Spherical Sagittarius

The Ophiuchus Constellation and its Astrological Significance


Introduction: What is the Ophiuchus Constellation and What Makes it so Unique?


Ophiuchus is a large and bright star constellation that is located just north of Scorpio. It occupies a large space in the northern hemisphere and can be seen from November to February.

The Ophiuchus Constellation has been recognized for over 2000 years. Ophiuchus is one of the 13 constellations that lies near the celestial equator because it lies between Virgo and Sagittarius – which are both constellations close to the equator.


The Zodiac Signs of the Ophiuchus Constellation


The zodiac signs of the Ophiuchus constellation are rather strange. Unlike the signs of other constellations, they don’t have any precise corresponding signs in the zodiac. It is therefore called the ‘13th sign’. The Ophiuchus Constellation has multiple zodiacal signs, among them: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius. This constellation is also called the Serpent Bearer, because a large portion of the figure looks like a snake, making up the constellation.

Melpomene, one of the twelve Olympian Muses, is said to be the protector of Ophiuchus. Her name comes from Greek words meaning “to celebrate with dance and song.”

The Art of Astrology: the Ophiuchus Constellation as a Cosmic Sign of the Zodiac


The constellation Ophiuchus is believed to be one of the most mystical of all constellations.

Generally, people are most aware of the constellation Ophiuchus during December (3rd Decan Sagittarius, December 1-20) because this is when it appears in its highest point in the sky.

The sign corresponds to Sagittarius but was not given its own symbol by ancient astronomers because they couldn’t tell which parts were stars and which parts were clouds of dust or gas. As a result, this constellation has no distinct zodiacal symbol associated with it.


Mythology behind Ophiuchus


The depiction, as per Greek legend, portrays the healer Asclepius, who discovered the mysteries of warding off mortality after witnessing one serpent delivering another serpent medicinal herbs. Pluto grumbled to Zeus that if Asclepius continued to make mankind immortal, it would deprive Hades of its entire population. Zeus slew Asclepius with a burst of lightning to avert the entire human race from becoming immortal under his care, but later set his likeness in the stars to memorialize his excellent work.

Asclepius was placed in the heavens near the Serpent (Serpens Cauda and Serpens Caput) by Zeus as a symbol of everlasting life. It is seen clutching a cane with a coiled serpent in antique sculptures (perhaps the predecessor of the modern symbol of medicine).

Ophiuchus himself, is located in the Serpent constellation’s central point. In this respect, Ophiuchus represents the Shushumna Kundalini channel, situated in the middle pillar (the spine) between the entwining serpentine channels, Ida and Pingala (White and Solar Red (Goldish-Yellow), respectively; see Alchemical Metals: Red and White). 

In Jovian ethics, as per Sagittarius, the symbolic interpretation is about the ‘snake-charmer’ (Magus), who would give the human immortality if situated in the moderate center and not go to extremes (cf. Tarot card: Temperance). In the Tarot card ‘The Magus’, the Magician is seen grasping the Magic Wand by the center point where he can Balance the Forces with great facility and experience. (Cf. Azoth: [B] ) This marks a central tenant of practical Hermetic Arts: the mastery of Polarities, the Principle of Continuum and the fundamental pre-requisite of survival for the Dragon Rider.

From the head of Hercules in the north to Scorpio in the south, the figure of the Serpent Bearer is centered on the equator. A wizened elder is holding a serpent that is  coiled around his torso; the two are studying each other.

Ophiuchus was associated in mythology with Asclepius, who was believed to manifest himself in the guise of snakes. Whereas the snake’s venomous strike might result in death, it can be transmuted into wondrous curative medicine (anti-venom). Also, the snake’s capacity to shed its skin makes it a powerful metaphor of regeneration and healing. Snakes are symbolic of ancient wisdom, as expressed in the proverb “be wise like serpents.”

Another story commences thus: Asclepius is a demi-god, the issue of Apollo and the human princess Coronis. Coronis  had a secret infatuation with the mortal human Ischys while she was pregnant by the Sun God. Apollo dispatched his hallowed bird, Corvus the White Crow, to keep an eye on his paramour because he was jealous.

Apollo’s rage and anguish became uncontrollable when the bird returned to report Coronis’ infidelity. Apollo let loose a string of profanities so vile as to singe the eyebrows off one’s face, which burned Corvus the White Crow’s feathers (changing its plumage from silver to black) and instructed his sister Artemis to unleash her arrows and slay Coronis.

Coming to his senses, Apollo hastened to save his unborn son but it was well-nigh too late. As Coronis’ body was burning on the funeral pyre, He rescued his son from the deceased mother’s womb. Apollo bestowed the power of healing to Asclepius and entrusted him to the care of the centaur Chiron, who schooled him in the Arts of Medicine. Thereafter he became the father of modern physicians.

Not to put too fine a point on it but this narrative is pregnant with metaphor regarding the Solar Angels (Coronis: the Sun’s Corona) who drift away during Solar Day and become estranged during Solar Night (Coronis became infatuated with mortals), requiring the assistance of Peripheral Beings in the Cosmos (Supernal Chronos, Angelic Order of Aralim: the Thrones –or Divine Law) to guide them back home. (which is, in itself a metaphor for the Light of Karma –painful experience, or the burning body upon the pyre- as the guiding force of all incarnated densities too heavy to ascend with the Light. Dense matter (Fallen Light: the Issue of Apollo) is Redeemed via evolution through planetary ascension.) Chiron, who makes Scholars out of unruly men, instructed Asclepius in the Arts of Healing and the Medicine of Redemption, also known as the Sacred Eucharist or Stellar Emendation (cf. [C]: Vermillion). Vermillion is capable of changing the electronic vibrations orbiting the atom, thereby Transmuting dross into Gold. (see Immortal Electrons)

Ras Alhague (Balemche: 33 Solar Genius), from the Arabic: Ras al Hawwa, ‘Head of the Serpent-Charmer,’ is the brightest star in the constellation. This is a Sapphire Star (cf. [O] (Ayin): Honor of Justice and Divine Law; Metaphysics), positioned on the figure’s forehead (Ajna Chakra: 3rd Eye), which metaphorically links the star to strong cerebral or imaginative powers. So in the Constellation, rather than struggling with the creature; the Healer is in command of it. Because this is the Head star, the message is one of mental control rather than the sheer strength that is commonly depicted in images.

Complete Understanding of Sagittarius

For a complete understanding of the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, we need to know more about this Serpent business.

The Tarot card corresponding to Sagittarius is card number 14, Temperance. As you know, each of the 22 Major Arcana are assigned to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The letter assigned to Temperance is Samech ([S]: Purplish Red).

