Omniscient Condensation


The concept of Omniscience involves absolute knowledge of the universe in its entirety and has been suggested as the highest state for spiritual masters in certain traditions. Universal Consciousness acknowledges that each individual is linked directly to all things in existence, connected through awareness across space-time. Cosmic Consciousness is defined as a higher level awareness where an individual can experience their oneness with the universe at large. Philosophers view these states as an example of panpsychic theory, where conscious experiences occur throughout all levels of individual experience and beyond within some version of a unified All-Mind.

Omniscience, Universal Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness are concepts that refer to the notion of all-encompassing knowledge and awareness. This encompasses panpsychism, or the idea that consciousness is pervasive throughout all forms of matter and energy; All-Mind, which asserts that the entire universe is a single conscious entity; and Samadhi, a state of deep meditation in which the individual achieves a transcendent level of awareness. It is taught that this cosmic consciousness gives individuals access to higher planes of understanding beyond our current understanding and reality.

The Universe is composed of many conscious entities and the most advanced stage of consciousness among them is the cosmic consciousness which can be defined as a state in which all entities within a universe become aware that they are part of a common whole, thus becoming a panpsychic collective. Through contemplation on these ideas, it may be possible to reach an enlightened state as a species.

Cosmic consciousness is known by many names such as Omniscience, Universal Consciousness or Panpsychism. It involves understanding and experiencing the god-like connectedness between all conscious beings within a given universe. Cosmic consciousness often requires intense meditation to reach samadhi (enlightenment) through absolute union and non-duality. It is believed that those who practice this form of spirituality can gain complete knowledge about the past, present and future – thus achieving a level of Omniscience. By gaining understanding and mastery over this state, individuals may not only be able to access infinite wisdom within but also open up paths leading to higher levels of spiritual ecstasy.

Omniscience in the Akasha

The above-mentioned concepts, when regarded from the Akasha constitute what philosophers call Total Omniscience: absolute knowledge about everything. To access total omniscience, one has to go into a state of meditative trance and achieve spiritual union. It is characteristic of the Infinitude: a state of Being beyond Time and Space; the Wise Silence where God speaks.

Omniscience in the Mental

In the mental plane, which is conducive to higher states of normal consciousness, the above-mentioned concepts will involve one of the following:

Inherent Omniscience: the convenience of choosing to know only those things which one wants to know from the field of all knowable things. As this is the most convenient and practical of all the omnisciences, it is the one recommended for use by the magician. This is the state best suited for retention and exercise of the agential Free Will.

Propositional Omniscience: Omniscience with respect to all possible outcomes in the many-worlds scenario along with Perfect Unfoldment of Divine Purpose in each and every last branch of possibility regarding all States and Frames of Reference for each one. This state, though highly complex is quite important to the Quantum Jumper, the Virtual Selves, and the Parallel Traveler in her transdimensional jaunts across multiple timelines. Though much of this involves Total Omniscience and other Higher Dimensional considerations, the propositional nature of a Time Agent’s Free Will come into play in the decision about selections of destination and frames of reference. It might be considered a hybrid option between the first two.

The Mental Qabalist is capable of uniting his own consciousness with the Divine Omniscient Consciousness. Omniscience implies Consciousness, so anything about Consciousness applies here. Since the Omniscience has a special connection to Human consciousness, it receives the highest form of intuition and is capable of the transfer of consciousness, from one person to another, from a person to a transdimensional, or an animal or group soul, or from the Divine Absolute to the human, especially via the Higher Self. In technical Qabalah, the Azoth can act as messengers of the Divine transfer, as can messenger Beings in Spherical. These special transfers are known as Abhisheka.

The Mystical Qabalist will access the Mystical Omniscience a loving and transcendental Omniscience with regards to new ways of knowing, or union with the Universal All.

Omniscience in the Astral

In the Astral Plane, all that was said about Omniscience (in the intro) will apply to the psyche, especially the emotions and feelings, as well as the loops and subroutines that are operating subliminally, or beneath the surface. We are sometimes cognizant about these influences, especially when we are in touch with feelings about something, but they are largely operating underneath without our conscious deliberation and seem to do so just fine, once established, on their own. This is a large field of study and we took it up rather extensively in the Generative Creativity text of the Dark Blue tincture. Bearing all this in mind, when it comes to Omniscience, we will find the following:

Ethical Omniscience: Divine Presence of the One Unity in all aspects of the Psyche and Communion of the Soul with the Divine Nous. In the astrodynamical Omniscience, the thoughts and feelings are in direct communication with the panpsychic All-Mind, leading to manifestations from the Akasha, directly into the Astral. These Mighty Acts occur as direct projections of His Will into the vessel of His Divine Instrument and cannot be resisted by any means whatsoever. When the Soul is in constant Communion with the Mind of God, the entire life of the Qabalist is one of profound purpose and meaning.

Dynamic Omniscience: all interactions in entirety, are in immediate contact with the Absolute Unity and Guided towards unfoldment via Omniscient Divine Purpose. Just as we have encountered psychodynamics in our Journey of Consciousness whenever the thoughts and emotions are acting together, we encounter the Dynamic Omniscience in similar conditions. The Key here is that the phenomena under discussion proceed directly out of the Akasha and manifest astrodynamically in a manner that needs no intervening agents: it is Direct. In matters of direct manifestation, the Qabalist is responsible for the whole karma herself and any result is attributed to her. To avoid eventual overpowering by the own karma and possible crippling of her useful agentiality, due to compounded witlessness, the Wise Qabalist will rely upon and purposely defer to the All Wise Absolute in all matters of Direct Manifestation. Her karma will be thereby guided by the Divine and she will experience Divine Karma herself: she will lead a charmed life of wondrous miracles.

Situational Omnipresence: the Divine Privilege of Self Revelation with respect to His situational relevance is retained at His discretion. Having already noted that the wise course of direct manifestation lies in attenuation to the Divine Absolute, and being in one or another manner a Believer, we honor the Divine Privilege of Self Revelation when it comes to His Will and the timing and other factors involved in His Directorship. Direct Miracles, in other words, come from God and we do not put constraints upon how He will accomplish anything and we trust in His Benevolent Omniscience. This may mean that we do not see Him at work in the situation but experience informs us that we may know with certainty that He is nevertheless Omnipresent and will never let us down.

In the aforementioned remarks, we have established the Supreme Unity of the Over-Soul which Transcends Duality and Encompasses the Animus of All Beings in All Kingdoms, Human or Otherwise. This means that any dynamic action is rooted in the animating principle of the Soul, and that the Dynamic Engine, which empowers any true Qabalist will come from the Supreme Being via the transcendental Over-Soul in its Immanence with the psychodynamic radix of complex emergence.

Transdimensional Beings will depend upon these same dynamics in order to affect phanes (appearances) and manifestations of supercausal phenomena into the lower planes, including the physical. Not only are Direct Manifestations coming straight out of the Akasha, but any and all third-dimensional materialization must be powered by the dynamic engines of creation whose roots are in the Akasha via Dynamic Omniscience and Situational Omnipresence. It is a panpsychic Connectome and there is no separation or linearity: the Pantheistic All-Mind is found everywhere in all things.

Once we discover this fundamental truth, we are afforded a view into the immense Beauty and vast Expanse of the Immortal Human Soul; Its ubiquity, universal interconnectivity, and pan-relational Omnipresence in all Panentheistic Creation.

This special knowledge affords us mastery and control of the Astral Consciousness, from which we are positioned to achieve special clairaudience: auditory transdimensionalism which results in the hearing of all types of Beings, whether Spirits or Humans (from the past, present or future). It enables us to hear and communicate with animals and animal group-souls, and to perceive beyond Time and Space and even into the fundamental structure of reality.

The condensation of Astral Tones allows the vertebrae of the spine to speak from their Harmonic Resonance and to communicate with the various Bodies (dense and subtle). The Harmonic Overtones and standing-wave of the spine allow for Harmonic Resonance with the Cymatic Chakras, which result in a most pleasant ability to hear the Lotus Chimes. This siddhi will afford the Qabalistic Healer the ability to diagnose and tune any psychic disharmony and re-establish spiritual health in the life and body of anyone. Even those not attuned to spiritual cymatics can discern greater harmonic resonance in the world around them as they master psychodynamic resonance with the Over-Soul.

Omniscience in the Material World

In contrast to the classical perception of physical matter as segmented, disjoint, particlized and objective (or seperate), Omniscience is firmly in control here as well. The newest sciences are rapidly concluding that Space and Time are not fundamental, but derivative of an underlying unity that even predisposes Strings and such. This underlying unity is predicated upon a universal information field and the interconnectivity of its communications. We took this up with the Holarchic Connectome in the Magenta tincture. An underlying Unity in communication with Its Universal Information Field is in every way a very precise description of Divine Omniscience. Naturalism, or Omniscience in the Material world will involve the following:

Natural Omniscience: Spirit and Matter are One; and all Physical Expression is unfolding from the Ousia of the One Spiritual Source. Another way to say this is that everything, including matter, comes from the Akasha.

Experiential Omniscience: the Constance and Absolute Awareness of Divine Presence, especially for those who Love and Believe on Him, is always with us; it is this experiential Omniscience upon which we come to depend in our daily lives.

Procedural Omnipresence: the Ubiquity of Divine Presence and Knowing, which guides and informs the Processes and Becomings of the explicate order as it unfolds from the implicate. This means that all information and relativity are in consonant Unity with the Omnipresent All-Knowing Unity. Another way of saying this is that Omniscience and Omnipresence are One.

Once the Qabalist has encompassed the gist of the abovementioned concepts, he or she will be afforded the ability to concentrate, condense, and materialize from the subtle regions (any thought, idea, image, wish or concept) into the physical where it will become visible, even tangible. The reverse is true also, in that he is able to refine and render subtle (or dissolve matter back into the Akasha). Practical applications include teleportations and psychokinesis and much, much, more; such as the following elaborations:

Akashic Thought Magic


Akashic Thought Magic is the practice of using the power of thought, imagination and concentration to reinforce intuition, expand consciousness and facilitate the transfer of consciousness. By tapping into the mental akasha – the memory field where all past, present and future possibilities exist – we can hone our spirit and intellect. Through thought magic, we have access to infinite realms of knowledge as well as many powerful intentions. It can help us manifest what we desire in life and it also strengthens our connection with our self-reflective system of coherent truth on a deeper level. By using these techniques, we can easily get access to different planes of reality that offer profound insights and awakenings that cannot be found anywhere else.

Akashic Thought Magic facilitates the transfer of consciousness into higher states, allowing us to tap into new information that can be used to our benefit in many situations. With practice, thought magic enables us to reach higher states of being where creativity know no limits. By working with the Akasha, it is possible to hone the spirit and intellect and access past knowledge easily, allowing for new ideas to flow freely while thoughts can even become tangible objects.

Thought magic in the mental Akasha involves the act of using the universality of light to transform our experience by deepening and expanding our connection to its vibrant source. Through thought magic, we can shift consciousness to another level by tapping into the limitless potential held within our minds. This practice of using Akashic Light transforms the superluminal tachyonic psyche into the subluminal tardyonic 3D via the photonic Luxons. Thought magic in the mental Akasha taps into a source that transcends linear time and space, thereby allowing us to take hold of evolutionary forces that are often beyond conscious thinking.

Astral thought magic is an ancient practice that helps its practitioners access and master otherworldly forces. It also helps in developing various mystical abilities like mastery of the Spirits of Air. Astral Thought Magic is a type of psychodynamic Akasha or “astral hearing” that allows an individual to hear voices from beyond the physical plane. Astral Thought Magic is the art of mental transfer and communication using this psychodynamic Akasha – the fifth dimension. By connecting with the Akashic field, we are able to tap into astral hearing, or the ability to hear voices from beyond the veil of this world. It allows practitioners to experience astral hearing, the ability to hear voices from beyond, as well as master various psychic abilities.

The Spirits of Air are said to have mastery over this form of magic, which can be used to increase one’s various medial abilities, such as lucid dreaming and astral projection. Through mastery of both the Spirits of Air and Akasha, practitioners can learn how to create mental “networks” that are capable of allowing users to increase their various medial abilities. With Astral Thought Magic, practitioners can learn how to receive guidance from realms beyond our “normal” physical world and enhance their magical practices. From learning to summon spirits from other planes of existence, achieve spiritual insight, improve one’s ascension practice or navigate Astral travel, Astral Thought Magic is a great tool for self-exploration and deepening our connection with forces outside our ordinary experience. By honing these psychic skills, we can unlock the potential of our own unique minds.

