Aquarian Solar Genii

The Solar Genii pertaining to Aquarius, the Eagle (Water Bearer), are all related to the portion of the Night-time sky which is adjacent to that constellation.

The Solar Genii and their corresponding Stars are:

  1. ERAB                                         ATAIR
  2. TYBOLYR                                 BRUST
  3. CHYBIS                                     HORN
  4. SELHUBE                                  SAD NASCHIRA
  5. LEVUM                                     SADALMELEK

Following is  important information related to those correspondences:


Clues to the meaning of this celestial feature:


In Greek mythology Aquarius is represented by Ganymede, the beautiful Phrygian boy who was carried off by an eagle to Mount Olympus to become the cup-bearer of Zeus (Roman Jupiter, or Jove). Ganymede was kidnapped from Mount Ida in Phrygia while tending a flock of sheep. Zeus saw him and fell in love with him, either sending an Eagle (Aquila) or assuming his own eagle nature to transport Ganymede to Mount Olympus . As the cup-bearer of the gods Ganymede was shown pouring nectar from a jug. Aquarius is  from Latin aqua, water. 


Erab – The thirty-eighth original genius is regarded as the original initiator and is, at the same time, a guardian of time and space on all planets of our universe. Note: The sphere magician knows that time and space only exist where there are physical shapes and created things, no matter whether so-called dead or living creatures. Contrary to it all spheres starting from the zone girdling our earth up to the highest spheres of our cosmic hierarchy – but not their planets – are timeless and spaceless.

Tybolyr – The thirty-ninth original genius of the Sun sphere is the ruler of all ideals of men and beings in all spheres and on all planets.


Chibys – The control of the spiritual development of men and beings on all planets and in all spheres, including evolution, lawfulness and the Karma, falls under the competence of the fortieth genius of the Sun.


Selhube – The forty-first original genius of the Sun sphere is regarded as the creator of all original symbols and their original language, the cosmic language, and as a guide of all original ideas that have been realized.


Levem -, the forty-second genius, is to be regarded the original creator of all magical science and of Qabalah.  Therefore Author: Home-steader; Authority.

Eagles (Aquila) are also used to represent the rise towards Heaven. “I will raise you up on eagles wings” (Psalm 91:1-16). The eagle acted like a talent scout for Zeus, picking out Ganymede who was considered “the most beautiful of the mortals”. The eagle or Zeus in eagle form captured Ganymede in his talons.


Ganymede or Ganymedes, is from Latin Ganymedes, from Greek ganumai, ‘I rejoice’. (The suffix -meda of his name is from Indo-European *med- to ‘meditate on’, and is contained in the names; Medusa, Diomedes and Andromeda). According to Klein the prefix gany- in Ganymedes’ name “is related to the Latin *gaudire, corresponding to Latin gaudere, ‘to rejoice’, Latin gaudium ‘joy’, and is cognate with Greek gaio, ‘I rejoice, exult’, Greek getheo, ‘I rejoice’, ‘exulting, superb’. Compare joy, rejoice. Compare also Gaura (the genus of bee blossom plants), the first element in ganoid, Ganymede, and the second element in Origanum”. These words come from the Indo-European root *gáu- ‘To rejoice; also to have religious fear or awe’.

 Derivatives: gaud, gaudy, joy, enjoy, rejoice (from Latin gaudere, to rejoice), ganoid (bony fishes, such as the sturgeon and the gar, that have armor like scales consisting of bony plates covered with layers of dentine and enamel, from Greek ganusthai, to rejoice, Greek ganos ‘brightness’)

It is obvious from this that the most exalted honor is to ‘rejoice’ or to find joy in life. This is what Zeus found to be the most beautiful state of being insofar as Humanity was concerned. Also obvious is the armor-like protective quality of the bright light of joy and rejoicing, even to the ancients who found it similar to a protective shield from the slings and arrows of daily vicissitudes.

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