Purplish Red is a Fire tattva (Agni) and represents Astral Fire. Astral Fire is subject to King Fire, Schin ([Sch]: Fiery Red; one of the 3 Mother Letters) the Secret Fire, or the Unmanifested Fiery Potential: none other than the Spirit of Fire, His own-self. Samech is the substantiated manifestation of Schin, or Heat.

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are divided into 4 groups of 3. Each of the 4 Classical Elements (or Tattvas) Fire, Air, Water, and Earth is represented by one of these groups. That means that each group has 3 signs in it: 3 Waters, 3 Earths, 3 Airs, etc. Sagittarius, it turns out is a Fire Sign, the 3rd and last Fire Sign of the year (the other two are Aries, the 1st and Leo, the 2nd).

Now you see where all this talk about ‘Astral Fire’, ‘Spirit of Fire’, etc. is leading: to master the Archetypal Sagittarian Persona, one must become a characterological master of the Archetypal Fiery Temperament.

A Comprehensive Look at The Serpent

In their flight of liberation from Egyptian servitude, the Children of Israel struck out across the barren desert. They were headed for the Red Sea from Mount Hor, where Aaron was buried. But in order to get there, they had to take a detour around the land of Edom.

Becoming frustrated, impatient and irascible, they whined and groused about Moses and Yahweh; and God responded by sending “fiery serpents” to bite and afflict them. For those who were contrite, Moses was authorized by God to cast a “serpent of bronze” that those who looked upon it would be restored and protected.

We recognize from Integral Studies ([F]: Light Green; Integration, Spiritual Harmony) that the collective form of the ‘first person’ (I) is ‘We’, and here the Children of Israel represent the Collective, seeking Individuation of the Soul from the bondage of the selfish ego (or the Collective form of it: Egregori; Tribal Indoctrinations) in their flight from Egypt (Domination by the selfish ego).

In their Process, or Soul Journey, they had to endure the relative depravation of former satisfactions (‘crossing a desert’). Quite naturally, the selfish ego rebels, acting out like a 3-year-old tyrant:

“And the people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loatheth this”.

The Power of the Tribal Egregor begins to manifest nerve-toxins and psychosomatic symptoms of anger and ‘burning’, which are compounded by the constant kvetching of collective metaphysics.

Those who persist in negativity are tormented by the Fiery Serpents while those who turn away (katharsis) from unhealthy mentations are Redeemed.

The casting of a homeopathic symbol in Bronze means that Moses (the conscious cognition) was able to access the Alchemical Magic of Hod (Mercury: via Raphael, “God is our Healing”). Hod relates to the Pragmatic Mind (Manas) and this symbol became a talismanic current resulting in mental transmutation as an aid toward breaking bad metaphysical thoughts, such as griping and complaining.

Corresponding Christian Concepts

Because of Jesus’ usage of the bronze serpent in the Gospel of John, the Old Testament Serpent of Bronze is a well-known image among Christians.

Nicodemus and Jesus engaged in a famous dialogue regarding the Destiny of Jesus. In this dialogue, the crucifixion of Jesus corresponds to the raising of the Bronze Serpent by Moses, indicating the value of atonement for a spiritual healing from the afflictions which were heavily persecuting the cultural indoctrinations of dualistic belief systems up to that time (and beyond).

These persecutions began in Middle Persia sometime around 800 BC and were already quite developed by the time of Jesus. Orthodoxy continued to milk this venom until at least the middle ages (and beyond) easily resulting in 1500 years of psycho-emotional trauma, violence and military carnage during its damaging reign of perfection. Equally developed was the superstitious cure via the idol of the Crucifix, a symbolic talisman for warding off evil:

“As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life” – (John 3:14-15)

The Serpent Neghusthan

The origins of Neghusthan are ancient and obscure. Admittedly, there have been many Paleolithic snake-cults but Judaism does not revere the serpent as in other cultures, although there is one Judaic Order of Angels (the Seraphim) who look like winged serpents. Flying snakes, fiery snakes, talking snakes: Judaism could still be said to have a fixation. Remember that the enemy of God (the antithetical arch-nemesis) is responsible for seducing Eve in the Garden, thereby responsible for the Original Sin.


Vestiges of the old polytheistic religions are present throughout the old testament: Asherah (Canaanite; Goddess), Snake cults (Sumerian; Mesopotamia), Golden Calf (Hathor: Egypt), ‘Angels’ with multiple arms and eyes (Hindu), Angels looking like a Winged Sphinx (Persian Zymorgh). Only after the exile, and probably only as recently as the period of the Maccabees (2nd century BC), did monotheistic Yahweh-only worship become ubiquitous and institutionalized among the Jews at that time.

For example, as Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, each of the twelve tribes gathered beneath a banner with an image emblazoned on it. Many of the tribes featured totems of animal spirits, such as Judah’s famous Lion, who ultimately became a major symbol in Judaism. The Tribe of Dan bore the image of Neghusthan. (see Daniel, below)


Many examples of pagan gods were left over from Judaism’s early days, before dualistic monotheism was fully canonized. The Bible, written when the Jews had reached rigid dogma, frequently rejected their existence as deities and rationalized them in whatever way it could. Examples such as Cherubim, who resemble winged sphinxes, bull calves, the most famous of which was the Golden Calf created at Sinai, and the Seraphim, who resemble winged snakes, are among them. Among this menagerie, the bronze serpent Neghusthan appears as a mysterious and interesting figure.

The most well-known examples of biblical mention are likely the following:

“Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.” (Genesis 3:1),


“And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.”

And where did this Neghusthan come from? First, Nachash (translated as serpent in King James English) and Nechoshet (bronze, an alloy of copper and tin or arsenic) are the origins of his name. So he is clearly some kind of a snake.

The earliest form of bronze (barinji) comes from the Iranian Plateau and consists of Copper and Arsenic. Bronze is the preferred metal for casting bells and the making of cymbals, as its ancient Persian name suggests.

The Children of Israel crossed over into the nearby regions of Jordan (Edom, Edomites) who controlled the production of copper and maintained extensive copper mines in the region of Timma. Sheshank I, an Egyptian Pharaoh, conducted a conquest into this area around 900 BC, subsequently improving and standardizing the smelting process.  

The Edomites worshipped a God named Jahweh until the Persians overran their province and His name changed to Qos, associated with Quzah, “the archer” and worshipped as both a mountain and a weather god. The name Qos is imported from a part of Egypt (Elephantine) that was populated by Persians and Idureans (Edomites) and under the protection of Persia. Although the name changed, the God retained all of His former attributes: regarded as a “King,” he is associated with Light and is described as “powerful”. The name’s resemblance would have allowed Qos to be associated with the Arabian god of the rainbow, qaws; quza. The Qabalistic path of Qeseth (the Bow) reflects this history, as does the Zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, the Bowman (Archer). These biblical references are vestiges of the Nabatean influence.