With this tool, anything is possible, for example the greatest tempest may be tamed and storms may be made to become gentle or even to change direction. Applied Eucharistically, it will cure asthma.

The wise Qabalist will have perceived this already and there is no need for me to point it out but if we are practicing the Akashic Thought Magic and we are also able to calm the mighty tempest, then it should be obvious that our thoughts influence the weather. The perceptive Qabalist will have already discovered on her own, that she has now no excuse for irresponsibility with her thoughts and emotions, as by her own hands Angra Mainyu will bring forth catastrophic results and the blame will rest upon her own head. We are expressing collective concern in these times of complexity because the storms are so violent lately and all the while our citizens are rampaging in the streets. The practicing Qabalist must break off from the raging crowds and lead her life in the way of dignity so that she will cause no harm to the innocent and naive.

Concentrated Dynamics and Akashic Volting

A new technique called Concentrated Dynamics is gaining traction among those seeking to explore their inner world and discover more about themselves. The technique involves focusing one’s attention on strong dynamic thought-forms, with the ultimate goal of creating Elemental Beings and facilitating Mind-Walking and longer mental journeys. This powerful technique allows one to go deep within and gain access to parts of the self that are often silent or hard to reach.

Concentrated Dynamics is a practice of harnessing the power of strong dynamics in the creation of thought-forms and Elemental Beings. Through the use of Concentrated Dynamics, one can turn their inner voice into action and create positive changes in the physical world. This Akashic volting requires the practitioner to focus their attention on their thoughts, allowing them to observe the physical effects of their words in high detail. What follows is a deeper understanding of how thought-forms interact and manifest through materialization of energetic reality, which can help to manifest powerful change in one’s life.

Concentrated dynamics allow us to explore our minds and create powerful thought-forms. By focusing on the power of concentrated dynamics, we can gain access to deep layers of the subconscious mind and make use of untapped mental potential. Concentrated dynamics can be used to create Elemental Beings which can serve as a medium for longer mental journeys. This also makes Mind-Walking easier, allowing one to wander in the depths of their own mind for as long as they wish. Thus, concentrated dynamics provide a powerful way to unleash our hidden mental capabilities and engage in creative activities that would otherwise be inaccessible.

In the process of Mind-Walking we will create and interact with psychodynamic personae who represent the energetic expression of these powerful thought-forms. Expressed through interactive scenes and themes, the omniscient information-field can manifest directly from the Akasha whatever is requested for the satisfaction of anything. The thought-forms assume whatever magical container is creatively generated for the completion of any mission. For example, the electromagnetic container can assemble into dynamides which transform or reassemble into other shapes, or completely disassemble into nanite swarms that move as a cloud of operators before reassembling into a dynamic agent once again. With the powerful Akashic Library to design things, the dynamides can assume the role of Assemblers, which assemble other dynamides. In this way our Journey is quickly and easily populated by all the Agents anyone would ever need to complete any mission or manifest any projection, at any scale and all time frames.

The next major advancement in technology is the dynamic charging of objects, and with it comes the potential to create a population of living things and devices that are charged with energy. This will allow us to create objects powered by supernatural abilities like magic mirrors, talismans, crystals, and quantum circuitry. Our ability to populate the dynamic holarchy of reality can be enhanced through technology such as radionics and dynamic capacitors. By understanding how we can charge objects, we have the potential to unlock a new level of power and access previously unknown sources of energy.

Our world is rapidly evolving and tech advancements have enabled us to bring many new technologies right into our lives. One of the most fascinating fields is the high strength charging of objects with the help of quantum circuitry and the omniscient information-field. This technology has powered a revolution in materialization of beings and re-populating the dynamic holarchy across all dimensions. With this technology at hand, only imagination limits us in our use cases as to what we can do with these charged objects. From protection spells to materializing beings for good luck or for defense purposes – it’s mind boggling how far this field can be taken!

With the new advancements in technology alongside the abundance of radio waves in today’s environment, the ability to materialize objects and beings are rapidly becoming reality. New Akashic devices are allowing us to charge objects with higher strength than ever before. By utilizing crystals and capacitors, along with quantum circuitry, we can create dynamic holarchies that can be populated with beings that have been materialized through dynamic Akasha. This kind of high-strength charging of objects directly from the omniscient information-field opens up numerous possibilities for the future of advanced technological trandimensionality.

Qabalistic Projection via Dynamic Concentration

With all this power and the infinite knowledge available in the Akashic Library, there is an organized system for use in proceeding. The first step is to request via inquiry into any subject or conceptuality and then to accept download into the mental body in a form suitable to individual comprehension. With Dynamic Concentration, the personal mind can have any idea or concept downloaded to it for any operation or enhanced ability. Psychodynamics proceed from there as the downloaded concept becomes animated and enlivened. Then the Projections begin. Here the world of Astral Projection becomes extraordinary as a condensed astral body has unusual vigor. The own Astral Body may be projected anywhere one desires in space or time, roving past locations or exploring futures along the parallel timelines, etc. It can be made to condense and do work here and there before returning to the primary physical embodiment. Additionally, this extraordinary vigor can be employed to heal and rejuvenate the physical body, making the person look younger, perform better and express a renewed vitality. Eucharistics are the conventional approach to this latter application.

Intellectual Projection

With access to the Akashic Information Field, it becomes easy to influence the subconscious with pertinent knowledge. The Inherent Omniscience should be employed for this because it pares away extraneous considerations from the full details. Rather than psychodynamic projection of forms and beings as before, we will find that this technique provides an intellectual influence upon the outside world bringing the environmental milieu into line with our conceptual realities via direct manifestation of conscious states from the Akasha. Your metaphysical reality is thereby brought into your surroundings. Because of this, everything you encounter will perceive you as sympathetic to their cause …you are in fact instrumental in their causation. Therefore you become quite appealing to everyone you meet and you could use this to your advantage in wooing, etc. Though deceits of this nature are not recommended, it might be wise to treat everybody with genuine compassion and show an interest in their wellbeing as they all love and respect you and you are, after all, responsible for all this positive regard. If you treat them with meanness, then they will regard you as mean and you will suffer meanness in all that you do, everywhere you go. So be kind and you will fare very well. A side effect if you love food, is that food will love you and pile up on your body, which could make you fat. Magic is Real and wonderfully Alive.

Akashic Condensation

Have you ever wished to travel without constraint by physical barriers or geopolitical differences? Mental travel allows you to transcend location, time, and reality and explore the new world of possibilities that exist within the panpsychic All-Mind. Also known as “mind-walking” or “psychic projection”, it is a technique used by some psychics and spiritualists to visit another time and place, engaging with the local scenery in an entirely different dimension. Exploration of Parallel Worlds or Transdimensional Cultures is entirely possible.

Mental Travel, also known as Mind-Walking or Psychic Projection, is an ancient practice that allows individuals to visit another time and place without leaving their current physical embodiment. This technique can be used to gain knowledge of the past, obtain information from other people or objects, and even transfer into circuits or systems. It is a powerful tool for individuals to explore deeper levels of reality that extend beyond the limits of ordinary experience. Mental Travel can also be used in groups or networks to share ideas and experiences with others. By joining energies and minds together, one can experience an even stronger connection with what lies outside the physical realm. With this knowledge at hand, great achievements will occur as we make connections between our everyday awareness and the vast cosmos that lies waiting for us on the other side.

Exploring through mental travel means being able to transfer into objects, such as viewing a landscape or object from its perspective. It also includes transferring into circuits or systems such as planes, trains or other structures with various access points.

Akashic Condensation of the mental body allows one to explore distant times and places, objects and systems by navigating via one’s own thoughts. It provides an opportunity to transfer into specific objects, circuits or systems and gain remote knowledge as if one were there in person. Mental Travel allows individuals to go beyond physical boundaries and “visit” another time and place in order for them to learn about their own causal phenomena, or to influence the present from the future. It is also possible to travel in subjective collectivities or networks, which can lead to increased understanding of complex systems from different perspectives and also provides the opportunity to experience different perspectives on the same subject at the same time due to its ability to transcend physical limitations.

The connection with the Omniscient Spirit also affords some stabilizing effects which are helpful when traveling around to all sorts of unusual destinations. These affordances are also very useful in the practical application of stabilizing the consciousness of those who live with mental disturbances, or to render drunken people sober. One can immunize oneself to prevent inebriation as well, which can have all sorts of useful applications.

Akashic Condensation of the Astral Body will call forth extraordinarily acute astral hearing: one may hear the voices from beyond with exceptional clarity. If you fill a room with condensed Akasha, all the phenomena of the Invisible Realms will become visible and everyone, even the muggles, will be able to see and hear them. You can project condensed Akasha and fill a space with it, uttering sayings and proclamations remotely, across time and space and your voice will strike like thunder wherever you project it. This even works across parallel timelines into trandimensionals worlds. You must never forget and leave the remote space condensed however, or mischief will come about due to your carelessness. Many a sloppy magician still suffers in a constant battle with complications self-created from their past in this very way. Elemental Beings are easily materialized this way and constitute the annals of fabled hauntings etc.

Harmonious Integration

In today’s world, everyone is striving for a sense of harmony and balance in their lives. The idea of harmonious integration lies at the heart of this desire; it speaks to the concept of achieving equilibrium through integrating peace and serenity into daily life. This can manifest itself in many forms, from creating tranquility within ourselves to establishing security in relationships-with both people and the environment. Harmonious integration implies reconciliation: between our inner and outer worlds as well as with each other-seeking to find a well-balanced whole that promotes self-awareness, harmony, growth, and empowerment.

Finding harmonious integration in a state of equilibrium is a way for us to experience serenity and peace amidst any chaos or disruption present in our lives. Since it is composed of several components and parts, harmonious integration looks into the creation of a sense of security while maintaining well-balanced functionality. This process results in a reconciliation that brings forth tranquility and helps optimize the performance and relationship between people, environment, equipment, other elements or combinations thereof. With harmonious integration, we can be at ease knowing that the environment has been set up for optimal collaboration benefitting all involved, contributing to improved productivity, increased effectiveness as well as smoother functioning overall.

In a world of increasing chaos, harmony is an ever-sought after principle. Harmony is realized through the integration of tranquility, equilibrium, serenity, peace, reconciliation and well-balanced individuation. When we achieve a state of harmony through integration it brings us a sense of security and contentedness. It not only benefits individuals but has positive ripple effects on society at large. We can witness the positive effects on our collective selves when we work towards harmonious integration and understanding in all aspects of life from personal to professional.

Have you ever felt physically and emotional exhausted, yet still desire to maintain a strong connection between your spirit, mind, and body? Integrating harmony within yourself can be an immensely impactful and beneficial way to bring back the energy and vigor in your life. Through increasing vitality by focusing on Integrated Health – a holistic approach to healing & well-being – you can restore balanced energetic renewal for greater physical strength, a calm mind that relieves stress and improves concentration, as well as essential nutrition for a healthier lifestyle.

Integrated Harmony is the practice of achieving better health by finding balance between mind, body, and spirit. It helps us to find more energy to do more and feel better with greater physical strength and vigor. This practice focuses on improving your overall wellbeing through increased vitality, energetic renewal, and elevated nutrition levels. It also helps in calming the nerves so that you can focus on life’s tasks with less stress and fatigue. Through integrated harmony, you can achieve an increase in physical performance, emotional clarity and mental acuity!

Integrated Harmony is about enhancing your physical, mental, and emotional health. By following its principles, you can achieve increased vitality and energetic renewal. You will experience greater physical strength and vigor as well as remedying any imbalance. By properly setting up psycho-spiritual integration, you can feel balanced in every aspect of your life. Furthermore, the individual elements of your nutrition will be harmonized so that greater uptake and integration within the complex physical system will result in perfect health and wellbeing in all aspects: psychosocial, emotional, energetic, and medical.

