MQ Classroom 1/31/2022

Spherical Aquarius

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Aquarius: A Brief Overview

The Water-bearer is essentially an Air sign whose unique character generates a one-of-a-kind, intelligent, and social being who is genuinely concerned about civilization and humankind. Despite the fact that Aquarius prefers ideas to sentiments, their energizing demeanor makes them easy allies. The Water-bearer is a creative spirit who is concerned with the welfare of the whole. When this renegade sign isn’t content with the status quo, they know how to invoke supportive forces to affect reform. Aquarius’ creative ideas and imaginative goals motivate us all to lift our own standard, as he is governed by the mind rather than the feelings. Aquarius’ perpetual quest for knowledge consistently results in pure brilliance.

The Aquarius symbol looks like waves of water and it represents the Vayu Tattva. This means that Aquarians are the most intellectual sign and they are also known for their creativity and originality.

Aquarius is one of the most popular astrological signs in the world. There are many famous people who were born under this sign, including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Albert Einstein.

The Aquarian Personality

The Aquarian personality is one of the most unique and diverse of the Archetypal zodiac. It is characterized by the traits of being curious, open, and optimistic. They are also known for their ability to adapt to change and handle change well. Aquarians are very grounded in their beliefs. They have a strong sense of ethics and morals which makes them easy to get along with. They value human relationships and seeing the bigger picture. Aquarians are very creative individuals who enjoy being around people they like while they also have a knack for expressing themselves creatively through writing or art. Aquarians are the best people to be around. They are highly intelligent and always have an abundance of ideas that can help you out of your situation. Aquarius’ best qualities include being able to see things from a different perspective. They also have the ability to understand people and situations better than others (a high SQ), which is why they make some of the best counselors, friends, and lovers.

Aquarius is one of the most powerful signs in 2022 because they have a unique personality and an affinity for science and art. Aquarians are a unique breed of people who have a certain set of characteristics that set them apart from other zodiac signs. Aquarians today have to be aware of the changes in the modern world and try to adapt themselves accordingly.

Aquarius has a fixed nature

Aquarius, the second winter sign, is a Fixed sign that aids us in hunkering down to get through the harshest and wettest weeks of the year. Fixed signs are powerful and stable powers, and this vitality aids Aquarius in staying on track and pursuing its noblest goals, especially in the face of adversity.

Air is Aquarius’ element

Despite the fact that Aquarius is the Water-bearer, it is governed by the Air element. Ruling Aquarius, the element of Air signifies intellect, and it generates a plethora of ideas, hypotheses, and dazzling concepts. Consider Aquarius to be a powerful whirlwind; their intellect never rests.

Blue is the color of Aquarius

The Waterman’s-hue  is blue, just like the sky and the waters with which he is so intimately associated. Blues are associated with vastness and promote a free flow of thoughts and discourse. Blue also has a relaxing effect, which enables Aquarius’ perpetual energy to be balanced. It’s no accident that Uranus, the ruling planet of this sign, is also blue!

Uranus is Aquarius’ ruling planet

Uranus is quite distinctive in the cosmos because it rotates on a horizontal axis, whereas all the other planets rotate on a vertical axis.  This imaginative and dynamic planet, whose primary objective is to stir us awake to the truths of the world, gives Aquarius its sense of advancement, creativity, and enlightenment.

Uranus in Astrology

Uranus is known as the planet of change and innovation. It is a planet that has been associated with chaos and revolution. Uranus is associated with change, innovation, creativity and unpredictability. It has been said that Uranus brought new ideas, inventions, and discoveries to humanity. Uranus gives an individual the ability to have their own unique creative voice.

Uranus as a planet in the solar system, was discovered in 1781 by the mathematician and astronomer William Herschel. Uranus is named after the Greek god of the sky, and is sometimes associated with the Hindu god Varuna. Uranus is known to have a huge impact on astrology as well as on people’s lives. Uranus represents change and freedom.

The effects of Uranus can vary depending on how it interacts with other planets in your horoscope. For example, if you are born with Saturn or Neptune in your horoscope, then you might experience some serious mood swings when Uranus changes signs or aspects these planets.

The 11th House of Groups and Visions is Aquarius’ ruling house

Aquarius, being the 11th zodiac sign, rules the 11th House of Communities, Associations, Groups, Societies and Visions. Your affinity to mankind, as well as the personalities, interests, and institutions that influence and motivate you, is represented by the 11th house. We meet like-minded individuals who share our ideals and form long-lasting friendships here. As a result, the 11th house also reflects our idealized conceptualities. Aquarius, ever the visionary, connects with the uplifting spirit of the 11th house with his innovative views and altruistic activities.

The eleventh lunar mansion: House of Groups

The 11th house represents the companionships and circles you gravitate toward. This lunar mansion is for those who share your beliefs, who will encourage you, and who will form alliances with you. These are the people who will help you. The nature of these interactions is established by your 11th house, so you can be confident you’re identifying with allies who can provide you the utmost delight, creative nurture, and advancement.