Moses fled to Midian after he murdered a man in Egypt, where he met and married a Midianite woman, Zipporah. The modern Druze faith combines parts of Arab beliefs, Gnosticism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Asian, Hinduism, Greek, and other philosophies and beliefs to form a unique and hidden theology based on an esoteric interpretation of scripture that prioritizes the mind’s role in a self-reflective system of Truth (metaphysics). The Druze concept of God is one of complete unity. God is both immanent and transcendent. God has no attributes, and is wholly and perpetually present.

God is all Essence and without traits. The all-pervading influence of His Essence accounts for Divine Law. God is “all of existence,” limitless and unfathomable. This is a pantheistic and unitarian perspective. Druze believe in spirits and theophany (Divine Appearances and Manifestations).

Their chief iconography features the Pentagram. Druze believe that the soul is joined with the Cosmic Mind at the end of the incarnation cycle.

Although the modern Druze religion is an off-shoot of Islam, Genetic testing of haplogroups and mitochondrial DNA (passed down through the Mother) indicate the ancient Midianite Druze were Tribal Nomads from the Zagros Mountains in central Iran, southern Turkey and the lesser Caucasus. The etymology of the word ‘druze’ is from the Persian.

      *    *    *    *              *    *    *    *            *    *    *  

The Syrian word for arsenic, zarniq, comes from the Persian word for gold, zar; an allusion to the yellow form of arsenic know as orpiment. Orpiment is the olden word for arsenic sulfide which occurs naturally as the ore of arsenic known to the Alchemist as realgar. Realgar looks very similar to cinnabar, the ore for mercury. Cinnabar is the basis of our Vermillion Azoth [C], which plays such a heroic role in the Redemption of Souls and Stellar Emendations.

The actual word ‘arsenic’ comes from the Greek and alludes to male virility. The connection of all this to Samech, and thence to Neghusthan is that they all reference the Kundalini Power or Goddess of Fiery Consciousness (Heat) which lies coiled up in the Muladhara (the South Pole, or Copper Portal of Venality) until it is stirred to action by some Thought or Interest, whereupon it rises and takes hold of the object of its fascination.

Hence, the Kundalini Serpent arose and beguiled the human Soul (Eve) when presented to the fascination with duality at the Tree of Good and Evil. Later, when crossing the desert of transformation, the Collective Egregori of vices and kvetching became an epidemic of negative metaphysics at which time the Alchemist Moses (Master of Conscious Cognition) slips a little arsenic (male virility) into the copper and projects a homeopathic talisman to break the strangle-hold of the fomenting Kundalini.

For those to whom all this smacks of a wee bit too much Jungian analysis, we can settle for a more pragmatic interpretation: arsenic sulfide has been used very effectively down through the ages as a potent insecticide. And what are flying serpents if not some kind of hornet or wasp?

“And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and many people of Israel died.”

Likely as a histamine reaction from the bee-stings.

Esoteric Significance

When we cast aside some aspect of our self that we cannot abide, we become partitioned and incomplete. The separated aspect will attempt to rejoin and make us whole again, knowing that it is in our best interest to Integrate. Persisting in our campaign of separation, we will resist Integration and begin to suppress the offender. In this way, we form a psychic cleavage, which fractions off to become an aspect of our Shadow Self. Our Jungian Shadow gains Independence and becomes stronger while it remains largely beyond our control.

Consider, once again these excerpts:

The LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all livestock and above all beasts of the field; on your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life. Genesis 3:14

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:15

Ophiuchus represents Karma and recognizes the Stars on the Right for their Benevolence and despises those on the left for their malice. He uses a loop to snare the speaking end and to choke it off.. The coils, he lifts up with the crooked staff. Once the serpent is lifted up, losing contact with the earth, he no longer has any power and is helpless.

The Eagle knows this and, descending from on High, snatches the serpent suddenly up from the ground and flies away, the helpless serpent dangling from his talons. At his leisure, he tears it with his beak and rends the flesh from the bones. The Eagle is a snake killer.

The alert student will quickly remember that snakes and weeds are to be killed in the sign of Scorpio, burned to ashes and the ashes distributed around the area to ward off further pestilence. Old Timers would kill a snake and drape it from a tree branch, or hang it on a fence to ward off others.

Snakes have sensitive forked tongues with which they sense fear and metabolism (likely in the form of CO2, like mosquitoes). Recall that it was the emotional drama that the Tribal Egregor conjured up that attracted the fiery serpents to bite them in the dessert. In noting that the Stars of Acrab, Ras Algethi, and Ras Alhague are all located in the forehead, we can recognize that the best way to deal with serpents is not through more emotional drama but via cool-headed mastery.

Zeus got heated and had Coronis (Asclepius’ Mother) shot to death with a volley of arrows. What are flying serpents other than winged fire? As her body lay burning on the funeral pyre, Zeus’ frontal lobe weighed in and prompted Him to rescue his infant son.

As an Eucharistic Sacrament, we might burn the fiery serpents into ash, making the sign of Scorpio over them, and consume the ashes thereby distributing the Carbon throughout our body via metabolic assimilation of the Alchemical hexes incarnate.

But fighting and struggle against the fiery serpents only plays into the serpent’s strengths. What has helped me the most is to recognize this aspect as my Shadow Self: that part of me that is antithetical to my beliefs and Spiritual Ideals. And when I meet my Shadow, the struggle to beat it back into submission becomes a battle royale, at which I generally fail (see Hercules and the Hydra), because Its power is my own (so I’m really fighting myself).

Here is where the Center Point of Balance for Ophiuchus really helps in the management of the Serpent, yet even more effective is not fighting at all (cf. Aikido) and Raising the Serpent Up. In lifting  up the Shadow into the Light, the Shadows dissipate and my own Power grows. The Shadow becomes weaker and the Eagle of Zeus spirits the mirage away. Here we see that the Eagle flies with the Dove.

“These things are wonders: The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock…” Proverbs 30:19

When we meet the Shadow Serpent in Sagittarius, we have the choice to turn back or to proceed. Our Progress will end the moment we choose to flee our own Shadows.

Sagittarian Intelligences

Below are the pertinent Beings:

Angel of Sagittarius (Jovian)

Aduachiel – Sagittarius – The control and direction of the original legality, of justice and equilibrium, i. e. of the perfect harmony in the whole cosmic hierarchy, in all spheres and on all planets of our universe, is in the hands of the ninth genius of the Jupiter sphere. The magician may be instructed by this genius in the highest wisdom and deepest mysteries of divine law, justice and equilibrium. At the same time he is taught by Aduachiel to apply all laws of the universe by magic and Qabalah, without causing any disturbance in its equilibrium.