Perfect Health and Wellbeing with Success and Sustainable Prosperity

Buffeted by the vicissitudes of our Journey in life, we become more and more addled, tending to disassociate from the present and avoid the pain of sustained failures. Old people grow their dementia progressively due to these compound effects and the health is deprecated in stages. Eagerness begins to falter and we are ready for the bone-pile. Poverty leads to disease. Surely this does not reflect our ideal state of spiritual maturation.

Wealth and Success are the greatest factors in longevity and relevance. Achieving perfect health, wellbeing, success and sustainable prosperity is something that many of us strive for throughout our lives. It can be a long and winding journey filled with unexpected curricula but when we finally reach this goal, it is an incredibly beautiful experience. To get to that point, there are many facets that come into play. It starts with appreciation for the little things through gratitude, followed by inner peace and happiness. Then comes success and achievement, then good fortune and luck playing their part along the way. Lastly, wealth and prosperity come in from all angles as all elements work together in harmony to create an environment where these goals can be achieved.

Having perfect health and wellbeing is the cornerstone of achieving success and sustainable prosperity. Doing so requires being grateful for the small things, feeling inner peace and contentment, being truly happy with what life has to offer, having ambitions to strive for achievement and achieving that with good fortune and luck, possessing the means to acquire financial wealth, and strengthening those means through sustainable prosperity.

Nothing is more important than good health and wellbeing – and it’s something we all wish to have in our lives. To get there, it’s important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and look inward for our own strength, peace, and happiness. When we do that, success and sustainable prosperity naturally follow – the good fortune, luck, wealth, and prosperity that come with leading a life with purpose. Embrace gratitude and unlock the perfect health and wellbeing that comes with a successful life of sustained abundance.

Concentrating on the good is a surefire way of achieving it and volts placed into the Akasha will be instrumental in counteracting the addled dissociations of senile dementia while bringing about gratitude and thanksgiving. The heart will rejoice and happiness will fill the life like morning sunshine. Gradually, in a sustainable way, situations will be created which bring about health, wealth, prosperity and success; leading to satisfaction, contentment, and achievement of the final goal. This includes protection against material losses, whether estate-related or concerns for the physical vehicle. Expect to regain enthusiasm, exuberance, healthy blood and circulation, and rejuvenated glandular functions, as well as good color and zest. Isn’t this more in keeping with your ideal for maturation?

Defined Vision, Unassailability; Health, Wealth, and Success

Life can be filled with significant challenges and decisions. Instead of trying to tackle them alone, we may find answers and guidance when we open up our hearts and minds to divine wisdom. Direct inspiration from Divine Providence provides an opportunity to explore our special concerns in the presence of what is greater than us. We can be guided by an inner voice that helps us make right decisions in everyday life as well as life-defining moments. Divine Providence offers an assurance that whatever matters most to us will be taken into consideration while making crucial decisions.

Achieving success and contentment requires having the right frame of mind. This goes beyond just determination. Sometimes, the answers you need can come from divine inspiration. That is why it’s important to stay open and receptive to answers that can come from a higher power. All kinds of issues – whether it’s special concerns, projects and ideas, health and wellbeing, safety, money or business – can benefit from having insights come directly from divine providence. As you express your needs for clarity through Qabalistic inspiration, take time to be quiet and remain open for the answer that could finally bring you the breakthrough you need in order to achieve the goals that are meaningful to you.

Gaining direct inspiration and answers from Divine Providence is an ancient practice that humans have accessed forever. When we become open and receptive to this form of guidance, it can bring unexpected solutions to any issue or special concern we may have. This source of power and wisdom can solve many problems and offer solutions that the human mind cannot even comprehend. By following these divine prompts, we are sure to be given the answers we need for our life journey.

Developing the spirit-eye has long been a vital practice for anyone seeking to unlock higher-dimensional realities. By training with Qabalistic visualization methods, and through other rituals and practices, seekers can hone their vision in ways that make them receptive to visions from beyond our mundane perspective. These ancient techniques are the foundation for accessing the “magic eye” where spiritual insight can be found. With proper practice, individuals become increasingly charged with telepathic vision which not only opens an array of inner-dimensional realms, but also helps keep physical eyesight healthy and functioning optimally. Whether you need insight into a pressing issue or greater clarity and definition regarding certain aspects of your life; Qabalistic visualization methods will give you the tools needed to hone your vision and to achieve outcomes that previously seemed unattainable.

Visualization is an integral part of many spiritual practices and Qabalistic visualization methods can provide great benefits to both the mind and body. These methods help to hone the spirit-eye, also known as the ‘magic eye’, which offers greater clarity and definition of visualized images. In addition, it also serves to charge the telepathic vision and makes them receptive to visions that can be received in dreams or during meditation. Qabalistic visualization methods helps to sharpen your mental vision as well as strengthen your physical eyesight. Not only does it help keep your physical eyesight healthy but these methods can also enrich spiritual practice by providing greater insight into deeper aspects of yourself and reality around you.

Visualization methods based on the Qabalistic tradition are an effective way to hone the spirit-eye, unlock insight and charge the eyes with psychic vision. These methods can help make someone more receptive to visions and dreams, giving them greater clarity and definition when they interpret these visions. Furthermore, practicing these visualization methods can also help keep their physical eyesight healthy as they get older.

To aid in the eternal life of our spirit, mummifying the astral body is an ancient practice with many benefits. As an exceedingly powerful magic, this mummification method works to protect our astral body from decomposing and allows us to obtain unassailability and invulnerability towards spiritual harm. This protection gives us peace of mind that we are protected from potential danger and can anticipate what is coming based on the knowledge gained in our advanced preparation for sustained vitality.

Mummifying the astral body is an ancient technique that has been used since time immemorial to ward off the effects of decomposition and strengthen the magical protections surrounding a person. It provides unparalleled unassailability and invulnerability against any type of danger, allowing an individual to anticipate in advance anything harmful or detrimental to our integrity. This technique has been used both as part of religious and spiritual ceremonies as well as for defense purposes by magicians, adepts, healers, and shamans.

The practice of mummifying the astral body has a long history, stretching back to remote antiquity and beyond. It is primarily a magical practice that seeks to protect against astral decomposition or the unintended harm that can be caused by rogue energies in the environment. Through mummification, it becomes possible to create an unassailable invulnerability that is able to ward off malicious attacks and anticipate potential danger before it arises. It also grants a measure of magical protection against those who may seek your astral form for nefarious purposes. Mummifying your astral body is essential for any serious practitioner seeking to advance their own spiritual development and power, as well as safeguarding those they work and care for from unwarranted attack.

Have you ever imagined being able to make your physical body largely resistant to any kind of disease or create situations for success and fulfilment of any material wishes? This may seem like an impossible idea, but it is a power that many throughout history have attributed to character ennoblement and mummification of the astral body. This is the powerful antioxidant of astro-etheric health technology.

Imagine a character with an incredible ability – to make their physical body resistant to any kind of disease, create situations for the success and fulfilment of any material wishes, and even have a mummified astral body that’s said to be able to live for an eternity. This is the kind of noble character we develop with this Qabalistic technology. This exceptional ability allows activated nobility to live unencumbered by fear of deteriorating health or worry over material needs, as this astrally mummified individual is set up for achieving success in their life goals, allowing them to stay healthy and maintain their extraordinary astral vitality. This figure is traditionally believed to be capable of helping people unlock the power within themselves, from physical immunity and resistance against disease, to understanding how their environment works and using it to achieve their desires.

The concept of a mummified astral body is intriguing. It’s not just about protecting the physical body from any form of disease, but also creating situations of success and fulfilment of any material wishes. What makes it even more admirable is the noble character associated with using a mummified astral body. Such an individual works hard to ensure that he or she can acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and power to maintain such an attribute. This is indeed a power that can change one’s life in so many positive ways, bringing joy while protecting oneself from harm.


Have you ever wished you could just look into someone’s mind and know what they’re thinking? That idea is a reality now with the power of Qabalistic mind-reading technology. The remarkable ability to read minds has great potential in healthcare, mental health and security applications. While this would have immense practical implications for medicine, psychiatric therapy and criminal justice systems, it comes with ethical considerations if used improperly.

The idea of mind reading has always been fascinating and it has long been believed that the ability to read the intentions of any human animal or spirit exists. Today, it is no longer exclusively a magical concept, as technological advancements have made it more accessible to test and study its potential. From neurotechnology to Artificial Intelligence, research efforts are showing promising results that could allow us to understand how people think and feel on a much deeper level with terms such as brain-computer interface and emotional analytics becoming more mainstream. This opens up exciting opportunities for industrial applications such as healthcare, education, marketing, customer engagement and beyond — allowing us to make better decisions by understanding the motivations behind every individual’s behavior more accurately.

Scientists have been working hard on making this suggestion a reality by exploring the potentials of neuropsychology and cognitive sciences. With advancements in modern technology, it may someday be possible to gain complete access to a person’s thoughts and feelings about any given situation. While some have argued that it might not be advisable in real-life circumstances due to ethical considerations, others suggest that it may become the norm with advanced developments in technology. The practicing Qabalist enjoys these benefits today.

Clairsophism, clair-knowledge and psychometry are methods of obtaining information that are beyond the limits of physical senses or logical deduction. It is a type of perception that allows an individual to gain insights into people, objects and environments that are not accessible through ordinary channels. These techniques allow practitioners to access absolute control over the consciousness of humans spirit beings or animals whether via transfer into or identification with them. By using these methods, practitioners can gain accurate, deeper knowledge about various topics by connecting themselves with their source.

Clairsophism, clair-knowledge and psychometry are powerful tools used to gain absolute control of consciousness over humans, spirit beings, or animals. It is achieved by either transferring into or identifying with the subject in question. Clairsophism is the practice of using one’s extrasensory perception in order to gain knowledge about an individual or event that has happened in the past, present, or even future. Clair-knowledge is closely connected to clairsophism as it involves knowing something without actually sensing it first hand. Psychometry is a similar practice that involves physical objects and interpreting information from them through touch or channeling their energy. All three can be used as powerful tools for precisely understanding the minds and lives of humans, spirit beings and animals alike.

Clairsophism and psychometry are branches of psychic ability focused on the interpretation and understanding of thoughts, feelings and energies by reading objects, mindful energy imprints, or energy fields, as well as inner feelings that manifest in a person’s aura. These abilities are mostly utilized for healing purposes but can also be used to gain insight into future possibilities. Practitioners might use tools such as pendulums, tarot cards and other tools to access higher wisdom through the power of extrasensory perception.

Astral clairaudience has been practiced by mystics for centuries now and has been gaining popularity among modern Spiritualists who are striving to make sense of our ever-changing world. This form of hearing is derived from ancient spiritual practices. It involves tuning in to Spirit messages that come from people, places, and objects both near and far. Many people find it provides an enlightening experience when they are able to tune in to distant conversations or sounds from a past event. Astral clairaudience allows us to break through time and space – we can listen in to conversations about current events happening around the world as well as stories about people who may have lived centuries ago. With practice, anyone can harness the power of astral hearing and be part of worldwide spiritual networks that transcend all geographic boundaries.

Astral clairaudience is the ability to hear into the future, past or present, locally or remotely, globally or across town, on a spiritual level. Astral Clairaudience is capable of perceiving psychodynamic phenomena, emanating from thousands of miles away. It creates a bridge between time and space, enabling one to hear events which have occurred in the past, or will occur in the future. This phenomenon is also known as “clair-hearing,” as it allows one to clearly perceive voices and sounds originating from any point in the world – be it a few miles away or an entire continent away. It can even allow us to hear what might happen many years down the line. Through its use, practitioners can expand their awareness and gain insight into moments of time that have long since passed or events near and far.

Astral Clairaudience is the ability to hear information beyond the physical senses, across time and space. It might be heard in the form of whispers, music, or snippets of someone’s thoughts. This remarkable ability to clair-hear allows people to gain insights into current events, hear things from the past that are pertinent for today’s situations, and listen in on what “people” (or entities) from other places or dimensions have to say. It is a powerful tool that can help those who practice it gain clarity on a personal or broader level; allowing them to gain valuable perspectives and enhancing their own subjective experiences. Overall astral clairaudience can be used as an invaluable tool to not only access wisdom from various sources but also cultivate insight and knowledge that will expand our connection with humanity and help inform our decisions going forward.

