Hermetic-Qabalistic Healing includes all of the Energy Healing that you’ve come to expect in New Age/New Thought modalities, including Chakras, Clearing/Balancing, Aroma Therapy, Massage (we have a licensed Massage Therapist), Toning, Crystals, etc. In addition, we feature Alchemy and Spagyrics, Brahma Nadi (Qabalistic Sound and Light); Magic Incantations (Tantric Mantra); Stellar Emendations (Personal and Ancestral Karma; Constellations); Etheric ‘Surgery’, Akashic, Talismanic, Telepathic, and Telesmatic; Quantum Touch; Chelation, and Spirit Healing; Remote work; Clair-Therapeutics, Prayers, Mind-Walking, Suggestion, Candles, etc. The Whole Works. We are your one-stop source for Complete Health and Wellbeing.