Angels of the Decans of Sagittarius (Mercury)

49: Vehuel – The magician will be made acquainted by the forty-ninth genius of the Mercury sphere with all kinds of prophecy, starting from the most simple ones up to the perfect reading in the world of the Akasha, and will learn to control them. Apart from this, he will be taught how to increase his consciousness to enable him to place himself anywhere he likes, to read at once the thoughts of any human being, to learn to know everything in respect of his Aura, and, by doing so, to recognize his character at a single glance, whether he is dealing with a foe or a friend. The magician may also learn from this genius all possible ways of influence. Having once got into contact with this genius, he will be able to spend his life in peace and tranquility.

(Though the foregoing words seem, at first, to be plain enough, their deep esoteric profundity may only be grasped as one takes the journey from this Genius through each of the following Genii, or Angels of the Sagittarian Decans. Then, upon return to the 49th Genius, the depths of these specialties should become quite important with regard to the operation of the Mind and its Mastery, which concerns Peace and Happiness.)

50: Daniel – This genius makes it possible for the magician to look into the workshop of Divine Providence and to perceive the workings and effects of        the Akasha-principle, and, furthermore, the fiftieth genius will enable the magician to comprehend the effectiveness of the divine virtues and, by doing this, to influence within him the vibrations of love and charity. This will put the magician into a state of happiness which can only be experienced by persons who have been guided by this genius. (see the following Genius and, especially with regards to Azoth [Y], including all the special advantages which go with its Mastery.) There are even more advantages derived from the connection with this genius: the magician will learn to differentiate between justice and injustice, will develop a good sense of judgment, act cleverly in any matter, be successful as a writer, achieve an excellent talent as an orator, become witty and enjoy deep intuitions. He will learn to recognize in any religious system its true philosophical contents. In case of emergency, the magician will always be inspired with the right ideas by this genius.

‘God is my judge’, according to the Hebrew. Daniel was a prophet whose life narrative is recorded in the Bible. After the fall of Jerusalem in 607 BC, Daniel was brought to Babylon as an adolescent and served in the royal court, rising to fame by reading the king’s dreams. He escaped two executions: a lion’s den and a fiery furnace. Daniel’s four visions of the end of the world are also presented in the book. The writings of Paracelsus also feature the Prophecy of Daniel.

51: Hahasiah – is one of the original initiators into the hermetic science. Not only will he provide the magician with genuine information on magic and Qabalah, but he will also instruct him in astro-physics, in astro-chemistry and alchemy, initiate him into the deep mysteries of wisdom and teach him the art of elevating his spirit into the most various planes and spheres and to act there consciously. Due to the special methods which the magician will be given by the fifty-first genius of the Mercury sphere he will be able to make his mental, astral and physical body invisible and, apart from this, to change certain causes in the Akasha-principle in respect of their effects. There are, however, other  advantages  the  magician  will  enjoy  on  account  of  his connections with this genius: he will be taught how to produce various medicines. If the magician deals with medicine, he can become an excellent doctor, guided by this genius, and will have great success with his cures and be much loved by his patients.

(Herewith relates one of the most fascinating secrets of Magic and Qabalah: the Secret of Invisibility. Its secretive profundity stems not from some need to sequester the topic but from the convoluted subtleties of its radix. Long-time students will  recall that the Pink Azoth vibration also featured Invisibility and that the kernel of the teaching involved the concept of conceptual self-density, aka ‘presence’. Also that this density of selfhood somehow reflected upon the environment (or ‘scene’) in which the analog homunculus conceived itself as acting within. The vibrations of such a scene registered as a degree of familiarity, by which the scene and it’s actors felt known (e.g. ‘Understood’). Diminished self-density resulted in diminished environmental registry to the point where selflessness became Invisible (as a Saint, but not as a ghost). Therefore, to address the specialties of the 51st Genius of Mercury, karmic influence being cause-and-effect: less registry results in less effect (which is to say ‘beyond karma’). At the same time, greater Universality (less particularity) results in both reduced karmic emissions as well as greater Cosmic Magistery (which is to say ‘Direct’). To learn this Spirit Medicine is, indeed, a great Benevolence.)

52: Imamiah – The fifty-second genius allows the magician to become the master of his fellow-men, especially of his adversaries, and he shows him means and ways to make them innocuous. By Imamiah’s help prisoners can regain their freedom, either by direct magical action or by influencing those people who can decide on the setting free of a prisoner. Imamiah is a special initiator into astrology in respect of magic and Qabalah. Thus the magician may get valuable information from the teaching of this genius. He may get information on any field of science existing on earth. Since Imamiah has a special  sense  for  gaiety,  entertainment  and  pleasure,  he  brings  about situations which will no doubt satisfy the magician in this respect.

(One of the key features here is the hostility spiral which Social Psychologists have noted presages any conflict or especially acts of violence; along with the observation that at any time the confrontation can de-escalate. This key, according to the Lord and in expression through the specialty of the 52nd genius of Mercury relates to the mastery of one’s fellow self, especially with relevance to his adversarial self-hood. While it makes sense to blame another for provoking a hostile response to external adversariality, experience with magical teaching beings shows that the imaginary stories which we constantly make-up about everything (interior dialog and ‘infallible rhetoric’ (our excuses)), which often have to do with our insular cortex, are involved with imaginary adversaries and adversities at all times, training our analog homunculus along the lines of contemporary video-game heroes. Our perspectives, thus conditioned, perceive adversity at every whip-stitch and we become ‘hard-done against’. Then we bow up. I present the metropolitan traffic experience as a prime example. We become, then, hard-boiled inside our own brains and imprisoned. Imamiah in accord with the Lord shows the practicing believer ways and means to make one’s adversaries innocuous:

The astrological influences of the constellation Ophiuchus given by Manilius:

“When Ophiuchus, encircled by the serpent’s great coils, rises he renders the forms of snakes innocuous to those born under him. They will receive snakes into the folds of their flowing robes, and will exchange kisses with these poisonous monsters and suffer no harm.”

and ‘can help such prisoners regain their Freedom, either by direct magical action or by influencing those people who can decide on setting the prisoner free’. Such ‘people’ would be our interior adversarial self whom we have projected as multiple homunculi.)      

53: Nanael – Surely, the advanced magician will want to understand and get under his control any animal. The fifty-third genius of the Mercury sphere can initiate him into this art, so that he will understand the languages of all animals. He will, by force of magic, be able to change his mental and astral         body in such a manner that any animal will perceive him. The magician may also  appreciate  being  made  acquainted  with  all  the  laws  of  magic  and Qabalah. By apt meditations the magician will eventually penetrate into the deepest problems and acquire many magical faculties. Many magic methods for the controlling of animals and elements and the controlling of the astral body of man and animal may be given the magician by this genius.

