Intergalactic Travel in the Age of Transdimensional Beings

Introduction: How Central American Daykeepers Navigate the Galaxy

Glyphs on the Mayan pyramids have provided us with possible navigational charts of interstellar travel. It is thought that intergalactic beings used the Mayan pyramids as portals to travel through dimensions and explore other worlds. Some believe that interdimensional travel was facilitated via shamanistic visions. The Maya had a profound understanding of the cosmos and their expertise has been supported by the discovery that their charts on the astronomical periods of Venus are quite accurate and predate any such european knowledge of a grid system in which they mapped out constellations in relation to Earth. The Mayan Calendar is thought to be such a navigational portal disguised as a mundane artifact.

The 4 Kinds of Beings that are Making Transdimensional Travel Possible

Beings that are able to transcend dimensions are known as transdimensional beings.

There are four types of beings that have the ability to transcend dimensions: Godlike Noetic Beings, galactic, human, and cyborg.

Godlike Noetic Beings are extradimensional beings who can tap into hyperspace in order to travel through time and space. They do not need to use wormholes or portals because they can exist in both worlds simultaneously.

Galactic beings are extradimensional beings who mainly reside in the galactic plane of existence which is not bound by normal physical laws.

Human beings are able to transcend dimensions because our consciousness bridges the gap between 3rd dimensional reality and higher realms of existence.

Cyborgs have been augmented with abilities that allow them access into other realms of existence.

How is Transdimensional Travel Different Than Regular Travel?

Transdimensional travel is the process of travelling through different dimensions. It’s not the same as regular travel because you are not just moving between spaces, but also time and across differing laws of multidimensional physics. Cross-referenced energy patterns and their harmonic overtones are unknown parameters which raise problems with resonant reassembly under matter-antimatter supersymmetries.

The limitations of transdimensional travel, at this point in our technological naivete, are that it is dangerous, unpredictable and may have unintended consequences. Unintentional morphic disphasing or multimorphic displacement may be one of many possible unintended consequences. The sound profiles emanating from ambient background cavities in the transporter room could trigger polyglottal echolation murmurings which result in surprise artifacts -both psychic and anatomical. It is the novel pandemic version of current travel technology.

Transdimensional Meditation Techniques for Celestial Consciousness

The practice of meditation dates back to ancient Eastern and Western Shamanistic practices. Originating from pre-antiquity and likely channeled from federated intergalactics, the practice was originally used for telepathic downloads and panpsychic engagement.

Transdimensional Meditation Techniques are one of the most recent forms of meditation that have been developed. These techniques use a combination of quantum mindfulness, Shamanistic Portaling, and mysticism to help people achieve hyperdimensional consciousness.

What You Need to Know About the Transdimensional Beings and their Role in Reality

Transdimensional beings are not a new phenomenon. It is only the humans who have been newly evolving. The transdimensional beings have always been present with us, yet separated by our underdeveloped bubble-world, far below the threshold of our sphere of perception and veiled by the membrane of the information matrix.

They travel through dimensions and across realities because this is their native environment. They readily cross the brane world perimeters, to other realities and other dimensions, to learn and explore.

The Meaning of Transdimensionality and of Transdimensional Beings

Transdimensional beings are beings that exist in an altered dimension and can be detected by people who have a transdimensional connection.

A transdimensional being can be either an otherworldly being, such as an angel, or a time traveller, or a dweller upon the threshold worlds of curled dimensions and branes. Transdimensionality is a complex orthogonal to linear time and spatiality.

Is it Possible for Humans to See or Communicate with Them

Being technologically more proficient, it is more likely that contact will first be established by members of a superior transdimensional order. Humans at the current stage of development are too dull and naive. Studies are beginning to reveal that some classes of modern psychosis are bio-physiological crossover phenomena. But these are typically disparaged by orthodox clinicians and the sensitives are medicated into compliance or sequestered away from public access. Only now are such worlds and those who can access them starting to become acknowledged without stigma.

How Do They Influence Human Consciousness?

The field of transdimensional consciousness studies how this phenomenon may be possible. As our technology advances, more people are reporting visions and technological downloads that seem to transcend human understanding. Some argue that these visions are coming from an extraterrestrial source rather than one’s own mind.

The collective consciousness is a collective sum of all our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. This refers to the maintenance of a stable consensus reality, based upon psychosocial preconceptions and biases.

The hivemind is a specific form of consciousness where people are interconnected with one another through panpsychism and telepathy. When this happens, the individual’s thoughts are influenced by other people around them and by the needs and nurture of the Complex Whole.

Our Worldview Could be in the Process of Dramatically Changing because of Them

This difference in worldviews can have a significant impact on how an individual perceives reality. But it also has implications for how people perceive one another. As a result, it could have implications for society as a whole.