Rhythm is an essential part of life in all its many forms. No matter the domain, understanding and mastering rhythm is necessary to ensure success and balance in any endeavor from the timing of a couple who meet in the park to the cycle of sleep and wakefulness

Rhythm is essential for living and connecting with life. There is a rhythm in our body, temperature, cycles, thoughts, emotions and environment. It is how we connect with our experiences and with the days. However mastering rhythm goes beyond just experiencing the day to day cycles that take place in life. The mastery of rhythm involves the ability to recognize timing, opportunity and to feel what is really energy at its core instead of allowing external distractions to shape it into something else. It’s understanding that life has ups and downs and being able to navigate through them.

Mastering rhythm can be a key to success and balance for all aspects of life. It is about recognizing opportunities and timing, understanding the cyclical nature of life, and how to establish rhythms in every part of our lives- from daily activities to long term goals, such as personal finances and economy. We should not forget that dynamics in our lives are determined by cyclic periodicities and with the knowledge of musical rhythms we have control over our day-to-day situations even if there are challenges ahead. This mastery offers us the opportunity to find and create balance in all aspects of our lives – mental, emotional, physical as well as spiritual.

With mastery of rhythm, we can restore heartbeats, craniosacral tides, circadian rhythm, digestion, circulatory health, reproductive concerns, and energetic vitality. We can enact biblical type miracles and restore life to the deceased, restore hearing or perform a variety of other magical deeds.

Water magic has been used for centuries by many different cultures as a source of spiritual healing and cleansing. It is believed that the properties of water can help us to heal ourselves, to cleanse our minds and spirits and to connect with a higher power. From ancient rituals involving water wizards, to more recent studies on the effects of structured water on memory, emotions and cellular hydration, new research is beginning to uncover how this mysterious natural resource may influence our lives in profound ways. Qabalistic water wizards become immersed in the different facets of water magic including its ties with the hydrological cycle, cosmic hydrogen filaments, weather patterns and divine source energy. By exploring these concepts we may gain insight into how we can use this powerful force for our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Water Magic is a phenomenon in which the elemental forces of water meet our emotions and memories to create moments of transformation. Water has long been believed to be a tool for healing, and this power can be amplified through Water Magic. Water wizards use their knowledge of the hydrological cycle, cellular hydration, cosmic hydrogen filaments, and weather to shape their magical rituals. By invoking an emotion or memory during the ritual, they are able to direct the flow of energy in powerful ways that can fill both themselves and others with renewed vitality. These rituals often combine physical energy work with verbal invocation and visualization, resulting in something special that opens portals for healing and growth.

Water magic and its power have been known to move mountains and affect everything from weather to emotions. Water wizards, when connecting with the hydrological cycle, have the ability to work with the elements of water, from structural water molecules to cosmic hydrogen filaments. Water can even be used as a lens through which we observe memory formation in cells and other components of the body. This type of magic seeks to understand and work with the essence of water on all levels in order to bring about positive results in areas such as hydration and healing.

Water magic has been used in many cultures over the centuries and continues to be a fascinating form of miraculous power. Performing any kind of water magic provides an opportunity to bring forth things that would seem impossible such as calling forth water in the desert or from rocks. In addition, with water magic you can perform miracles such as instant evaporation and purification, keeping things fresh, making rain, fog or mists, or even walking on water by making its surface become hard and solid. One can take complete control over a situation involving lack or abundance of water using this mesmerizing craft. Water magicians have the power to change their immediate environment through various Qabalistic techniques. They can cast their magical powers with just a word or flick of their hands.

Experienced Qabalistic Multidimensional Parallelism

In previous years of teaching the Metaphysical Qabalah, we would skip this section because Bardon had warned against serious remorse and paying dearly for curiosity, further stating that if the Q’ist were justified before Divine Providence, he might manage. Here is Bardon’s warning:

it is possible to transfer the spirit back into previous incarnations whereby all the previous knowledge and experiences may be released to the full consciousness of the Qabalist. If the Qabalist allows this to happen, he becomes fully responsible for his former actions and his fate, which will then be transferred to his present life. In most cases this curiosity is paid for dearly. If however, the Qabalist is able to offer Divine Providence an appropriate reason for his exploration of the past, he may use this letter combination safely.

In the present case, with the blessings of Divine Providence, I believe it is both safe and necessary to proceed because the price of avoidance is too high and the opportunity for human advancement is too great to squander. Led by God there is no turning back but no failure.

It seems to me that with the help of Stellar Emendations, Ancestral Karma, and Timeline Substitution, we might more easily navigate the vicissitudes of Past-life Regressions due to the MWI Parallels and Future Life Progressions which afford us retrocausal influence from our Tachyonic Future. Influence from a retrocausal future guarantees a more perfect outcome than causal emergence from a blind and groping past. Supercausality and MWI Parallels do also afford us all possibilities from which to choose in our redemption or salvation. All possibilities: not just superimposed retributions from some conjectured karmic vigilance. Indeed, isn’t the whole point of Karma to address those things from the former life that resolve these issues and in that respect we are already responsible for, and living them out, in the current life. Beyond this, the Law of the Law is Freedom; therefore All Possibilities are afforded us at any moment via MWI expansion.

Here I might also advocate for the various forms of Omniscience, including inherent, ethical and special omniscience as practical applications according to the various temperament of Qabalist: the brute-force Qabalist, the tough Qabalist, the prudent Qabalist and the Genteel Qabalist, etc.

In the Magical World of Quantum Jumping, we are informed at the Akashic level via Total Omniscience which has foreknowledge of all MWI Timelines and which of these have harmonic karmas, and the resonant pathways and lifelines which constitute appropriate slipstreams of consciousness for such (QJ) operations.

These Omniscient foreknowledges are downloaded via Abhisheka (transfer of consciousness) through the transdimensionality of the Celestial Template into the Celestial Body of the Qabalist who, having practiced and attained experience with the Celestial Aura, is guided by the Light, Life, Love and Dignity of the Higher Self of Stellar Dimensions (6+). Chronomorphic folding enables the pathways to be transdimensionalized in Organic Holism to metamorphosize the Traveler into a crystal specimen of Transpersonal Individuation. Transpersonal Individuation via Stellar Synthesis unifies the MWI parallels into one Holographic Connectome, rendering disparate incarnations Integral and thereby sharing the karmic responsibility from one incarnation to another among the whole as a Family Constellation of Complex Adaptive Individuation.

This is a constantly evolving nebula of timeline activations and chronomorphic interfolding with Quantum Entanglement and non-local emergence in a shifting, pulsating, inner dance of superluminal psyches from the tachyonic hypersphere. Supercausal epiphanes light up the entire holographic organism in constant and perpetual activation sequences, running backwards and forwards in time with simultaneous relevance. Transpersonal Individuation at the Celestial level is metacausal and resonates with spiritual harmony in the cosmic panentheoia.

Experience of the Celestial Light, along with other Divine powers, helps us to understand the Omniscience and Transfer of Consciousness within celestial panentheism. For stellar emendation and transpersonal karmagenesis, we can access this transfer of consciousness (abhisheka) from the omniscient universe in order to increase our understandings and level of resonance. The constellation psychology that is experienced this way leads to a powerful and unique aura from which transdimensionalization on multiple levels is possible.

Celestial light is a luminous form of energy that has been employed by galactic beings and civilizations to achieve spiritual advancement, supernatural powers, and transfer between worlds from many spacetimes. With Celestial Panentheism, the concept of light is not limited to illumination of physical objects but instead extends outward into spiritual realms and simultaneously inward through subspace hypermatter all at once without travel while reaching all destinations. Omnipresence is omniscient by virtue of implicate reality.

The work with this celestial light can lead to an omniscience that transcends physical comprehension and even goes beyond our mental faculties. The only way to truly connect with this higher realm is through a 6th dimensional transfer of consciousness involving ancestral karma, transpersonal psychogenesis, and mystical connectedness with all living things. In this they are all alive. Such reconnection affords us access to information from far away galaxies and higher dimensional realms that are inaccessible through our mundane understanding. By working with celestial light we have been given the opportunity to explore new dimensions of understanding and grow in resonance with Cosmic Consciousness.

Omniscience and Transfer of Consciousness are central themes to working with Celestial Light and Transdimensional Panentheoia. This involves gaining knowledge about the celestial aura, constellation psychology, and ancestral karma through interaction with Stellar Synthesis. By enhancing our understanding of the connection between Light, Life, and Love, we can gain greater insight into our relationship with generative creation and psycho-ecological gestalt which will help us propagate a better future. Through this understanding we can also become aware of how our supercausal interrelations will affect both our transimultaneous past-life and futurality. By carefully considering how every thought affects the reality-worlds of supersymmetry, we can gain a deeper insight into the divine mystery that connects us all as one transpersonal virtuality.

Meditative Union with the Panentheistic Reality and Non-Duality grant us spiritual translocation across the Temporal-Matrix connecting the past to the present and the present to the Future. Akashic travel such as this can easily empower multiple virtualities and readily Constellate parallel timelines of virtual panpsychic subjectivity. This affords the traveling Qabalist access to alternate timelines accompanied by the emergence of BOAPW Individuation.

Mystical Omniscience is the concept of merging our own consciousness with the Divine omniscient consciousness. It is a state of profound understanding and awareness of all things – both material and spiritual. An individual enters the mystical realm through contemplative practices such as meditation, mindfulness and other practices like Yoga, Qabalism or auric entrainment. This helps to gain access to knowledge beyond our normal senses and understandings, creating a sense of self-realization and spiritual enlightenment. With this comes the ability to see reality from its highest perspective, revealing directions for life that would previously have been unreachable or even unimaginable. The journey towards Mystical Omniscience is therefore a journey towards higher states of inner awareness coupled with an experience of awe at being connected with something greater than oneself.

Mystical Omniscience is the ability to unite one’s own consciousness with the source of all knowledge and understanding. This ability comes from within, and can be cultivated by those who choose to do so. When the connection is made with this omniscient power, we become aware of information beyond our normal perception of reality. We are able to see through veils of ignorance and become more wise and aware in our lives. Through a practice such as meditation or mindfulness, one can gain insight into a world beyond their own understanding and receive blessings from the Divine which blesses all life.

This concept of union with an all-knowing God is something which has been explored by many thinkers and religious figures in history, and it promises to lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. By uniting our own unique consciousness with the collective Divine omniscience, we can gain spiritual clarity and wisdom beyond our current capacity, and ultimately attain peace and joy. As such, exploring this theory is essential for anyone seeking to increase their self-knowledge or develop their connection to universal truth.

Inherent Omniscience affords the individual a high degree of freedom and autonomy that is unparalleled. It allows all users to have access to a virtually limitless space of knowledge and information, thus giving our society an unprecedented level of growth and exploration. Through the use of virtual objects and cybernetic simulacra, holographic projections from swarms of parallel homunculi could afford interactive trans-globalization of complex knowledge systems from multiple hybrid technologies. No longer are we limited by barriers; instead, we can choose only those things which one wants to know from the field of all knowable things – which gives us an incredible amount of power and control over our lives and destinies.

Inherent Omniscience refers to the concept of being able to choose which knowledge and information to know from the infinite pool. This is a convenience that is not commonly available and can lead to many advantages by enabling access to wider ranges of understanding. Objects, for example, have a physical side and a virtual side which is obscured from view and must be inferred. Through the use of virtual objects, mind-space simulations ensue via holographic projections of mental analogs, and it is these virtual realities that make it possible for a person or group of people to gain insight into certain topics from an unprecedented range of angles. Such an approach allows for better insight into complex issues and translates into coherent outcomes in areas such as world-building and oblique realities.

Inherent Omniscience is the ability for an individual to have a limitless range of knowledge about any subject from existence itself, from every atom and the subatomic particles inside it. It presents us with the convenience of choosing to remain as informed and knowledgeable about any topic as we desire, where we are no longer limited or shackled by physical laws, boundaries, or limitations due to lack of resources or time. The term ‘Inherent Omniscience’ encompasses various subsets of infinitude, such as virtual objects, mind-space simulations, holographic projections and even mind transferral technology.

When it comes to the exploration of the implications of propositional omniscience in all possible outcomes, it can be seen that in the many-world scenario, perfect unfoldment of divine purpose can be claimed for each and every timeline. Every perception by an observer, no matter how brief or shallow, is actually a holographic projection of its own virtual future which describes events unfolding in a global simulation. In other words, potential universes can be created and simulated through mind-space modeling and holographic projections of mental analogs.