54: Nithael – is the fifty-fourth genius of the Mercury sphere. Being a great friend of all artists, writers and orators, he helps them to become famous. He makes the magician a favorite with very important people on earth and with higher beings, paves his way to satisfaction and success and leads him to complete happiness. He is able to inform the magician on any field of science of this world and is always a ready assistant to the magician.

Cytherean Intelligences of Sagittarius

61) Gega, 62) Gema, 63) Gegega, 64) Garieh, 65) Gesa, 66) Geswi, 67) Godeah, 68) Guru.

The above eight intelligences initiate the magician into the laws of the Positive and Negative principles. Furthermore, they instruct him in the effectiveness of the Divine Virtues on the Venus planet and in the  Venus sphere. Apart from this, they reveal to the magician special methods which, by mummification of the oscillation of the Venus sphere in the magico-qabbalistic manner, bring about the favor of the beings of the Venus sphere as well as of the beings of all other spheres. These intelligences inform the magician also of many other theories and practices in magic and Qabalah.

(Mummification of the Oscillations of the Venus Sphere refers to moderate suppression of the Sexual urges, etc. so that one might interact favorably with Beings of all other Spheres without this embarrassing complication… Inasmuch as the Pos-Neg is referring to the Sympathy-antipathy aspect of Attractive Force and Association.

The Divine Virtues of the Venusian Sphere are covered in the Azah [G].)

Sagittarian Solar Genii

(31 Sun) Etzybet – (Acrab) The thirty-first arch-genius of the sphere of the Sun. Besides other things, the proper compliance of the universal laws in all spheres and planes is under the jurisdiction of this arch-genius.

(32 Sun) Balem – (Ras Algethi) The thirty-second original genius is in charge of all the laws of analogy in all spheres and on all planets, in all ranges of power of our cosmic hierarchy.

(33 Sun) Belemche– (Ras Al Hague) The thirty-third original genius is given the  task of controlling the laws of appearances of our universe, so that they correspond to the universal laws.

Ras Alhague is one of the stars in the Constellation Ophiucus, which represents the Healer Asclepius (tutored, as a boy, by the Noble Centaur Chiron). As a Constellation it bridges the Heavens between Scorpio (the previous month’s sign) and Hercules, (the current month’s sign).


 Sagitor  (1-10° Sagittarius)

 Agilah  (11-20° Sag)

 Boram  (21-30° Sag)

The Sagittarian Principals (of the Earth Zone)

The following thirty heads of the zone girdling the earth are under the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius, and their seals have to be drawn in blue color.

[Royal Blue relates to the Jovian Sphere; Jupiter, of course, rules Sagittarius.]

Neschamah (1° Sagittarius) – By the intuition and inspiration from this intelligence men have found the way to work metals with the help of fire and water, i. e. to harden them, until finally the present state of steel production and metal hardening has been reached. During the course of time mankind will find new, more complete procedures for the hardening of metals which at present have to remain unknown.

(In Hebrew Kabbalism, ‘Neschamah’ means the Soul. It literally refers to a puff of wind; but the ‘Soul’ meaning refers to the scriptural account of God blowing the ‘Breath of Life’ into Adam after he had fashioned his body from clay. In Alchemy, the various ‘Metals’ refer to the ‘Temperaments’ (dispositions of Personality Types). Because this is taken from a Magical text, the meanings are concealed. When Bardon speaks of ‘procedures for the hardening of metals’ and ‘working metals with the help of fire and water’, he is speaking occultly about the process of ‘tempering’ steel which means to heat it to red-hot in a forge and quickly douse it in a barrel of water; a procedure which realigns the molecular matrix of the metal making it stronger and less brittle -so that it won’t break when tested. This is an apt occult description of the Mastery of the Elements (vices and virtues) and its effect on the Harmonization of the Elements of the Soul: known figuratively as ‘showing mettle’. This procedure is under the Auspices of the Jovian Angel of Sagittarius, Aduachiel. It is worth noting that the Tarot card for Sagittarius is  (14) Temperance. Temperance in this sense does not mean ‘abstinence’ or ‘behavioral moderation’ (which also is a good idea, though), but relates to this notion of ‘Tempering’ the Metals.)

Myrmo (2° Sagittarius) – Steam and the diverse possibilities of its use have been introduced to man by this head, whether the vaporization of liquids for manifold purposes or the production of the most modern steam           engines is concerned. At the appropriate hour Myrmo will inspire many an inventor with improvements, changes and novelties in this line.

(Following along the same lines as the above intelligence (Sagittarius 1), it could be noted that the metal was heated in the Forges. We have seen how these Forges are Plutonic (Fiery Underworld) and deal with a part of our Nature that generally remains hidden until issues ‘pop up’ to be addressed. The Element of Water is related to the Emotions and healthy emotions go through an entire ‘hydrological cycle’ of their own: passing only part of their life in the fluous ‘liquid’ state. A great portion of the Hydrological Cycle is spent in the vaporous state co-mingled with the Airy Element (Thought, Intellect). Quite obviously, when water is strongly heated (as in, say, a ‘Forge’), it will rapidly expand, producing ‘Steam’, which must be ‘let off’ some-how (hence the reference to the ‘manifold’). The reference to ‘steam engines’ is concerned with the ways which we develop to vent this pressure, ostensibly the Constructive type of engine. Nature’s Engines are a source of on-going topics in Medieval Magic. The Myrmidones refer to colonies of Engines such as these.]

Kathim (3° Sagittarius) – controls all fruits of the earth. Without mankind knowing it, it was inspired by this head not to eat fruit just in its natural state, i. e. at the moment of its becoming ripe, but also to be blessed with  the  gifts  of  nature  when  nature  rests  and when  no  fruits  can  be harvested. So it happened that some types of fruits were merely dried at the beginning, later they were cooked and conserved. Then man started using fruits in yet another way: by working them up into jams, juices, etc. Kathim’s reservoir of recipes and novelties in the utilization of fruits is almost unlimited.

(Intelligences such as these allow us to preserve and carry around Nature’s Bounty without worry as to spoilage. Attentive students will recall Butharusch, Natolisa, and Helmis, from the previous sign, Scorpio.  We can also apply the metaphorical sense of the words ‘Fruits’ and ‘Harvest’, so prominent in the Christian teachings, which we examined in the sign of Libra. In such a case we would recognize the meaning of the phrase ‘be blessed with the Gifts of Nature when Nature Rests. Shabbathai (Saturn) is from the root word Shabbat (rest), which explains the practice of ‘resting on the Sabbath’. The phrase ‘be blessed with the Gifts of Nature when Nature rests’ is very profound then, indeed.)