The Myth Associated with the Constellation Aquarius

Ganymede, shepherding on Mount Ida (in Phrygia), was the exquisite and radiant youth who was borne away by an eagle to Mount Olympus to become Zeus’ cupbearer, and represents Aquarius in Greek mythology.  Zeus became fascinated with Ganymede and sent an eagle (Aquila) or assumed his own majestic essence to convey him from Earth to the Heavens. Eagles (Aquila), in Alchemy and Myth, symbolize ascension to Heaven. As the Constellation Aquarius, Ganymede is depicted as the cupbearer of the gods, pouring nectar (ambrosia) from a jug.

The meaning of the Myth

Ganymede is derived from the Greek word ganymede, which means ‘I rejoice.’ (The ‘meda’ suffix in his name comes from the PIE (Proto Indo-European) word ‘med’, which means ‘to meditate on,’ and is also found in the names ‘Medusa’ and ‘Andromeda.’ The prefix ‘gany’ in Ganymede’s name refers to ‘gaud’: ‘ornament’ (cf. ‘gaudy’), or ‘to make joyful,’ or ‘to rejoice.’ The Latin word gaudium, which means ‘joy,’ is cognate with the Greek word gaio, which means ‘I rejoice’ or ‘exulting, superb.’ As a result, Ganymede’s name implies “exuberant state of mind: ecstasy, or bliss.”


Though many postmodern interpretations abound, we can only attribute such twisted thoughts to the psyche of their post-industrial authorship. And we are not constrained by their Karma.

In Truth, the Esoteric meaning is that Jove is attracted to the rapture-state of consciousness (“Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving” and “Make a Joyful noise unto the Lord”) and Himself enjoys whatever His children find joyous. He is, after all, the God of Love and Love Divine is the source of All Joy. The Eagle represents the volatile Spirit which conducts the vessel of Life unto the Heavens, whenever we hold the Right State of Mind, as the cup of the Spirit. A pithy translation might be, “Enthusiasm is the Cupbearer of the Gods”. This essential nature rightfully characterizes the Aquarian Personality Archetype.

Altair: the Aquarian Stargate

As he flies upward across the heavens, the Eagle displays aerial mastery over the serpent (see Sagittarius), seizing it in his talons.

The Stargate Altair is a portal through which we can embrace love and integrate with the universe as a whole. Altair bestows the gift of peace, stillness, and transcendence from our traumatic patterns and all the subroutines we’ve written and programmed inside our psyche for protection and survival, perpetuating the illusions of inner violence and agitation, so that the interior warfare can now cease; accepting the terms of surrender in furtherance of the stillness of complete and everlasting Peace.

The Star is the Tarot Card for Aquarius.

The Star, emphasizes positivity and enthusiasm. As an Archetypal Aquarian, when you make a wish on the stars, you genuinely believe you can realize your dreams. In this life, your role is to persuade others that they can succeed in lofty fashion, thereby assisting them in spiritually returning home. As the Aquarius Tarot card, the Star restores our optimism for the future. The Star card has revitalizing, healing, and idealistic energies that assist us in visualizing the utopian world we wish to create. The encouraging Star card greatly supports Aquarius’ emphasis on the future and desire to assist others in achieving their heartfelt aspirations.

The Star and Aquarius

The Star card depicts a woman pouring water into a body of water and onto the land, offering nutrition and regenerating faith in the future, analogous to water-bearing Aquarius. She has one foot in the water, which represents intuition, and the other on land, which represents permanence. Aquarius, the only celestial sign characterized by two astrological elements — water for her emotional aspect and air for her intellectual side — parallels this dichotomy.

The surrounding stars represent the card’s underlying theme of direction, optimism, and encouragement. Aquarius does not fit in with the multitude, as evidenced by the huge, yellow star that stands out among the rest. While outside advice is valued, Aquarius has a deep relationship with their own intuition and will prioritize listening to it over all others.

The bird represents the Sacred Ibis of Thinking (cf. Ka-Ba: the Bird with a Lamp), which roosts in the mind’s canopy. This signifies Aquarius’ limitless brilliance. Aquarius and The Star are a fantastic match for improving humanity and encouragement, innovation and creativity, or activating and empowering our feeling of optimism and imagination.

Five of Swords

From the perspective of Metaphysical Qabalah, the Tarot card, ‘5 of Swords’ represents Gevurah operating in the World of Yetzirah. This means Mars in the Astral world of Emotions.

Mars is a very dynamic planet and imparts almost relentless energy. Dynamic abundance of Astral energy is quite generative, rapidly inducing any conditions that the Feelings are focused upon. This can work for good or bad but human psyches are engineered via evolution to foresee detrimental possibilities (so as to avoid them and survive) and to remember and fear detrimental occurrences from the past (and thus avoid repeating the same mistakes). That is, we weight our emotional responses more heavily on the side of fear and trauma. Therefore, unallied energetics, applied on autopilot to our emotionally charged psyche will dynamize the reptilian hindbrain and short-circuit the executive reason’s command-center. Mars likes to act in the impulsive subconscious ‘below the radar’ and the Astral Zone is certainly his playground. That is why the picture on the 5 of Swords is so dire and catastrophic in its scenario of utter defeat and suffering. The God of War has energetically rampaged across the Astral countryside putting to ruin everything in sight.

