Elaboration on the VC Formula

In an era of environmental pollution, we may contribute profoundly with the 2nd Key of Alchemical Qabalah. It is essential to finding peace and unity, especially in association with our environment. Becoming a Spiritual Antenna, broadcasting cosmic order, affords the planet this sense of unity and deep integration with the light-worker’s creativity. Using symbols loaded with cosmic energy, inspiring deep contemplation on the connection between our environmental surroundings and our spiritual awareness, the telepathic projector aims to create a sense of oneness and spiritual integrity with the greater work. You will discover the connection when contemplating the symbols, imbued with cosmic frequencies, inspiring deep relevance to the connection between our environment and spiritual awareness.

The spiritual mysticism of Vermillion Trees, framed in a dark green forest, is meant to synchronize cosmic order and learn new ways to transcend. We now Understand that cosmic order is integrated in a collective way, with spiritual unity on all levels. Cosmic integration with divine panpsychic collectivity is a way to take part in the rapture of luminous psyches, through complex symbols generated in the interaction between human consciousness and the cosmos. Pilot Waves of telepathic Psychism drift about the Noospheric field potential, eager to decohere into contributory particularization. Tap into that, becoming Instrumental.

Exploring the embodied mind and spiritual emendations in relation to phenomenology:

Embodied Mind and Spiritual Emendations explore three different phenomenological schools of thought (institutional Egregori, memory palaces, Noospheric institutions) that are designed to allow for the exploration of the relationship between consciousness and living systems. These theories have been used to understand and depict the idea of telepathic alchemy. Telepathic alchemy is a concept where consciousness is seen as a transmutable substance capable of changing things through divine intervention by using meditative rituals such as prayer, Kirtana, and visualization.

The spiritual integration of all aspects of the mind is a process that will take millennia or at least many centuries. It is a prolonged process in which the individual ego gradually subsides and becomes one with the larger cosmic consciousness. The integration of luminous psyches into complex symbols by divine beings, humans, animals, plants, and metals can be seen as an evolutionary process. The Time Walker will recognize that there are 3600 seconds in just one hour, so that 10 minutes of Harmonic Telepathy takes him through the Internodal Stargates of the entire Archetypal Zodiac, including the Constellations of Emendated Individuation. In just two 8-hour days, he will have advanced a Century or more, a millennia might take a month.

This description is a part of the Transcendentalist perspective. It will be a good starting point for understanding the nature and purpose of spiritual unions that transcend human connections.

The human experience can be described as timeless, eternal, and limitless. Our mind transcends our physical bodies through our thoughts and feelings. We can transcend time by thinking forward or backward, or by being lost in memories from the past. We are not limited to this dimension because we have an infinite potential to create new realities with our thoughts alone. It is possible for us to unite with other people through love and compassion, but these unions are limited due to physical restrictions like distance and death which would create an interruption in any union or connection between two spirits on Earth that were meant to be together.

Institutional Egregori are a subset of Egregoric entities that take on the form of an institution. They are more focused in the worldly realm, dealing with physical and metaphysical aspects of life.

Any system of thought that teaches about spiritual unification and/or cosmic integration may be considered to have an institution as its central governing body.

The importance of divine panpsychism is being recognized by many people due to its potential ability to get rid of essential dualisms and let people understand the world as a unified whole, where everything shares consciousness.

Luminous psyches are so-called because they seem to emit light or glow. Complex symbols can be recognized through their intermingling qualities when analyzed from different perspectives and over time in various contexts, one of them being their relative luminosity. Luminosity permits psycho-emotional laminations to interact in unique ways which may reveal surprising unknown facts about their interior composition. Symbols often come alive and show forth from inside their composite lamellae under such a luminous mask.