Erimites (4° Sagittarius) – To bring peace to the earth and amongst the peoples of the earth is the mission of this intelligence. Ideals which aim at the true peace of mankind are led and strengthened by Erimites. He is always pleased to entrust the magician with the ways in which good influences can be produced by the Akasha-principle, in order to awaken peaceful ideas.

(Eremites, are of course the Religious Hermits. One might pronounce that it is easy to see how such as these might be peaceful, having no interactions with the thorns and burrs of society upon which to chafe. However, this does not address the true nature of the Eremite Blessing. How could one who lives so remotely have any influence upon the bustle of the mundane world? The answer lies in the fact that ‘good influences can be produced in the Akasha Principle in order to awaken Peaceful Ideas.’)

Asinel  (5° Sagittarius) – To bring good luck to everybody is a pleasant mission, and Divine Providence has charged this intelligence of the         zone girdling the earth with it. A magician who is in contact with Asinel can be sure that he will have good luck everywhere when he is in need of it, no matter whether it is in respect of love, gambling, or other affairs. But by the help of this head or by the help of his subordinates, the magician is not only able to bring happiness to himself alone; he can also bring it to other people who do not deal with magic. Asinel also lets the magician realize to what extent he can make use of his own powers and how far the head himself is allowed to advance.

(A favorite of Everyone, for obvious reasons)

Geriola (6° Sagittarius) – Being a special expert in all the virtues of morality on our earth, this head reveals to the magician the genuine secrets of the magical equilibrium. He teaches him the correct use of introspection and draws  his  attention  to  faculties  and  powers  which  are  the  result  of introspection. Having carried out introspection according to instructions given by Geriola in respect of himself and other people, the magician will acquire great power of intuition and the genuine recognition of the Akasha-principle. The magician may learn many facts of wisdom from this intelligence and have them brought to his intellect.

(Of course all the Virtues require ‘introspection’, for externally coerced morality is simply dictation and not virtuosity. The chief connection to the Interior Virtues of Morality is the Conscience and that is why the virtuoso will acquire ‘a genuine recognition of the (Holy Spirit)’, as well as ‘a great power of  intuition’.)

Asoreg (7° Sagittarius) – The art of making pictorial impressions in a manifold  manner,  whether  by  engraving,  inscribing,  sewing,  drawing,  or painting, has been taught to the people on earth by this head. Photography, cinema  and  film  come  under  the  competence  of  this  head,  as  well  as television, on which field there are still a great many inventions to come in the future. Asoreg also instructs the magician how he can make pictures visible over the greatest distances, so that even an untrained eye is able to see  them.

(The attentive student will recall the ‘Handwriting on the wall’ story.)

Ramage (8° Sagittarius) – has, apart from other things, to control the influences of the 28 moon stations on our earth. The best information on rhythm and periodicity can be got from Ramage. He is always prepared to reveal  to  the  magician  the  secrets  of  the 28  moon  stations  and  their influences on human life in the physical, astral and mental aspects, and to show him, too, how he can make practical use of all the knowledge gained by him.

(The Moon Magics require a great deal of study and contemplation to understand.  One can always benefit from assistance in this very important subject.)

Namalon (9° Sagittarius) – protects all insane people and, with the help of his subordinates, all those people who by fate are not to be met with any evils. Lunatics are under his protection so that during their fits nothing can  happen  to  them;  so  are  people  who  suffer  from  St.  Vitus’s-Dance, epileptic fits, etc. The magician learns from this head about the causes of all these evils and also about the way in which they are successfully treated.

(Folks in the Therapeutic Traditions know that this is a very serious matter.)

Dimurga (10° Sagittarius) – is a guardian of travelers, especially of those travelling by sea, by any kind of ship. Dimurga is quite willing to inform the magician on individual talismans and their manufacture which give shelter and help during travels. If the magician is on board a ship and equipped with a protective talisman of Dimurga, he will survive the strongest hurricane without ever being in danger of drowning.

(Oft betimes we have spoken of the Nereids and their Benevolent Father (who lives in a Silvery cave, beneath the deep Blue Sea) who, like this Intelligence protect navigators of the Oceans and who help the shipwrecked sailors. Explorers who plumb the Depths of their Emotional Vastnesses will appreciate such Help and Benevolence.)

Golog (11° Sagittarius) – Being an excellent initiator into the magic of evocation, this head initiates the magician into secret methods concerning the evocation of all types of beings. He will reveal to the highly ethically developed magician powerful magic words which will force any being, no matter whether positive or negative, to obey him absolutely. The magician may further learn much from this intelligence about the synthesis of the magic of evocation.

(This, of course is the primary subject at hand: the highly developed Ethicist will surely appreciate such powers as well as the words which accompany them. Evocation as a synthesis is the Enormous Key, here.)

Ugali (12° Sagittarius) – Being an initiator into the high magic which leads to the highest wisdom, this head is hard to get into contact with, for he usually sends his subordinates to deputize for him. Only a virtually perfect magician will succeed in getting into direct contact with Ugali. If, however, the  magician has once succeeded in this, he has the best initiator into the highest magic, especially Spheric magic, at his disposal and will be initiated by him into the most secret sciences that reveal to him the highest wisdom.

(In light of the foregoing (11 degrees ), this description only makes perfect sense. The Spherical is without boundaries, Being beyond Time and Space and hence awaits the virtually perfect magician for revelation of the Highest Wisdom (and most Secret Sciences). In the meantime, be extraordinarily Grateful to receive His subordinate deputizors.)

Elason (13° Sagittarius)     – is, like Ugali, hard to contact. If the magician succeeds in doing so in spite of this, this high initiator will reveal to him secret magical and Qabalistic methods by which he will be able to realize all his high ideals.

(Eleven and Thirteen are advanced Prime numbers, divisible only by themselves and 1. I wouldn’t say that the Primes are any harder to relate to, just that it is commoner to contact some of the many Aspects of the Multi-factorials.)

Giria (14° Sagittarius) – Trade and monetary matters, including the making of coins from all types of metals, fall under the competence of this head. He has developed man in this respect in accordance with his grade of maturity and the scheduled time. He can give the magician information on all this.

(All transactions involve the exchange of energy; of course, the Coin is a Pecuniary Token, suitably representative as catholic tender. Alchemical Metals, you will recall, relate to Personality and Demeanor. Even slaves had to be provisioned, though there is an imminent sense of their disposability. As Workers advanced beyond the grunting masses, their Specialties distinguished them, bringing enhanced value to their transactions. Note that transactions differ from mere action in that energy may move both ways (reciprocate) and the event is not solitary. The more valuable transactions carry the most expensive scheduling; to such a degree that in Business, mere appointments can garner income even when broken. Salaried Professionals, of course specialize in Service; having the Highest Grade of Maturity, their time is virtually Free.)