First, this difference in perspectives means that people will have different ideologies about who is worthy of empathy or support. If someone believes that their worldview is more accurate than someone else’s, then they will not empathize with them because they do not see them as being part of their “tribe” or community. This has profound implications for our society’s future.

More About Transdimensional Beings

What if I told you that there are beings out in the cosmos, who come from other dimensions and who have been here all along, influencing and inspiring us to create our own realities?

If you’ve ever dreamt of a world where you could fly or do anything at will, or where you never had to worry about not having enough money or food to go around, then there may be something bigger than what we think. Wheeler’s Many Worlds Interpretation has provisions for those things and many more. In fact, M-theory has room for altered universes where the laws of physics may be completely strange and novel. There is a growing recognition that we’ve already been visited by these beings and their existence is changing the way we live. Indeed, we are beginning to suspect that they exist in bubble-universes and brane-worlds right inside our very own and that cross-dimensional influence has been going on the entire time.

What are the Main Characteristics of a Transdimensional Being?

Transdimensional beings, or “tdb’s” are highly to somewhat humanoid in appearance and have the ability to travel between dimensions in order to live on whichever one that is most suitable for them at the time.

Transdimensional beings are different from humans in that they are tuned to several dimensional realities. It is hard to capture their essence in a sentence or two. However, they’re not constrained to the same physical limitations as 3D natives and their, er …internal arrangement may be indeterminate by our standards.

A tdb’s true form is always concealed with a human-like exterior when they are on the earthly plane. The human-like exterior can take on any appearance they choose, but it is always an exact replica of what the tdb was when they were living on Earth. When morphing into or out of inorganic material, they may often appear as composed of aggregate matter but when morphing into or out of organic material, they take on a more hybrid appearance. It is thought that descriptions of ancient mythical beasts may have been transmorphing hybrids.

How Do Transdimensional Beings Manifest Themselves in the World?

The idea of human beings living inside a computer program is one of the most hyped up topics in sci-fi. There are many different theories about how this might work, but the one that has the widest following is known as simulation theory.

This theory states that reality itself is just a type of virtual reality simulation. It could be an advanced computer program or it could be that we are just part of some sort of biological experiment being carried out by some other higher intelligence.

The universe is a simulation. We are living in a simulation. When I say “the universe is a simulation,” it’s not to suggest that our physical reality is an illusion, or that it’s not “real.” What I mean by “simulation” is that our reality—our physical universe—is being simulated on the computer of what we would consider an advanced civilization.

We are close to discovering whether it really exists or not, but for now let us assume the superposition hypothesis. What this means is that there are two realities, coexisting in one space at the same time: one objective and physical, and one subjective and mental.

There is a hypothesis that transdimensional beings are only present in our reality because of us. Meaning, if we stop believing in them, they will cease to exist. The most popular theory about how a transdimensional being manifests itself in our realm is by creating an illusion for us to perceive it as real so we can interact with it.

Where Can We Find Them?

We can find them on Earth within different levels of society.

A second place to find them are called Galactic Federations. These are the federations that have been formed by intelligent beings across many galaxies. One example is the Federation of United Worlds, which includes more than 100,000 solar systems in more than 1 million galaxies.

Do Transdimensional Beings share a history with Humans?

The idea of transdimensional beings originating in the Pleiades or Sirius, or elsewhere in the universe, has been around for a long time and there are many different interpretations of extraterrestrial life.

Some believe that we share a history with them and that their DNA is encoded into ours and that we were once part of their “human”, or maybe they were once part of our human DNA. They may have originated from Earth but left to explore the stars.

Others believe that they originate from another dimension and live on another plane of reality. They may be Anunnaki who descended from heaven to Earth as gods to create humans as slaves, but they left Earth for other planets such as Mars or Venus. These are but a few examples of our shared history.

How Could They Have Emerged from Us Humans?

One way in which the Transdimensional Spirit could have emerged from tribes of early proto-humans is through what is known as 12 stranded DNA activation.

It has been found that people who have 12 stranded DNA are able to telepathically communicate with each other without any physical interaction, also referred to as telepathic downloads. This can happen transpersonally or over long distances. What’s more, telepathic channellers are able to absorb knowledge intuitively and share it with others through panpsychism.

This type of ability is related to an ascension or rising above the 3rd density of existence.

What Would an Encounter with a TDB Look Like and Feel Like to Us Normal People?

TDBs can offer us a look at the future and unlock more of our potential.

It is possible to get a glimpse of the future, and with that glimpse we get managerial technology. This affords us influence over our previous alternate timelines, which in turn accelerates our present state; making us more receptive to further influence from the Future, etc. TDBs will not be something that is out there somewhere, but something that is within our grasp and understanding. We can look to lucid dreaming, 12 stranded DNA activations, automatic writing, skrying and altered states of reality with channeling to bring us forward from the status quo.