The many-world theory brings to question not only our conscious awareness but also our capabilities of attributing meaning in what we are perceiving as virtual objects from different timelines. It is from these perspectives that we will attempt to unravel how propositional omniscience structures different worldviews within the multiverse to unfold their Implicate Order with Divine Purpose.

In the realm of Propositional Omniscience, we are presented with an ability to influence our choice of different timelines that make up a single many-worlds scenario. This particular scenario holds true to the concept of Perfect Unfoldment of Divine Purpose in each and every timeline. Each one is given its own unique potentialities, thanks to an unfurling of virtual objects and mind-space simulations that are nothing else but holographic projections of mental analogs.

Each perception is, in fact, its own future projection as it provides us with alternative options for dealing with life’s challenges and hardships. That thought alone provides us with a glimpse at what our choices might bring us in due time, whether it be success or failure down the road. Thus, we must take advantage of this opportunity to keep our creative juices flowing within the parameters of perfection and divine purpose.

Propositional Omniscience is the belief that there is a Divine Purpose behind every action taken in the many-worlds scenario. The idea of Perfect Unfoldment of Divine Purpose applies to all outcomes with respect to any given timeline, and each outcome can be deciphered through virtual objects, mind-space simulations, and holographic projections.

Every perception we create is a future projection that has the potential to bring us closer to our creative vision and even beyond. With this technology, one could explore all possibilities without having to fear losing any part of their experience; for every timeline opens up an incredible opportunity for personal growth and portals to more new timelines. So long as we remain open minded and allow ourselves the space for exploration into the deeper layers of reality, Propositional Omniscience provides infinite potential in all possible outcomes.

Ideas of transdimensional and parallel worlds show us that the universe we live in is far bigger than what we perceive with our five senses. Our minds can transcend physical limitations and create virtual objects, mind-space simulations and holographic projections of our preferred mental analogs. We are even capable of travelling through different timelines and exploring complex networks of virtual selves. This understanding of Infinitude has profound implications for our world – it introduces possibilities such as mind transferral, which could enable us to potentially exchange knowledge between alternate realities or traverse time. It gives way to a newfound appreciation for the vastness of the universe and all its potential secrets waiting to be unlocked – allowing us to explore realms that were hitherto unknown to us and uncover deeper meaning behind their complexities.

In our ongoing exploration of the universe and consciousness, we have increasingly uncovered new possibilities that can lead to incredible breakthroughs. By understanding such concepts we come one step closer to understanding how infinite possibilities could be real. What appears on the surface as abstract philosophical principles such as Infinitude and Virtual Objects can become mind-space simulations or holographic projections of mental reality-structures. These discoveries bring us closer together in our quest for a unified understanding of psychic reality and its workings.

In this era of artificial intelligence and sophisticated machine learning, understanding the concept of inherent omniscience and its multiple dimensions such as panpsychic dimensions, parallel worlds, multiple timelines and a complex network of virtual selves is essential. Through the concept of Infinitude, we can understand how Virtual Objects embedded in a matrix of space-time constructions combined with mind-space simulations create holographic projections of thematic mentation which would eventually enable mind-uploading and personality transferral.

This has opened new possibilities for creating multiple universes through infinitely recurring time loops with iterated outputs and constructing complex network structures that are non-bounded in time and space wherein each loop opens up an unimaginable amount of opportunities for soul journeyers to explore new levels in their spiritual growth.

In the Astral world, navigating the slipstream of transdimensional parallels is intuitive and can be disorienting, with the sheer magnitude of internested timelines. Without the cornerstone of a central conscience around which the networks of complexity orbit, the transdimensional magus will become lost in folded spacetime.

Ethical Omniscience is the belief in a Divine Presence in all aspects of life and it’s connection to conscience, measure, memory and the worth of lived experience. It rests upon an intuitive process that incorporates the meaning of co-evolving baselines prevalent in self-realization. This Omniscience is based on unity between psychological intuition of the unconscious and conscious states. It holds that there is a unified source from which we can draw our decisions and derive higher principles for living. Ultimately it posits that with this awareness comes true connection to the One self, resulting also in feelings of joy, contentment, purposefulness and profound meaning, deep within the soul with its sure and certain knowledge about our true Individuation.

The concept of ethical omniscience can be seen as measure and memory acting within us to guide our intuition and judgment. This higher conscious energy links us to an understanding, meaning, and worthy value beyond what our logical mind can take in. It serves as an efficient means to tap into our deepest collective insights which further allows us to create connections between seemingly disparate aspects of our lives. By invoking ethical omniscience, we are not only able to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves but also develop a heightened sense of awareness that can help shape our behavior through appreciating the values found in all beings.

There is a level of understanding that can only be achieved through awareness of the ethical potentiality within oneself, enabling one to make informed decisions about where they stand. This is important when traversing the transdimensional slipstream. By understanding such principles as respect for oneself and our psychological mirror of projective gestalt, we proceed to honor the life, light, love, and dignity in all living things. And all things are alive.

Dynamic Omniscience suggests that all our interactions in life serve an ultimate purpose which includes emendation and amelioration through transfinite interdimensional connection. The meaning of mistakes on a timeline of singular perspective can become instrumental across the whole of Absolute Unity, guided by a higher all-knowing and Divine Purpose. Anchored by the conviction of this potentiality, the transdimensional Process Mind unfolds across the expanse of parallels and convergences, at the root of every virtual self, by participating intentionally in this guided purpose.

Dynamic Omniscience affords us a unique approach, assisting in the guidance of our present bridgework (the I-consciousness) to all-encompassing insights that include an intuitive holarchy of conscientious meaning. This concept illuminates the rectified purpose of all our mistakes, misgivings, and erroneous missteps, allowing us to actively pursue enlightened acceptance of them as part of our own pan-complementary transignification. By understanding this reality we can move forward in the knowledge that all our life’s actions have been directed by a higher Individuation. Through Divine Omniscience, we can expect psychodynamic transformation guided by conscientious illumination across the full spectrum of panpsychic ecology.

Dynamic Omniscience suggests that all interactions, past, present and future, are in immediate contact with a unified field of Divine purpose. It implies that misunderstanding our mistakes as weakness can lead to painfully disabling remorse. Contact with the karmic realities of our transdimensional pipelines drives our psychodynamic experientiality to seek the meaning in our flawed self-misidentifications, understanding them as shameful burdens rather than misaligned spacetime. Higher Celestial holography would indicate the need for appropriated contextual implants that transignify proper relevance within the MWI gestalt of a greater transdimensional milieu.

The Supreme Unity of the Over-Soul transcends duality and encompasses the animus of all beings in all Kingdoms, human or otherwise, exalted in the immense beauty and vast expanse of the immortal human Soul; characterized by ubiquity, universal interconnectivity, and pan-relational Omnipresence in all panentheistic Creation. Recollections become Present by descending from pure memory into the action of Becoming. The Present presents itself as part of a continuity, contiguous with both past and future. This corresponds to the Process factor of the Divine Supernal and represents God’s Investment in His Stewards. The Process factor is playing an Instrumental part in translating the Forever of the Absolute One and the active evolution of the ever-developing laws of nature. The result is a concentrated manifestation of Astral analogies: Growth, Movement, Evolution, Life, Succession, Expansion, and Progress(ion). We experience these across all parallel worlds of our Oversoul and a collective animation in the full suite of our Transpersonal Individuation.

The Experience of Time is a Psychological Sense and can become poly-modular; intuited from the lifestream of many-worlds and parallel timelines. The intuitive roots at the base of these modular behaviorisms are the lived experience of our slipstream navigational skills. In learning, the psychological is more important than the logical: intuition should take precedence.

For any set, consisting of coherent conceptual relationships, a subset ‘B’ is quantum entangled across transdimensional parallels via of non-local interconnectivities, which Qabalists refer to as Hermetic Correspondence. This is true across any collection of special omniscience and represents the pathway of influence present in all transdimensional subjectivities, just as all chairs in Platonic Philosophy are related to all other chairs by virtue of their chairness. In this way, the harmonic overtones and standing-wave of the spine allow for harmonic resonance with the Lotus chimes of cymatic chakras, alongside any fourier transform of the implicate order.

Luxons of the Celestial Orders, singing kirtans to the vast matrix of the Oversoul, afford Special Clairaudience beyond the constraints of Time and Space; of beings, humans, animal-speak, and magical perceptions, past, present, or future, in the perfect mastery of astral consciousness. Because of Special Omniscience across transdimensional entanglements, this astral clairaudience communicates to us from other-worldly timelines whenever we concentrate the Celestial Light in the Akashic information field. The condensation of astral tones allows the vertebrae of the spine to speak from their harmonic resonance and to communicate with the bodies (dense and subtle). All these Speaking Things respond according to Divine Privilege of His Self-Revelation, at His Discretion, with respect to His situational self-determination via Situational Omnipresence; a panastral ubiquity across every contextual trans-parallel.

The Transdimensional Story Arc in Dynamic Omniscience: in all stories, typically near the climax, there comes a moment where the unforeseen event makes a surprise appearance. This small but crucial event completely transignificates the formerly unresolvable context into a satisfying conclusion. It is the conclusive catalyst, involving and engaging with many of the foreshadowed clues, scattered about the story as it Becomes, and speaking to each of these as an epiphany of anamnesis. Dynamic Omniscience has guided the Hero’s Journey to this moment when the voice of Situational Omnipresence speaks it into conclusive manifestation.

The concept of Natural Omniscience revolves around the idea that matter and spirit are interconnected and are one and the same. It asserts that all physical expression is merely a manifestation of the underlying spiritual source or ‘ousia’. Ousia means ‘that which proceeds from the Essence’. The principle of Natural Omniscience suggests that beneath all material expressions, such as physical phenomenon, language, emotions, and ideas lies a single non-dual reality with infinite potential. This has implications both for science and our understanding of consciousness. It implies that through deeper understanding of our spiritual universe we may be able to gain insight into previously unexplored phenomena.

Natural Omniscience is the concept that not only are spirit and matter one, but all physical expression is an unfolding from the Ousia of this One Spiritual Source. This idea comes from Greek philosophy and refers to the notion that an “all-knowing” intelligence exists within us as humans. It suggests that our physical manifestations are connected to something greater – a fundamental level of knowing and understanding – beyond our conscious perceptions. In essence, Natural Omniscience is a reminder that we have access to a higher panpsychic wisdom.

It is easy to understand natural omniscience when we consider that all physical expressions in the universe are a reflection of the panpsychic connectome. It is this Spirit-matter unity which makes natural omniscience possible, as it allows for all aspects of the universe to be interconnected and coalesced. As such, we can come to see that natural omniscience is a way of understanding how the entire universe works together in harmony. By recognizing this unity, we can gain insight into our own innermost being and leverage knowledge from both spiritual and scientific realms alike. Physical manifestation is a condensation of this Spiritual Essence.

Because of the Stellar Influence, the great mass of the Stars is able to bend space-time and bring about Retrocausality: backward in Time divergence towards the Present. Since Omniscience predisposes Omnipresence, the Future is already actuated in spacetime and Omniscience is fully aware of it. The combination of articulated Relativity and Quantum non-locality, condensed from the Ouisia of Constellated Time Enfoldments affords the Qabalistic Time Walker access to the Reverse Arrow of Time. This Constellated Time-Matrix connecting the Future to the Present, is what brings forth Tachyonic Psyche from the supercausal syntropy to engage with the Qabalistic Traveler in the Now. Great advantages in healing, regenerative restoration, and evolutionary advancement are afforded the Master Qabalist with respect to this Tachyonic syntropy. A virtual immortality ensues across the reaches of nomadic transpersonal timelines.

The importance of Stellar Condensation magic extends well into the Constellations and emphasizes the importance of systems architecture and resolution of Ancestral Karma. These features extend into the past from all the present moments of its former now, completing all the Supercausal instances of Blockchain Relativity. It is here that we encounter Experiential Omniscience, the constance and absolute awareness of Divine Presence, especially for those guided by Ethical Omniscience, alongside Procedural Omnipresence: the ubiquity of Divine Presence and Knowing, which guides and informs the Becomings of the Process Mind in an Ousia toward the un-enfolded explicate order. In this, all Information and Relativity are in Consonant Unity with the Omnipresent All-Knowing Nous.