Mars, in acting from the subconscious, has diverse effects according to the dignity of the personality. The person named (mc) in the Qabalistic Tarot is Archetypal Aquarius, who is intellectual, active, and quite at home with primal fire (because Aquarius is an Air sign and we know how Fire needs Air). We can say that Mars is dignified in Aquarius because of his attributes of clear-eyed assessment and scientific reasoning. This means that the innovative, creative impulses of the dynamized Aquarian are generatively stimulated and only result in further creative imagination in the first decan.

For the True Magus, you can disregard the fear and loathing invoked by studio tarot-readers and as Captain of your Individuated Soul Journey, navigate via the Archetypal Star of Aquarius and the New Mars of Stellar Emendation, collecting the spoils of all your ruined, former subroutines in exalted victory of generative formation and creative novelty.

If the pip is reversed, you are doubly fortunate. Because of the quirky, rebellious nature of Uranus’ unique axis of perspection, what to others is chaotic and disruptive will only intensify your own creative spontaneity, likely with stellar results.

Six of Swords

The six swords represent balance and harmony. The three swords represent our past, present, and future selves. The two swords represent our inner world and outer world.

The Six of Swords Mentally Empowers You. The Six of Swords also urges us to make an effort, as it asks us to be open-minded and explore new ideas.

The Six of Swords is a card that symbolizes freedom, independence, and being your own person. The Six of Swords can also be about you not needing anyone else to define who you are or what you want for yourself. The meaning of the Six Of Swords is unique to every person. Don’t judge it by anyone else’s expectations or interpretation.

In Metaphysical Qabalah, The six of swords tarot pip, represents Tiphareth in Yetzirah (the World of Formation). Tiphareth is the Sephirah of Kings and Kingship, and Archangel Michael presides over this Central Hub of our (and via Hermetic correspondence, all other) Planetary Systems. Michael (Who is like unto God) is Mighty indeed!

Sol (the name of our Sun) is the core of our Life and all Earthly existence, representing our Heart, the center of our Immortal Soul. The Crystalline Light, at the core of our ‘Earth’ is where we keep our Memories and Lived Experience, the Eldunari of all our reincarnations, upon which we draw our deep knowledge and intuitions in the recollection of holotemporal gleanings (known as anamnesis). The Soul Eldunari is the hub of our Complex Adaptive Holarchy, becoming our most precious resource, being more than the sum of its parts and self-referential in every aspect. As such, it is the generative key to all our future, growth, and individuated development. It is also where we consolidate, integrate, and synthesize. Bearing in mind that this mighty engine of Life is operating in the fertile ground of our Astral plane, pollinating and bringing to fruition the Life of our Formative world, we can see how dependent we are to any conditions which bring about growth and success in the material world, when it comes to the six of swords.

The Old Sun has been Mythopoiecally described as a ball of burning atmosphere, which is harmonious with the suite of Swords (Vayu tattva) in general and the element of Air, associated with Aquarius. Longtime students will recall that the burning atmosphere represents the cleaving analytics of rational intellect which divides in order to comprehend, imparting both Light and soot and sending forth two classes of Solar Beings: one who illuminates and the other who becomes lost in matter, necessitating the long trudge of Karmic conditioning as they ascend through the planes to work their way back home (and who require the assistance of peripheral beings in their Soul Journey). The Waite-Ryder card depicts this latter circumstance with the helper guiding the boat across the waters of consciousness, patiently ferrying the Soul (the woman, cloaked in matter) and her child (both bent with shame) forward into the Future yet pinned down with all their accumulated stigmas (4 for the mother and 2 for her issue). Both the Prodigal Soul and our fragmented otherkin are being returned Home where we will be made Whole. This is the Hero’s Journey of Stellar Emendation [C] which ties us in with the Archetypal Genii of the Constellations and their Procession of Mythopoiec Victory.

These are the concerns of the Astral Soul when it is pointing downward in the Formation of material conditions. Yetziratic Spirituality, by contrast, is receptive to bright skies and Illumination. Celestial Illumination is befitting of the Aquarian Archetype and the six of Swords should focus more on this and less on the grim interpretations of common studio tarot readings. Either way, the card has magical esoterics as the central theme. (n.b. the Haindl pip, labels this card ‘Science’ -likely on account of the Karmic aspect, In MQ, we prefer this label for the five of Swords -Gevurah in Yetzirah, which see).

The attributes of these three pips are important to the overall concept as they will directly influence the features inherent in each Decan, and consequently help to define the range of operations with respect to the 72 Angels of the Shemhamphorasch.