Jesus Was an Aryan Gentile

Jesus Wasn't Jewish

In the Book of Maccabees, Jews from Galilee come before Judas Maccabaeus and petition for a rescue, whereupon they (all the Galilean Jews) are deported to Jerusalem. Consequently there were no Jews in Galilee later than 164 BC. However Aristobulus (1st King of Jews, Psalm ii) had Judaized Galilee in 103 BC, forcing capitulation to Mosaic law (including circumcision). Afterward Galileans were Jewish by law but not by race.

These Judaized Galileans were called Itureans (Assyrians) because Sargon II of Persia had conquered and deported them in 738 BC. The capitol region of Galilee was known as Hamath, later called Zipporis (the City Set on a Hill). Southeast of Zipporis is Nazareth, hidden away by the surrounding hills. As part of the Northern boundary of Palestine, the entrance to Hamath is near Magdala, birthplace of Mary Magdalene.

A great number of Assyrian deportees sent to Hamath (Galilee) were Aryans. The founder of Christianity may not have been racial Jews but Aryans. Jesus is said to be an Aryan descendent of Deioces (a Persian general) or of Spitama, ancestor of Zoroaster.

If the founders of Christianity were Galileans: Peter and Andrew, James and John –the sons of Zebedee, as well as Jesus (as told to Pilate) –who was known as the Galilean and called the Nazarean in the Talmud (early Christians were called Nazarenes); and if Galilee is called the region of Nations (meaning Gentiles), then Jesus and his family and many followers were Medians (Aryan Gentiles).

Jesus, Northern India, and the Essenes

Around the time of Jesus, there were three main divisions in the Judaic Levant:

  1. Pharisees: strict adherence to Mosaic Law (Orthodox)

  2. Sadducees: genteel agnostics (Reformed)

  3. Essenes: ‘Outsiders’ beyond the mundane of Jewish life.

Jesus of Nazareth was an Essene, as were his 12 Apostles, his followers, and a few cousins. Moses was said to have created the Essene Order as a Secret Society within Judaism, with his brother Aaron as the head. Jeremiah was an Essene master in the time when the Essenes became a commune (kibbutz). Isaiah and John the Baptist were also Essene Masters.

The Essenes believed in an Esoteric religious Philosophy derived from the Egyptian Mysteries. Moses, the grandson of Pharaoh, was an Initiate, and was destined to become the head of Egyptian Religion.

The Egyptian Mysteries were derived from Hindu spirituality (according to written accounts of Apollonius of Tyana). The Essenes retained contact with India (Zohar 2:188 a&b), as discussed by Rabbis Yose and Hiyya. The Hindu religions were heavily influenced by the Aryans, fist from Zoroastrian Persia, which was derived from the Nomadic Northern peoples (which, see; here).

The Essenes practiced codified principles that were considered to be Brahmanical in nature (Brahmacharya):

  1. Strict non-violence

  2. Absolute vegetarianism (would not eat food prepared by non-Essene cook)

  3. No animal products (fur, leather, etc.)

  4. Rejected animal sacrifice (employed dough effigies instead…see Effigy in Scorpio)

  5. Maintained separate Tabernacle on Mt. Carmel (a Tent, like our Body)

  6. Symbolic and Metaphysical interpretations of Scripture (exclusively)

A. maintained own scriptures, not shown to others

  1. Read and accepted outside material as holy text

  1. Prized celibacy (led monastic lives)

  2. Practiced gender equality

  3. Believed in Reincarnation, Karma, ultimate Union with the Godhead

  4. Believed that the Sun was a Divine Manifestation which imparts Spiritual Powers; a symbol of the One God of Light’ practiced Surya (Sun Gazing, etc)

  5. Believed and Practiced Divination and Prophecy

  6. Formulae, Ritual, Mantra, and Theurgy

  7. Astrology, Amulets made of plants and gems; believed that the Angels taught Moses Herbology

  8. Practiced Healing, Cures and Miracles

  9. Wore White clothing almost exclusively, practiced frequent Bathing and Brahmacharya.

Two of the most notable Essenes around the time of Jesus were Joachim and Anna of Nazareth. Joachim was a wealthy philanthropist and Anna was a beloved Teacher and renown Prophetess. Maryam (Mary Mother of Jesus) was their daughter, who conceived supernaturally. Jesus left Israel at 13 years of age for India and eventually became a Yogi, Isha (Ishwara), living in a cave near Rishikesh. As a Yogi, Isha garnered Siddhis and reports of his Ascension into Heaven were witnesses of these Siddhis, such as ‘flying’, etc. He lived for twenty or more years following his Crucifixion. Abraham, the Patriarch was a member of the Yadava Clan from Western India, of the same family as Krishna.