding of the higher standards and values that should be our guiding principles in life. Ideals enable us to conceptualize our highest aspirations and guide us towards achieving them. By understanding these ideals, we can make our lives more meaningful by living according to what is truly valuable for ourselves and for others.

Ideals, or conceptualized perfection, can be a powerful tool for human beings. They provide us with a vision of what could be, of what we seek to achieve and aspire to. We look to the epitome of perfection reflectively self-contained in a miniaturized world of the ultimate ideal. These ideals serve as representatives of the ultimate metaphysical values that we strive to embody. They represent an idea or concept that is held in high esteem by humanity at large and serve as a guidepost when it comes to our behavior and actions. The pursuit of perfection through these ideals can help us become better versions of ourselves and learn more about our true selves.

Radiant Glory of God


The Glory of God made Radiantly Manifest

Have you ever wished that you could make changes to the past? Quantum Jumping allows us to do just that; to visit our alternate timelines and edit our memories and pastlives. This technique gives us the power to transcend our physical limitations and navigate through different dimensions. Through this method, we are able to access all of our parallel selves in consolidated rectitude. Through the massive gravitational forces of the Stellar core, Space and Time are reconfigured under intense nuclear influence which realigns the molecules resulting in advanced atomic electronics due to Quantum Transignification in the subspace information fields. This means that all parallel correspondences will be perfectly Sidereal and correspondingly Tzeddek.

Theticality on all Dimensions is a revolutionary concept that allows us to jump between timelines and explore different paths of our lives. With this technique, we can make changes or edits in the timeline that have occurred in the past, thus allowing us to create a better future for ourselves. We can also explore alternate timelines and see how things could have turned out differently, only better, if we had taken a different path in life. This opens up endless possibilities for self-growth, exploration and discovery and always in the Glory of Radiant Perfection!

By embracing the idea of Theticality on all Dimensions, we can connect our past experiences with our current reality. This process allows us to emend all previous memories and pastlives so that they become unified in a single Thetical Dimension. Instead of experiencing antithetical dimensions, we will instead experience multiple versions of ourselves in transfinite perfection across all parallel universes. Thetical Parallel Dimensions provide an opportunity for exploration, growth, and healing. By embracing these dimensions, we can reintegrate all previous memories, unlock forgotten talents, access deeper truths about ourselves, and ultimately take control of our destiny.

Alchemical Cleansing

(Enlivens those things, experiences, and situations that are Harmonious with the Attributes of God, the Kingdom of Heaven expressed on Earth, etc.; cleans out the thoughts (on the mental level), transforming and transmuting them into things Wholesome and Thetical to Divine Accord. The same applies to the matrices and environment as well as the Antahkarana and Astral or Physical bodies and Worlds.)

Etheric Refinery

Enlivened Scintillation of Subspace Penetration

Enlivened Activation of the Empyrean Phosphorescence of Longwave Subspace which affords unimpeded penetration of the sticky plastic density of the Tars via Warmth Ether. Fascinating Animation of the Scintillating Matrix of Penetrating Longwave Lights. This formula is able to travel right through the thick sticky Tars with relative impunity, for one thing because similar to neutrinos they have very little actual Mass and/or are compounded from massless antimatter knowledge fields. Expressing an effect on the plastic tars, they influence the transignificating information field, changing its quality and vibratory signature, distilling the vapors, and refining the lighter constituents into scintillating luminescence.

Luminous Alchemy

Alchemy and Spagyrics

(Recognized Mastery of all Alchemistry, Practical Application of Universal Laws and Principles, Continuous Astral Projection, Awaken the Universal Lights, Cymatic Fluids, and Living Elements for Phenomenal Animation and Transformations. Perfect Alchemy, complete with all pertinent knowledge, faculties, and abilities.)

Alchemy and Spagyrics are ancient practices that allow us to tap into the Universal Laws of Creation and Transformation. With their roots in ancient mysticism, these practices are now being used as a way to apply Universal laws in practical ways. They provide an artful way to activate and awaken the Universal Lights within us, allowing us to manifest phenomenal animations and transformations in our lives.

These practices involve working with cymatic fluids and living elements to unlock the latent energy of the Universe, enabling us to use them for our greater good. Through alchemy and spagyrics, we can explore various levels of astral projection – from simple daydreaming all the way up to continuous astral projection – allowing us to experience multiple planes of existence in a single moment, where we can learn how to tap into the Universe’s energy for our own personal growth and development. Through these techniques we can unlock higher levels of consciousness that allow us to experience continuous astral projection and transcendent states of awareness.

Practitioners of these sciences use various techniques to channel energy from the astral plane into our physical world, allowing them to work on both a spiritual and practical level. Through continuous astral projection, they can journey into realms beyond their physical reality to gain insights on their purpose in life and how they can best apply these laws in their everyday lives. The application of Alchemy and Spagyrics is incredibly powerful as it allows us to access higher levels of consciousness while gaining an understanding of our place in this Universe. With this knowledge, we can re-align ourselves with Universal Laws to lead more fulfilling lives that are in harmony with Nature’s cycles.

Alchemy and Spagyrics are occult practices combining mysticism and science to awaken the Universal Lights, Cymatic Fluid, and Living Elements to facilitate phenomenal animation and transformation in mind, body, and soul of an individual.

In our teachings, the laws of the Universe allow us to develop a personal connection with our higher self and tap into unlimited potentials. Through alchemy, spagyric elixirs, cleansing formulas, spiritual tools of creation, etc. – all are designed to open up our personal souls and deepen meditational experience. Through Alchemical and Spagyric practices, one can expand beyond the limitations of physical reality by journeying into unseen dimensions and realms. Let us explore the deeper mysteries hidden within these universal powers for greater awakening!

Experience the power of Alchemy and Spagyrics to manifest phenomenal animations and transformations through universal laws and awaken the universal lights within you. By embodying vibrations in the form of cymatic fluids and living elements, we can unlock powerful pathways to manifestation. This is a practical application of accessing your fullest potential as an individual. With continuous astral projection, gain mastery over matters, energies and elements that make up both the inner and outer worlds. Unlock your unlimited capacity to live a full life of purpose and passion!

By learning these skills, you can unlock doors to new levels of understanding that can have supernatural effects on your life. You will be able to connect with spiritual energies so as to transform yourself and your environment. You will be able to gain a better understanding of how Nature works as a physical representation of Spiritual Laws. Get ready for an amazing journey into self-refinement and ascendant elevation!

Consort of the Trimorphic Excellence