Hosun (15° Sagittarius) – All kinds of educational methods applied to young and old people originate from the inspiration of this head, who at the same time is the originator of all schools, starting from the oldest schools for prophets, and continuing up to the present time. From Hosun the magician will learn everything concerning the upbringing of children. The magician asking this intelligence for help will be able to pass any school examinations.

(There are all kinds of Educational Methods; in fact, to the Attentive Student everything is an Education. We will remember that the Noble Centaur Chiron concerned himself in the Specialty of Kourotrophy. Your Children are your Thoughts.  The Origen of all Schools is the Dawning Light, highly featured in the Olden School of Prophesy. It will be realized that Divine Providence has been our guide throughout all evolution right up to the present.)

Mesah (16° Sagittarius) – is the originator of all customs and rites of all the peoples all over the world, especially those concerning wooing, love-making and marriage. He lets the magician behold all customs and rites that have been in use from the prime origin up to the present day and also those customs and rites which he will cause people to use in the distant future.

(Certainly every Sociologist and everyone’s inner Anthropologist will appreciate this.)

Harkinon (17° Sagittarius) – All the orphans, all the abandoned, expelled and hated are under the special protection of this head. Depending on their Karma, he helps them all bear their lot more easily and helps in all the cases in which Divine Providence allows it. A magician can get advice and help for people like these from this head.

(Perhaps you personally have lived the life of a Pollyanna and cannot relate to what I will say next. But for the others of us, I’m sure that you’ve had the experience of ‘disagreeable thoughts’; especially those which we cannot seem to shake, which become more and more vile and loathsome as they continue to malinger. Your Children are your Thoughts and there are a few that we have abandoned to become orphans. As we have learned all too graphically, those things which we reject are gruesomely fated to become rent asunder under the repulsive ferocity of our rejection. A practicing Magician appreciates advice on matters such as this, and the orphans appreciate being protected so that they beareth mayhaps their lot more easily, too.)

Petuno (18° Sagittarius) – is the guardian of all hunters and all those people who are occupied with the chasing of wild animals. He is the inspirer of appropriate weapons and other implements necessary for catching game or wild animals.

(After all, it really is all hooves and horns, all teeth and claws down there and humans are borne naked and ashamed: ill-equipped to contend among the beastial. Some people, after all, develop a taste for wild game.)

Caboneton (19° Sagittarius) Astronomy, astrology and all affiliated sciences  come  under  the  competence  of  this  head.  He  explains  to  the magician in detail the synthesis of astronomy and astrology. By the help of Caboneton the magician learns to know the visible part of the universe, i. e. the  starry  sky  and  is  instructed  in  the  influences  and  effects  of  the constellations on our earth, on the fate of the individual and on the fate of whole nations.

(Under the ‘black box’ paradigm, we are able to discern the Actions and Qualities of the Invisible Forces by virtue of their effects upon the visible world. This is the basic tenant of Science, which means ‘Knowledge’.)

Echagi (20° Sagittarius) – gives help and advice in case of malicious diseases like epilepsy, cancer; diseases of the spinal cord, St. Vitus’s-Dance, etc., the causes of which have not been found up to this date and which therefore are still regarded as incurable. Echagi lets the magician recognize the causes of severe and hidden diseases and at the same time entrusts him with methods for the production of appropriate means to cure them.

(We’re at that stage in life when a lot of people we know have a friend who’s been diagnosed with a ‘malicious’ disease. Help and advice for these is certainly a God-send)

Batirunos (21° Sagittarius) – To give bliss, peace, pleasure and   delight to man is the special commission of this head. Everything that makes man  happy  is  caused  by  this  inspirer  of  happy  moments,  or  by  his subordinates. The magician will have all such questions put to Batirunos answered to his fullest satisfaction.

(All Praise and Glory be to God. May we be Joys and Blessings unto God; and Grateful for His special commission.)

Hillaro (22° Sagittarius) – is a representative of justice. He can fulfill for the magician everything that requires true justice, no matter whether in legal or any other affairs. The magician will get this head’s full assistance in all judicial matters.

(Divine Justice is not satisfied to merely render some verdict based upon the strongest argument. It goes much deeper. Deeper into the Lives and circumstantial conditions involving all parties. Great Karmic Chains of Benevolence and consequential advantages are considered until all possible permutations have been examined. This includes all the experiences and relationships leading up to and including the Future, not just the present or past. If you think for one minute that you have the wits and wherewithal to figure something like this out for yourself, please put it on a mind mapping diagram and send it to me  C.O.D. The foregoing is not all, though, for the actual Beliefs of each party must be brought into consideration and their development as each has matured, Spiritually. Finally, with respect to all of this (and then some) an assessment must be made as to the Best Possible Outcome for everyone involved. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you entrust matters of such scope and magnitude to the Higher Authorities and not to your own childish peccadillos.)

Ergomion (23° Sagittarius) – is an inspirer of the science of color and instructs the magician thoroughly not only in the production of colors, but also in their mixing. If the magician is interested in painting, he can get unsurpassable recipes for mixing colors, inks, drawing-inks, etc., in respect of their production as well as their practical application. Ergomion is also an expert in synthetic, inorganic chemistry and can also inform the magician in this line.

(Synthetic, of course, meaning to synthesize back together what has been dissected for analysis and Inorganic, of course,  meaning ‘artificial’ or constructed through artifice and not through natural processing; Chemistry, as we learned earlier, relates to the Astral Relationships between things of the Mental and things of the Corporeal, vis-a-vis their relative moisture (affinities). So very much is involved here, for example whether the colors are clear or opaque in nature and whether they are stable or fugitive, etc. Old-school students will perhaps be reminded of the Magical Inks of the old Coptic Magic or Greco-Egyptian practices, etc. Of course the Chromatic Sphere of MQ would be included, as well.)

Ikon (24° Sagittarius) – reveals to the magician the mysteries of the magical equilibrium of body, soul and spirit in their relation to the Akasha principle. He also explains to the magician what genuine introspection is, how important it is for the achievement of the magic equilibrium and that without introspection a physical, psychic and spiritual training, a true recognition of the universal truths is impossible.