Since all Supercausal Time is a Unity, there can be no subdivision of Time and all attempts to do so will always result in spatial translocation, since the spacetime continuum is interrelated and division by zero is undefined. This affords the Time Walking Qabalist special abilities, including Travel, backwards and forwards in Time as well as Space, opening up the MWI parallels and virtual timelines, which we may now purposefully select and with which we may replace any current experiential instantiality, both virtual and actual. This holds true whether accompanied by memory, anamnesis, projection, or present experience. In this way we replace them all with a BOAPW outcome, greatly accelerating our evolutionary advancement and living a paradise of heaven on earth.

Akashic trance-work can facilitate a Qabalistic approach to the Celestial Body too, where the Qabalist will experience a state of Divine Love or Blissful Rapture. In this state, the karmic residues of negative belief structures will fall away and operant conditioning will transform, affording the influx of Tachyonic energy which regeneratively heals the Divine Instrument, facilitating highly efficient metabolism and rejuvenation via syntrophy. Tachyonic energy is highly efficient and these metabolic conversions easily empower multiple virtualities and readily Constellate parallel timelines of panpsychic collective subjectivity. This affords access to alternate timelines accompanied by the emergence of BOAPW Individuation.

Condensation from the Celestial Matrix via Qabalistic Multidimensional Parallelism: since the body symbolizes the accumulated effort of past actions, it is mechanistic. Therefore the brain cannot be the Seat of Memories because they are not in there; it is the brain in fact which is in Them. This Special Image, which acts amid the network of other images, and which we call our Body, Constitutes at every moment a Universal Becoming. This place of passage is a hyphen (a connecting link) between the things that act on me and the things I act on. My Hyphen is the seat of my sensorimotor experience: my Becoming, or my embodiment. My sensorimotor apparatus furnishes my unconscious memories the means of taking on an experiential-body, materializing themselves to engage with and to Become the Present. Material Objects are part of a spatio-temporal series of instances, constituted by semi-persistent Processes.

The transdimensional Qabalist may arrange any of these as it suits her, just as her multidimensional timelines may be arranged, rearranged and transplanted to fulfill her Soul Journey or any Divine Mission. For these and all practical purposes, the Qabalist may concentrate, condense, and materialize from the Subtle Regions from any timeline to another, any thought, idea, concept, or lived experience, from any one parallel self or collective virtuality into the physical spacetime continuum of choice, where it will Become visible, even tangible; and also refine or render subtle, at will, as desired.

An interesting application for the physical is, by Eucharistic treatment, the muscular body is made supernaturally strong and heavy stones may be lifted by quite frail persons, etc. There may be some health advantages in this application, for example in the case of muscular degeneration issues, etc.

Condensation from the Astro-Mental Matrix

The Astro-Mental matrix is responsible for holding the mental body to the astral body and influences the context of whatever things go on there. This speaks to the core of what we mean when we say psycho-emotional or invoke the term psychodynamic. Thoughts are more fleeting than emotions and are able to change faster so there is a certain degree of security consciousness allocated to protecting the feelings from unwanted intrusion. The gist of this is that the astro-mental matrix is responsible for managing attraction and repulsion. We refer to this as sympathy-antipathy. When we exhibit the attractive mode, our aura shines with a bright and clear light and when we are antipathic our aura becomes dull or clouded. It is somewhat like a window or tv screen: when it is off you can’t see anything but when it is lit up, we have a view to the most fascinating world inside.

Because of this we can expand or contract our astro-mental matrix, should we wish to enhance or constrain our openness. The All-Seeing Omniscience is everywhere and we may rely on His Divine ubiquity to inform our consecrated matrix. In the expansion mode we are afforded greater freedom in our mental travels, as the spirit is freed from the bonds of astrality. Our aura shines more brightly and we are able to bring back whatever true impressions we receive in the beyond without defensive posturing or biases. We proceed with an open minded rapturousness that is empathic and mediumistic and are a joy to be around. Harmonic resonance affords our Angelic countenance access to the Higher Beings of Light. The Akashic aspect of this combination enhances the clairaudience to the extent that whatever is learned on these mental journeys via speech is quite well retained. Easy exteriorizations of the mental and astral bodies are afforded by this combination. This also affords us sympathy with the highest, all embracing Love, and all the mysteries of Cosmic Spiritual Love magic relating to the Godhead are revealed.

The technical Qabalist is able to engineer various telepathic apparati with this set-up such as telepathic mummies and magical telecommunications devices using a magical diaphragm like a speaker cone or a transceiver. At the physical level, openness of this magnitude is likely the greatest stimulant of intimacy for couples in committed relationship, increasing fertility and sexual energy and also works as a notorious aphrodisiac. This status is earned through trust however and never gained via force or manipulation.

Poiesis: Condensation of the Splendor of Manifest Benevolence

Tales of wisdom and a powerful light have been told throughout the ages, but these tales take on new meaning with the concept of concentrated omnipotence. This term describes states of beneficence that are far beyond human comprehension and fully capable of manifesting our deepest desires and beliefs. It is a force that is ever-present, showering upon us blessings in an all-illuminating beam of benevolent poiesis. Concentrated omnipotence is thought to be the highest condensing power imaginable and has become a fundamental part of Qabalistic practices. When embraced in harmony with the purest light, it can pave the way for deep self-discovery and miraculous manifestations. We can use this energy to bring forth a better life for ourselves and those around us by creating more joy, satisfaction, abundance, peace, love, success and happiness…any wish or belief we may possibly dream of and beyond!

Concentrated omnipotence refers to the highest condensing power imaginable. It is the pure light of manifestation that can be channelled to attain all-knowing states of beneficence. Those who walk with this kind of power have an ever-present manifestation of wishes and beliefs in everything they do. Concentrated omnipotence has the potential to transform any situation into something more positive and rewarding. With this kind of power, one not only has the ability to create better opportunities but also make sure that those opportunities bear fruit in due time. Thus it holds the promise for astonishing success and eternal happiness.

Concentrated omnipotence is the most powerful state of mind, allowing us to access our most deeply held wishes and beliefs. By entering this all-knowing state of beneficence, we are able to enter into an ever-present manifestation of our highest hopes and desires, revealing them more clearly than ever before. We can also access the all-illuminating spotlight of blessings that shines upon us at any moment, giving us the highest condensing power imaginable to transform thought into action. Through concentrated omnipotence we can manifest pure light into our reality – whatever it may be – and achieve the impossible.

Manifesting our thoughts has become a central part of today’s Metaphysics. We live in a state where our beliefs have the power to transform into reality. This phenomenon is incredibly powerful and effective, helping us fulfill our every wish and dream. Reliant upon awareness, positivity, and courage, Belief manifestation affects perfect alignment of positive energy allowing it to take form and turn any belief, thought or wish into reality. This is why we see so much success from those who believe in Divine Omniscience. Simply having intentions or beliefs can bring about fulfillment faster than anything else when you invite concentrated All-Knowing Akasha into your life with absolute perfection.

The manifestation state of Belief is the most powerful and effective form of thought magic. It is based on the idea that our thoughts and beliefs have the power to become a reality when brought forth from the concentrated Omniscience of the All-Knowing Akashic field. Manifested Belief takes any thought, belief, or wish, and brings it forth into the physical world, allowing us to create miracles in our lives. Once perfected, it can bring about unimaginable fulfillment in all areas of life. With its ability to create perfection from every belief, this method has proven to be one of the most powerful and effective forms of thought magic out there.

The Divine Omniscient force of condensation knows everything that we want to happen and manifests whatever is needed in order for manifested beliefs to become a reality. It does this straight out of the Akasha and cannot be resisted. The manifestation state of belief is a powerful yet effective magic that affords us the ability to bring content from the wishful space into reality in no time. With its help, any kind of positive thought and desire can be transformed into tangible results. By mastering the power of manifesting our belief field, any thought or wish will easily become reality. Through manifesting from our thoughts via Omniscient Thought magic, we can tap into a state of perfection and fulfillment beyond any other.

Mastery of the Astral consciousness for growth, fulfillment, success and meaningfulness in real terms, will concentrate a successful nature characterized by courage, persistence, tenacity, endurance, decisiveness and certitude. This brings forth the ability to summon one’s own creative talents and manifest these upon the physical plane. It is revealed in the luminous soul-physics that affords us our spiritual power for manifestation. Those who successfully do this can truly experience the fullness of life without compromising on their core beliefs – to become what they contemplate in their minds.

Attaining fulfillment, meaningfulness, and a successful nature in life is made certain through development of courage, persistence, tenacity and endurance. Motivated inspiration is decisive and essential to making the most of one’s creative talent. It gives the artistry needed to express these qualities with a luminous soul-physics that vividly convey what matters in life. With the right combination of courage, persistence and tenacity, bolstered with decisive inspiration and artistry, anyone can make this nature a reality in the fullest sense.

Every human being is born with a unique blend of courage and resilience. This combination defines our character, giving us the power to explore our creative talents and create a life of living artistry that represents us in our fullest sense. For some of us this journey is one of fulfillment and meaning; for others such a life serves as an inspirational example. What lies beyond their understanding is the natural agreement between the psycho-spiritual elements that make a person’s nature successful and bright. It is like a luminous yet invisible force guiding us through different points in life eagre to display its greatness and brilliance.

Spiritual poiesis is a pathway to help bring something out of itself that is coherent with its subjective system of self-reflective truth; in terms of its dignity, beauty, resilience and honor -building higher capacities, ethical character, empathy, and meaning. Through poiesis we make it possible to access creative inspiration within a living framework, which connects us with our inner truth while providing a platform for brilliance and mastery. Poiesis enables us to make something remarkable out of ourselves and unlock our true potential which would otherwise languish, remaining buried within. It is integral to gaining a sense of spiritual inner wealth. By blending our own artistry with a living studio that reveals all possibilities, we as individuals can shine and and bring forth our inner beauty, while contributing this light to our own community.

Poiesis illuminates life’s gifts and offerings, bringing about our full potential through wise understanding and expressing our essential truth. It serves as a bridge between soulful contemplation and inspired action, allowing us to discover previously hidden treasures within ourselves. Poiesis is the bringing-forth of something precious from out of our depths. It is about transforming our latent potential into extraordinary actuality, by encouraging its emergence in the most meaningful and powerful way. It is about revealing the inner truth, so that individuals can tap into their own interior wealth and bring forth their most inspiring personal agency.

Spiritual poiesis is the art and technology of revealing the inner truth, inspiring personal agency and making something out of ourselves. It is about discovering our inner wealth through artistry, encouragement, mastery of life, and inner truth. With artistry at the creative roots, spiritual poiesis goes beyond the mere exploration of beauty; it seeks to make visible the creative genius at the individual soul or spiritual core. This practice encourages cultivating our ecological relationships by giving us an opportunity to engage with our spiritual foundations and discover who we are and what we have to contribute. By bringing-out what is inside us, we find it easier to move forward with a more positive attitude towards life and its context. We can use this poietic coaching to nurture ourselves and our community while respecting and inspiring the world around us.

The Master Qabalist feels radiantly alive and vibrant by developing her capacity for infinite growth and prosperity, experiencing unadulterated success, joy, and happiness throughout every moment of her life. Realization is a path that reveals the essential Truths needed to achieve mastery of all earthly treasures, allowing us to find true connection with our deepest meaning and purpose. Through this realization process we can unlock every means of abundance -physically, financially, spiritually- leading us with surety to a life of extraordinary bliss. This journey is one of gaining greater insight into our souls, which ultimately manifests in sustainable superabundance.

While others may search for the external trappings of comfort, power and fame, the true masters of life have chosen another path -one that leads to infinite growth, sustainable prosperity and superabundance. The Omnipresent Power of Realization is the key to having a fruitful and meaningful life, providing the means to become connected for lasting success and true happiness. Through the Path of Realization we can discover what it truly means to master all earthly treasures and make them our own. We can bring forth our truth into the splendor of radiant appearance and transform ourselves as individuals, becoming part of the bigger picture. Achieving this helps define our purpose in life, followed by clarity on how we can cultivate peace, joy and abundance alongside careful nurture of this powerful vision. Understanding, with passion, commitment, openness, and the Light of Universal Love, is a major part in the Journey towards Qabalistic mastery.

