Archetypal Children

“Suffer Little Children Unto Me…”


These verses pertain to the Right Hemisphere (the SubConscious Creative Genius) who is the Intuitive, artsy, socially intelligent side of the brain. The RH sees the big picture in things and is child-like; relishing the virtues of play and imagination.

It is also the part that is suggestible and fertile, such that whatever seeds are planted in its rich soils become rampant overgrowth given time. So it is inadvisable to despoil this soil or to plant the seeds of unruly species in your walled garden of Paradise.

The mystical Experience (that is, the experience of Oneness or Unity with the Cosmos) is unavailable to the rational, analytical  mode of thinking which comes from the Left Hemisphere (this word ‘analysis’ means to break apart, or separate).

More to the point (vis-a-vis the verses), is that communication with the SubConscious, with the Meridians, and with the Internal Organs (as well as communication between the organs themselves) occurs on a child-like and generative level. If you wish to generate health and wellbeing, you will do so by approaching the Inner Child with ways and means that children find appealing and will readily understand.

“The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way..."

"...First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”

Matthew 13:24-30

The message in the scriptures comes to us via the Etheric Christ: Christ as a Theological Archetype (albeit Real), who manifests in His many Avatara; verily, in Humanity ourselves. The Christos speaks multivalences on many levels from many Dimensions.

This Christ, who is what John called the Word, is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. (Essence, the First Person; Divine Word, the Second; and Divine Law, the Third Person). The Holy God-Name for the Second Person is JAH (Love: God Is Love). The much talked about Tetragrammaton is JHVH (JAWEH -or Jehovah: He Who Loves God Who Is Love). The Holy Letter [J] relates in the Spiritual to Divine Love.

In the Rastafarian ethos (which is an ‘IAM’ consciousness, pertaining to Essence, the First Person), the Holy Name JAH is featured alongside such expressions such as “I and I”, as well as the moniker “Rastafar-I”, etc. Rastafarianism is based largely upon paradigms emanating from Jacob Boehm and Emanuel Swedenborg; mystical teachings of Esoteric Christianity.


John’s name (John, the Mystic; who wrote the Gospel of John) means “God’s Gift” which is Grace, or Divine (Unrequited) Love.

Every Human is Naturally endowed with the profound capacity for Love (Love for Dogs, Love for Wife and Family, and especially…) the Love of God.

God’s Love for Humans is so profound that we feel it intensely (at Christmas, at Easter, and at other times when we are moved to tears).

At these times, we know for real, that God is our Maker and has a Special Loving Tenderness for His Humans.

We now know that the human brain developed evolutionarily in stages. There is a reptilian hind-brain, a mammalian limbic system, and the most recent and more ‘advanced’ prefrontal cortex. We also know that without the proper nurture, no preceeding stage can transcend the issues of its own concerns if it is constantly deprived the satisfaction of those needs.

Unless and until those needs are met, brain (and Conscious) evolution will remain forever stuck in a lower stage. Therefore, the only purpose served by the (higher) advanced faculties is to remain subservient to the lower stages of development in the ways of animal cunning and selfish cruelties. 

In other words, if you raise your children to fight and squabble all their life, then you needn’t be surprised when they rebel, turn against you, and you find yourself constantly fending off their abuse and exploitations. Does this sound a little like our contemporary society?

The Philosopher

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