(Profounder words, perhaps, were never put forth. One reason is that this large and very important concept is so difficult to elaborate upon. We have quite the tendency to think of Magic Equilibrium as some kind of balance point between two extremes; especially those of us who have Hermetic back-grounds, due to the prevalent teachings regarding the Insistence for Duality (“All things are Dual in Nature; Everything displays Gender”, etc.) . We then proceed to Project this belief upon everything in our path, regardless; honing our justifications in proof of our smug Spiritual Advancement and superior comprehension. Without throwing the baby out with the bathwater here, let me just say that this is but one method by which things may be distinguished ( and a very effective one for pragmatic articulation ). Carrying this tendency into the Astral Realm of Morality and Ethics, we then begin ‘casting out demons’ in our efforts to eradicate immoral extremities. This in an effort to reach the Hermetic Center-point by which the ends may be artfully and properly controlled. Or, impressed with the strategy of playing both ends from within the middle, we ‘indulge a little’ so as not to be fanatical in our ascetic disciplines. Perhaps little domesticated demons are okay insomuch as they help to displace the really virulent feral demons, etc. All of these concepts have their place and are valid in their own theater of operations.

But they all fall short of encompassing the full panorama of Magical Equilibrium. I believe that this is because we are applying linearity to Sphericity, ending up with a mere tomography with high F values. In human terms, a slice of the whole may be all that we are capable of comprehending anyway.

To give you a peek at the Grand Spectrum, let me just hint that when we relegate our perspective to a simple either-or dichotomy, we are responsible for committing a two-dimensional eclipse. And much of our interior struggling will be found to take place along these narrow lines. I believe we all have had the therapeutic experience of finally letting go of our strugglish insistences and surrendering to the Will of the Absolute Benevolence, at which time our shoulders relaxed and we felt resolution and a huge sigh of relief. In this respect we are almost abdicating control rather than furiously fighting to retain the core of the Citadel.

And so, regarding the few sparse words anent the 24th Sagittarian Principal above, only genuine introspection will suffice in the achievement of Magical Equilibrium of body, soul and Spirit in their relation to the Akasha Principle. We, in Metaphysics, have too much the tendency to battle against negative thoughts in order to secure the Central Citadel of our Belief system and its Word of Truth. Again (as in the foregoing, 22rd Sagittarius, two above), if you think for one minute that you are Omnipotent enough to Direct every thought and feeling from your Crown Chakra down to the bottom of your Root, then ‘a true recognition of the universal truths is impossible’.) (IMHO)

Alosom (25° Sagittarius) – guards the deep secrets of silence and the powers and faculties produced by silence as a negative state. Alosom is thus the head of the magic of silence.

(then, enough has been said: Relates to Invisibility (54th Mercurian Genius, Hahasiah, and 4th Sagittarian Principal, Erimites; both of which, see.) )

Gezero (26° Sagittarius) – is the leader of human conscience, of its arousal in man at the given time or in certain situations. The magician knows that any expression of conscience is an expression of the Akasha-principle which declares itself by the inner voice in man. Gezero and his subordinates usually see that even the greatest criminal experiences pricks of conscience which lead him to reason.

(It has already become obvious that constant and unremitting introspection of the Deep Conscience is a recurring theme in Sagittarian Sphere-Magic, as well as the 12 Step Recovery Programs (steps 4 (in particular) and 6 and 10, as well: http://www.12step.org/steps/the-12-steps.html), which were derived from the Spiritual Principles of the Oxford Group, which preceded it. In our culture, the 12 Steps of the Zodiac are relegated to the 12 steps of the annual Calendar; Sagittarius, in this respect, would be the 11th Step.)

Agasoly (27° Sagittarius) – Phenomenal magic comes under the competence of this head, who can give the magician hints, instructions and even  practical  assistance  in  this  respect.  Assisted  by  Agasoly  and  his subordinates, the magician is able to bring about the most incredible magical phenomena. It is Agasoly who has inspired man to copy many an occult phenomenon by technical inventions. He is therefore regarded as the original initiator of all magical apparatus. The latter are being used by amateurs and sorcerers on the stage who, by deception of the senses and by manual skill, try to lead the spectators to believe that they are in possession of genuine magic powers and faculties. With Agasoly’s help the magician is able to make many a technical invention by which other occult phenomena can be imitated.

(It is well-known that Franz Bardon enjoyed a successful career as a stage magician under the name ‘Frabato, the Magician’. Bardon is making an analogy here to Life, with his metaphor about ‘amateurs and sorcerers on the stage’.  The scholarly student will recall that Greek Theatre was a psycho-participatory immersion and that the Greek Choir of Gods and Elders spectatored on the side at every performance. Phenomenal Magic (a major aspect of Magic Practice)relates with utmost importance to what in Metaphysical parlance is called ‘Demonstration’. For example: “Those Metaphysicians Believing in the Law of Abundance are easily Demonstrating Prosperity”. Surely we are mature enough Spiritually not to resort to chicanery in an effort to lead the spectators to believe that we are in possession of genuine Prosperity by deception of the senses or manual skill (manipulation).)

Ekore (28° Sagittarius) – is a leader of the fate of every human being. The magician who evokes this head will be able to realize by his assistance the difference between destiny and free will. Ekore is, no doubt, in    the position to change the fate of any person, should the magician ask him to do so. He may let the magician know how far his personal free will is going in respect of a certain task.

(This may possibly be the most profound and useful counsel so far. The issue concerns Divine Foreknowledge, Predestination, Determinism and Free-Will; all Heavy Quakers of Reformist Theology. It is something that must be settled between each individual and his/her own personal Divinity.) *

Saris (29° Sagittarius) – teaches the magician the magic charging of talismans and amulets by the projection of accumulated light or accumulated elements. He also gives the magician exact information on how to ban beings of the various spheres.

(A possible aid in the resolution of that talismanic project that has yet to be resolved, no? The Magic Charging of Talismans by the Projection of Accumulated Light (or by the Mastery of the Elements) is admissibly of equal importance to the Arranging of the Symbolic Constitution.)

Elami (30° Sagittarius) – and his subordinates care for all the waters situated under the earth’s surface. From this head the magician can learn how and to what extent subterranean mineral springs can be found without having to use any of the usual location-apparatus. By the help of this intelligence the magician is able to find drinking-water even in the driest desert without the use of a divining rod, providing, of course, that there is any water at all under the surface of the earth nearby. Under Elami’s protection are all workers who are occupied with the detection and utilization of subterranean waters.

(Be it noted that according to the Theo-Cabbalistic authority, Georg Von Welling; Sand is generated from Subterranean Waters. The bright student will  recognize at once that this has relevance to our discussions on Silica vis-a-vis the Star-Seed Hypothesis. Aside from this, any occupation with ‘workers who are occupied with the detection and utilization of the subterranean waters’ may possibly be beyond the authority of our general membership at this stage; though, if that is the case, one may as well begin preparing now.)