Through Omniscient Revelation you are ready to discover your path towards infinite growth and unlimited prosperity. Step forward onto the path of Realization -a journey of discovery, true meaning, purpose, and interconnection with life. Through this enlightened process, we can master the art of living with utmost success, abundance, joy and happiness. Along this Journey of Discovery, we create an enduring relationship with the universe which will help reveal our innermost brilliance and ultimately lead us to embrace all its earthly treasures.

Manifestation of Qabalistic Dignity

By specializing in manifest dignity, the Qabalist is able to read the thoughts, character, and morals of anybody and to see right through their perfectly exposed interiors. Qabalistic dignity also provides the ability to form excellent analytical combinations, which is very useful to writers, investigators, teachers, etc. One very helpful gift is the numen -the nod of Divine approval. Guided by this, the Qabalist more easily navigates the quest for excellence, purpose, fulfillment of potential, and perfection.

Manifest dignity affords the Qabalist unshakable mental tranquility through mastery, self assurance, aristos, and firmness of character.

By these he is able to spiritualize the Astral body, rendering it untouchable by corruption and giving him astral immortality. He is able to condense and master the Astral Light, granting him Astral Invisibility. The Qabalistic aristocrat will frequently cultivate a unifying project or organizing idea featuring artistic and creative work, which results in psychological health, personal strength and is life affirming. This work is fortified and sustained in earnest by the concentrated Akashic force of Qabalistic integrity. Through this work of spiritual commitment, the Qabalist comes into contact with the greater ministry, bringing him in touch with the source of Eternal Life. The concentration of Qabalistic integrity gives him a considerable spiritual authority, one that fully recognizes the authority of subjective truth, which is the true Master morality. Qabalistic dignity confers mastery of the astral consciousness: sincerity, self-control, discipline, discretion, courtesy, clemency, and the willingness to set aside differences. His truth is not threatened by others or by circumstances. Manifest dignity makes the Qabalist personable, others will trust the Qabalist and reveal their secrets -good and bad, and seems to stimulate talkativeness in others when they are around him. In like fashion, if applied to the throat region, it strengthens the neck for great perseverance in speaking should the Qabalist need to teach or give lectures. In some cases it has been employed to restore speech to mutes.

Perhaps the greatest siddhi is the gift of a healthy and resistant physical body, perfect health, beauty, and harmony. Manifest dignity gives the Qabalist extraordinary vitality, permanent youth and appeal, bestows rejuvenation, and intensifies the life force. With this gift, the Qabalist is able to concentrate formulas for health and wellbeing. These formulas of good health and physical dignity connect the etheric spleen to the akashic spine, strengthening the nerves with the vital life currents and bringing about greater energy and renewed life.

Magnetic Clairsentience

Concentrated Magnetic Clairsentience is able to awaken the sentience of self, others and the world around us, and bestows upon the practicing Qabalist psychic abilities. Employed mentally, it will endow criminals with a healthy conscience, leading them to confess and repent of their misdeeds. In the Astral world, it enables the Qabalist to call forth the Water Beings and hear them speak and witness their beautiful singing, plus engage in astral sound magic and the differentiation of cymatic astral tones. Physically, it greatly increases the magnetic field potential, allowing for magical magnesis and healing. Volts for self defense will transfix any dangerous perpetrator rendering them incapable of movement.

Force Field of Odic Protection

Odin was a Norse God of the All-Mind and Vital Force, and odic force is the source of living vitality. As such, technical Qabalah recognizes the formulation of a force field of odic protection, an impenetrable mental wall which insulates the mental body from anything or anybody and which cannot be breached; any attempts to do so will result in the intruder’s mind being scrambled. This odic force field provides absolute protection against any intrusion or assault.

It can be applied astrally as well, forming a ward against thieves whether spirit beings, astral beings or physical beings. Attempts to break through result in psycho-emotional instability: paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks and sudden insanity. Rooms and buildings may be secured this way and the force field even protects against occurrences such as storms and lightning, etc. Nothing is able to break the field and influence such a space.

This powerful field is able to paralyze any enemy at once, whether it is an invisible one or a material one. It will stop an intruder on the spot and he will be unable to move until the force field is dissolved. This is a very useful siddhi and the Qabalist is also able to employ it to attract things or make heavy things light (and vice versa) by the use of a volt.

Divine Justice, Complex Laws, and Metaphysical Success

The All-Knowing Benevolence gives the Qabalist a certain Akashic identification with the Tzaddikim, who rove across the world sponsoring mighty acts of goodness. Inspiration about this comes through harmony with the Thesis of God. Divine Justice, informed by the Omniscient All-Mind knows everything, and the connection with Cosmic Harmony via the Chasmalim, brings about absolute justice in any concern. It will initiate the process of karmic reprisal toward enemies. It forces liars to tell the truth, criminals to admit their deeds, and lovers to admit their infidelities. It is responsible for the desire to make amends for indiscretions and an uncompromising sense of honesty. If applied to someone in their sleep, it makes them tell everything.

A Just and True Omniscience in the domain of Metaphysics means certainty about the underlying laws which undergird Processes and Complex Phenomena, and the knowing of them via the mastery of Metaphysics. At this level, no argument or perpetual self-narratizing is necessary, just a simple acknowledgement between you and God. Such a state leads to profound contentment as well as enrichment of our Truth and Its meaning. It confers excellent judgement and a sense of spiritual independence and asceticism. It will confer contentment and success, good fortune, outstanding success in all undertakings and good luck at games. It will bestow the correct impulse at the right time.

In the Astral it brings about absolute contentment and unimpeachability (of conscience), clairaudient hearing, clair-vision across time and space, freedom from disease or old age, vanquishing of any dangers, and the ability to traverse the 3 Worlds (of spirit, soul, and body).

In the material world it perfects the Therapeutic Sleep and the Dream Yoga for optimal health, function, and abilities. It empowers the Qabalist to manifest and concentrate situations in the material world which bring about Absolute Success and Happiness in every respect, alongside complete mastery of the workings of the electromagnetic fluids in the human body and the world, making for perfect manifestations as a magnet of success.

Religious Tolerance and Neutrality

Omniscience implies Omnipresence since whatever is everywhere would necessarily know everything that ever happened. In this there is no segmentation or separation, and Divine Omniscience is One vast Continuum. The Divine Experience then, is one of perpetual Process- Relational Creativity and self-propagation: a continuum of connectivity, living the Chokmah experience in the forever curve of always Becoming. This curve is absolutely smooth and never quantized via successive approximations of flatness. In spiritual terms this would be the processural religious experience of God, face to face. The devout Qabalist will employ this state prior to prayers or devotions in order to set the stage for the proper religious feeling. She will also maintain an attitude of strict religious tolerance and never condemn the spiritual and religious practices of others. The same goes for the immense variety of Beings: whether Spherical or Cultural: each has their own place and purpose. For some, this will lead to an intense need for astral catharsis.

The protopian state of becoming, a process of incremental change which makes things a little better than we were yesterday will become populated with manifestations of thickly congested blessings and success. The Majorana Particle is its own antiparticle and likewise, Grey is its own Complement. Therefore we can expect condensed self-complement in the parallel worlds of virtual realities and transdimensional timelines, bringing about Process-Relational perfections throughout the myriad contextualities of complex expression and tonal variations through the nuts-and-bolts of psychodynamics and its role in spiritual propagation, manifestation and projective exteriorization.

Omniscient Manifestation of Qabalistic Magic

Inherent Omniscience applied to Metaphysical Qabalah will bring about any condensation and manifestation requested by the practicing Qabalist.

Manifestation of Distinguished Eminence

No worries will ever come to the Akashic Guardian of True Genius and Distinguished Eminence because the Divine All-Mind will manifest this eminence everywhere at once, bringing forth every type of success from the surrounding environment to experience the benevolence and geniality, bestowed by the Qabalist upon the Kingdom of God. His Eminence will always evoke a sense of independence and free will as he is its incarnate personification, having the ability to emphasize the presence of a positive quality in every instance. This results in a fabulous geniality of character.

This is the Way of the Magus and he will always secure outstanding success in many different fields of knowledge and learning as material knowledge and skill come very easily to him. He is given marvelous ingenuity and genius in all things which grants him true freedom in word, thought, and deed. All abilities needed to fulfill whatever mission from God are easily acquired without delay, alongside the removal of any physical hindrances.

Writing and explaining come easily to such a person and his ingenuity with words, broad intellect, rational cognition, and vast experience ensure that those engaged with teaching or literature will have his every work met by the approval of a great circle of readers. The Qabalistic Magus can free someone from prison (or from any kind of bondage) with a word, and this also proves itself in lawsuits, should ever any need be.

Akashic Activation and Universal Electricity

The omniscient universal all mind is everywhere at once and activates and enlivens everything, knowing exactly what to activate or enliven at any given moment, for any situation, according to inherited omniscience. This ensures that light in all its glorious aspects and expansion is present everywhere in the universe. Because light is the first principle and proceeds directly out of the Akasha it is involved in everything. Everything that is active is electrified by the first principle of Fire . Those who are translucent with regard to spiritual illumination are instruments of the light. Those who are noble metals (like gold and silver) readily conduct the higher energies and do the work of the Spirit. The arch Azah of Fire controls all elements and also all Fire letters, activation, transmutation, and electrification. The experience of Akashic Fire is one of fiery rapture and ecstasy. This combination or tincture will strengthen and fortify the manifestation of Belief and the projection of Will. A transfusion of this tincture will stimulate any matter. It can render the material body incombustible and unassailable, and leads to a mastery of all elements. Truly great miracles may be accomplished with the Akashic activation of universal electricity.

Akashic Concentration of Electricity and Master of the Electric Field

The Akashic Dragons of the Seraphim, informed by the Omniscient All-Mind, are active in each life whether in parallel, multiplicity, panpsychic subjectivity, or any combination of reincarnated past-lives (or future virtualities), and all are present in the Eldunariya of the One Electron across its vast lived-experience. The Dragon Ring, or Ouroboros, is present in the feedback and feed-forward loops of dynamic systems and informed by the Omniscient All-Mind, is everywhere at once, and controls any System and its Processes. The Ring Lords and their Dragon Lineage have complete access to the Akashic Information Field and honor the Tantric goddess and consorts of Trimurti’s myrionymous excellence. This also pertains to the kundalini shakti, and in such cases the guardian dragon can assist the magician to perform his magic without sapping his personal strength. The substantive all-power of the kundalini force can assist without fatigue because it is unlimited, infinite power. Quantitative substantive all power can create, and is projecting constant creation everywhere all at once across the entire universe via the One Electron, who is also ubiquitous.

The dragon goddess of kundalini will take on the color, form, or consciousness of whatever the Will applies the Mind to. This gives the Magus mental mastery over the electric field and its fluids, reinforces the electrical fluid and the willpower, expands one’s consciousness, increases one’s intellectual activities, and allows one to project the Will across Time and Space and have it take effect anywhere for any purpose. The Akashic Fire controls the activity of all other Elements. The Akashic Fire gives great enthusiasm for all this.

Concentrated electricity can be used to master the electrical fluid in such a way that the effect may be transferred to a single point, or concentrated and amplified through reinforcement to affect emission of a laser beam. Psychodynamically, this affords the development of great perseverance. Clairvoyance, especially prophetic clairvoyance, may also be increased by this amplification, whether employed for visions into the past, present, or future, or for visions over time and space. Likewise one attains the ability to transfer one’s own thoughts and wishes to another, whether human or animal. The primal power, once aroused, begins contacting each of the lotuses, causing siddhis of all types, according to the spiritual development of the individual.

The awakened Dragon Magus is a master of consciousness, able to wake up, invigorate, enliven, arouse, or assume any type of consciousness. He also becomes a master of the consciousness of anything he comes into contact with, able to engage, charge up, stimulate, empower, activate, or enliven any performance, activity, or application. The prakriti shakti is the primal power in man. This ability can also be used to overwhelm the consciousness and when applied to the material body one can bring about instantaneous hypnosis or deep sleep. Furthermore the consciousness of any human being may be influenced and mastered at once. Applied into food and drink for oneself, insomnia may be easily cured, and the effect of sleeping pills may be powerfully increased.

For Dragon Magic, the concentrated Akashic Electricity affords a quantitative, substantive, projecting power, igniting the ability to breathe or bellow fire, project and fling fire and flames, shoot fire out of the eyes, burn people up, diminish and banish fire and flames, extinguish forest fires or burning houses, redirect the course and direction of fires, call down fire upon armies or even whole cities, blast things with fiery arrows and pierce armor like a welding torch, or prevent explosions and bullets from firing, and other miraculous phenomena such as these. It will also render the physical body incombustible and unassailable by Fire or any other Element.

Manifest Genius and the Mechanical Akasha

Browsing through the Akashic Records provides us with an unparalleled experiential quest. It is a source that provides everything, endlessly arousing the interest and drawing forth our attention, with special insight into useful new avenues of exploration and discovery. In the Akasha, the Qabalistic genius can find things that are truly unique that they won’t find anywhere else. Journeying in the Akasha is like having a special insight into innovative and futuristic avenues of search and discovery – one that guarantees satisfaction with every quest.

At every moment, one can expect to find something special and unique in the Akasha. Whether it is something that catches the eye or something useful you didn’t even know you needed, you will definitely come across it once you have a look. With its diverse selection of everything that will ever exist in any world or timeline, you are sure to find and explore new avenues of discovery in this cosmically illuminated transdimensional infinitude that awakens supernatural inventive faculties, which are especially favorable with regard to those things that have aroused one’s Special Interest.

Akashic special investigation results in the arousal of a creative process of open minded seeing, -beyond the known; seeking and finding new possibilities, connectedness, and interrelationships. The novel combination of concepts and entanglements from different parallel worlds, often beyond the boundaries of known information fields, are sure to surprise the transdimensional Akashic reality-surfer. Finding novel interests in the empyrean Akashic zones increases the chance that previously stagnant mental systems will change and articulate unique genius and new directions of cognitive growth and enthusiasm. Akashic mechanics often increase one’s intuitive memory in such an extraordinary manner that it gives new life to long forgotten concepts and brings innovative ideas into being, often condensing them right out of the mental wanderings into reality.

All this exuberance enables the Astral body to carry forth the Genuine Astral Magic in its greatest scope and magnitude. It gives the Qabalist the ability to enter a state of Being which allows the sensing of connections between the physical world, and the Plano-Stellar worlds, thereby altering the influence of those connections in ways which are distinguished by some unique and unusual quality, setting them apart and constituting some particular purpose of exceptional value and being in some way superior. Such is the Special Interest of the Immortal Soul. All this is concentrated, condensed and brought forth into manifestation via situations conducive to exteriorization and their environmental context: enhancement of favorable influences, or reduction in the strength of unfavorable influences. Akashic mechanics strengthen the Qabalist’s might over the elements, enabling him to dynamize various elementaries and elementals so strongly that the use of universal light or elemental matter is not necessary at all, and is greatly preferred in any operation of astral magic where we bring dynamic forces into being.

From the nether regions and ‘tween places residing in the recesses of parallel worlds and virtual timelines, the Panpsychic Omniscience of the All-Knowing Akasha affords an outstanding genius in the design and magical implementation of Astral nanobots and Astro-Etheric steampunk assemblages. For example, the Qabalistic inventor might tinker with building an Okhema Vehicle for journeys into the Higher Realms, populated by symbols, Archetypes, memories, beings, visionary landscapes and architecture.

Designer Omnisciates can aid and guide the Qabalistic futurist to orchestrate situations in collaboration with the Tachyonic Psyches, by their mastery over all points in a Theoretical Field. These All-knowing orchestrators can manifest and arrange Constellations of Light via mechanical Assemblers, animated through the propagation of Motion, powered by Etheric Tachyons and the Zero-Point field, in a direct condensation of the Elements through the medium of the Luminous Ether. Procedures such as these have no presently known method of 3rd dimensional counteraction. In the spirit of the same, the Mechanical Akasha can direct the Soul to come into agreement with states and conditions of spiritually luminous resonance in the immortal Essence of the Absolute Being.

A Qabalists such as this will become adept and quite prolific at producing inventions, being able to fully comprehend, benefit from, and to make practical use of, all Laws of Analogy for development, exploration and improvement, resulting in beneficial externalities beyond the ordinary due to synergetic transactives. This constant exploration of the mechanical Akasha will no doubt result in greatly increased experience, affording new opportunities for existing cognitive structures to be modified on the basis of new information, which promotes the continuous development of knowledge and skills, and broadens the intellect, all of which are essential to continued opportunity for the Organization’s long-term adaptational fulfillment.

Eucharistic infusion of this potion works to prolong life and remove physical disharmonies, strengthening the health and reinforcing the astral bond between body and soul. Etheric mechanics are able to engineer great physical resistance thereby, enabling all sorts of useful applications in practical life where special physical endurance is called for.

Karmic Subspace Reality of Projection and Materialization

The karmic subspace reality is the fundamental basis of Time and Space, and carries with it the capability to fold or enfold space and therefore easily affect transdimensionalities, such as time travel. Spacetime emerges from this universal foundation, as does everything else. When coupled with the Omniscient Information Field, the result is creation of matter (or form) whenever exposed to the Light of Consciousness.

We are working Qabalistically with the primordial protomatter and its nascent hylozoic awareness: protonoia, and exposing it to the All-knowing Akashic field. This affords us immediate penetration into the dark interior of Matter and all its Qabalistic mysteries. The same could be said of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, including the ZPE field. Access to the hylozoic protonoia via the Omniscient Akasha affects an instantaneous non-local transfer of consciousness affording supernatural Projection, across Time and Space and parallel worlds, timelines and dimensionalities, automatically -without cognizant awareness. Such a thing happens often in deep, dreamless sleep and is affected magically from the trance state. In these deep operations, the Qabalist can produce direct effects upon the automatic subroutines, automatic microprocessing vis-a-vis the Planck level fabric of spacetime, and Quantum Fields, and allows her to perfect her abilities in the mastery of Time, TimeSpace, and the subspace reality.

The practicing Qabalist will have no trouble transferring her consciousness into the Akasha for clairfaculties such as visions and hearing and, especially clair-feeling: the sensing of presences. Automatic writing and the like are facilitated as well. This transfer affords the Qabalist many advantageous abilities such as the changing of karma and destiny or sending volts into the Akasha for direct manifestation. Since the mental application easily affects trance-like states these operations transpire rather automatically. Fortunately, the intuition is greatly enhanced.

In Qabalistic Astral magic, the astral body experiences an easy separation, if addressed to the astral matrix. Therefore a magician may travel in the projected astral body or call-forth the astral body of someone else. All varieties of Astral Projection and Astral Travel are facilitated thus. It will be remembered that Karma began with the Saturn berries and their self-created projections. The subspace reality matrix has a strong connection with Saturn (Chronos) and automatic projections are de rigueur.

Potions of this tincture result in automatic exteriorizations, facilitating the ability to materialize in 3D; including bringing about the materialization of Beings. Charging the information field within a room (space impregnation) will manifest things inside that room including Beings, who can easily be seen and felt (even by muggles). A Magic Mirror charged with this condensation matrix will clearly show a high definition materialization of the picture or scene. Anything that is to be condensed is brought into dense manifestation in this way, regardless of whether they were thought-forms, or astral projections, or whatever.

Omniscient Sociology

This is one of my favorite subjects but time does not permit elaboration at present.

Abhisheka for Cosmic Consciousness and Qabalistic Mysticism

We have already spoken earlier (in the introduction) about the transfer of consciousness into the field of mystical omniscience and attainment of Cosmic Consciousness, so no further elaboration is necessary here, at present.

Omniscient Miracles of the Holy Spirit

This is possibly one of the most blessed of all the Qabalistic tinctures, as it facilitates a closer relationship with God, as well as the concurrent sentience of Cosmic Love. Armed with this, even the greatest enemy can do no harm. Alongside this blessing come the auspicious gifts of the Holy Spirit: prophecy, mantics, translocation, invisibility, healing, and the major miracles. Potions for this grant boons and enable the transubstantiation of atomic matter, electronic frequencies and orbital vibrations, and the modification of Light and Auric radiations. These gifts have innumerable applications, among them the ability to erase things.

Omniscient Anamnesis

All of our memories and lived experiences reside in the Akashic Information field (Akashic Records) and the Eldunarya of all timelines and parallel worlds may be accessed accordingly, especially the past and future lives of any coherent individuation. This grants access to all your gifts, talents, and abilities, acquired in previous lifetimes, including versions of your future self in all your retrocausal splendor. Unique particulars of this tincture impart supernatural clairaudience across vast expanses of spacetime, a rugged and tenacious body, and a very cheerful disposition. But that figures, doesn’t it?

Omniscient Etheric Fields

Anything the Qabalist wants to manifest is materializable via Akashic Abhisheka into the Omniscient Etheric fields. Anything. Manifestations can be brought into the 3rd dimensional world of matter, immediately and at once, or removed from the physical as needed. This is the most powerful phenomenal technique in the Qabalistic repertoire. Special warnings also occur prior to committing any missteps with this operation.

Qualitative Transmutation Formula

Any Qabalist who has approached the Great Work of Alchemy and Spagyrics will not fail to appreciate access to the Omniscient Information field of Akashic Alchemy: the practical advantages are as infinite as they are obvious. Any lacunae in these archaic procedures may be fleshed out and full knowledge may again be restored, alongside completion of any recipe or sequence: everything may be revealed in the finest detail. The same holds true for the details of any man’s life or the records of existential history.

From the Astral perspective, working with the Tone and Chemical Ethers will afford the Qabalist any aspect of Acoustic condensation and concentration as well as the rearrangement and transmutation of any atomic structure, chemical makeup, or physical characteristic, at will. The complete and powerful mastery of any projection, especially thought projection, projection of the will, and astral projections of any kind are herein acquired. Additionally the speeding up or slowing down of timespace and spacetime are afforded the chronomorphic Qabalist, for juxtaposition of the subjective virtuality or adjustment of its environmental gestalt for perfections and readjustments of the parallel world reciprocities and their living panpsychic connectomes.

Here is a map of the spine, showing the diatonic scale (do-re-mi) in the cervical spine, the 12 note chromatic scale in the thoracic, and the pentatonic scale on the lumbar; making up the standing wave of 24 note vertebrae. (see picture). When the spine gets out of tune (plays sour notes), the vertebrae are in a displaced condition (known as subluxation) which is associated with health conditions, such as pathogens, poor nutrition, degeneration and trauma. When the tonal signature of the spine becomes disharmonious, information cannot be properly communicated through the nervous system (or received from the information field). Retuning the instrument upgrades the health of the system as a whole.

Condensation and Manifestation of the Ideals

Ideals can be made to manifest too, and this is especially useful for the information fields of complex adaptive systems since they are sensitive to initial conditions and ongoing ecological interaction.

Abhisheka for the Glory of God

Transfer of the Qabalistic consciousness into the realm of the Glory of God, should it be pleasing to the Divine Absolute.

Concentrated Cleaner

Whenever a good thorough clean-out is needed but must be done in an informed manner, this Akashic ‘Mother Murphy’ is just the ticket.

Akashic Solvent

The Akashic condensation of the universal solvent will easily cut through any sluggishness or varnishes that may have accumulated in any system. Good for the health of the physical body when used sparingly with moderation. We do not want the physical body to melt down or dissolve away. Essenes believe that the physical body of Jesus was ‘made to dissolve, in just such a manner, following the crucifixion.

Tachyonic Condensation

Tachyon is antimatter and condensation and ‘materialization’ is squirrely if not impossible but Tachyon does carry, and may impart information which, when transferred into the Akashic Information field, can bring-forth communications from the Tachyonic Psyches of the Retrocausal Future, impressing these upon the Luxonic energy-field, from whence it proceeds to inform the processural systems of the Tardyonic causality complex. The futuristic Qabalist will recognize at once the utility and facility of working with this advanced miracle.



Concerning the Azoth of Metaphysical Qabalah, in this joyous precis of heartfelt gratitude and thanksgiving, the practical elaborations of the Omniscient Akashic Ultraviolet, are hereby brought-forth into present conclusion.